$40 lens set from Photojojo, said to work with any camera phone

Photojojo, an online photography retailer, has introduced a set of inexpensive camera lenses said to “work with any camera phone”. First in the set is a wide angle/macro lens. This allows users to take both wide shots as well as close-ups. The second is a fisheye lens. For those who want to get creative this lens curves the edges of photos, turning a square image into what looks like a sphere. The wide/macro sells for $20, the fisheye for $25, or you can get them both for $40. The lenses attach via a small metal ring which is placed around the phones existing camera lens. The lens is then attached to the metal ring with magnets. This seems like a nice edition for a phone with a high megapixel count such as the Droid X (8 MP). Is anybody out there looking for something like this? Let us know in the comments.

[via Information Week]