How to remove apps from the Google Play Store ‘My Apps’ list


Is your Google Play Store “My Apps” section filled with too many spur of the moment apps that you will never download ever again? This can make it a royal pain finding those previously downloaded apps that you actually care about. Thankfully Google made it really easy to remove those unwanted apps which will make things a lot more manageable.

The process is pretty painless, but may take some time depending on how many apps you have in the list. I was able to get rid of 429 unused apps in about 15 minutes and my list of apps looks a heck of a lot cleaner now. So without hesitation hit the break below to check out our quick guide to cleaning up your previous Play Store acquisitions.

1 – Open up the Play Store.

2 – Be it on screen or physical button hit the Menu button and go to My apps.


3 – Swipe over to the right and go from INSTALLED to ALL.


4 – Here’s the kicker: Press and hold onto an app listed. It will highlight that app and you will see a checkmark at the top left along with “1 selected” and an “X” at the top right.

5 – Start tapping the apps that you want gone and number of selected apps will go up. Note: You won’t be able to select any apps that are currently installed.


6 – Once you have selected all the apps that you want deleted, hit the X in the top right corner, and tap OK to remove all of them.

You can also remove apps one by one by tapping the “X” that is to the right of every app listed (or circle with a line through it in older versions of the Play Store), but it’s not as efficient since you have to tap OK again for each app you want to remove.

While it may not be as simple as having a purchased apps tab, it will at least gives us a chance to clean those purchased and free apps up a bit. Maybe someday we’ll get that purchased tab back, but until then this may just be the next best thing.

About the Author: Jack Holt

Jack is a tech enthusiast who is surviving small-town Wyoming. He's a newspaper editor by trade and a blogger for fun. His phone of choice is the Galaxy Note 4 and when he's not tinkering on that, he can be found researching new tech and wondering if his wallet can sustain a new tech purchase. When he's not in front of a computer, he's out in the mountains with his dog exploring the wilderness.

  • sam

    Finally there’s a way to do this

  • Truepeace

    Before the Play Store update, I removed an X app from the all section. With the new update of the store, on the main page, they put “popular with” an Y app “users”. How do I remove the ones related to my X app since I already removed it from the all category in my apps. Thanks.

  • paxmos

    Finally, got rid of a few…thanks

  • Thriller87

    This would be good if it allowed them to also be removed when you log in via web broswer

  • Sean

    I played about with the latest Play Store 4.1.6 took me a hour or so to figure out. I went to settings > apps > clear cache/data & uninstall app of choice then i went to settings > apps > Play Store and cleared cache & data. Then when you go into play store and view apps under all your notice there will be a X on the right top corner of the app you removed click that hey presto!. The X dont show for me when i hold down for some reason but this way works also, cheers.

  • Jason

    Thank you, I was going through each individual app before seeing this!

  • Vinay

    when i long press the app, nothing happen. my device is samsung GS2. OS ginger bread.

  • Nikki

    Thanks! I was deleting individually.

  • Moku

    Guess I’m not screwed after all. My brother installed “Instagram” on my second phone, so now I have to clear this app from my “Apps” list, because I fucking hate Instagram.

  • Suminderji

    Thank you so much. Got rid of 513.

  • Joost van Gaalen

    thanks! and how to do when one uses the webbased playstore?

    • Thriller87

      You can’t and Google has yet to listen to consumers on this point I have apps I haven’t sure in 3 years still on my list on the website.

  • Killerelite

    Thanks before I found this was deleating app individually and boy it made me mad now i got rid of 700 app in 5 mins

  • Syl

    Thanks a lot i was looking for that tip !

  • race m.f.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! That was one of my niggling pet peeves!

  • Nmid

    Thanks. Missed noticing that myself…

  • Dana

    Oh wow, didn’t see that I could long press to multi select until I read this. I was erasing one at a time. You just saved me hours and hours of work – thank you so much!

  • belinda

    thanks a lot! never know this tip. have been deleting one by one. save me a lot of time.

  • betty

    thanks…I tried everything and theb found this

  • Thriller87

    It works so you don’t see them on phone but if you log into play from a pc your deleted apps from the phone still show up.

    • Derek Broughton

      Not so. None of my deleted apps are showing on the PC, either. Though why you can’t delete apps from the Play Store on your PC is beyond me.

