A Guide to Installing & Uninstalling Android Applications

For those who have an Android smartphone, it goes without saying that it is all about having the right applications. However, for newer users of Android smartphones, there may be some difficulty in knowing how to install and uninstall these applications when necessary. This article aims to clarify the instructions on such processes; after all, everyone has to start somewhere.

For the most part, all Android phones will follow the procedure as outlined in the article. However, in order to preserve the quality and avoid redundancy, the T-Mobile G1 will be used as the example mobile phone for the purpose of the tutorial. Follow along as best as possible if using any other Android.

The primary way, as well as the most common way, to install an Android application is directly through the Android marketplace. The marketplace is basically a centralized repository of all of the applications that have been developed for Android. It has also been modeled after the Apple’s iPhone store. A third party developer may create an application and upload it, leaving anyone with an Android to download them. Most are free, but some cost money.

Installing Android Applications

In order to install an Android application onto the device in question, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Using the Applications Menu, open the Android Marketplace.
  2. Here, any option from Applications to Games or Search may be accessed. Utilize these tools to find the desired application. Use the Search to find a specific one or simply browse until the first appealing one comes up on the list.
  3. Each application should come with its own rating and description. Evaluate carefully.
  4. Simply click on the application to view more details and click the Install button towards the bottom of the screen.
  5. The next screen describes what it will require to work. Simply agree to the terms and it is installed.

Uninstalling Android Applications

Sometimes an application just needs to go. Whether a better one has been found or an application has simply worn out its welcome, it must be uninstalled. Uninstalling is as simple as it was to install it.

  1. Open the Google Android Menu.
  2. Go to the Settings icon and select Applications.
  3. Next, click on Manage.
  4. A list of installed applications will appear.
  5. Select the one to be uninstalled and simply click Uninstall.

With that, the application is uninstalled.

  • lowgas

    well this may work for some apps but many of the apps i would love to remove simply don’t have the option to ‘uninstall’. like the amazon mp3 application that was pre-installed on my phone, and seems to always be running. the only way to stop it form running is to turn off all connectivity to my phone, which means nothing else can sync. any idea on how to uninstall pre-installed applications?

  • http://www.bestpchaven.com mskazmii

    you can go to market place and click menu then select downloads it will show you all the installed application from market place then select the application it will give you two opetions open and uninstall. Select uninstall to remove the app from your phone. I hope this helps.

  • x10iuser

    Hi, I have a Sony Ericsson X10i. A short while ago, I downloaded the SlideMe Application which is an alternative to Android Market, as I do not have Android Market installed on my phone ( very angry and irritated by that fact) but thats a different story.

    I have decided to delete SlideMe, which was dowloaded for the SlideMe website and it is not from Android Market.
    I went to Applications- Manage applications and all that, but when I click on SlideMe app there is no option to ‘Uninstall’ only Force Stop. I have been spending alot of precious time trying to sort everything out and am feeling very stressed out at the moment, so if u can help me it would be much appreciated.


  • HOlla

    Does not work.
    No uninstall option to remove bollywoodji stupid app

  • brester

    i have a pandigital ereader/tablet 7″ screen purple w/4g how do i install some apps to my device, looking for specifically newsradio apps. i am not tech savvy so please keep it in simple terms.thanks so much!!!!

  • msteerman

    Why are we required to have these stupid fuc*#ng apps preloaded, like Amazon MP3, Peep, Skype, Slacker, Stocks Talk, Tweeter… ??? I don’t want or use any of these shi%#y apps! But, I have to run Advanced Task Manager several times a day to remove them. I have done Setup, and deleted their contact (because Uninstall is shaded out…of course!), but they still pop up and eat up memory and battery life.

  • nick

    Go to application drawer, click on my files and start deleting

  • DEV

    i have samsung galaxy ace.
    since the memory is very less.i am unable to install required applications on the phone,which eventually says phones runs out of space.
    is there any option to install the applications directly to my 16gb sd card.
    the available applications like app2sd doesn’t really help.
    pls help me

  • andy

    Hi Nick, sorry to continue this thread but I agree with msteerman.

    where is the application drawer? I’ve tried to delete/unistall pre-loaded apps and the its not leeting me. I’ve gone through the settings/applications route and through the marketplace to no avail.

    please help – I am not into blockbuster, amazon, nascar, nova, qik, teeter or peep.


  • Chuck

    I have the same problem with Fring. I have a tablet and the uninstall button is always grayed out on that app. I think it loaded itself, don’t believe it was there when I bought the thing.
    OS is Android 2.2, kernel 2.6.32.
    Tablet is a piece of crap as well so that might be the problem.

  • joe

    I installed Android lost and found it to be a heap of s***. I want it off my phone but it wont let you uninstall it. How do I get rid of this s***!!1

  • Matty

    I deleted my facebook so I tried to uninstall the facebook for android app but it won’t work… when I got the the application manager and tap facebook, it will only let me “clear cache” or “force stop”. Its taking up too much space..

  • http://www.talkandroid.com Nate

    I upgrade from an LG Prime to the new LG Thrive. Use the same SD Micro card from the prime in the Thrive. I have games on the SD card but is unable to access them in the new phone. How do I get access to those games in the Thrive

  • Xavier

    When I try Downloading any app it takes hors nd hours But it still doesn’t install it

  • Kristina

    Stinks that you can’t uninstall apps that were pre-installed in your phone but to save battery life, I use the “Advanced Task Killer free” and I just kill everything that I don’t use, find it more convenient than the regular task manager.

  • matt

    Kristina…actually you can, BUT, your phone does need to be rooted

  • Sonny S Tambuwun

    if u want to remove preinstalled ‘n system apps all u need are Z4root, Superuser ‘n Permissions. Available in android market. Do it by ur own risk. Before do anything on ur phone pls find articles about how to use them ‘n how to remove system apps. Some basic system apps should not be removed. Good luck…

  • http://im7t.com Van Starnauld

    I am not sure that I understood all of the article, but from what I undestood I liked it…

  • jay jay

    i need help!!!! :( my phone won’t open up in any computer so i could add music! what do i do im frustrated :/ help!

  • eli

    please help.. how can I save downloaded apps straight to my SD card? whenever I download an application it always saved to my phone memory..:( I want to make SD card my primary memory.

    please help..

  • http://robairemc42440.dreamhomebusinessopportunity.com/ Robaire McCoy

    Exceptionally revealing bless you, I do believe your trusty followers might possibly want significantly more reviews like this maintain the good content.

  • Selwyn

    I am using an Vodafone 858 smart, I installed one floating type of screen, it seems not working and appearing in small where I cannot operate, now I wont to uninstall that programme, please adivse and help me how to get rid of it.

    • Hassan asghari

      dear selwyn
      go to setting, then go to mannage applications and select uninstall. that;s it

  • Erica

    What does the Android OS actually do? I find that this app uses most my battery power, but i don’t want to kill it since I don’t know what it is exactly! Please help me, and I am sure some smartphone user are prolly laughing but this is my first smartphone, and for the most part i love it but even when i don’t use my phone, within like 8 hours it dies, and I need my phone for at least 12 hours while at work. Anyone got ideas?

