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How to install leaked Ice Cream Sandwich build on the Motorola Atrix 4G

Motorola recently announced that the Atrix 4G will not get Ice Cream Sandwich, but it appears they at least gave it a shot. A leaked build has appeared in the XDA forums, and it can be installed relatively painlessly. Now obviously this build is going to have issues since Motorola decided not to continue development on it. They may have stopped it because they felt ICS wasn’t going to jive with the Atrix 4G, or possibly it was budget constraints. We will never know, but if you own an Atrix 4G and want to give it a shot, hit the break for the instructions.

Instructions posted by XDA member drmspidi:

Files needed: Leaked Zip / MOTO-FASTBOOT app / Motorola Drivers

1)  Enter on CWM and do a wipe data/factory and cache

2)  Then reboot on your fastboot (make sure to have all motorola drivers installed on your PC)

3)  On windows CMD go to the folder you put the LEAKED Zip (ex. c:/Atrix) and the MOTO-FASTBOOT app

4)  Open the CMD, go to this directory and enter the these commands.

moto-fastboot.exe flash boot boot.img
moto-fastboot.exe flash preinstall preinstall.img
moto-fastboot.exe flash radio radio.img
moto-fastboot.exe flash system system.img
moto-fastboot.exe flash webtop vendor.img
moto-fastboot.exe reboot

5)  Now wait… It will look like its stucked on AT&T logo, but it is not, Just wait…

You should now be enjoying ICS on your Atrix 4G, and best of all MOTOBLUR will be gone!! Like I mentioned, this release probably wasn’t ready for primetime. so make sure to hit up the source link to get in on the conversation.

source: xda

  • Jack

    Yes!! Thank you so much TA!!

  • Mark

    Have any Atrix 4g owners tried this? Results? Never it thought I would try it, but my two year old Atrix should get up to speed.