LG announces modular G5 with wide range of companion devices


So, MWC 2016 has officially kicked off with a bang, with LG taking the wraps off its much-anticipated G5 flagship with its Magic Slot Modular capabilities. While many of the specifications have leaked or been alluded to over the last few weeks, it’s always great to get confirmation. Join us after the break for the full list of specifications of the LG G5 as well as a list of its modules and companion devices.

[TA Deals] Get the Circuit Scribe Basic Kit for 16% off!


If you’re looking at taking up a new hobby, you might want to consider electronics. Tinkering with circuits and learning about transistors and resistance can be quite a project, and normally, sets to get you started are quite pricey. However, we’re running an awesome deal on a starter set, the Circuit Scribe Basic Kit for 16% off

[TA Deals] MOTA 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub for $18, save 35%


Continuing with some of the great deals that Talk Android is offering, the MOTA 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub is next on our list. So if you’re the kind of tech junkie that has tons of peripherals or likes to have a smart-device charging station at your computer desk, this hub would be perfect for you (or someone you know…).

On Talk Android Deals, you can purchase one for $18. And, as is customary for a lot of our deals, we throw in free shipping as well.

Ecovent named as the Automation Device of the Year by CEA


The Consumer Electronics Assocation (CEA) announced that Ecovent, maker of wireless vents and sensors for home climate control, will be receiving the Automation Device of the Year award. CEA is the group behind the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which has been running all week in Las Vegas, NV.

Ecovent is a DIY upgrade to existing home heating and cooling systems and falls under that hot new category of smart devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). Founder and CEO Dipul Patel, had some gracious words when accepting the award: “To have the industry authority in consumer electronics recognize our product, and the technology and design that goes into it, is particularly gratifying because there is no other organization that has the deep knowledge and insight on the best products and services for the home and ultimately, the consumer.”

Google Glass accessory will give you thermal vision


As CES 2015 kicks into gear, companies will be throwing out press releases like Mardi Gras beads in order to draw attention to their products they plan on demoing at the show. One company, Round Concept LLC, has announced a rather interesting device that will be a side attachment to your Google spectacles. The purpose you ask? To give you thermal vision, brought straight to your Google Glasses’ visual overlay.

The attachment is called Third Eye, and the product will appear at Round Concept’s booth during the CES event. For more articles about the electronics show, click here for our full coverage of CES 2015 throughout the week. For further reading about Third Eye, click the “Read More” link below.

Nanoport: A Magnetic Technology That Can Change Smartphones Into A Tablet


In the tech world, like physics, there seems to be a quest for unification. One, ultimate, idea that encompasses all other ideas. This hunt manifests itself in the constant debate about the size of smart devices. Whether consumers would be happy with something the size of a phablet and only own one device or would people rather have something that fits better in the hand and also own a tablet?  (This generalization assumes that many would not see the utility in owning both a phablet and a tablet.)

Nano Magnetics Ltd has now begun working on the development of a device that straddles the middle-ground of this discussion.  It’s introducing the concept of possessing multiple small devices that can turn into a larger, connected device.

SunShine BootLoader Unlock tool launches for Motorola and HTC smartphones


Thanks to a new application designed and coded by TeamAndIRC, a loyal member of the XDA Developer forums, Android users can now automatically unlock the bootloader on a bunch of Motorola and HTC branded smartphones from 2013.

Getting started is super easy. All you have to do is visit the download thread over on XDA, pay the service registration fee of $25 (which will be refunded if it does not work), install the Sunshine Bootloader Unlock on your device, and open it up. Then hit the start button and watch your bootloader unlock right in front of your eyes.

Amazon Fire Phone proves difficult to repair in iFixit teardown


Amazon has packed a lot of cool new features into their Fire Phone, but apparently this has come at the cost of repairability. The fine folks over at iFixit have done their traditional teardown of Amazon’s first foray into smartphones and its not looking good, earning a repairability score of 3 out of 10 (with 10 being the easiest to repair). Everything starts out simple enough with the use of standard screws and the lack of adhesive holding the casing together, but once you get inside, things get a bit more tricky.

Breaking your LG G3 won’t be the end of the world — repair is surprisingly simple


When you inevitably drop your precious LG G3 and break its screen the week after you get it, don’t fret.

According to the folks at UBreakIFix, it isn’t the end of the world.

The team completed a tear-down of the Korean variant of the device and found that the LG G3 is incredibly simple to take apart and repair. You only need to take out 14 screws after prying off the plastic casing, and all the components are attached to a single board.

For more details, hit the source link after the break.

Hands On With The Blumoo Bluetooth Audio Streaming and Home Theater Controller at CES 2014


Home automation is still a hot topic amongst mobile enthusiasts and this year’s CES 2014 has no shortage of such technologies. The latest startup to flag the industry’s radar is Flyover Innovations, a small group of gents from Lenexa Kansas looking to bring the world its flavor of home theater and streaming control. At CES 2014 the company has introduced their latest product dubbed “Blumoo”. Blumoo is a small hardware platform offering the ability to connect any  home theater system allowing you to stream your media from your mobile device. The company and their product aim to rid of the traditional “dock” believing that mobile devices should be just that, mobile. Blumoo offers an open source API so the company is hoping other developers will get on board as well. What’s nice about Blumoo is the limited amount of hardware required. You’re in essence using your existing audio equipment.