    • Meadow117

      The Android OS  (operating system) is what makes your phone work!  It is just like Microsoft XP, Microsoft 7 – it’s the OPERATING SYSTEM! Without it the phone will not do anything at all.

  • Erica

    Also I downloaded the Z4root can someone tell me exactly what this app does and how to use it to my advantage?

  • Kim

    where and how will i uninstall some of the apps? please rep :(

  • http://nerdsmagazine.com/ sentinal

    above mentioned procedure are basic method to install and uninstall application why don’t you try 10 best uninstaller to get rid from unwanted application:


  • Ron

    Erica, the Android OS is your operating system. It’s the core program that all others are depending on to “talk” to hardware (screen, CPU, RAM, SD cards, buttons, USB, etc) and other software. Consider it just like Microsoft’s Windows. Linux, and MacOS on larger computers. In fact, Android is built on the ext4 file system (format) and has file permissions based on Linux. If you’ve been a system administrator on one of those then you’ll be comfortable. Otherwise…

    If you root your Android it will give you more power to do stuff but will also void your warrantee. If it all goes south for you you’ll have to rebuild your Android from scratch and make it like it was when you bought it by “flashing” it back to original. That process, like “rooting” is very specific to each phone.

    If I were you I’d first learn as much about the applications/widgets and how they work in the Android. Then play with the system areas when you get comfortable with the tools. Otherwise, when you get into trouble you won’t know the proper questions to ask these folks about how to fix it.

    Good luck.

  • Rahul

    Hi..Thanks its worked in my case…

  • Kj950102

    ok i just got a new phone so how do i uninstall the apps from the old phone (i alredy reset the phone) and their on my memory card but their not comeing up on the new phone

  • Pturzy

    Unfortunately this does not work with pre-installed applications.  :-(

  • Brinker1982

    I have tried several times to uninstall Android Lost on my phone, and it will not let me. I went to settings, applications, manage applications, android lost and clicked uninstall and it keeps saying it was unsuccessful.

  • Danielle

    thanks so much! :]

  • random guy

    brinker1982 same problem. i ran into this problem with my old mytouch4g too, but it went away by it self. but now using tmobile samsung, not working. i think we have to find the part of the system that has the full database. if i find it, ill tell you about it.

  • Meadow117

    How do I uninstall apps that are on the phone but don’t show up on the list of apps that can be uninstalled with this procedure.  Kindle is one. Mobile IM, Music, Scrabble, Skype, slacker, Twitter – all apps (there are more) that I want to remove to make room for apps that I will actually use, but I can’t find a way to get rid of these.

    • Jonbrioschi

      did you figure it out

    • Sureshchallas

      Did you Find a solution for removing the default app in OS 

    • Srikanth

      You have root your mobile in order to uninstall system pre-defined apps. But, the thing is you will loose your warranty if you root once, as the process is irreversible:P

    • Srikanth

      You have root your mobile in order to uninstall system pre-defined apps. But, the thing is you will loose your warranty if you root once, as the process is irreversible:P

  • Armorofgodspartan66

    How do I install an app to my sd card?

  • Tenhogs

    Thanks!  I was going nuts..

  • http://twitter.com/PatriciaSDL PatriciaSDL

    My Twitter apps wont let me log in, they all come up as “Fail to log in” I tried twitter for android, TweetCaster. Twydro, Ubersocial, Plume, Seesmic, Twicca, Hootsuite….And they ALL say the same thing. The only one working is TweetDeck :(  [I have a Samsung galaxy ACE] PLIS HELP :(

    • Meadow117

      Don’t use an app.  Use your browser & go to the website directly. Then bookmark that page and put a shortcut to the website on your desktop.

  • Kimberleeplumley

    how do i delete apps on my android phone i lost the mini sd card and bought a new one but all the aps are still on my phone and i tried to delete them but cant because when  i go to mange apps it doesnt show any of the old one just on the menu it shows. so since it doesnt show on the manage apps tab how will i be able to delete them

    • Meadow117

      If you downloaded them from The Market (either from phone or internet) try going to The Market to manage your apps and delete from there.

      • Cjenkin001

        Omg! Thank you! This worked :)

  • Pkpdmay

    has anyone had problems when downloading apps from the android market, such as angry birds then gotten an alert that you have viruses? Should I be concerned. It took me to a new screen to take care of the viruses and then had an advertisement for getting something similar to anti virus protection for my phone, which of course they wanted $ for.

  • Dbecar

    what about when you choose all?  there are many aps still listed that are on the phone

  • Gleek128

    how do you delete an app if it has been removed from the market but I still have it installed on my phone. It is not on my apps list anymore in the market, and when i go to “manage apps” and go to the app, uninstall is not an option.

    • Joe Sirianni

      Long press on the icon and drag it to your trash can on the desktop. Hold it for 3 to 4 seconds there and it will prompt you to uninstall it.

  • Twiga690

    My Samsung galaxy ace has just started throwing up a message just lately when i try to install any app it says it cannot install to sd card or usb storage. Any ideas how to cure this ????

  • Oliver Brelsford

    Question: After uninstall, why isn’t the app’s folder deleted? I just uninstalled Nook and there is still a nook folder on my phone (which should have been deleted automatically). Even worse, I can’t delete this folder because there are ‘hidden files’. This sort of poor clean-up by so-called ‘professional’ apps is eventually going to clutter my phone. What to do? Except call out these companies for poor performance or contact Google Android for better standards for app uninstallation?

  • Wlcs466

    This uninstallation process doesn’t seem to work..the only options Im given when I follow these steps are as follows, “About”, “Force Stop”, “Cancel”, “Clear Data”, “Move to SD card”, “Clear cache” and “clear defaults”.. None of which say, “uninstall” .. Any ideas ??

    • reddog

      Did anyone ever respond to Wlcs466 question? I see a lot more questions then answers on this link. Does any tech from “Droid” ever look here?

    • Char_hooper1981

      hi go into applications select manage applications and you should be able to unistall it from hope this is helpfull

  • Vinod

    sir i have a Samsung galaxy ace s5830 problame is battery backup n thing plz give me solusion

  • ButterflyJV Djs

    i uninstalled pure breeze lite and its still coming up when i hit my home button…help,its sooo annoying

  • Lakhe_madhu

    i downloaded go locker from market after that when i swich on my mobile mob gave 2 options go locker &sony ericsson home .i selected go locker .after that screen is black all apps disappeared how can i remove go locker software …?////plz help me….||||

  • Markquetta_jordan

    i tried to install handcent on my andriod phone and it wouldnt nt download any sms apps whats going on

  • Rajan_0

    i m installing applications from my pc,, when i installing any one,,its installed and showing msg also of install,,but my samsung pop didn’t show that applications…

  • Tymckndyl

    i had a app removed from my list, how do i re install it?

  • sparkle0883

    Is it possible to download an app and have it installed but not have it show up on the home screen???????

  • Char_hooper1981

    hi all i have just had a samsumg galaxy s2 on contract and was wondering if anybody know how to turn off the running services in the application section and does it charge you if it keeps running? thanks for your help

    • Briantt

      Go to settings, applications, ruining service, and hit stop. running app does reduce the phone’s performance.

