7 top lock screen replacement apps for Android [February 2014]


Sometimes the stock Android lock screen just doesn’t meet our needs. Luckily for us, there are lock screen replacement apps! But there are so many of them! Well that’s why we’ve put together a list of the 5 best lock screen replacement apps so far. Hit the break and let’s get started.

1. NiLS Notifications Lock Screen by Roymam


NiLS is aimed at power users who like to be able to see all their notifications with as little hassle as possible. It is highly functional, highly customizable, and very easy to use.

The main reason to get NiLS is if you want to be able to see all your notifications in one place without even having to unlock your screen. The app not only supports stock apps, but any app that uses standard notifications. Essentially, if an app notification appears in the Android notifications bar, then its notifications will appear within NiLS.

The other great thing about NiLS is that it is highly customizable. It allows you to change almost everything including clock size, notifications size, text color, opacity, and so on.

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2. Dynamic Lock Screen by Predicted Media

dynamic_lock_screen_2 dynamic_lockscreen_screenshot_1

Dynamic Lock Screen also allows for maximum customization, but it takes a little bit of a different route. Instead of displaying notifications, Dynamic Lock Screen displays things like widgets, news feeds, and even apps directly from your lock screen.

You can even customize the background picture of your lock screen and even play sounds from your lock screen. Furthermore, Dynamic Lock Screen has a sidebar that is able to access SMS, call logs and weather.

For most people, the reason to get Dynamic Lock Screen would be to be able to access apps from the lock screen itself, as well as to display news and RSS feeds from your lock screen.

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3. Hidden Lock by Marinelli.Tv


Is your main concern for your lock screen security rather than functionality? Well if so, then Hidden Lock might be the best option for you.

Hidden Lock essentially takes a snapshot of what your screen looked like before you turned it off, so when you turn your device on it looks like there’s no lock screen at all. Anyone with malicious intent will be frustrated because they won’t be able to access any of your apps. In reality you will set a location for the unlock button, which will be hidden after you set it.

It is important to note that this will only stop people from accessing your device for a short while, and eventually they might figure it out. You should also make sure you remember exactly where you put the unlock button so that you can access your own device!

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4. LockerPro Lockscreen by Silver Finger Software

lockerpro_lockscreen_screenshot_1 lockerpro_lockscreen_screenshot_2

LockerPro Lockscreen is another notifications lock screen. It also allows you to access certain apps and widgets. On top of that it has a very clean look, and could even be mistaken to be stock Android.

Notifications show up as banners, which you can swipe away when you don’t want to see them any more. To do this, swipe to the left. You can also launch the app that the notification is associated with by swiping it to the right.

Not only does LockerPro Lockscreen provide instant access to notifications, but it also allows for a launch panel and widget panel. Swiping in different directions also comes into play here, with swiping from the left accesses the app launch panel, and swiping from the right accesses the widget panel. You should also know that this lock screen isn’t free, and instead costs $3.98.

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5. GO Locker by GO Launcher EX

go_locker_screenshot_1 go_locker_screenshot_2

GO Locker is a lock screen developed by the same company that created GO Launcher. This is another lock screen that has a very clean look and allows for a lot of customizability.

Using the GO Locker, you can customize backgrounds and set reminders. The lock screen shows a daily weather report, as well as app notifications and agenda reminders.

Users can also access their SMS app, call logs and even control their music player straight from the lock screen. The app has a number of themes, so you can personalize it to perfectly match your style!

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6. Start by Celltick

start_screenshot_1 start_screenshot_2

Start (previously known as Active Lock Screen) claims to be the next-generation lock screen app, and that claim certainly may be true! Start is another lock screen that allows for a high level of customization, including the ability to access social media, YouTube, weather, photos, and so on, all from your lock screen.

Not only is Start highly customizable and makes accessing your favorite apps and services easy, but they also claim that it’s easy on your battery. You can use it in conjunction with up to 24 apps or you can use the default setup for the app. You can check out our review of the app here.


