Top 6 Reasons Why Android OEMs Should Expect Dismal Growth In 2015


As we close on 2014, and approach 2015, it doesn’t hurt to take a step back and reflect on what was accomplished and what didn’t work out so well during the year. 2014, without a doubt, showed off some great new tech like Android Wear, and virtual reality is finally showing tangible signs of life. Even Apple decided to finally do something new (for itself) and make a reasonable phone size.

2014, as it’s winding down, is also showing some rather dangerous indications of what might be in store for Android OEMs in 2015. Sharp declines in sales, market stagnation and ridiculous patent warfare may bleed over into the new year, and I doubt anyone is going to come out victorious in the end.

Hand on with the Sony Xperia Tablet S [Video]

Earlier today Sony announced several new devices during their IFA press conference, including the new Xperia Tablet S. The powerful new tablet is powered by a Tegra 3 CPU, preloaded with Android 4.0, and has plethora of available accessories. It will be available September 7th but Sony is accepting pre-orders starting today. We now have a quick hands on video of the Xperia Tablet S from the floor of the IFA event.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 gets the iFixit Teardown Treatment

The folks over at iFixit have given the newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 one of their usual tear downs. Overall they give the new tablet a repairability score of 8 out of 10. Some of the highlights of the teardown are as follows:


  • 16 connectors – a boon for repairability!
  • The front glass and LCD can be separated and replaced individually (take that iPhone!)
  • Easily replaceable battery, even compared to the Nexus 7
  • Unscrewable EMI shield – first time seen by iFixit


One downside to note is that the battery capacity has been downgraded to 25.9 watt-hours, which was expected due to the device’s slimness. Is an easily repairable device a priority on your list? Hit up the comments and let us know what you think!


Source: iFixit

HTC One X Commercial Showcases Cameras Power [Video]

The guys from HTC Source have posted a video of the HTC One X’s Official Commercial. You remember that phone right? Check out the unboxing and come back to us. The commercial is showing off the power of the phones Camera as well as the speed of the phone. They have also posted a stress video, and I would have to agree with the man (sorry I couldn’t make out your name all the way) talking in the video of the stress test, it is not something you would want to try at home. However I do expect to see amateur video of people doing it anyways. In that case I also ask the same guys to reproduce the commercial as well. Not really, I was only being sarcastic, don’t go and get yourselfs killed. They had professionals helping them shoot it. There isn’t much more I can say, so I will just let you guys watch the videos and see for yourselves.

HTC One Commercial

HTC One Stress Test

Source HTC Source

Does Samsung Already Have a Successor In The Works For The Galaxy Note?


It looks as if Samsung may already be in the process of making another Galaxy Note. A device with the model number GT-N8010 has just recived Wi-Fi certification. A little deducing on our part can lead us all to believe that this may in fact be the next Note. The original Galaxy Note bares the model number GT-N700, and Samsung has no other device with N as a model number. So logical reasoning would lead us to believe that this is the next generation Note. Granted this is all speculation for the time being. We aren’t certain of anything at this point and we can only wait and see what Samsung has in store for us.  Stay with us, as I am sure we will learn more about this device in the coming months. What do you think? Is it the next Note or something else entirely? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via Unwired View


[Video] Galaxy Nexus Submitted to Vicious Scratch Test

Many of you have expressed concern with the fact that Samsung has decided to equip the Galaxy Nexus with an alternative fortified glass as opposed to Corning’s Gorilla Glass. Just because the the popular glass maker wasn’t chosen to outfit the GN’s display doesn’t mean that Sammy cut any corners.

A video recently surfaced on the interweb showing somebody putting the screen to the test by trying to scratch the crap out of it with a key. Although I definitely cringed a bit and felt a shiver down my spine, I was pleased to see the outcome. Here, just check it out for yourself and tell us what you think. Will you be issuing such a test once you get your mitts on one?

Droid Razr: How The Heck Did They Fit It All In?

We know what you were thinking when the 7.1 mm thin Motorola Droid Razr was first unveiled, “how the heck did they fit everything in there?”  We were thinking the same thing, especially when they announced that there would be LTE radios on board.  Well, the good folks over at the Engadget Mobile team put together a little “under the hood” look with their go to guy, Francois Simond, who handles everything in the hardware hack dept.  Check out his findings below when he cracked that baby open.  

HTC Rezound (Vigor) Gets Unboxed With Hands-On A Little Early (Video)

Who’s ready for a sneak peak of Verizon’s latest and greatest flagship device a little in advance?  I am, I am!  Check out the video below of the pre-production unboxing of the HTC Rezound aka the Vigor in all of its glory before Thursday’s event in New York.  Johnboy over at Droid Forums got his sticky little fingers on the device and did us all a proper courtesy by providing a nifty unboxing and quick hands-on.  We’ll take it, thanks Johnboy.  The device is decked out in Vz’s cool red and black and comes with a pretty cool backing as well.  With a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU, 8 meg camera, 2 meg front facer, 1 Gig of RAM, Sense UI 3.5 over Android 2.3.4 and a few other goodies, the device is sure to be a hit. To further add to the pot, Snoop Dog’s Doctor finished the device off with its popular Beats Audio technology.  So now you can jam out to that Gaga Lady or whatever it is you young whippersnappers like to listen to these days.  The only question is… do you nab this up or wait for the Galaxy Nexus?