  • Dinaraskin

    it doesnt let me install, why?
    on my g1 phone

  • Manos19572010

    Does not work with optuszoo application.will not allow me

  • Sujitjoshi94

    how can i uninstall the os itself from my tablet???

  • Monkd63

    I was told to hold and drag to trash bin, yet app is still there on main menu screen. Any advice anyone?

    • Matt

      In the main screen hold it and drag it to the trash bin at bottom

  • Titi

    I can install apps,but i have to have a google account for an android,but i still dont know what to do next

  • Rooinspain-webs

    If only that worked in all cases

  • Wolflake2010

    i want to delete books from my android kindle but I cant figure out how to do it.

    • Susanmaher

      You go to manage my kindle and do it from there

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andreh-Kawaii/100002282248732 Andreh Kawaii

    When I try to install the application a message appears saying thatis not compatible. I have a Samsung Galaxy Y with Android operating system. Why can not I install the application on my phone?

  • Alain T

    When i go to uninstall an app it says uninstall update but not the actual app, any suggestions on how i can delete or uninstall an app?

    • Briantt

      Because that app is a preinstall one, which doesn’t allow you to uninstall. I have the same issue. yeah this is bs. I thought android is better than iphone in terms of giving you the freedom to do whatever you want with your phone…. disappointed! I miss blackberry…..

    • Briantt

      Because that app is a preinstall one, which doesn’t allow you to uninstall. I have the same issue. yeah this is bs. I thought android is better than iphone in terms of giving you the freedom to do whatever you want with your phone…. disappointed! I miss blackberry…..

  • Amy English

    Phone: MyTouch 4G Slide

    Issue: installed the Go Launcher EX and some of its peripherals a while ago and really liked them but it hindered certain functions of my phone so finally decided to uninstall.  A couple of its add-ons were Go Contacts and Go dialer both of which did not need the Go Launcher to run so I left them. I love the Go Contacts but the Go dialer has some issues so it’s time for it to go as well.  it is still on my phone and the active dialer but when I go to my Applications list its not there?! I thought “no biggie, i’ll just go to the marketplace and uninstall from there.  Now it’s not on the marketplace. What the heck?? Any suggestions? My phone is not rooted and using the most recent OS prior to ICS (gingerbread i think?)

  • Jose

    after i uninstalled apps, how can i install it again from android market

  • SS

    Hi, i installed the snapshot app, as i am new in android world, so i didnt know that my phone is rooted or not, but after came to know that its not rooted, so decided to remove screenshot app, even after uninstalling the app, its showing in app list so how do i completely take out from my SonyEXNeoV phone? can there be any help on it?

  • NJ

    I agree to  the terms and then the next screen tells me I don’t have a cellular device on this account. I don’t have a droid cellular device, I have an e-reader that I am trying to install the apps to. My phone is thru itunes. THAT IS WHAT I’M TRYING TO DO. I have a gmail act, I have no clue where to go after it tells me I don’t have a device……I KNOW THAT!!!!

  • reece

    Thank you 100 times over. Ad heavy, annoying and ugly UberSocial is now gone.

  • Colleen C Palmer

    I am trying to add an app, but when I click on Market I get to Accounts and Sync, Where do I go from there.  Add account??

  • Xperia Arc User

    I’ve tried the above a considerable number of times with my Sony Xperia Arc S: sorry, can’t work. What is even worse, a number of applications associated with Facebook, such as Facebook CalendarSync, Facebook extension, Facebook Notification Publisher, Facebook Post Viewer, Facebook setup, Friends’ games and applications, Friends music & videos and probably a few more I have not listed, CANNOT be uninstalled. This is extremely annoying, and I will seriously consider not to have android as my phone’s operating system in future, or any phones from Sony, if they can’t solve this very simple, but extremely annoying imposition on users.

    • President

      I uninstalled facebook after deleting my account there. Now I get error messages that Facebook cannot log in, proving Facebook hasn’t fully uninstalled. Do I need to do a reset and install everything fresh and restore all my data just to uninstall Facebook? That’s retarded. Pretty dumb for a smart phone.

    • President

      I uninstalled facebook after deleting my account there. Now I get error messages that Facebook cannot log in, proving Facebook hasn’t fully uninstalled. Do I need to do a reset and install everything fresh and restore all my data just to uninstall Facebook? That’s retarded. Pretty dumb for a smart phone.

  • Elliott2000

    REALLY want to delete preloaded applications from my Samsung Exvhibit 2, 4g. Cannot do this the “normal” as described in users manual. This is important enough to make me seriously consider switching to Apple. I know there are some seriously clever users out there. Does anyone have any advice?

    • Josiah

      The apps that cone preinstalled on a phone are in the system directory. The system directory cannot be accessed without “rooting” (similar to jailbreaking on iPhone) I’m currently in you’re boat right now… I’m trying to “root” my Droid right now so I can take those bloatware apparently off. do a Google search for how to root your android… plenty of info on the net. Read thoroughly about rooting and be sure you want to do it. Rooting will VOID YOUR WARRANTY! After you root you can use an app called titanium to uninstall/move the bloatware. Be sure to back up your apps before you delete any as removing preinstalled apps can be dangerous to your phone if your phone rely’s on them to run. Just remember… use common sense when deleting apps and most of all RESEARCH THIS PROCESS VERY WELL BEFORE ATTEMPING TO ROOT your device because if not done properly rooting and or removing preinstalled apps can “brick” your device.

  • NotTom42

    When I’m in managing applications, I see nearly 100 applications that came with the phone.  The names are unfamiliar, and usually don’t have much to do with what the application actually does.  How can i find out 1. what these apps are, 2. what they do, 3. if it will hurt anything if i delete them, and then 4. how to delete them.

    Also, I see that my phone memory is nearly full, but my external SD card is nearly empty. Can i move some of these apps to the card, so I stop getting messages that my phone memory is full?  

    Thanks from a newbie Android user.

  • fb hater

    Why can’t I uninstall facebook? Is facebook a virus. It keeps asking me up update I just want it to go away forever.

  • Judd Firewasp

    I have the same problem I don’t have a facebook account and I don’t want the apps and widgets on my phone. Why can’t these facebook weeds be removed from my phone

  • Aaron

    Why can’t I find the app I just downloaded? You can see it in “managing applications” but not anywhere else?

    • 4myownreasons

      Try rebooting your device.
      And sometimes it’s the last one of the app list…not sorted out yet…

      If this doesn’t help, try:
      -go to Market
      -search your app
      -open app and usit or play the game
      -exit the app
      -exit Market
      -search in applist

  • Nate Manus

    I deleted an app but the icon won’t go away saying that it’s still on my phone….how do I get rid of it?

  • Donaldphilbrook

    Not all apparently like kindle don’t give the “uninstall” option. Now what?

  • Sajanjv

    Hey guys I brought a new android phone I need need 2 delete app frm company which is per installed ..I dont use it .. plz help help me..

  • boo!

    i just uninstalled an apps but when i look at my device memory, its still there. any idea how to get rid of it? i tried installing back the apps and uninstalling. it does not work. :(

    • Khan.S

      i guess you should go to the market app and then open the app you downloaded and then you should click the option uninstall and then it will get deleted. It worked for me i hope it works for you too :/

  • Sara.K

    I just downloaded a game from market in my samsung galaxy y s5360 and now i want to delete it but i cant. Please help me about this…

    • Forrest.Gump

      you can try the procedures I suggested to Spagirl.

