How to turn off Facebook Home and go back to your stock launcher


So you tried Facebook Home, but now you want to remove it as your default launcher and go back to your phone’s stock launcher. Changing launchers can be a little complicated for the novice, but one thing Facebook did right with Facebook Home is make it very easy to turn off. The normal method is to go into settings/apps and select the launcher that’s running (in this case Facebook Home) and select remove defaults. This can still be done, but you can do it in less than half the time by going into the Facebook Home settings and select “Turn off Facebook Home”. The next time you hit your home key, you will be prompted to choose what launcher you want to use (just like when you first installed Facebook Home). Just check “Use by default for this action” and select your stock launcher or any other launcher you might have installed on your phone.

If you ever want to return to using Facebook Home, just open the Facebook Home app like any other app. The next time you hit the home key, you will again be prompted to choose your default launcher, of which you can choose Facebook Home again. Nothing could be easier. Hit the break for a quick video showing you how it’s done.


About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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