Logitech Revue gets rooted

If it runs Android, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s eventually going to get rooted.  The guys over at GTV Hacker got their game on with the Logitech Revue and did just that.  Now you can install any custom app you want on this internet TV device.  It will be interesting to see what the cunning developers come up for this device.  Just a word of warning, this hack requires some pretty hardcore modding, but if you wield a soldering iron better then you do a tire iron, you might want to give this a go.  Check out a video with the custom boot logo and installed apps after the break.

RCA Shows Android on TV, not Google TV


RCA showed off its new TV line and demo’d Android OS running on one of its TV models. This is a prototype due out later in 2011, but of course, like all good technology, it’s seen at CES in Las Vegas. The only downfall reported with this demo is the lack of Android Apps shown other than the typical Picasa and YouTube apps seen in the video over at Engadget. With the struggle to get into the cable market with internet TV such as Google TV and Apple TV, it surprising that RCA would decide to jump in this market with Android OS, but i guess that’s the beauty of open-source projects…you don’t need permission.

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Google TV Gets a New Manufacturing Partner

Google’s bringing in the new year with a new partner in the Google TV distribution. Joining Sony and Logitech as manufacturing Google TV devices, popular TV maker Vizio will have some Google TV-enabled line of TVs and Blu-Ray players. Vizio moves a lot of TVs and usually aims for a lower price point that Sony, so perhaps this will be a good thing for its marketability.

While I’m sure that this will help grow Google TV, there are still obstacles to be overcome. Google is still struggling to get the okay to stream content from a lot of networks, still being blocked by most of the major networks. But Google promises more updates coming soon, including the Android market becoming available in the near future. They will also be making the tools available to developers to start working on apps built expressly for the Google TV experience. So it seems that in spite of the bumps in the road, Google is continuing to push ahead to improve the Google TV experience, so we’ll see what lies ahead.

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Vizio announces VIA Plus Ecosystem: 4-inch Android Phone, 8-inch Android tablet, Google TV

Just ahead of CES, Vizio has made an announcement on some new offerings in the Android device category. Here’s what we’ve got from them:

  • VIA Phone: 4-inch phone, touting a 1GHz processor, 802.11 n Wifi, GPS, HDMI output, 5MP rear camera, front-facing camera
  • VIA Tablet: 8-inch tablet, complete with 1GHz processor, 802.11n Wifi, GPS, HDMI output, three speaker stereo audio, also a front-facing camera
  • VIA Plus TV’s and Blu-ray players: all with Google TV goodness baked right in. You will also be able to use the phone and tablet as remotes for these devices

The whole lineup of devices will be known as the “Vizio VIA Plus Ecosystem”. We’re hoping to get a sneak peek at these new little bundles of tech joy this week at CES, so be sure to keep it here for updates. Let us know what you think in the comments, and hit the break for the full presser.

Rumors were incorrect, Logitech not stopping Revue production

Looks like the rumors were wrong about Logitech halting production on their Revue boxes, the hardware they’re using to bring Google TV to the masses. In an official statement by Logitech on their blog, the company put to rest these rumors, stating:

…I can’t ignore the recent puzzling speculation that Google has asked Logitech to suspend production of Logitech Revue to address software issues….Logitech and Google continue to have a collaborative, effective working relationship as we listen to consumer feedback and work together on enhancements to the Google TV platform. We at Logitech are enthusiastic about Google TV and our role in bringing this new platform to U.S. consumers.

The statement was made by Logitech’s VP and General Manager, Ashish Arora. We here at TalkAndroid are thrilled to hear this, as it would be nice to see Google TV be given more of a chance. You can check out the full post on Logitech’s blog here. What do you think? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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DIY Android TV kit to debut at CES thanks to Vidtonic

So, if I said, “do it yourself Android TV kit”, who would get excited? I know I would, I think a lot of you readers out there would as well. Fortunately for us, thanks to company Vidtonic, we can keep getting excited, as they plan to release a “homebrew” development kit to bring our Android apps to the big screen. While we’re not sure on a whole bunch of specifics, what we do knosw is this, if executed well, could have the ability to take on the ever-wavering Google TV platform…. but, then again, we could be looking at nothing more than a hobbyist device. What comes in the kit? a 1080p LCD panel, TV housing, ARM/DSP motherboard, and a power supply. You’ll also get all the software you need to get yourself going.