  • Sarahfsdf

    You’re not meant to be able to uninstall some preinstalled apps, but because they can be annoying, download a root uninstaller from Market and see if you can get them out that way. 

    The app Android Lost can’t be uninstalled until you have opened it up and disabled its Administrator Access. 

  • Sojiadeshina

    i switched on my G1 android phone,it booted almost 4 times by the time it finished booting if i tried to perform any operation it will take me to the web page and start en trying figures inside the colon area without stopping till it get hanged.pls what can i do because i cant use the phone now.

  • Vuja998

    The only solution that I found helpful to delete Fring is to download there latest version of the app and then try to delete it. This worked for me because the newer version replaced the one that was,for some reason “protected” from deleting by the OS so after you do that you should be able to delete Fring.

  • Lola Rock

    Would be helpful to explain the unistall apps droid came with and i can.t stand them on my phone.
    Thank you

    • Spagirl

       Yeah, good luck with that and if you figure out how let us all know.  My phone came with pre-installed apps that I neither want nor need and I can’t get rid or them or even move to the SD card to free up internal phone memory so I keep getting low memory warnings even though I haven’t added any more apps!

      • Forrest.Gump2012

        hi there. try this one.
        goto the Settings, then, Applications, then find Manage Applications.
        from thereon, you’ll see the some Options such as:
        1.  Downloads – which shows the applications that you have downloaded and installed
        2.  All – these are the applications installed on your phones
        3.  On SD Card – obviously, these are the applications running on your SD card
        4. Running – shows you the applications actively running, realtime.

        on Option-2 (All). touch the application that you want to turn off and then press Force Stop.

        hope it’ll work.  gudluck!

    • Josiah

      The apps that cone preinstalled on a phone are in the system directory. The system directory cannot be accessed without “rooting” (similar to jailbreaking on iPhone)

      I’m currently in you’re boat right now… I’m trying to “root” my Droid right now so I can take those bloatware apparently off.
      do a Google search for how to root your android… plenty of info on the net. Read thoroughly about rooting and be sure you want to do it. Rooting will VOID YOUR WARRANTY! After you root you can use an app called titanium to uninstall/move the bloatware. Be sure to back up your apparently before you delete any as removing preinstalled apps can be dangerous to your phone if your phone rely’s on them to run. Just remember… use common sense when deleting apps and most of all RESEARCH THIS PROCESS VERY WELL BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT IT!!!! Rooting and/or deleting preinstalled apps can easily “brick” your device.

      Good luck!

  • Somnay Kamlesh

    In my brand new galaxy y I am unable to
    access android market for apps as it asks to sign in with a Google
    account with g talk first.When I try to login after entering the user
    name and password it gives an error ” unable to establish a reliable
    data connection to server”, please check your data settings.
    now the data connection is active as i am able to browse with the
    default browser and maps and locations is working fine. Only Google
    related apps like Gtalk, Gmail and android market cannot be accessed.
    Please help!


  • K_grissell

    Does anyone know how to sync my samsung galaxy phone with my samsung tablet so they can share the same apps?

  • bata

    What will happen to the apk file if i uninstall the app?

  • Crazylulu25

    I don’t understand how to get all of those damn orange boxes with exclamaition marks in them to go away on my droid 3…any ideas

  • Rellsw02

     I was unable to uninstall certain apps from my phone (HTC Evo), so I figured since the apps are on the phone, I should be able find them somewhere, somehow. I started by going to my Settings app and looking for anything that had to do with memory, or applications. lo and behold the 13 option down was called “Applications” and the 14 was called “SD & phone storage”. I looked at my storage just to see what kind of space I was using and what was available. Then went to the Applications option and saw four options and went to the one called “Manage applications”. In “Manage applications” there was 4 tabs at the top; “Downloaded”, “All”, “On SD card”, “Running”. I went through all the tabs and found all the apps I was unable to uninstall the “easy” way. Well I hope this is going to be of some help for those who also found difficulty in uninstalling apps. P.S. DO NOT DELETE/ UNINSTALL ANYTHING IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT DOES!!

  • shelley

    Ii have a pandigital tablet. My son opened his own fb acct on it. So how can i delete his acct on my tablet and keep mine. Right now it only brings his acct up, if i want mine i have to back space his off and retype mine in there same on the password have to back space his off and type mine in

  • shelley

    hi me again…ok i deactivated his fb acct on my tablet it says it was successful but i can still sign on to his acct…Why

    • Al

      Are you logging out of FB after each visit?
      To be honest…you should never leave yourself permanently logged into anything on a portable device (Tablet, Anroid phone etc…). Having to “re-log” every visit is a small inconvienience as apposed to the hassle if someone swipes your device…they open up FB and hey presto…all your details are already there!!

  • Guest

    Will it still take up space after being uninstalled? Before installing the app i had around 148mb, but uninstalling only left me with 151mb

  • elizabeth

    i installed an app from the andriod market from my computer..and i dont want the app anymore..how do i delete itt?

  • Dollar

    Hi, I know how to uninstall an app from the Applications, bu there it says that the file is only one or two MB. But for some games, after you download the app, it needs you to download extra content. So does anyone know how to uninstall the extra content downloaded after installing a game, or do you have to uninstall those types of things from your computer? Thanks for any help.

  • Malik_bilawal

    how can i swtich back from android to older version
    i dont like android plzz tell

  • Owarebonsu77

    i downloaded an android apps pack on my pc but cant install the apps on my lg thrive phone. when i try to install it says system has blocked it. please help

  • Janabney0814

    I do NOT see a search option anywhere (see Installing #2 above).

  • Withlovefromtorr

    all i see is uninstall updates… nothing about the actual app being uninstlled.

  • Deandrestevens

    How do u delete apps that wont delete

  • Euphoric Lotus

    Why are apps that I have uninstalled listed under “My Apps” as Installed on the new Google Play?

    • Michaelclare5

      The uninstalled apps are listed in “My Apps” to answer the question during use at any time “what apps have I ever had on my phone?”, otherwise you might not have means of obtaining that info, and you might not remember one you might want to reinstall and have again.

  • Ctsai

    ive deleted android market how do i get it back?

    • lisa

      Did any reply to this?

    • Tachan

      Use your google search and type in play store. You can re-download it from the internet.

  • Michelesiple97

    How do you delete the apps that came on the phne, such as Facebook?

  • That Guy

    ive deleted android market to how to you download it back?

  • Biggar617

    How do i stop automatic updates of applications, i apparently get billed for automatic updates.

  • Daniel A Forrest

    Is there an app that can be set to automatically uninstall other apps after a set period, i.e. set an expiration date/time for other apps?

  • Leny_golong

    I cannot find the market on my phone anymore, I may have accidentally deleted the market widget. How can I install it again?

    Thanks, Leny

    • Bob Sapo

      Thr market has been changed its new name is play store

      • Keira Anderson

        Thanks so much, I was really confused!

