Why Android Malware Isn’t Actually A Big Deal

In a week where some of the most talked about Android news was about the apocalyptic end to a safe smartphone OS because of an outrageous increase in malware, most of us in the tech world didn’t give it a parting glance. You’d be amazed at how often reports come in about how there’s a giant increase in viruses and whatnot. And while normally I ignore the hopeful, fear-spreading cries of software protection companies, the fact that two of my friends came up to me this week and asked whether or not their phone could possibly have a virus made me realize I needed to put a foot down. When these companies are starting to attract mainstream attention is when I realize that something has to be done. So for your benefit I did a little digging on this 472% malware increase on Android. And for those of you thinking you need to start buying anti-virus software for your phone, I’d give my findings a look first.

There’s A New Way To Kill Time Thanks To Tap Tap Glider For Android

Got a few minutes to spare?  Waiting in the car for the wife to complete some quick department store shopping?  Bored as heck in the waiting room of your doctor’s office?  Well, you get the point.  Next time you’re in that situation check out Tap Tap Glider for Android.  It’s a cool and quick time killer as you use your finger to launch your paper plane across a 2D screen doing your best to avoid a number of obstacles in your path.  Tap the right side of the screen to give your plane a “wind boost” and fly over obstacles while then allowing it to gracefully fall in time avoiding other objects.

There’s three different modes in which you can be challenged.  You can play in easy, medium and hard.  Do your best not to crash into any of the obstacles or else, it’s back to the drawing board.  There are several planes to choose from and each plane has its own respective “ability”.  Snatch three bubbles as you’re flying and you’ll be able to activate that ability, such as shrinking your plane to fit into small spots.  The developer says there are more planes in the works so definitely stay tuned.  If you’re ready to give the game a try you can head on over to the Android Market for the download or hit up the QR code below for more convenience.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.  Good luck and have fun.  More screen shots after the break.  

Go Dev Team Helps Productivity Soar With “Go Keyboard” For Android


The Go Dev Team continues to innovate and this time they’re entering the virtual keyboard arena with their latest iteration, Go Keyboard.  At first glance, I almost dismissed it as just another keyboard, however, I believe the application brings quite a few new features to the game and just might be worth taking a look at.  The software aims to make you a quick, better and smarter typer using its accurate dictionary, smooth key strokes and multiple languages and layouts.  You can import contacts easily and there’s even support for fantasy text output and support for Emoji in any application that you can type in.  Switch from a number of themes and skins with ease so as to stay out of the ever too often visited stale department.

Further features like auto-memory and correction when typing, multi-touch support and slide input (Swype like) all assist in accurate and easy input.  And to top it all off, the Go Dev Team added gesture support to make things easier.  You can swipe left or right to activate a cube like effect to switch keyboard layouts and swiping down closes the keyboard entirely.  Hit the break to check out some more screen shots, snatch the QR code and to see all the languages supported in this release.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.  Does it compare to popular keyboards like Swype, Betterkeyboard and Thumb Keyboard?  We’ll let you be the judge.  

Don’t Overlook Thinking Space Or Thinking Space Pro

I have come across apps claiming to be exactly what I need. Very few few ever live up to that promise. Thinking Space doesn’t claim that and I couldn’t tell you if it does or not. Why, you ask? Mainly because I only had it loaded for five minutes before I knew Thinking Space Pro was my better option. Don’t get me wrong here, the free version is awesome. However the paid version does do exactly what I need. Did I confuse you a little there? I’m sorry, we will try to avoid that kind of play on words in the future. (Maybe.)

I am in college and I have a lot of .pdf files for school on my Tab 10.1, (It is my soul in school, without it I would be doomed.) and most of them are converted power points. So when I study, I need to have all of them as well as my notes in one place. Instead I have to search for them with Astro File Manager or load them in through Office Suite Pro 5. Neither option is hard at all, but it is time consuming searching through multiple files just to find the one I need. Thinking Space Pro allows you to inbed them all into one “mind map,” now they are all right at your finger tips, for easy studying. Read on past the break for the screen shoots and links to download.

