Health Updates sent to your Android device in Real Time

Health Monitoring on Android

The future is getting very close to us. I remember watching old Star Trek TV episodes, you know, the ones where they simply scan a handheld device over someone’s body to see if anything is wrong with them, or where the injury may be. You’ve seen it too, fact is, we see it everywhere we turn in today’s world. The technology that was pictured to be “futuristic” is starting to pop up in our daily lives now.

Here we see Dutch researchers have found a way to connect a wireless receiver into an SD slot of an Android device to receive wireless data from a Body Area Network (BAN). The data streams in real time from sensors attached to the body and sends it directly to the phone. The network streams over the nRF24L01+ radio wireless standard instead of a bluetooth connection standard.

$40 lens set from Photojojo, said to work with any camera phone

Photojojo, an online photography retailer, has introduced a set of inexpensive camera lenses said to “work with any camera phone”. First in the set is a wide angle/macro lens. This allows users to take both wide shots as well as close-ups. The second is a fisheye lens. For those who want to get creative this lens curves the edges of photos, turning a square image into what looks like a sphere. The wide/macro sells for $20, the fisheye for $25, or you can get them both for $40. The lenses attach via a small metal ring which is placed around the phones existing camera lens. The lens is then attached to the metal ring with magnets. This seems like a nice edition for a phone with a high megapixel count such as the Droid X (8 MP). Is anybody out there looking for something like this? Let us know in the comments.

[via Information Week]