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Apr 23, 2014

How to setup and use the Galaxy S 5 fingerprint scanner to make Paypal payments

Samsung’s fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S 5 can secure your phone, but it can also be quite handy for making payments via Paypal. Instead of entering a password or PIN to login in to Paypal … Read More

Apr 23, 2014

How to setup and use the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S 5

Tired of tapping a PIN or Pattern to unlock your phone? Well, Samsung introduced a fingerprint scanner (or as they call it, the finger scanner) on the Galaxy S 5, which you might find to be a little … Read More

Apr 22, 2014

10 hidden features of the Galaxy S 5 that you need to know

It can be hard to keep track of all the things that the Galaxy S 5 can do. There are so many obvious ones, but here are 10 things you might not know your Galaxy S 5 can do, as provided by Samsung.
1. … Read More

Apr 18, 2014

How to setup and use Sense TV on the HTC One (M8)

Just like last year’s HTC One (M7), this year’s One (M8) sports an IR blaster. It’s part of the power button, so you might not even notice it’s there. This makes your One (M8) … Read More

Apr 14, 2014

Best Android keyboard replacement apps [April 2014]

Over a year ago, we covered some of the best available replacement keyboards for Android devices. Many of those keyboards are still fantastic options, but they’ve been updated to include great … Read More

Apr 10, 2014

How to create perfect Video Highlights on the HTC One (M8)

Video Highlights is probably the coolest application that any Android manufacturer has ever come up with, at least in my humble opinion. HTC doesn’t promote it enough. Video Highlights first de … Read More

Apr 7, 2014

How to apply slow motion effects to your videos on the HTC One (M8)

The HTC One (M8) allows you do some neat stuff with images utilizing the Duo Camera, but another cool feature is slow motion video. Recording slow motion video isn’t anything new, but HTC takes … Read More

Apr 4, 2014

How to apply Duo Camera effects on the HTC One (M8)

So you bought a brand new HTC One (M8) and you noticed two camera lenses on the back. What can you do with them? You can actually do a lot of things with them, and the video below walks you through e … Read More

Apr 4, 2014

Sense 6 Camera and Gallery walkthrough on the HTC One (M8)

What comes to mind when you think of the HTC One (M8)? Certainly the high quality build and BoomSound, but the camera is right up there as well. Ever since the HTC One (M7), HTC has put a heavy empha … Read More

Apr 2, 2014

How to setup and use BlinkFeed on the HTC One (M8)

HTC’s BlinkFeed was first introduced on the HTC One (M7), so it’s no surprise that it found its way onto the HTC One (M8). BlinkFeed helps you keep track of the news that matters to you. … Read More

Apr 2, 2014

Everything you need to know about Sense 6 on the HTC One (M8)

With every major phone, HTC always releases the next version of Sense along with it. This time around, with the HTC One (M8), it’s Sense 6 or “Sixth Sense.” If you’re new to H … Read More

Mar 29, 2014

Best Android apps for the 2014 Major League Baseball season

With March coming to a close and spring ushering in April, it can only mean one thing. Baseball is here. And even if you cannot sit down and enjoy all 162 of your favorite team’s games, you can … Read More

Mar 26, 2014

How to use the Multi Window feature on the Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4, TabPRO 10.1, and TabPRO 12.2

Multi Window isn’t anything new for Samsung. They were the first manufacturers to truly embrace real multitasking. Over the years, Samsung has made changes to how it works along with how many … Read More

Mar 26, 2014

How to setup and use Magazine UX on the Galaxy TabPRO 8.4, TabPRO 10.1, and TabPRO 12.2

Samsung debuted My Magazine on last year’s Galaxy Note 3, but this year it is more a part of the UI and dubbed Magazine UX. The good news is that it doesn’t completely take over the UI, b … Read More

Mar 14, 2014

Best Android apps for managing your contacts / Address book [March 2014]

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that your MP3-playing, book reading, web browsing, game playing Android device is still a cell phone that was originally designed to make phone calls and communica … Read More