Get all your parade info with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade App for Android

The most famous parade in the world, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, will now have an official mobile app for the first time in 85 years. Powered by MyCityWay, the app will provide spectators the Parade lineup, inflation information, route map, tourist destinations, a real time participant tracker, the Line of March, and much more.

“The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade provides an unforgettable experience for spectators young and old, and with this mobile app spectators won’t miss out on a single magical moment,” said Puneet Mehta, co-founder of MyCityWay. “By providing Parade patrons with up-to-date Parade information and useful tools for touring the city, this mobile app puts everything you need to have a spectacular start to the holiday season at your fingertips.”

It will also provide information for the yearly balloon inflation event, which happens on Wednesday, November 23 from 3-1o p.m.

Look for the app in the Android Market this Sunday.

Full press release after the break:

Check Out Any.DO: To Do List | Task List For Android, Take Organization To Whole New Level

Tasks and To Do apps are a dime a dozen on the Android Market, but every once in a while you find one that is user friendly, has an awesome streamlined UI and integrates seamlessly with other applications.  So, without further ado, the latest to make the list of highly productive applications is Any.DO for Android.  Any.DO is a highly organized application that allows you to capture, organize and sync all that is important to you in the cloud, making it easily accessible when you need it.  With voice recognition, you can speak your note with ease while on the fly and even use a cool Any.DO widget to quickly glance or access your to do list from the home screen. Sort tasks, set reminders, and swipe to show completed items.  All in a day’s work as they say.  You can also sync with your Google account so you can have your tasks sent directly to your inbox.  Hit the break to check out some more promised features from the developer and to glance at a few screen shots of the app as well.  Start becoming more organized today and don’t forget the old saying, “organization relieves stress“.  

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket unboxing and initial hands on [Video]

The Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket (SGH-I727) is one of the first two LTE phones for AT&T, which by the way, will cover 15 markets by November 20. It’s essentially the same Galaxy S II that’s available now on AT&T, but with a bigger 4.5-inch (800 x 480) Super AMOLED Plus screen, a Qualcomm 1.5GHz dual-core processor, and of course the 4G LTE compatibility. It’s actually a lot like the T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S II, but a little thinner. Other notable specs include 1GB of RAM, 8MP rear camera with 1080p video recording, 2MP front camera, 1850mAh battery, 16GB internal storage, up to an additional 32GB with microSD card, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Android 2.3.5.

It’s priced at $249.99 with a 2-year contract. I would highly recommend this version over the standard Galaxy S II even if you don’t live in one of the LTE markets. Don’t forget, you are signing a 2-year contract so it’s likely that LTE will come your way during your contract, not to mention you will enjoy a slightly larger screen. Of course if you live in a completely rural area, you might do better sticking with the original.

We probably won’t do an in depth review on this one because the only notable difference from the T-Mobile version and this one is the AT&T 4G LTE compatibility. Unfortunately, I’m not in one of the 15 markets to review battery life and speeds, but if I notice anything notable, I will certainly let you know. For now, checkout our review of the T-Mobile version and my quick hands on video after the break:

Quick Look At Today’s Free Amazon App: Bejeweled 2

Today’s free app from Amazon is Bejeweled 2 from Electronic Arts. This game may not  need an explanation, but for those who have never played it Bejeweled is probably the most popular matching puzzle game. Playing is easy, match up 3 or more alike gems to destroy them and rack up points. You’ll also have multipliers and bonuses for matching 4 gems or 5 gems at once. What you’ll also find here though are slick graphics that are ultra fast along with a cool wormhole looking animation when you clear a level. Instant hints are also available should you get stuck along the way. Why you should check this out besides it being a really fun puzzle game? Well, it’s free today that’s why.

This game will normally cost you $2.99, so grab it while it’s free from the Amazon Appstore. If not using the Appstore, you can grab the download here by entering your email address or phone number in the upper right hand corner for a download link.  Be sure to have the “unknown sources” box checked off under Settings —>Applications on your Android device. Check out some screenshots after the break and let us know what you think.