Be sure to hit the break for the full presser, and let us know what you think in the coments!

Mossberg’s Best and Worst of 2010 Features Android on Both Sides

In the newest update to the Wall Street Journal’s “Digits” video column, Walt Mossberg, their Personal Technology Consultant, sums up his Best 3 and Worst 3 products that he reviewed in 2010. It’s no huge surprised, with the slew of Android products that launched this year, that we saw some land on his list. But which devices, and which side did they end up on? Let’s take a look at his entire list.

Logitech Revue with Google TV booted into recovery

Google TV owners rejoice! Well… kind of. One clever individual has figured out how to boot his Logitech Revue into recovery, which is the first logical step towards finding a solution to root the device. There’s one catch, however, in that doing so will actually wipe the device and perform a factory reset every time you do it. He has even provided the solution (which is really quite simple):

Hold power button in the back down until you see a progress bar. Then press alt + L.

Unless you own one for development purposes, have a spare, or just really really want to try this, I don’t really recommend it as it will reset the device. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this, so be sure to check back later for any updates that occur.

[via GTVHub]

Viacom blocking Google TV devices from streaming full episodes

First it was NBC, ABC and CBS, then it was SyFy, then it was Fox, and now it’s Viacom too? That’s right folks, Viacom is now blocking Google TV devices from streaming full episodes on all of their networks’ websites. Some of the networks owned by Viacom includes Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, and Nickelodeon.

Users are still able to change their user agent setting within the Chrome browser to work around this, but who knows how long the fix will continue to work. The amount of online content available to stream on Google TV seems to be disappearing more quickly than Google can keep up with. They had better figure something out soon, or before they know it, they will be left with just a handful of content partners like TBS.

[via GTVHub]

Fox.com is now blocking Google TV from streaming content

Just a few days ago, we told you that SyFy.com was now blocking Google TV devices from accessing their content after weeks of being one of the few networks to still allow it. It now seems that Fox is the next network to join the Google TV blockathon, as confirmed by the photo above.

Google has been having issues getting the major networks to come along for the Google TV ride, with NBC, ABC and CBS also blocking GTV devices from streaming their content. So it seems the number of networks that DO still allow Google TV users to watch their streaming content is quickly evaporating.

As it stands, Comedy Central, PBS, TBS, TNT, Bravo, Spike, and USA are about the only major networks that haven’t blocked Google TV. Perhaps one of these will be next…

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YouTube Remote App for Android Released – Control Google TV


YouTube has launched a new Android App which allows you to connect your Android Handset to Leanback on your Google TV. If you’re watching a video on your Android, and walk into range of your Google TV device, it’ll automatically connect and continue displaying the video where you left off on your computer or TV (or whatever you have Google TV hooked up to).

The automatic connection setting can be manually turned off as well, allowing you to tell it when you want to push the video to your Google TV (good feature if you’re a chronic pacer).

This app connects to your Google account, and is available now for free in the Android market.

Scan QR code below


Android Market Link

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SyFy Channel website now being blocked on Google TV

It would appear that the list of networks allowing Google TV devices to view content on their websites is dwindling. The SyFy Channel, which once allowed Google TV users to stream content from SyFy.com, is now blocking them from doing so.

This likely stems from the fact that SyFy is owned by NBC, which is part of the group of networks that has blocked GTV devices from viewing their full-length episodes. I suppose now we’ll just have to wait and see which site will be the next to do so.

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Google Sending Out Free Logitech Revue to Developers!

As promised, Google is sending out Google TV devices (10,000) to its Google Code web development community members and partners located in the US. This is to help stimulate development for Google TV as it becomes an open-source platform in 2011.

Any developers who are a part of the community and have a valid US mailing address are encouraged to submit by 11:59 pm PST, Thursday November 11th 2010. Should be about 2-3 weeks for delivery.

[via Mobiture Blog]

Logitech Revue pre-orders delayed

Just like the above image says, those who pre-ordered Logitech Revue with Google TV have had their orders delayed for some unknown reason. Logitech issued an apology and also hinted to a special offer being provided for those who did not get their Logitech Revue units on time.

This might be due to Logitech shipping too many units to fill Best Buy orders, which is extremely likely at this point. Nothing has been confirmed about what the aforementioned ‘special offer’ might be, but it will likely be a discount on accessories such as the HD TV Cam or the Mini-Controller.

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