      • Jailhouse Bradley

        Yes, while this tutorial is great in the way I didn’t know how to delete multiple apps from the store (on phone) I was looking for how to remove them completely so they don’t show up in Play store when visited from PC. It’s a Google thing, earlier it was possible to clean up those uninstalled apps form My apps list. They still show up as installed een if I have uninstalled them and removed from Store (on phone). Kinda bothers me.

      • Guest

        Actually it IS SO. I uninstalled apps from my Nexus 4 and viewed My Apps from Google Play. On the phone they don’t show up, but if you log onto Google Play on my PC they are still there in MY APPS, and there doesn’t seem to be anyway to delete them. I still have Apps there I uninstalled over 10 months ago!

  • Austin Tompkins

    Before the “My Apps” secton of the new Play web store would never load and would freeze the whole site. Just ditched 1,680 Apps that have been following me since my HTC Hero. I can finally use the Play store online! Many thanks!

  • Bruno Jesus

    Thanks… with this method i removed 300+ apps

  • JustMe

    That helped!!

  • Danski

    You’re the boss !!

  • nobody

    Awesome tip…half the work in getting what you want out of your phone is getting rid of what you DON’T want.

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  • DrDoppio

    That’s neat, thanks for the tip. I would have expected it would be easier to do this in the browser, too.

  • Noblelox

    Not quite working for me, i can’t select multiple items.

  • Rian

    Sounds good and easy only there is no X in the top right corner, just a check mark on lower right corner, as well as no ALL Installed button.

  • MAL

    Android has changed the way they display your apps and now these steps do not work. Any other ideas?

    • quit asking for a name!

      I just did it on mine and it worked as shown. I have android 4.0.4 currently but am getting a new phone with Jelly Bean on it. So we’ll see how it works then. :)

  • Ayni


    I’ve just done it, it’s still working like that. On a Nexus 4 though. But should be the same on any android device.. I guess.

  • Jowan

    Thanks. Working on Android 4.1.2.
    I started deleting them one by one, after approximately 10 ~ 15 apps I started to Google a better method. Well, I’m happy I did: I removed another 57 apps at once.

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  • Ben Dover;)

    For people struggling, it won’t multi-select stock ones like google keyboard and things, try a custom app like facebook, it should be able to be selected :)

    • Mahmod

      NO! It won’t select apps that’s installed on ur device not Google’s apps!

  • brother7

    Great info! Straightforward and simple. I’d been wondering how to do this. Now I know!

  • ashley

    thank you i had apps installed on my other phone then it broke so i never got to delete them off my memory card and on my new phone it wouldn’t let me do anything because it said no storage space.

  • stuartggray

    Brilliant !! Works on 4.2.2 too

  • kittymeow327

    used to be able to install app on my husband phone thru the web and i can still install but not uninstall.

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  • DOTIE MIitchell

    how do I get rid of google play ads

    • deniz

      there is an option under the google settings app but i dont know how effective it is…

  • Jipster

    Very nice … ashame it cannot be done on the web version…. still got rid of many apps in the list.. one by one /…sigh

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    how to know current apps installed in in cell ,,, does My app tells abut it

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    I was trying to do this for a week now ..

    Good Work !!

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    Thanks …. for some reason I can’t remove Flipboard

  • rdskill

    This does not work for all version of Android. I am on 2.3.3 and you can not do this. Thanks Google.

    • momzwordz

      Have you found any other way to do this? I’ve got the same problem.

    • momzwordz

      Hate to say it but I’ve found you can do it manually, app by app, on your phone. Eventually, it will sync and clear your list. They just want us to upgrade phones. Best wishes.

  • momzwordz

    I’m running a Stratosphere (until I can replace in Dec 2013) Version 2.3.6
    Any suggestions to clean up my list as this won’t work.

  • Ryan

    for 4.1.2. access play store. in the top left corner you will see 3 dashes beside the play store bag. selecting this will bring across a menu. Select my apps. select all or swipe a tab over to all apps and select the app you wish to delete. Simples!!

  • somebody

    how do i undo the removal???

  • Just Me

    Thanks so much for the walk through! I would have never figured to press and hold each one. I was deleting one at a time and what a pain in the butt that was! Thanks again!

  • NinoBr0wn

    Is there any way to do this from the web store?

