Commandro Android Interview


Tell us a little about the team behind Commandro

There are two of us, both young IT professionals living and working in Moscow, Russia. Both have extensive international experience of delivering IT solutions to a range of industries – from aerospace to investment banking.

So What is Commandro and how did it come about?

The idea to link virtual reality and virtual communication over network to the real life and real locations was with us for a few years and even contemplated for implementation on other platforms. However only with the arrival of Android, we got a perfect platform to implement our idea. The application we are building is a tool to manage location based information and communication. It allows organizing geo-centric information on a personal level, collaboration/sharing it with friends and meeting new people in your location.

What is your ultimate goal with Commandro, what are you hoping to achieve?

The ultimate goal is to provide universal map application for the Android platform which allows user to do whatever she/he needs around map. One of the powerful concepts we introduced is layers, which allows displaying only information relevant to user on a single GUI. There is a number of predefined layers, and many more – e.g. various mashups – can be plugged in. User then is free to use whatever layers she/he needs. Moreover, we will be providing the API for third party developers to plug in their layers.

What drew you to the Android platform as the base for your application?

Android platform is a very strong combination of rich functionality, integrated on a platform which is easy for the development. Android actually allows developing completely new class of mobile applications previously unavailable to public, such as our.

How did you find developing with Android in comparison to other platforms, positive/negative aspects?

The Android platform is not established yet and its prospects are not clear, this makes a whole undertaking a bit risky. Nevertheless, Android appears to be optimal platform from the development perspective, being easy and intuitive contrary to some competitors.

Do you have any plans to release Commandro for other devices, for example Apple iPhone?

The current focus is obviously on Android platform and Round 2 of ADC 1. Once others platforms catch up, we might consider them, e.g. iPhone2.

Commandro is one of the top 50 ADC finalists, congratulations on that! What are your immediate plans for the funding?

The immediate funding of the development/design comes out of the personal savings and the prize. If no further money are won, we are likely to search for investors and approach VCs at some stage.

How do you plan to distribute/market the Commandro application?

There are several viable business models behind our application; one of the most obvious is to deliver targeted ads to users who opt in to receive them. It also could be used in a corporate environment with certain customizations. Other ways are also out there, however we are not yet in position to elaborate on those. For marketing, we would really hope for some Google support once we win the competition.

Do you have any other android based applications in the pipeline?

Commando can be and already is being taken to completely new level. There is so much more we can do with our application in order to make it better and more useful. We see it being used in a variety of environments for different purposes by various groups of users. We really would like to apply our efforts in growing Commandro at this time.


Special thanks to the team at Commandro for taking the time to answer our questions. To keep track on the latest Commandro developments be sure to head over to their official at