Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 [Video]

We’re in New York City with Samsung celebrating the launch of the Galaxy Note 10.1. It will be in stores tomorrow priced at $499 for the 16GB version or $549 for the 32GB version. You can also grab one today at the Best Buy at Union Square in New York City.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 appears to be the first and only tablet that truly lets you multitask thanks to the 1.4GHz Exynos quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. Here’s our quick hands on, but stay tuned because we have some more cool stuff to show you.




How The Nexus 7 Has Changed My Device Use Habits

There’s no question that Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is a success. Google and ASUS have managed to create something extremely compelling for such a low price point. Typically, when I spend $199 on a device of this nature, I’m not expecting it to be a premium, high-end device. But the Nexus 7 has proven itself to be not only a serviceable tablet, but something that belies its budget price tag.

Since receiving my Nexus 7 at Google I/O this year, I have noticed a shift in my device use habits as the 7-incher has wedged itself right smack dab in the middle of my daily use patterns. How has adding a device to my daily routine changed how I interact with all my other devices? First, I should list out the devices I use on a daily basis. I currently have an HTC Evo 4G LTE phone, and a Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi 10.1-inch tablet. The use of these two devices in particular has been impacted by the Nexus 7. I also have a Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV set-top box, and a Nexus Q.

Hit the break to find out how the Nexus 7 has impacted my Android device usage.

Contest: Win one of seven Cruzer Lite TPU Cases! [4 Galaxy S III and 3 AT&T HTC One X] [Updated with Winners]


Time for another Cruzer Lite contest guys! I would first like to thank Scotty Brown and Cruzer Lite for providing us some cases to give away to you guys. What’s up for grabs? We have a  total of 7 cases to give away, 4 for the Samsung Galaxy S III and 3 for AT&T’s HTC One X. All you have to do is visit our forums post and tell me why you think you need a free Cruzer Lite case. Don’t forget to mention which of the two phones you need it for. Be creative and I will pick the six entries at random for the win. You have until Sunday, August 12th at 11:59PM EST.

Click here to enter

Good luck all!


Congratulations to the following winners

Craig White – GSIII

DavidW – One X

Revmacd – GSIII

marleysmellowfan – GSIII

Keith. Howe – One X

hildtutten – One X

tabascouk – GSIII

We just sent you an email to the account associated with your username. Congratulations and thank you for playing.


Featured Play Store Newbie: Dr Panda’s Hospital – Vet Game [Education/Toddlers]

Here’s another app for the toddlers. It’s called Dr. Panda’s Hospital – Vet Game and it’s all about playing doctor. I don’t think I ever met a child who doesn’t like to play doctor. Add in some animals and you’ve got something that will most likely keep kids pretty busy and hopefully learn a thing or two. Dr. Panda’s Hospital is best with kids between 2 and 6 years old. Your child gets to be a vet for 8 different animals, and it starts in the waiting room where patients come in one by one. Your child can bring the animals (patients) to beds, and with the help of the UI, figure out their medical issues and perform simple procedures to get them better. Now when I say procedures, I’m not talking about open heart surgery, I’m talking about things like giving shots, measuring blood pressure, applying band aids, and brushing their teeth.

Each patient is considered a “mini game” (10 in all) and your child will receive stickers for completing each mini game. I think in some ways this game not only teaches children a little about medicine, but it will also help them feel more comfortable at the doctors office. Dr. Panda does a great job in educating children while at the same time reducing their fears of doctors, nurses, and hospitals. I know my son doesn’t get too excited about going to the pediatrician, but after playing a game like this, he’s more likely to look forward to it.

You will also be happy to know that Dr. Panda is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program, which is only awarded to those apps and websites that meet their 5 “core safety rules.”

Full list of game features:

  • Receive a fun and basic introduction to health, anatomy, and to the medical world
  • Cure stomach, eyes, ears, mouth and teeth
  • Measure blood pressure
  • Apply ointment to treat chicken pox
  • Adjust broken bones
  • Retrieve swallowed items
  • Laugh while delivering injections
  • Sort equipment into Dr. Panda’s medical carrying case
  • Keep waiting room and patient rooms clean

Dr. Panda is only $1.99, but you can also try out a Free version to see how you like it. The Free version is limited to 4 animals and 3 mini games, but it’s enough to get you started. Check out the screenshots and video below then hit one of the download links to get started. You can also like their QR Code generator

QR Code generator

Play Store Download Link – $1.99

Featured Play Store Game: Four in a Row HD +riddles

Four in a Row HD +riddles has been around for about a year now, but through various updates it’s quite popular with its 4.4 rating. This game includes the very classic game Connect Four, but there’s so much more with what they call “riddles” which literally turns this into a pretty cool puzzler. There are over 200 riddles which are basically partially played games in which you have a task at hand. For example you might have to win the board within a certain amount of moves. They have various boards set up for you to win with two, three, four, five, and six moves. You will find 39 variations withing each level. Then there is Claustrophobia which utilizes different sized boards.