      • http://twitter.com/JMOBILEHITE352 JAN J*MOBILE E. HITE


  • A joseph

    i am having trouble finding the menu icon can some one please help me

    • Geovanny112994

      Right below the touchscreen u are gonna find four touch keys on the black section below the screen its usually the second left to right and usually says menu or is denoted by four dashes one on top of the other the top one being the larger

  • ZenMrGosh

    I know how to uninstall, what you do not cover is how to delete them, they are still sitting there in the uninstalled section taking up space that I need to update google maps and my kindle emulator

  • Makiisadik

    please help i accidentally deleted the android market app from my mobile phone how do i get it back

  • Sagefeatherstone

    People, I have two playstore apps that are the exact same thing. I want to delete one and keep the other. Two of the exact same apps. Also, how do you even delete playstore or the market anyway? This could help me.

  • Keira Anderson

    What do you do if you’ve deleted Android Market by accident?

  • Karah_michael

    I seemed to have accidentally deleted my android market place off my sony tablet s, does anybody know how I can download it back on?

    • NoraDahlstrom

      Search online. U might find it.

  • SmOoVe

    People, the android market app was changed to “Google Play” use that. Google owns android.. they’ve just changed the name.. you didn’t delete the app!

    • SmOoVe

      Or sorry “Play Store”

      • Bebegurl1sun


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LVG6P3NV3DFGPK5LIGYCE4E22I rocelle

    hi, whre can i find playstore??? Galaxy Y

  • Lori Mik

    Hi, I don’t see uninstall available.  I have a weather app that is fried, and want to get rid of it from my droid 3, and can’t find uninstall.  clicking on the settings key on the bottom of my phone does nothing…help, please?

  • Tapoodle

    not if you try & delete facebook, it is not listed in the app menu. help, please?

  • Nor

    Well well. I have an htc status. And there r quite a few apps that have ‘worn’ out there welcome and this android won’t let me uninstall em.

  • mj2258a

    I have an HTC Wildfire S which is notorious for having internal memory problems.  I have downloaded an App, but I don’t have enough internal memory to install it.  So it’s eating up precious memory, but I can’t ‘uninstall’ it because it’s not installed.  How can I delete this uninstalled, but downloaded, App?

  • Nishwilliams77

    I have uninstalled an mp3 download app but the icon remains on my screen unaccessible. Cant move it, trash it or anything. Why does it stay stuck there when the app is nonexistent and how can I remove it?

  • Reuben

    i have recently bought the htc g1 online and when i turned it on for the first time i didnt get the option to create a google account, now i have only one page and cant get anything onto the home sceen, i’ve tried everything and need help!

  • Alwilken

    Why can’t I uninstall twitter?? It doesn’t give me the option?!

  • Dhalfampulme

    How do i delete holy quran

  • Fantabulous1980

    Ive lost the android market app icon. how do i get it back?

    • Llgnfghndusbsbshns

      got to play store

  • Irfan Janu2501

    I have formated all mobile data and application how can I get thous application in my g1 andriod mobile

  • Lawonder07

    Trying to unstall Facebook from my phone but it doesn’t say unstall when I go to delete it

    • Edy18620

      same here

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/R3YQDD7WF4DIBQ4F6N6XNNZB4I HappyGleekGirl

        Having the same problem…

  • Nancy

    I installed weather text alerts on my phone.  They come so often it’s eating up my text messaging.  How do I stop them?

  • Lyndaharrison251

    I’ve recently got a new galaxy ace phone, when I got it it had the anroid market icon on the screen, but it seems to have disappeard (i’ve probably done something inadvertently) can anyone advise how to get it back –   I would be most appreciative – finding this new techology difficult…..lol

    • Ontheroadrun

      Dear lyndaharrison251.. Android market when u update it will become play store..

  • Nat

    help i uninstalled android play store by mistake and now android market has disappeared and i cannot download any apps at all or get market on my samsung galaxy. help out there. thanks. ps it just keeps saying server error

    • Alley Marie Aw

      Have you tried going onto the web an redownloading the app from there? I don’t know about the market cuz you cannot get the newer apps an updates if your still using the old market. But if that’s what you want you can try downloading it from the web. If not, just download google play, I love it now I’m used 2 it. I hope this helps. P.s. if you download google play an don’t see the new icon appear, just reset your phone an it will show up on your phone. Hope this helps

  • Thechoosenonesdream

    Does anyone know if I can find apps that has been deleted from a android phone.. A friend of mine said they got a email saying a certain app was downloaded but its no where on my phone so I was wondering if maybe someone got a hold of my phone and downloaded something then deleted it just don’t know how to go about trying to find apps that’s been deleted? HELP PLEASE

    • Alley Marie Aw

      If the App in question was downloaded from the android market or google play then your phone saves a list of all apps downloaded, deleted or uninstalled and upgrades. All u have 2 do is go into the market where the apps are, click the menu button on ur keypad and a menu will pop up, click the option that sais “my apps” a list of all apps installed on ur phone will pop up 1st, scroll over 2 the next list an it will show “all apps” the ones that have been downloaded an then deleted will say “install” instead of download like new apps cuz it remembers the apps u have downloaded before in which case u only have 2 install to have it again, instead of downloading, an then installing as all new apps will. Hope this helps

      • Zizo

        how can i delete the uninstalled apps from “My apps list”???

  • Dbatteng

    Ok i.want to..uninstall a demo but it just want go away i.tried to. Undo it thru the way u said but it want go whats next?

  • sam

    i uninstalled my web browser on my 7′ 2.2 android notebook how do i get it back

  • Sharon

    I tried that before i read this and it did not work for me. It is listed under all from the top of the menu but it won’t let me remove it.

  • Kimt

    I did the new upgrade yesterday, is taking a bit of getting used to but ok. My friend however somehow removed my facebook account. I have gone the the new play store to download again but it keeps saying my order is processing and will be available in a few minutes, which it isnt. I logged in through my comp on gmail and tried this way but it’s saying the app is already installed yet looking through my phone under all options its nowhere.
    Can anyone help? Can i get it back?

  • Me

    What about apps that didnt got a uninstall button? like this f****** fb app. How can i remove them?

  • Vivek

    thank u very much dude …u rock!

  • xyz

    thank u , for the uninstalling process mainly

  • Mahi Sugar

    hi i have an android phone, and i recently installed battery supercharger app to my phone, but i have done something wrong, so that app has turned my screen off so i cant see anything, and i have to remove or reset my phone. but it is hard because i cant see anything because the screen is turned off.. somebody please help

  • Rach

    Thank you so much!  That darn Super Batterycharger thing was a flippin nuisance!  I am relieved to have got rid of it.  I usually just hand my phone to my 17 year old who can do pretty much anything but even she struggled with this one!  

  • Hdman79

    No uninstalled. A lot of apps in android specifically games install separate files and in order to uninstall the m u need a file manager to delete the files. Most apparently in android leave files behind and u have to delete manually w a file manager

  • Kimmacauley63

    I hv a prepaid cricer zte 3g and i hv no idea what im Lost sometimes it tells me i hv low space and i just start deleting things but, it seems like it doesn’t do anything plus it gt things but can’t seem to work ot well or can’t get any hep i “deleted” the play store cause muv music said it wanted update but it said i had no room CAN SOMEONE HELP ME BEFORE I BECOME BALDHEADED!

