How to setup and use Motorola Alert


Motorola Alert is the newest app from Motorola that I think you will find quite useful. It’s a location sharing app that is perfect for everyone, especially the kids. At the time of this post, Motorola Alert is only available on the Moto E, but will be available for the Moto G and Moto X very soon.

With Motorola Alert you can setup specific locations such as home, work, school, the mall, and other. Whenever the owner of the phone arrives or leaves either of those locations, a text message is sent to designated contacts. There is also a Meet Me function, that will quickly send a text message of the current location to specific contacts. The Follow Me function is perfect for trips. This is where you can set the app to send periodic text messages of the current location to specific contacts. Lastly, there is the Emergency function, which will call and send a text message to selected contacts letting them know the owner of the phone might be in danger All text messages include the address as well as a Google Maps link so others will be able to pinpoint the location or easily get directions.

Motorola Alert is pretty straightforward and easy to setup so hit the break for our video showing you all the ins and the outs of Motorola’s latest and very cool app.



About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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