Featured Play Store Newbie: Task Radar [Productivity]

There are a slew of apps in the Google Play Store for managing your tasks or to do’s, and for those of you looking for something different, you might want to try Task Radar. It’s only been in the Play Store for a few days and is already getting solid user reviews. Task Radar was developed by SockMonkeySolutions, the same folks who gave us

QR Code generator

Play Store Download Link – Free

QR Code generator

Play Store Download Link – Paid

Featured Play Store Newbie: Bomb The Zombies [Game-Casual]

Right off the bat, let me tell you that this game is a lot like Angry Birds, but there are some differences that make it very fun to play, not to mention it has a 4.5 rating in the Google Play Store. In this game each level consists of a structure with a few Zombies. Your goal is to toss bombs on to the structure in the hopes of knocking it down and thereby killing the zombies, much like Angry Birds. The big difference is the tossing. In Angry Birds you toss the birds in a horizontal fashion by aiming high or low. In Bomb the Zombies the bombs are placed in front of the structure so you can aim high or low, but you also need to aim to the right or left. This is all done with a swipe of your finger.

Featured Play Store Newbie: MacroDroid [Tools]

There are a few automation apps in the Google Play Store, but MacroDroid is a fairly new one that looks to make things a little simpler. In speaking with the developer, he sees it as having the power of Tasker, but it’s simple enough for your Mom to use. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty good to me.

Apps like MacroDroid are useful to every Android user because they can automate tasks. It makes you more productive, and in many cases can prolong your battery. For example, you can easily program your phone to turn off your Bluetooth or Wifi depending on your location or even if you launch a particular app. You can also make things easier like for example, you can set your phone to upload the last photo to Facebook just by shaking your device or even respond to an incoming text message by sending your current location. Not only that, if your phone has NFC, you can utilize NFC tags to trigger certain actions.

The Droids of I/O

Google I/O 2012 was nothing short of a spectacular event, and Android was front and center with Jelly Bean‘s announcement, the Nexus 7 tablet, Google TV updates, and the Nexus Q media ball thingy (I vote for calling it the ‘Q Ball’). There was an entire floor dedicate to our beloved green robot, and he could be seen virtually everywhere inside and outside the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Head on past the break to see pictures of an army of Androids at the conference. Which one is your favorite?

Hands on with The Amazing Spiderman on the Nexus 7 [Video]

We just showed you a hands on demo of Frontline Commando on the Nexus 7 but figured we wouldn’t stop there. Many of you have questions about gaming on Google’s new 7-inch tablet and we have another demo video to show you how great the experience really is. Gameloft’s The Amazing Spiderman game just launched in the Play Store for $6.99 and looks awesome on the 7-inch form factor. Jump past the break to check it out and be sure to let us know what you think! Are you surprised to see such high quality games for the Nexus 7 already?

Hands on with Sony’s new Google TV units

Sony showed off their brand new Google TV set-top boxes today, which include the NSZ-GS7 for $199 and the NSZ-GP9 for $299. The difference between the two is the Blu-Ray player that’s included with the NSZ-GP9. That model won’t be available till later this year, while the NSZ-GS7 will be available next month. The main differences between this year’s models and last year’s is they are now made with an ARM processor and the remote control has been totally redesigned. The new remote features a full QWERTY keyboard, a touch pad for easy navigation, and a three-axis motion sensor for gaming. Also Sony is the first manufacturer to bring Google TV outside the U.S., which I’m sure everyone abroad is excited about.  Hit the break to check out all the cool stuff.

Quick Unboxing of the Google I/O Nexus 7

We just got done standing in a massive line of people to pick up our free swag from this year’s Google I/O conference. Needless to say it was well worth it. I am not sure if you heard already but every attendee at the conference received a free Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 tablet, and a Nexus Q. After we scored our new toys we went straight to the hotel to check them out and decided to film a quick unboxing in the process. As you will see in the video, the tablet that was given out today is a white-backed developer edition with 8GB of storage. The 8GB and 16GB Nexus 7 tablets that can be purchased right now from the Play Store come with black backs. If you ask me, I prefer black but you won’t hear me complain. Jump past the break to check out the full unboxing and if you missed it earlier, be sure to watch our quick hands-on taken shortly after the official Nexus 7 announcement at today’s keynote.

Watch the Google I/O keynotes here

Looking for a great place to watch the Google I/O keynotes? You’ve come to the right place as you can watch the full keynote presentations below. For today it starts at 9:30am PST/12:30pm EST and tomorrow it starts at 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST. Be sure to leave comments with any of your thoughts. As always we will be reporting everything so make sure you click here for all the latest and greatest Google I/O news.




Live from Google I/O 2012

You didn’t think Talk Android would miss the biggest Google event of the year did you? Our own Stacy Bruce and Ed Caggiani will be there getting all the juicy details. Tomorrow is Day 1 and the keynote begins at 9:30am PST / 12:30PM EST. Be sure to come back to Talk Android because you will be able to watch it in its entirety right here.

As far as expectations goes, we know we will see a little Jelly Bean, a new Nexus Tablet, maybe a major Google TV update, and whole bunch more. We might even see Sergey Brin walking around with a Project Glass prototype. I’m sure there will be a little of the expected, but I’m also sure there will be some really cool surprises. If you can’t watch the keynotes, and need to get up to speed, be sure to click here for all Google I/O related news.

More pictures from the scene after the break.