    • Carolina

      Did you delete or uninstall? On your homescreen “delete” does only delete the widget and leaves the app there. Get a filemanager like Astro or ES file Manager and try uninstalling again. You could do it with the stock “files” manager or the “uninstall” function, both located between the other apps, but these 2 file managers have a lot of features you will appreciate later. (unrar, backup, copy/paste etc.)

  • Job Veerman

    I have ‘Dead Space’ downloaded from the internet???

  • Sacinthecity

    Why do my uninstalled apps try to download updates? How can I make them go awat FOREVER?

  • azert

    How can i uninstall the facebook app? It has no Uninstall button……

  • azert

    How can i uninstall the facebook app? It has no Uninstall button……

  • Haim

    Haim Cohen

  • Haim

    Haim Cohen

  • Haim

    Haim Cohen

  • Madsky8774

    What about like mp3 amazon an asphalt 5 I don wan them but I can’t deletwe

    • Melissasue0946

      Do u see the button on the bottom of ur phone it has four lines on it the top one is longer next to the little house looking one that means home click on apps then hit the four line thing and It should say delete apps u have to be on apps first then click the four lines then follow on install and click on the ones u don’t want

  • Ctsweet42

    I have apps that don’t have uninstall on them so how do I get rid of those?

  • Mudassarlangrial

    how to uninstall the application that come with phone when you bye the phone

  • Bluefish

    A lovely concept, except Sony Xperia won’t let you uninstall a whole bunch of useless games and ‘demo’ commercial programmes.  I can’t control or delete the wretched things. Presumably Sony were paid to have them on there: they certainly aren’t there for the customer’s benefit.  

  • robbiek

    The directions in the article here are inaccurate.  Facebook, under ‘Settings, Applications, Manage Applications’ only has a “Uninstall Update” button, not a “Uninstall” button like nearly all applications have.  Once you click the “Uninstall Update”, it actually will uninstall from your Android. 

  • Wtflikeafox

    What about HD games that download extra data onto your SD card? uninstalling does not delete this info. It remains behind, taking up space. I have data from games I uninstalled six months ago stuck on my SD card. How do I completely uninstall the app as well as delete the extra data? I tried accessing the phone from my computer but was unsuccessful. The only thing that has worked so far has been to reformat the card and i don’t want to have to do that every time I get rid of a game. Help?!

  • Zwei_jared

    i just want to ask sir. my samsung y gt5360 is installing an apps. but it was interrupted and it was bug at 80% it didn’t finish it’s installation until today since yesterday. pls help me…

  • Jet_wadge83

    hi i want to uninstall the androids from my phone as i dont wish to use this app. how do i do so?

    • Carolina

      You can NOT uninstall certain stock apps, unless you root your device. Just leave it as it is for now. Task killers won’t help (only for a couple of seconds/minutes.) Maybe in a while you can consider to root your device, but you might end up with a bricked device if you don’t know what your doing. Forget about it for now, if your device slows down get rid of other unneeded apps and widgets. they might not only eat memory, but also start reloading and working in the background. The less, the better.

    • Formation Alsace management

      Please could you send me the information too !!!  Thanks !!

  • Nigel Appleby

    Worked for me thank you

  • Readerabc123

    How do I uninstall apps off of Facebook on my Samsung infuse at&t phone?

  • allthatglitters

    Can anyone help me install facebook and twitter on my NATPC tablet…it says the device is unrecognisable…I’m not making any progress solving this on my own!!

    • http://twitter.com/GO_TEAM_YEAH Frida

      if its a newer tablet, which it sounds like it probably is, then complicated apps such as facebook and twitter are not compatible with it, so you will not be able to install them untill they make a version compatible for your device. hope that helps :)

  • Yamyaming2003

    how to delete unlock files in my file locker using my samsung galaxy Y

  • Bridgeboyo

    I’ve bought apps on the google play site on my computer. How do I get them onto my galaxy ace. Used to have an iPhone and that was very straight forward. Not a clue how to do it now!!!!!!

    • Josiah

      When you buy the apps online from a computer you need to be using the same google account as you are on your phone. If you are then they should automatically be sent to your phone. If you’re not sure if you used the same google account on the computer as on your phone here’s how to make sure.
      Part 1:On your phone1. Open your app drawer2. Tap “Google Play Store”3. Press the hardware menu button4. Tap “Account”You should see a list of google accounts associated with your android. Part 2:(A) If the account you used to buy the app online is listed.1. Select that account and wait for the GP store to load.2. Once it logs in and loads the GP store home page it should automatically download any apps you purchased.(B) If the account you used to buy the app online is not listed.1. Go back to your home screen2. Open your app drawer3. Tap “settings”4. Tap “accounts and sync”. 5. You should now see a list of all the accounts accessed from your phone (ie: Google, Facebook, Twitter). 6. Now tap “Add account”7. Choose “Google” as the account type8. Tap “Next”9. Tap “Sign in”10 Enter the username and password for the google account you used to purchase the apps. Once it connects with your google account you should be ready to move on to the Part 3.Part 3:1. Go back to your home screen2. Open your app drawer3. Tap “Google Play Store”
      4. Press the hardware menu button
      5. Tap “Account”
      You should see a list of google accounts associated with your android6. Select the account that we just associated with your phone (the one you purchased that apps with)7. Once it logs in and loads the GP store home page it should automatically download any apps you purchased. If it does not load or seems to be taking way to long try going into settings and under “manage applications” force close “Google Play Store” and reopen the app. (make sure it logs in with the correct account) In my personal experience I have noticed that sometimes the GP store app won’t load unless I restart the app, it’s a bug the google needs to work on. After GP store logs into the correct Google account and loads the home page of the GP store you should notice the apps downloading in the notification bar. Be patient, sometimes it can take a few minutes for the GP store to recognize that your phone is connected and to push the apps to your phone.I hope I’ve helped you and not confused you!Good luck and happy droiding!
      Josiah – PC care consultant and Android fanatic.
      I’m currently studying for my BA in Computer Science specializing in Android Java Development

      • Josiah

        Ugg, sorry about the formatting of my previous comment, the stupid forum messed it all up on me.

  • http://twitter.com/GO_TEAM_YEAH Frida

    I tried that, but my screen just turns black for a moment before going back to the list of applications, and when I check if I uninstalled the app, its still there and it stills works! Now, the phone storage space is almsot full and I can’t prevent that! Please help!! If someone has the same problem, please tell me!

  • Cierrahpop

    i tried installing an app but it said angry birds can not install due to an error 

  • Neil Kerridge

    cant download any more apps as phone storage and internal memory moved all that i can to sd card which is virtualy empty , why doesnt it use sd card ??

    • Neil Kerridge

      storage and memory full *

  • Duchessofessex

    i cant seem to download or update any apps on my samsung galaxy s every time i try it starts and then says downlaod unsuccessful…reverted the android market to an earlier one as suggested but cant seem to make it work…was fine 2 weeks ago and has now just stopped, anything to do with my google account…any suggestions would be very very welcome, thank you

  • Lilbittybeauty

    What if you can’t find the maketplace within your applications?

  • Bogard_kusanagi

    How come does an uninstalled app is shown using 3g hdspa data?