    • John

      I think that’s what we’re all wondering…

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    Thank you!! I was click that ‘x’ with futility… it jumped me back to the top of the list every time. I didn’t realize multi-select was possible. Thanks again.

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    All I can say is thank you. My phone had slowed down. It was driving me nuts. Bravo Ndugu.

  • Cheesey

    Thank you very much. I was just about do clean my phone and noticed all those previously installed apps and couldn’t figure out how to get rid of them without wasting an enormous amount of time by clicking every “X” on my cell phone.

    Thank you, my time savior! =)

  • Ernesto

    Awesome! Thanks a lot :)

  • Mike0001

    Good tip. Holding down on one app to start selection was what I missed.

    Funnily enough, there seems to be no way to clean up on the PC interface to the Play Store.

  • Dileep Kumar

    thanks bro………you saved my time and energy………….

  • hkpnay

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  • Chrissie

    Great tip … and saves the pay of deleting over a 1000 apps one by one … Thanks!!!

    • chrissie

      whoops … pain not pay lol

  • Max1234ita

    Good tip. Unfortunately it does not work in my Galaxy S Advance with GingerBread v.2.3.6…

    Thesmall ‘x’ is already shown near the uninstalled apps, and if i press & hold on one of them nothing happens; all i can do is tapping on a ‘x’, then waiting for page reload, scroll down to the next etc. etc.etc (aaargh, think i’ll go crazy with that :p)

    Max – Italy

  • Cat

    Works great! Thank you!!

  • Elisa

    This is awesome. Thank you!

  • imon

    Don’t do it like me and press the “✓” instead of the “x” after you’ve selected the hundreds of apps you want to remove, expecting “✓” to mean “confirm removal” and not “I changed my mind and want to keep them”.

    • OnMy2ndGP

      Too late UGH! After 345 apps selected I clicked the “√”…….SMH

  • Grateful

    Thank you ever so much!

  • Steve

    I did this and works for some apps. I have android mb886 with AT&T. It will not let me delete apps that I have uninstalled like at&tcode scanner, family map…ect. Not even facebook. This is a major PITA when doing an update “all” what else to do??

  • Dov


  • sandeep kumar

    i am already tried this option but not “X” and right option in my app all

  • Florenz

    470 Apps less… thanks for the tip.

  • TheAddler

    Any option for doing this from a desktop? My problem is, I just rebuilt my tablet. Upon first boot it went ahead and downloaded and installed all “my apps” I could wipe it again I suppose… just wondering.

  • vishal

    i cant select ….google play 4.5.1

  • Piyush Shingala


  • Ryan

    Any idea how to remove games from the “my games” list in Google Play Games?

  • Will

    I am having the same trouble as TheAddler, unable to remove apps from “My Apps” using a desktop browser. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Gary V

    Superb, thanks. :)

  • Zeeva

    I cannot find a way to delete the apps on my laptop. I’ve looked, searched and read. Yet I can’t find anywhere that tells you how to do it.

    • Edward Macarchick

      I would love to find one as well.

  • SpricyRICE

    it works !!!! thanks i have remover over old 550 app….. since i started using Android 4 years ago….. whoo hoo…

  • Rob

    There is no “x” on the top right, it says “install”

    • kelemvor

      There’s actually an ‘x’ next to each app in the current store. You can just go down the list and click each ‘x’. Not as fast ad it’d be if there was a way to do many at once but at least it works.

      Not sure what happens if you do that from one device while you have the app installed on a different device though. hmm.

  • Simon

    Click and hold to select and right click from a laptop/vm to get the ‘X’ option

  • kelemvor

    Can you do this from the play store online?

  • Sadly This Dosent Work Anymore

    To “x” on the top right, it says “install” !!!

    One or Two Weeks ago this “trick” worked, as there was a X to remove all selected apps but now it seems that google changed the X with “install” as the X is not appearing anymore on my phone. Maybe there is some hidden setting somewhere in the google account and I can not find it, for replacing the “install” with “X”.

    • Jesse K

      See my post above.

  • Cyn

    How do I remove apps that came with the phone. I have a Motorola Drod X2 that was a Verizon phone, but now I use a 3rd party provider (PagePlus). How do I remove the Verizon apps?

    • Jesse K

      Root is required. Check XDA forums for your specific phone.