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7. WidgetLocker Lockscreen by TeslaCoil Software

widgetlocker_lockscreen_screenshot_1 widgetlocker_lockscreen_screenshot_2

 WidgetLocker is another paid app, but you just might want to pay the $2.99 it costs to buy this one. WidgetLocker is very customizable like the other apps mentioned above, but it also focuses a little more on things that a lock screen normally has, such as the unlock function and the clock.

Not only does WidgetLocker allow you to add apps and widgets to your lock screen, but you can also change things like the type of unlock feature used, such as a slider, button, and so on. It also allows you to add functions such as “slide to call your girlfriend”, which is a very nice touch.

With WidgetLocker, you can take complete control of the layout of your lock screen, and change exactly where widgets, apps, and sliders are located on your screen.


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These are just a few of my favorite lock screens available for Android. Did I miss any? Please let me know in the comments.

About the Author: Christian de Looper

Christian was born and raised in Canberra, Australia, lived for 5 years in Paris, France, and is currently living in the USA. He spends much of his time playing with his Android devices and researching new and improved technology. When Christian isn't writing for TalkAndroid, he normally can be found in a music studio producing either his own music or someone else's.

  • Norteño

    SlideLock should have made this list

  • Tim

    Where is cover lock screen?!?!

  • Remo van Vuuren

    Cover lock screen should definitely be there!

    It learns from you which apps you use most frequently and then displays these on the lock screen(s). There are 4 different lock screens , Home, Car, Out and Work and they change to your settings.
    You can use it also outside the lock screen.

    Very usefull lock screen app!!

  • Tim

    All of these lock screen nothing, but rubbish. Android can not compete with IOS over operating system. Once Apple start producing large screen, I go back to iPhone.

    • Adrian Camilleri

      iOS is undoubtedly and excellent operating system and Apple make great devices. I’m just wondering why you came to an Android blog to crap all over Android software.
      The rule of Thumper should apply should it not?

    • M42

      Tim as in Tim Cook? Wouldn’t be surprised.

      As a former iPhone owner I can easily say I do more with my Android than I could do with a jail broken iPhone. The iPhone was great in 2007, but it’s stale and dated and IOS 7 makes the iPhone look like a kid’s phone.

    • androkid

      Ios is still under the piled up garbage at the wreckingyard where i left it. Android rocks the Market…. easy. Versatile. Fuuullllllll of options. Copy-paste drag-drop heaps of launchers themes customizations usb on-the-go (omg!) and more… apple is way behind… apple is simple because it is an empty os. Nothing attractive. Nothing special. One colour. one design. Dull and basic. Apps make it a bit more something…Otherwise one ‘*’.

    • mydan99

      Its like a sports bike rider riding with Harleys then moaning theyre too slow. You really think Apple are going to make a large phone screen? Large screen for Android being 5-5.5inches. Apple cant do that as their target market of kids will struggle to make use of the screen. Large screen for what anyways? To display another row of icons, OMG WOW iOS 8 HAS ANOTHER ROW OF ICONS, BEST UPDATE EVER!

      • Emokisse

        Still as confident about that Apple aren’t going to release large-screen phones? Moron!

    • imemerald

      Tim, iPhone is great for a first smartphone, I was with Apple since the very first iPhone and stuck around until 2 years ago. They’re not willing to evolve, they’re too constrictive with their application rules for Devs and device rules for consumers, and until they loosen the reigns a little Android will have the upper hand. You’re not likely to ever see an extra large screen on any iPhone as it doesn’t fit their target consumer’s demands. If you are so unhappy with Android, why not buy an Ipad mini and Skype on it. Or use TapaTalk or Tango. They’re you go, everything you’ve been waiting for.

    • rajeev

      Lol, are you retarded? iOS is absolutely no competition to Android whatsoever. Infact, Android is a million times better than iOS in just about every aspect.

    • BipedSnowman

      IOS and Android are geared towards different people. I, personally, greatly prefer Android. My mother prefers her IOS devices. We are two different people, with very different needs in a device. What I have works very well for me, and what she has works very well for her, because we fit into two different target audiences.

      Do not assume that your personal preference dictates the quality a device.