  • Lalit Chaudhari

    I cant delete Dr web antivirus from samsung galaxy y S5360.. Dr web is not default app in my phone but then to i cant uninstall it..

  • Sj

    Hi, have just updated new s2 software. it also downloaded a few news apps that i did not request and i cannot uninstall them using direction posted above. For some i can uninstall ‘future updates’ but the app remains on my phone. Any help on how i can get rid of these? Much appreciated:)

  • Fuzzy

    I have deleted many downloaded applications that used hundreds of mb of ram, but my internal storage still says full, why?

    • Player

      1. Open the menu2. Go to ‘Settings’
      3. Open ‘Applications’
      4. ‘Manage applications’
      5. Under the ‘Downloaded’ tab, press the first app
      6. ‘Clear data’ on every app and there should be more memory now

    • prikolica

      because of your emails. go to email, click on folders, click on deleted and delete them again.

  • Haziq

    But how do u delete the uninstalled apps? For example, i already uninstall a game. But the setup file is still not deleted. Easy saying, i can still install the apps without downloading.

  • Jlnortel

    I don’t have a favor uninstall option! So how do I get rid of the Amazon Kindle and Blockbuster Apps?

  • Naveen Kumar

    my andriod mobile is showing that no application can perform this action so please help me

  • Bhebs_machi

    Hi.. Can anyone help me?

    I uninstall most of the application on my internal memory but it says its still full..
    I really don’t understand..
    I cannt even recieve text messages.. Text appears that my device memory’s full..
    How can it be? When I erase many application on internal. Ugh! So frustrating..
    Please help.. Thankz much..

    • TheBigDawg

      Try deleting all threads (messages) and clear your call logs.

  • lexi reyes

    how do you uninstall apps but it won’t go to your home screen or settings !? D;

  • Nodrog

    The android market place doesn’t go straight to the market place – it asks you to setup and account with google, create a google email address etc – the article is a bit useless

  • Shahlipee

     I have almost delete applications from my phone still I get the message that your internal phone storage is full.. please anyone can help me on this.. please

    • http://www.facebook.com/bavaria.lee Montoku Sabah

      How to move almost all Android apps to SD card (no root required)

  • Sabrinamoore51

    Have tried to remove Facebook for Android and its not showing where it was installed. Had timeline but can’t get it back. This program runs slow, Cannot share and continues to force close. Will be deleting my FB account.

    • piret

      i wish it was that easy.. but its not. I´ve got 50% of the space of the memory full of apps that came with the phone and I can´t find a way to delete/uninstall them. If anybody has an idea, pls- piret2b@hotmail.com

  • Ayeograhn

    Facebook was pre-installed on my HTC Sensation when I bought it. I want to get rid of it. Tried following the steps described in the article, but it has no “uninstall” to click on. To make certain I was in the right place I tried it with an application I had installed and it did have the unistall button. Why don’t the pre-installed programs have this? It’s not a question of space, it’s the fact that the program keeps telling me to update it and I don’t want to waste bandwidth on updating (or checking for updates of) a program I don’t want to use.

    • Rosa Mendez

      You need to root your device!!!

      • http://twitter.com/JMOBILEHITE352 JAN J*MOBILE E. HITE


    • http://twitter.com/JMOBILEHITE352 JAN J*MOBILE E. HITE


  • Paul

    You’re joking. Getting rid of the acne that’s called facebook ain’t that easy

  • Kento Nomura

    my sister was playing a prank on me and she went too far and she uninstall my  messaging app (com.android.mms) and I can’t get it back how do I get it back?

  • Naya

    Does uninstalling an app automatically delete any data files you downloaded to use it? Like for example a language app that downloaded files off of online to work. If I uninstalled the app would that data be gotten rid of too so it didn’t waste space while not even being used or installed?

  • Naya

    By language app I meant a language learning app.But again its just an example

  • Rick Livermore

    You are not helping me with my issue here. I tried to uninstall several TMobile apps that way but the word uninstall has been locked or disabled or something. Now what can I do?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anont-Race/100003386440517 Anont Race

      I found with twitter that I had to do an update on it before I could uninstall it. Once I did the update the uninstall button was no longer grayed out.

      • Elvis Presley

        you sure it doesnt just let you uninstall the update? and the core app will still be there…

        • bb

          yes thats what mine did! it sayd uninstall update for skype and i did but i want that app off my homescreen! how do i get ot off????????

  • Vishwanathmlr 2008

    I n my motarola fire xt it shows always momery is full while downloading appliances kindly help me.

  • Vishwanathmlr 2008

    I n my motarola fire xt it shows always momery is full while downloading appliances kindly help me.

  • Lewis17farrugia

    Hi Chris

    Thank you for helping me to remove battery supercharge which drained my battery
    quicker than normal.

  • Crazy_coupon_girl

    Does anyone know why my phone say’s I do not have a device to install apps?

  • Adelleツ

    I uninstalled an app last month,and when i want to install the same app again,i cant?
    Please tell me why and how to reinstall my app?

  • Sethpioske

    Android, tmobile, Sprint, and whoever else partnered with certain companies to make sure their apps stay on the phone. Have to root the phone and wipe everything clean. But they won’t tell you that, or how to do it.

  • bb

    i want to uninstall something amd i followed those steps 1-4 but with step 5 it dosent have a button saying uninstall. what do i do??

    • Gypsy :)

      Well, it depends on what kind of phone you have, the settings are different. Sorry this didnt really help I you say what kind of phone you had I could try to find out for you.

  • Gypsy

    I am trying to uninstall apps on my Samsung Galaxy Prevail since I am low on space. When I press uninstall, the space is still low, and the space is ecxatly the same as it was before. It is really frustrating since I have deleted so many good apps for the space. Also, it should be working since this phone is brand new and has only been used for 1 month. Please reply I am having a really hard time so better step by step instructions that work would be great!

  • Timebiker

    Hi thank you;at last I also got rid of battery supercharge app that kept waking me during the night warning me phone was low charge even though it was not…..this app made battery lasting time less than normal..thanks again.

  • Tonton Valencia

    I have a 2 youtube icon how can i delete the other?pls help me

  • Soundsofviolence

    I have an HTC Evo 3D…Twitter was factory installed. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to uninstall it. I dont use it. and it annoyingly keeps asking me to download updates. any solutions?

  • Wow Extramoney

    Nope, didn’t like this explanation because it didn’t address apps like Adobe Flash 10x. The app has a disable button, but no Uninstall button. Why do I want to uninstall Flash? There’s a newer version available and the new requires the older app to go!

  • Sweetlin

    I uninstalled an application with an idea of installing a higher version. But I could not install the higher version in my mobile. Now I am unable to download the earlier version from Google Play. It simply displays the selected item is already installed! What to do?

  • Blah Blah 2012

    Does anyone know how to completely remove all user data lets say for a game application…I cleared the cache, deleted data and uninstalled the app from the app manager but when I re-download the app and open it, my account information/player profile still loads, so there must be somewhere hidden on the device that stores some info even when the app is uninstalled.

    I basically want to use the app as a new user and have all previous data completely wiped/deleted/removed without having to factory reset the phone.

    • hanher

      Need help with the same thing! Have you find a way?