  • maic

    this method not working with the latest update :(

    • Jesse K

      See above ^

  • Jesse K

    You can restore this functionality if you go into your device settings, application manager, locate Play Store, and then uninstall updates. This will set Play Store back to the native version to your rom, or most recent phone update. You should be able to then remove in mass quantities. Do it quick, because I doubt future phones will be able to do this unless Google brings it back in future updates.

    • Tom Hiles

      Thanks for this, I only just noticed you can batch-install apps in the Store app. I wanted to remove hundreds of old items but my version of the store had removed the batch-remove option. You’ve just saved me a massive pain in the butt.

    • James Weaks

      Thank you, great tip!

    • dligac

      great but not really helpful since the latest version of my google apps is from 02. may 2014

      • Jesse K

        You might be able to remove the version you have, then install and older version. But likely that would require root at the least.

        Or grab an older phone or tablet and log in long enough to remove those apps… cumbersome, but would work.

  • so you say..

    Just got off the phone with Google Chat Support. There is NO way to uninstall unused residue apps from Google Play list. Junk collecting ? Hoarding ? clutter ? it makes me sick thinking about it. I’ll continue to seek alternatives to google play…

    Retaining data about your life based on apps downloaded without letting you remove your old apps = ” World Domination ”

    ….Lame sauce

    • Crociato

      remove apps via settings:application manager and you CAN remove all data and cache from your phone prior to uninstall or disable this WILL declutter the phone, or back up your phone using an app and then factory reset and only reinstall apps you want ;-)

  • just tested


  • R3

    Works ! Ty !

  • Dee Negron


  • Matt Yoong

    The current setup of play store on your android device only allows you to delete the uninstalled apps to a maximum of the current 20 apps on the list you will see in the ‘my apps’ list. Use a computer go to Google Play > My Apps, you will see a list of all your apps downloaded including past apps, if you wish to delete it, now this is quite a hassle.. write down the past uninstalled apps on a piece of paper, you will then have to download it again till the recent downloaded apps appear back on the top of the list > uninstall again > my apps > click the ‘x’ it will be removed from play store but you may have to do it 5-8 apps a time so that the apps you wish to delete appears on the top of the list.. google play should have a better function to delete the past apps on mobile as well as web based because the mobile app currently does not show the entire list of all your downloaded store should really make a better of this..a weakness of android. Cheers!

  • V

    There is no X on the top right of the screen only an install button. on both my phone and tablet

  • Jay

    Thanks, it can be removed one by one with x button on right side of each app.

  • rh

    Is there any way to find the app again if you delete it because I’m trying to find a way to get an old app back.

    • Elisa

      Go to My Apps > All, and you can find a list of all the apps you had in the past, as well as the ones you currently have.

      • Peter

        Not if you followed the instructions to remove it from your apps list. Only solution is trying to find it back in the Play store.

      • Kory

        I have a game that is listed in the Installed section, but not in the All section – how is that explained?

        • Filip Rydlo

          Easily. On the device where You are currently looking into the Google
          Play (Store or list) – YOU will SEE ONLY APPS that ARE CURRENTLY
          COMPATIBLE WITH THAT DEVICE! :) …. it may be installed, but the
          current version of it – which is on Google Play – is incompatible ,
          thats why You don’t see it in other lists (than the “installed” list). It is true. For example: I could never find / see “SAMURAI SIEGE” from my older phone “HTC One V”.

        • Filip Rydlo

          It just seemed like “Samurai Siege” does NOT even exist ;)

  • CoolRaoul

    Your link is outdated (1 nov. 2013) , there’s no “X” button anymore to delete selecteds application

  • joe dirt

    I want facebook off my phone, completely, but I can’t get rid of it

    • Crociato

      go via settings: application manager this will allow you to uninstall on some phones or uninstall updates and clear all data and cache and finally disable it so it never appears again or ever starts up on your phone :-)

      • Peter

        You can’t disable it if it is pre-installed. Only way to remove pre-installed Facebook (or any other pre-installed app) is by gaining root access.

        • CoolRaoul

          pre-installed applications can be disabled which is pretty much equivalent as uninstalling (the only difference is there is no file system space freed, but since it’s in the system partition, regained space would not be usable anyway) and do not require root access

          • Peter

            Disabling apps only works on new versions of Android (4.0+). However the phones running 4.0 often already have lots of storage space and processing speed. It’s more necessary on older (2.x) Android versions to be able to remove/disable pre-installed apps.