Space Leap: A Gorgeous Looking And Atmospheric Sounding Space Puzzler

The premise is your planet is dying, you must navigate it through space collecting life essence to sustain life along the way. If you’ve played Rocket Bunnies before, the gameplay here will feel very similar to you. Your planet will be orbiting around a star’s gravitational field and you can “space jump” and slingshot it towards another star’s gravity. Along the way though, there are asteroid belts, weak gravitational fields on other stars, unstable exploding stars, and wormholes to keep you on your toes. The soothing and atmospheric soundtrack also helps get you into a relaxing gaming mode along with its simple but challenging gameplay. Being a Feint enabled game, you’ll also be able to compete with others to complete the levels the quickest. Currently, Space Leap is free and packs 3 zones and 63 levels with more on the way. This game is sure to keep you busy for a while and impress with its good looks and smooth play. Hit up the break to check out the screenshots, video, and of course a link to download from the market. Don’t forget to let us know what you think right down there in the comments as well.

Test Your Brain With The Revolutionizer Puzzle Game

I love a good puzzle game for Android. What I love even more than that though is a puzzle game that’s free to try. The concept here is super simple: there are fruits of different colors on a wheel you can spin to match them up with a plate of the same color. Sounds pretty easy right? Well, as the game adds in more wheels to spin with more fruits on them, you’ll definitely find a good challenge here. The challenge is not only to match up all the colors, but also to match them in the least amount of moves. If I was forced to come up with some negatives about the game, I would prefer to be able to change the cartoonish looking fruit to something else. There is also only one static background for every level and no sound. Though there is nothing fancy happening here graphics wise, this also leads to the game being ultra smooth. If you’re looking for a brain twister and a good time waster, Revolutionizer should be next on your list. If you enjoy the free version you can go ahead and grab the full version with more levels for $.99. Check out the screenshots and game video after the break and let us know what you think. QR code and market link to follow as well.

Quick Look At Amazon’s Free App Of The Day: Eve OF Genesis HD

Oh Amazon, I love it when you give me games like Eve Of Genesis for free. I am an old “Final Fantasy Junkie.” It has been a while since I have seen or played a game that reminds me so well, of “Final Fantasy.” The game opens with you getting a back story about how humans were beaten by the machines (golems) some 2000 years ago. Well we all know how things go from there.

One adventures girl is determined to find out if the rumors of the machines attacking humans are true. Of course it’s up to your character to go after her. In doing so you discover that the rumors are true, and the human race is in danger once again. Check out the screen shots and the rest of my review after the break.

Find all the hottest deals with TGI Black Friday for Android [Hands On Video]

If you’re like me, you love the thrill of Black Friday. It can be overwhelming, but thanks to TGI Black Friday, your planning will be simplified. Upon opening the app, you will see what the hottest items are, but you can also sort ads by individual store, download PDF ad scans, or search for whatever you are looking for. You can even create your own shopping lists, and for those of you that love to share, you can via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. TGI Black Friday is super easy to use. Check out my quick hands on video and hit one of the links below to download it for free from the Android Market.

Apps Database for QR code

Android Market Link

Put Angry Birds Down For A Sec And Try Snappy Dragons For Android

Extremely reminiscent of the story line in Angry Birds, in steps Snappy Dragons for Android.  With the option of playing as 1 of 4 different dragons, your job is to rescue your precious dragon babies which were snatched up by evil little wizards.  The game is extremely colorful and vibrant as you attempt to rescue your yellow babies taken by red wizards who trapped them in cages spread out through various worlds.  Object of the game overall is to spit fireballs at the evil red wizards without hitting the baby dragons.  There are four colorful worlds your snappy dragon can traverse and provide more than 80 different and exciting levels which can be played in three different modes.  Each dragon has its own special ability in which to fight the evil wizards.

– Take a journey in 4 very unique worlds
– Play in More than 80 levels
– Use one of the 4 skilled dragons with special abilities
– Have fun with the 3 different types of thrilling gameplay
– Destroy the world and find secret paths
Coming soon:
– More colorful worlds
– More levels to explore
– and other surprises!

Game play is smooth and great and we think you’ll agree it’s fun and exciting.  To download the game you can check it  out on the Android Market or head there via the QR code we’ve provided after the break. Don’t forget to check out the extra screen shots of the game and to check out the game play and teaser video as well.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.