    • hanher

      Have the same problem…. Have you find out how to do it?

    • lakshmanspartan

      its not stored in your phone..it will be stored on the cloud (Google play games)..when you sign into the app with Google account you ll be continuing from where you left off and all data will be again the same as time you unistalled the app..

  • Pegasusparadize

    I accidently installed certain apps n want to remove them i went on manage apps n uninstalled it bt the icon still show in the menu bt doesnt open….how do i remove it from there…

    • lakshmanspartan

      hold and drag it to the top of the screen

  • James

    To Uninstall a app, you have to go into the app and close the running ability of the app. Then you phone settings should give you the ability to uninstall the app.

  • Wendell Rainers

    Hi guys…. I need help…. everytime I openy browser it’s suppose to open with Google……. but instead it brings up like spam…. searchmobile…… and I clicked to block pop ups…..p please help

  • caroline pendleton

    i keep trying to download instagram on my brand new droid, and it keeps saying “insufficient space” when its downloading… what do I do???

    • lakshmanspartan

      install an sdcard..and try to install

  • just me

    its too slow…?????
    the above answer was not solved my problm…
    plz give me altrnt answr….

  • just me

    i cant delete one file by following the answer given above. so plz give me an alternate answer..

  • loie

    All my apps are removed and gone to the list type on old phones. My phone is samsung droid, can anyone help? Would love to have all apps back as little square apps not a long page of listings

  • Dick

    Uninstall does not wprk on Verizon Droid 3. Option does not even appear.

  • 888

    F*&* Facebook, damn CIA, information stealing, privacy creeping tool of Satan!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kelly.kellam.1 Kelly Kellam

    Don’t know how I got it, but I can’t get rid of it. Voicemail app from cm. Services /com.cormobility/vnotes. There’s no uninstall button in running apps. I do not care to have voicemail. How can I uninstall this app?

  • amrit

    i downloaded and install kaspersky mobile security in my galexy ace,now i am trying to unstall it ,it show message with uninstall not succeed,what do i do please any help

  • Strider22

    I’m using a calendar app that I like and don’t know how to get the name so I can put it on my friend’s phone.

    How do you identify an app that you are using?

  • jacqueline

    how do you delete updates i updated something and i dont like it how do i just remove the update

  • Bullu

    how to remove preinstalled games

  • yo

    where do I find the applications after I install them?? It says I installed instagram but I can’t find a button for it anywhere…??

  • me

    I keep unistalling it, it keep updating! wtf.

  • G-dogg

    How do uninstall Facebook?, there is no uninstall to click.

  • Ibk

    Whenever calls come in and I want to pick, my android tab will seize (The call would hang). Can somebody help?

  • Encie Roa Grau

    i have 4 google play store.how can i uninstall the other 3 play store,..i always uninstall it but it won’t dissappear..my phone memory is getting low..please help.thank you

    • lakshmanspartan

      can’t you see the unistall buttons for those duplicate apps..?

  • Stop Lying


  • dawn

    I cannot delete the ones that came on phone it doesnt offer that choice

    • mindi

      It doesn’t? :/

    • lakshmanspartan

      you have to root(provide adminsitrator permission) your phone to uninstall the preinstalled apps on your phone..

  • Percival Merriwether

    What a worthless article.

  • phil

    a person who wrote should be stupid.As if we dont how to browse

  • ElseLeopard26

    I have downloaded an app but the memory was too large and now I have no more memory and I have deleted everything, how do I get that memory back?

  • sushma

    where can i hear the recording for calls incoming and outgoing

  • Gmiester

    I followed these steps precisely with the FB app and it says this app can not be removed.

  • Pat

    I bought the Star N9000 from Amazon and it turned to be a Chinese phone being distributed from China,( big mistake). After a load of problems with it,Dracotec agreed to replace it. This was worse! my partner is now stuck with a phone which is continuously downloading Chinese games on a daily basis. Iv’e recently learned that this is Malware. Is there anything we can do to get rid of this rubbish? The company in China are not playing ball this time, and won’t replace it ,. please help.

  • Barbara Sandberg

    Thank you very much. When I tried to uninstall the widget, its flashed a message that said unable to uninstall take to the store. Didn’t want to do that so I thank you for your answer. It worked!

  • Newbie

    I have an LG G Pad and I’m new to android. I’ve been noticing apps downloading that I didn’t download. Where are they coming from and how do I stop it?

  • Pat

    I am new to my tablet. Kindle. I downloaded a program I bought. It says I have to bookmark. Could someone tell me how?

  • bfree

    Can I reinstall an item I put in the uninstall and how can I find it?

  • richard cutts

    I can’t get rid of twitter! I don’t want it but no matter how many times I uninstall it keeps coming back demanding an update.

    • Chej

      Go to settings, apps, force stop, or u I still. See all yr Running apps. Select Twitter then uninstall.

  • mark h

    Iv tried installing wwe immortals it got to 80 % then sed insufficient space although its not installed its eaten at my storage how can i delete the file to get my storage back

  • http://batman-news.com Sue Piazzoli

    I installed Droid Sky View and it kept wanting to install updates even after installing said updates. I deleted the app,( it is nowhere to be found in my apps) but now when I am connected to Wi-Fi it keeps asking to be installed…help. Sue

  • praveen

    my smartfone gives me whatsapp already and i want to install new verson of whatsapp
    neither uninstall my system whatsapp nor install new version what can i do in this situation????

  • frustrated

    apps like Phone Away Version 2.0 wont “simply click and Uninstall.” !!!!!!!!!!! please re-write your instructions

  • Jennifer C. Ellis

    If I delete a game and reinstall it, will I lose my progress?

    • Lucky

      its based on your phone settings..if you signed into to the app/game with google play and allowed to store the game progress in the google account..you wont loose the data..you can again get it from your google cloud account by just signing in with the same google acount again..

  • Jasvir

    i uninstall system app, but i would like install again these app. How is possible

  • marvin

    I downloaded a game and it failed downloading. Now is lingering in the drive and taking up space. I have a moto g phone. Help?

  • William Lamb

    I have installed several games but it doesnt give me the option to open them just uninstall them…I have a Galaxy Tablet 3

  • Annick Mizel

    I have just started using an android tablet. Whilst installing apps I have put them outside the screen. I can see them but how do I get rid of them

  • Stacey Joey

    Hi there how can I permanently add a app on to the phone so that when you factory reset it will stay on there and I don’t mean backing up

  • Cheryl

    Fed up with Android Twitter popping up to install. Wastecof my time. I already have my twitter acct and its not Google. How do I get rid of this constant harassment.tired of the whole google crap frankly. Want to get rid of gmail but then google f____ks my phone around.

  • Fearless Majith

    Can’t remove y app, bcuz disable option not visible, gav me solutions for it

  • Fearless Majith

    There s 1 icon name lucky, displays repatedly after i removed…

  • joshua sunico

    How to remove a sign game on my android tablet.. I deleted the zombie tsunami has auto installed on my tablet. And then i installed my zombie tsunami on my tablet when installing the google play store says theres intalled zombie tsunami on your android device but when i looked there is no one. How to fixed that problem?? I appreciate it if there is answer on my question

  • fed up

    how do i block a annoying facebook account on my android?