Best Android Wear watch faces


It’s official: we’re living in the future. Smart watches are overtaking the technology world, and with good reason. They’re a perfect fit for the businessman who needs to be professional and present in meetings, and they’re awesome for the runner whose phone is too much bulk to run with. Whether you’re a teacher, a tour guide, or a an on-the-go mom who needs her hands free, Android Wear is the right choice for you, and today we’ve got a few amazing watch face styles to show you.

With so many Android watch face choices out there, there’s something for everyone on every occasion.

Space and Time


This Space and Time Android Wear digital watch face will satisfy the sophisticated space-nerd inside anyone. It has an almost whimsical feel to it, and it supports ambient mode! The best part about the Space and Time digital watch face is it’s stark uniqueness from any other watch face out there with it’s “storybook” draw. The developer has taken on an extremely satisfying design that we’re just beginning to see more of recently in games like Monument Valley and Alto’s Adventure.

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With the Batman watch face, you can choose between the Batman screen and the Dark Knight screen, and both are awesome. Keep track of the date, time, and battery life all at once while, of course, staying in superhero style.

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Golden Beauty


With Golden Beauty Android Wear watch faces, you can stay classy! Choose from a variety of background colors with golden fixtures for a simple look. These watch faces have a regal feel, and yet you have the option to display the gears behind them, as shown above, which offers enough intrigue and interest without taking away the “businessy” feel.

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Animated watch faces are a stunning alternative to your standard watch faces. There are so many to choose from, and all have a sleek design that you can’t beat. Animated watch faces are eye-catching, and no matter how long you decide to keep it displayed, you’re not going to grow bored of watching plants bloom. And for us northerners, who wouldn’t want to be reminded in the thick of winter that warm sun and thrilling oceans actually still exist? This one has my vote, for sure!

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Street Art


We all have that one friend who’s absolutely enamored with art of any kind—or maybe that’s you! Well, now you won’t have to travel far for a look at some pretty awesome artwork, because you can wear it right on your wrist! With Street Art watch face, a variety of artwork from talented artists will play as a slideshow so you don’t miss a single piece of art, and believe me, no one else will want to miss it either!

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Skymaster Pilot


With the Skymaster Pilot watch face, you can tell time and see what the weather is like, making it perfect for any pilot! Not only is the design sleek and easy to use, but it’s also customizable! You can add your name, choose the hand size, and you can pick an accent color that adds a fantastic pop without being overwhelming.

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Psychadelic or simple, Ustwo watch faces have got you covered! These watch faces are such a fun option because of the amazing colors, patterns, and watch designs. If you’re tired of the typical “watch” look and you’re looking for a change, Ustwo watch faces will deliver! Unique, colorful, and full of intrigue, this is the new generation of watch faces. Ustwo watch faces are perfect for anyone craving a pattern or just something new.

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Willow watch faces are perfect for the traveller, the minimalist, and the millennial. It takes a minimal approach to design, but that doesn’t keep it from being a beautiful watch face in the least! Choose from a variety of fonts, a ton of different backgrounds, or even upload your own background to make it absolutely and uniquely yours.

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Pujie Black


Pujie Black may just be the most customizable watch face on the market right now. You can mix and match hundreds of different colors and designs, but you can also program it to fit your notification and information needs. You can create a very complex analog, or cut the clutter and keep it free of distractions.

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Bits watch face comes from Ustwo, and they’ve delivered yet another fun option for Android Wear users. Bits watch face is made of exactly that—bits. Pick your color, pattern (or absence of), and amount of bits, and you’re good to go! See the time, weather, your notifications, and anything else you want to see, all with the touch of a simple screen.

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Star Wars


There’s not much explaining we have to do here. This watch face is Star Wars themed, which means everyone should try it out at least once! With the Star Wars watch face, you can channel your inner nerd. And that’s not even the best part, because guess what? You can shoot a laser gun by simply tapping the screen.

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We wanted to save Elegance watch face for last just to show you how awesome a simply watch face can be. Sometimes less is more, and in this case it is! You won’t find a simpler, sleeker design than this, and it will keep you looking top-notch anywhere you go, whether that be the office, at home, or running errands.

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If you haven’t yet been completely sold on Android Wear, we hope this article’s done a good job of convincing you (even for the watch faces alone!). Gone are the days when you spent hundreds of dollars on a watch only to be tired of it within the first couple weeks. Now you can have your watch and enjoy it too, while—the best part—completely getting your money’s worth. These Android Watch faces are really the best of the best, and you’ll never go wrong choosing any one of them to sport on your wrist this Spring.

About the Author: Brad Ward

Brad is a tech enthusiast, writing and tinkering with all things technology since 2011. He currently bounces between the LG G3 and his beloved Moto X! His interests include reading, entrepreneurship, the gym, and of course, queso.