            • blackrod

              There’s more than one reason in this world for people wanting to get rid of apps. It’s not just for slower phones. You could have a quad core power plant and just hate the clutter as I do. Disabling is a good method. Thanks.

  • Danish Adeel

    Thats pretty useful, Multi delete option is missing in jelly bean, you have to delete individually.

  • Dabo Ross

    The delete button was replaced with an “Install” button in newer versions of Google play :(

    Does anyone know another eat to delete multiple at the same time?

    • poop

      happened to me as well, turns out not all of the apps i selected are able to be uninstalled, i ended up just going through one by one and it worked fine.

    • Lương Kỳ Anh

      Sure, go to app manager (or “Apps”) => Google Play store => uninstall updates =>try the same step

  • Diana

    Thank you!!! I had so many apps that I wanted off my phone. you saved the day!

  • Mike Hawk

    What the FUCK! Google replaced the X with an INSTALL option. Are they out of their fucking minds? Under what circumstance would anybody ever want to mass reinstall a bunch of garbage they uninstalled! I have over 1000 fucking apps in my history and no way to clean it up and filter through just the one’s I have paid for. Jesus fucking christ what an epic troll by some douche at Google HQ. Is this some sort of marketing technique to get me to reinstall old shit? Or do they just want me to forget about what apps I purchased and purchase similar one’s? Goddamn. It just boggles my fucking mind how shit like this makes it out the front door without anyone saying “umm guys? Are you SURE about this?”

    • Kedi

      Hey, if you want it the old way open the Play Store’s app info and press ‘Uninstall all updates’. Then it will let you delete them the old way. I agree with you, this shouldn’t have been removed.

    • Roslan

      Hi man
      You have to go to settings and uninstall the update of google play and then do this i have do this too.

      • Michelle

        unfortunately for us who have lollipop version of android no matter how much we uninstall all the fucking update from play store the playstore is still the newest fucking version it could ever be.. sorry i am just annoyed that i have 1million
        apps in my apps list that i cannot remove.

        • CoolRaoul

          You’re bloody fucking right :-)

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    Thank you! It worked! Amazing the amount of crap I had tried over the years.

  • Harish

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  • fredphoesh

    NOPE… for some reason on the Galaxy Note 4, when you multiple select apps, the only option is to INSTALL… there is no X to delete from the list… this has to be done ONE BY F***ing one… with a confirmation for each – aaaaaauuuugggghhhh………..

    • Muhammad Zaki

      same here. i need to delete it one by one. i tried multiple selects but it only shows install at the top right of the screen.

  • Ken Henault

    Looks like they turned this functionality off. I really wish they’d bring it back.

    • JohnQknowitall

      Actually if you just open the app, choose ALL tab, most of the apps have X in the upper right corner —this gives you the option to remove the app from messy google play inventory. Honest to God my app list looks like the desk of some guy in my office…lazy and disorganized.

  • Stafish

    can you remove apps from google play from your laptop

    • Betawavve

      Use the Software ” Andy the Android Emulatorr”

  • vasanth

    My internal memory got full while downloading game from play store it showed “insufficient memory storage…” but I don’t known how to delete that incomplete game not showing it’s game icon in apps but internal memory is full..Please help friends…

  • Hamstrman

    OK, so I was able to remove games from “My Apps” list, but the games still show up in “Play Games” –> “Recent Games” where the achievements show up. I have this long list of games that aren’t installed anymore and they aren’t on the My Apps list… they’ve been gone for up to a year, some of them, but some of these games were atrocious and I don’t want them showing up anymore! Help!

  • Gyous zero zero

    Got a new tablet – it’s been updating and downloading since last night !!!!!!!
    apps I didn’t use since 2012 – We are stuck with Google Play – removing & uninstalling off other devices removes only from that device, but not google apps – VERY SMART

    So here is my answer Mr Google Play – I’m returning the unit and going back to Apple – I shouldn’t have left them anyway! enjoy your games, play, lollopup and lollobyebye

    • Okay Dokey

      its your own fault for not deactivating that feature you idiot lol

  • Nitin Ule

    It doesnt work now. after selecting many apps I get only “Install” option not X