[Droid Forums]

Motorola Unveils The MOTOACTV For Fitness Buffs At DROID RAZR Event (Hands-On Video)

As a little appetizer to the unveiling of the Droid RAZR announcement, Motorola also showed off their new fitness centered device, the MOTOACTV.  Motorola broke out the Ultramarathon Man winner  himself, Dean Karnazes to present the device.

Scorch more calories, shatter personal records and train even harder with MOTOACTV, the new fitness device from Motorola Mobility, Inc.

With just a 46mm x 46mm display the MOTOACTV allows you to take a personal trainer and DJ with you along for the workout.  The device continuously keep stats on your entire routine; time, speed, distance and can even track you via GPS.  Motorola also includes two different models of Bluetooth sports headphones, the SF700 and SF500.  The display is outdoor friendly allowing for easy viewing in the sunlight.  It’s sweat proof, rain resistant and scratch proof for those intense workouts. The device can hold up to 4000 songs and offers a Web portal interface for syncing and storing data for performance statistics.  One of its more smarter features allows you to create a playlist based on how intense your workouts are.  Meaning, if you workout harder during a certain song the device recognizes that and will bump those titles up to the top of your playlist for maximum workout results.  The device will be available on November 6th at Verizon stores only and comes in an 8GB model for $249 and a 16GB model for $299. Think there’s room for a device like this in your life?  Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Meanwhile, hit the break for the full list of specs and to catch our hands-on video.  

Amazon’s Kindle Tablet is Real, It’s Been Seen and Touched

We’ve been expecting a 7-inch Amazon tablet to hit this fall with a 10-inch version in the works as well. Being called simply the Amazon Kindle it will display content in color from a 7inch capacitive touch screen. What I found most disappointing about this news from the source article is that the new Kindle will not be the Android tablet your used to. It will be strictly more of a Kindle interface instead of just your normal Android OS. Siegler over at Techcrunch reports to have gotten his hands on one for about an hour. There are no pictures to share here, so we’ll just have to take his word for it. Hit the break for the full story.

Samsung Galaxy S II Launch Event In New York Slide Shows

Today Samsung unveiled their highly popular Galaxy S II device for three of the four major carriers.  Their event in New York kicked off with a bang as AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint opened the curtain on what appears to be the biggest smartphone of the year thus far.  And when we say big, we mean big.  Aside from the AT&T version, which sports a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, all other devices are sporting a whopping 4.5-inch display.  Check out the slides of the main points in the presentation for the US version of the Galaxy S II and note the new features added which the original Galaxy S II device doesn’t have.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Stay tuned for quick looks and hands on coming shortly.  

Samsung Develops DRAM With Up To 12.8GB/sec Data Transfer Rates

Times are sure changing as well as technology.  We’ve gone from 3G to 4G, GSM to UMTS, Edge to 3G and then HSPA+, single-core to dual-core processors and the list just keeps going on.  Well, with the next gen Galaxy Tablet in mind, Samsung is continuing the tradition of innovation by introducing their new line of memory modules.  Dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) is improving more and more on a daily basis.  With this new module, Samsung has developed a 1GB DRAM module with a wide I/O interface capable of interacting with both tablets and smart phones, transmitting data at 12.8 GB/sec.  That is music to our ears.

Here’s to the greatest words ever spoken, “faster is better”.  Compared to the LPDDR2 DRAM chip set, this is an eightfold increase in bandwidth.  Samsung has also trimmed power consumption by 87 percent while successfully doing this.  This is extremely impressive and something to look forward to as new and innovative handsets and tablets join the market by Samsung.  Samsung increased data transfer rates by using a new wide I/O DRAM which encompasses a 512 pin system, much larger than the 32 pin set used in previous chips.  The folks over at Engadget have reported that Samsung hopes to provide 20nm-class 4GB wide I/O mobile DRAM by the year 2013.  Here’s to hoping the technology reaches new mobile products much much sooner than that.  As the technology begins to unfold more, we’ll definitely be reporting it back for you all, so don’t forget to check back in with Talk Android.  What do you think?  Is an attainable 12.8 GB/sec fast enough for you?

[via engadget]

Mossberg’s Best and Worst of 2010 Features Android on Both Sides

In the newest update to the Wall Street Journal’s “Digits” video column, Walt Mossberg, their Personal Technology Consultant, sums up his Best 3 and Worst 3 products that he reviewed in 2010. It’s no huge surprised, with the slew of Android products that launched this year, that we saw some land on his list. But which devices, and which side did they end up on? Let’s take a look at his entire list.

Review: Noisehush N650 Bluetooth Hands Free Solar Powered Car Kit

Earlier today, you got a chance to see a full unboxing of the Noisehush N650 Bluetooth Hands Free Solar Powered Car Kit. Now, you can get a closer, more in depth look, as we bring you a quick video review of the product. There’s a wee bit of censoring as far as personal phone numbers, but we hope you enjoy it.

All in all, I found this little device to be very cool and functional. If you want to pick one up for yourself, be sure to hit up to check it out. Full video review after the break!