Best video editing apps


With so many fantastic cameras being released on Android devices, you can get some pretty great, smaller shots that look sleek and professional without having to own or lug around a larger camera if that’s not your thing. But you’re not only limited to some photos here or there, because your smartphone camera can take awesome video shots as well! That means you never have to miss another moment pulling out and starting up the camera.

When it comes to getting those video shots of your family, an event, or just something awesome, you can keep it efficient by utilizing some of the Android apps out there for video editing. While classic computer software isn’t bad, it’s expensive and can be a challenge to learn if you’re not yet familiar with it. With video editing apps on your phone or tablet, you’re free to efficiently edit a video or experiment to see if it’s something you enjoy doing without having to spend a whole lot up front. Quick and easy, here’s our top video editor app picks for Android.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Best for the home


Now’s the time of year where you’re shopping for gifts, but it could get difficult if your friends and family are picky or your budget is a little tight. So we’ve put together a selection of products for the home that fit different types of people and budgets of all sizes. The home is a versatile place, and we think you’re bound to find something that works for the special people in your life.

Hit the break to see our picks.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Best Android Wear smartwatches


Almost everyone wouldn’t mind seeing a nice tablet or smartphone for them under the Christmas tree this year. But, if you’re shopping for the tech enthusiast, they might be looking for something a little more new and exciting, such as a smartwatch. It goes without saying, smartwatches right now are essentially for early adopters. They’re in a weird place right now, and they’re not catching on with the general public as easily as some might like. Despite that, the tech enthusiast in your life would almost definitely appreciate getting one of these this holiday season.

If you’re in the market to buy one as a gift or for yourself, be sure to follow along below as we show you some of the best Android Wear-based smartwatches on the market today.

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How AMOLED technology works


It’s no doubt that you’ve heard the words “Super AMOLED” or “AMOLED” before. Not only is it a technology, but the words are oft thrown about in marketing to catch your attention, too. But, many of us don’t know what AMOLED technologies are and how they affect our smartphones. There’s quite a lot too them and a lot happening behind-the-scenes, but we’re going to give you a quick technical overview of how this specific display panel works and how it affects your smartphone.

Join us after the break!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Best Android tablets


Tablets are often some of the most overlooked devices when it comes to Android. Tablets as a whole aren’t used nearly as much as phones, but they’re still excellent to have around. If you aren’t sure about buying a phone for a loved one this holiday season, a nice tablet will almost certainly do. There’s certainly not as many options out there as you might find with a phone, but there’s still some very high-end and premium tablets on the market.

We’re going to show you some of the best tablets on the market right now, and hopefully help you make a buying decision for a gift this holiday season. Be sure to join us after the break!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Best Android phones


With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about presents for loved ones and friends. And what better a gift than a brand new Android phone? Of course, there were tons of new and highly-anticipated releases this year from many different companies, so it might be difficult to choose the right phone to throw under the Christmas tree this year. With that in mind, we’re going to show you some of the top releases this year from big companies like Google and Samsung to hopefully help you make an educated buying decision.

Join us after the break to see what’s on our holiday shopping guide for the best Android phones!

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Best lock screen replacement apps


While sometimes it’s not always an ideal time to get a new phone, like if you haven’t found a new one you like yet or you’re wanting to be more frugal and hang on to the one you have for now, sometimes a change is in order, and an easy way to do that is to simply download a new lockscreen app. The awesome part of that is that most of them are free, and there’s a ton of them out there so there’s no shortage of variety. If you’re looking for something elegant and professional, we’ve included that in the list, but if you’re looking for something simple and straightforward, or fun and extremely customizable, we’ve included several of those in our list as well. So without further ado, here’s the best lockscreen replacement apps for Android.

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Best apps for casting media


After you’ve decided on picking up your very own Chromecast, it’s time to find out and download some different apps that support casting, so you can get started and test it out on your TV. That’s why we’ve listed some of our essential TV-casting apps, to recommend a variety of our favorites. Whether you’re looking for something to playback slideshow, music, or streaming services, we’ve got you covered!

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Best live wallpaper apps


Live wallpaper are a great way to spruce up your device. Whether you’re looking for something new and different because the holidays are coming up, or just because you can, we have ten here to recommend to you. And if you’re not familiar with live wallpaper, it’s exactly that: live. You can say goodbye to that boring, flat photo behind your apps and say hello to something that moves around and may even be interactive. Here, where we’ve got everything from elements to holidays to pets and to clock towers reminiscent of the 19th century, there’s a new live wallpaper in here for anyone and everyone.

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Best contact management apps


Keeping your contacts straight may just be the most helpful thing your phone does, especially if you have a lot to keep track of. Even if it’s just a few close friends and family, how are you supposed to remember all of everyone’s information off the top of your head? Sorting through duplicates, correcting numbers, connecting the right numbers to the right emails and then to the right addresses can all be done for you by simply finding and downloading the right contact manager app for you.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of contact managers, to help you stay on track, all while saving time and unnecessary frustration so you can focus on what matters most to you. So without further ado, here’s what we think are the best contact managers for Android.

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