  • Ray

    Dynamic Lock and LockerPro are pretty lowly rated in the Market.

  • pytz

    Start… :)

    • Daniel Belini

      I didin’t like Start Lockscreen.

  • disqus_kwI8SYjydi

    lockerpro dosen’t have ANY lock security

    • TurkXtreme

      is it possible to use device pin security with this lockerpro app. do you know?

    • http://dailylifeofalawstudent.tumblr.com Yu Wei Xu

      Yes it does. In the settings you can set up the security lock. If you’re skeptical of mag content being shown on the lock screen notifications you can also set it to hide content.

      • dnzo

        No, it simply overlaps the stock lock tool which looks terrible forcing you to go through two lock screens.

  • Anuj Kalra

    Hello Everyone!
    I was low on money but wanted to buy a tablet and ended up buying Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 .211– Jelly Beans.(4.1.2)
    Previously i used Samsung galaxy Grand that runs on Jelly Beans 4.2.2.

    Now the (default) Music Player on 4.2.2 was awesome! It had a lock screen widget.
    No such luck on 4.1.2.

    So can anyone tell me what app to install on the tab so that i can control Music Player from the locking screen.

    • Sufig

      The option to control music player from lock screen is in the music player…. U must check the settings of your default player. If ur unable to find it then use any other music player in the market. Hope it helps!

  • rd

    anyone know how to enable live wallpaper on lockscreen

  • ithehappy

    I don’t like a single app posted here. I found one called Galaxy Locker, and I’m loving it. Will give a try to Cover later.

    • Maar

      Thanks for mentioning this Galaxy Locker, I like it also. Would you maybe know how to add widgets in this Galaxy Locker? I tried many things but I cannot figure it out how to do it. Thanks. ;)

  • Alex Conner

    Has Dynamic Lock Screen been removed from the Play Store already? The link won’t work and I can’t search for it either. That was the one that was the most compelling of the group.

    • Azez

      Yes I’m using widget locker and using easy voice recorder

  • http://batman-news.com Clara

    I would like to access a voice record button from the lock screen. so i can use my s5 like a dictaphone. does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Azlz

      Yes I’m using widget locker and using easy voice recorder
      Widget lock let u create widget

  • Mike

    Tried it on my GN3. Kept crashing. No worky.

  • Samuel

    My domain requires that I run the Google Device Policy app, which in turn requires using a mandatory time-out and the pin unlock screen, These apps just double over it and also knock out my default Home Screen. I’m looking for a pin screen (IOS style) to REPLACE the embedded pin unlock screen without losing my default Home Screen/launcher. Anyone able to help?

    • oaijpoefijop

      Just go to your settings and go to security (or lockscreen if your phone has that option) and press on none, then download a replacement lockscreen and based on the one you are looking for download Retina Lockscreen Premium 8, don’t worry it is free.

    • Jerkmo

      Samuel, if you do this because your work requires it, there’s a bit of a way to get around it. I use Touchdown for Smartphones, which is an email client for business. It gets around the Google Device Policy by adding a pin code to be entered only when actually checking Touchdown for email, calendar, etc… I’ve been using it for years and really like it.

    • Hassan

      Dear Samuel, try to use ‘Espier Screen Locker’ and ‘Espier Notifications’ apps. These are just like iOS style apps and are worth to use.

  • waywayeasy

    Try out cover(beta) really good one also

  • Bill

    I can just see my friends casting gay porn to my lock screen while in a meeting at work. No thanks…

  • http://www.thereddotman.com/ Irfan Hussain

    Is there a way to keep the screen on after pressing the lock button and display a small clock in black background?

  • http://gameloo.info Gofree Sing

    Start and Dynamic got removed from Playstore?

  • Lee Ab

    [Android APP] Child Proof Gadget-Child Lock (App for parents)
    This is an Android app for parents, which give facility to allow their kids to use their phone safely. Kids will not be able to change any settings, or call or sms etc. They will be in kid area where they can use as many apps as allowed to them by their parents.

  • Adam

    Try something new, send photos to your friends lock screen with Trumpit.