Best apps for artists

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned artist or just a person full of creativity, the term “artist” carries a number of different meanings. If you’re an artist, you could be a sketchbook artist, a music artist, an animation artist, and so on, without stopping there. Whatever your niche may be, chances are, there’s an app for that.

That’s why today, we’re bringing you six of our favorite Android apps for artists, specifically focusing on drawing and painting, music, and animation. Even if you’re not an artist, but have always wanted to dabble in something to get your creative juices flowing, here’s what we recommend:

How fingerprint scanners work

There are several ways to unlock your phone, from pin numbers to passwords, patterns, and fingerprint scanners, which one is the best option to go with? You may be surprised to find out that the best option for you may indeed be the fingerprint scanner.

If you’ve been keeping up with fingerprint scanning for any length of time, you already know it gets a bad rap the majority of the time. From the stories of people’s phones being mysteriously hacked to the overall faultiness of getting your finger in the same spot all of the time, it’s no wonder that so many people are wary of choosing to go with it over, or alongside with, the other available security options.

That’s why today, we’re bringing you an overview on three of the popular fingerprint scanners, how they work, the advantages and disadvantages, and how they might be a great option after all.

Best network troubleshooting apps

At some point, network troubleshooting is relevant to just about everyone. When your internet goes down just because it can, and you’ve tried everything to try and get it back up, then you know the frustration involved in finding out what’s wrong. Beyond that, you may even have a suspicion that your neighbors or others have gotten into your network, but how do you confirm that, and secure your network against others and threats?

In these handy network troubleshooting apps, you’ll be able to analyze what exactly is going on, how fast your speeds are, how much strength different networks are holding, and so on. Perfect for work, at home, and on the go, here’s our top 5 network troubleshooting app picks for Android.

How does USB Type-C work?

We’ve already shown you how micro-USB works, but what about the next big USB technology: USB Type-C? It’s similar in a lot of ways since it’s the same general principle of being a Universal Serial Bus (USB); however, it’s better than micro-USB in almost every way.

These new USB ports aren’t just coming to phones, they’re coming to a ton of other devices as well — computers, laptops and plenty of other accessories (headphones, docking stations and more). That said, with how new the technology is, many of us don’t understand how it all works exactly. But if you follow along below, we’ll catch you up to speed!

Best RPG games

If you’re tired if the classic popular games for Android devices, games that revolve around candy, farms, gems, and birds, then you’ve come to the right place. And even if those are some of your favorite games but you’re looking for something new, then this list is for you too, because today we’re bringing you our 5 favorite RPG (role-playing) games for Android

If you’re not familiar with RPG’s, they’re games where you become a specific character and you’re put into that character’s world to protect, defend, and conquer it. More vivid and engaging than your run of the mill classic killing-time games, these RPG’s won’t disappoint, and they’ll certainly add some variety to your routine.

What is micro-USB charging and how does it work?

We’re all pretty familiar with micro-USB ports. They’re often found at the bottom of our smartphones and tablets for charging up the battery. They’re also found on a myriad of other devices and hardware in the market. But, many people don’t actually know what micro-USB charging actually does, particularly when it comes to fast charging. 

Follow along below as we show you a high-level overview of what micro-USB is and how it works. We break it down into layman’s terms so anyone can understand it.

How to update the Google Play app on your Android phone or tablet

Just like apps, Google Play app needs to be updated every now and then. It’s so that Google can give its digital store new features, stability improvements, and a visual changes. We’re going to help you check and update your Google Play app if there’s anything available. Because, like you, we love getting app updates.

Hit the break for instructions.

How SIM cards work

We deal with SIM cards on a daily basis in our phones (and sometimes tablets), but yet, we know very little about them. When it comes to SIM cards, all we really know is that when we plug it into the device, it allows us to use our selected carrier’s data network. And when we take it out, we can’t use that cellular network anymore. That’s the basics of how a SIM card works right there, but it’s a bit more in-depth than just that.

Follow along below and we’ll show you all about the SIM card.

Best shopping apps

Shopping companion apps have revolutionized the way we shop, and if you have yet to download any, today we’re sharing some of the best with some pretty awesome features. Having the apps to use at their corresponding stores could be saving you a ton of money and time, from cash back on receipts, to price checking, 20% off on certain items with Amazon Prime, and so much more, the deals are endless.

How to turn off ‘OK, Google’ always listening feature in Google Now

Google Now has a neat ability to listen for the “OK, Google” command to automatically launch the app and get you into Search as fast as possible. But, you may not want Google Now to listen to that prompt or hotword for some reason or another. Good news–it’s super easy to turn off!

Join us after the break to find out how.

Best tower defense games

We can all agree on one thing: tower defense games never get old. But, with so many out there, where do you begin? And if you’ve been playing them for awhile now and find most of them to lack a whole lot of challenge for you, what do you do then?

Today we’re bringing you 10 of the best tower defense games for Android users. In these games, both new players and the more seasoned of tower defense players will get the most out of their downloads. From apps that allow you to go solo to apps that have you joining guilds and playing against others, there’s something for everyone, young and old. So without further ado, here’s our top 10 picks.

Best calendar apps


Whether you’ve ditched your paper calendar entirely or you just want another one to have on the go, calendar apps are a huge help to making days run smoother. If you’re wanting to get more organized, it’s a cinch to plan out your week, or even your month or year, in advance, so you know what’s coming up at all times. And what better place to have access to it than on your phone? That way, if something comes up you need to change, or you’re planning something new while you’re out, you don’t have to say, “I’ll need to go home and look at my calendar,” because it’s actually with you all the time.

The only challenging part is, there are so many calendar apps out there for Android users. Which one do you choose? Do you use the default one that came with your phone, or do you find something else? What kind of features will best suit you, and what features are actually out there? That’s why today, we’ve brought you our top 5 picks of the best calendar apps for Android. From simple to full of features, for individuals or for entire families, there’s something for everyone.

Best keyboard apps

There’s a ton of different ways out there to change up your phone or tablet without buying a new one. Chances are you’ve had the same, classic keyboard since you first got the device. While there’s nothing wrong with that, variety is the spice of life, which is why we’re bringing you 7 of the best keyboard apps for Android.

With these keyboard apps, you’ll be amazed at what you can do just on your keyboard. From new ways to type, to playing mini games and searching for restaurants without ever leaving your messaging app, the features are amazing and basically endless. On top of that, you’ll have access to thousands of new emojis, themes, stickers, and GIFs that will really change the way your keyboard looks and how you type. So if you’re in need of something different, here’s our top 7 picks for the best keyboard apps for Android.

Best Twitter apps

Twitter has been a social media icon for several years now, and its popularity has yet to die down. Really, Twitter hasn’t changed a whole lot over the years, but what has changed are the app extensions that will work right with your account to expand upon Twitter’s awesome, yet minimal features.

Today we’re bringing you 6 of the best apps for Android users that will enhance your Twitter experience. From extending the character limit to condensing your feed and keeping better track of your direct messages, these apps have an endless array of features that will help simplify and amplify your time on Twitter.

Best podcast apps

Whether you have a long commute, like to learn while you’re working out, or you simply need some noise to help you fall asleep, podcasts are the answer. And even if none of those things describe you, but you enjoy learning new things and hearing ideas, surely you already have an awesome list of podcasts lined up that you love to listen to.

Today we’ve put together a list of our top 8 app picks for listening to podcasts on your Android device. If you’re looking for a new way to listen, this list is for you! Whether you’re wanting something simpler in nature or a one-size-fits-all app, there’s something on here for everybody.