Google hardware executive moves on after only six months

Last fall Google managed to lure David Foster away from Amazon as part of an effort by the company to enhance its hardware business. Foster had been a key player for Amazon where he led development on several devices, notably Kindle tablets and the Amazon Echo. Reporting to Rick Osterloh as a vice president of hardware product development, a newly created position, Foster stepped in to help with development of Pixel devices and the Google Home product.

Google Home gaining multi-user support with specific voice recognition

One of the most common complaints about Google Home is that it lacks real support for multiple users. Your notifications and information aren’t really personalized to you, which is completely fine if you live alone (or are the only one using it) but it’s really frustrating if you’re in a house with multiple people that all want to use it. And hey, there’s a Google Home sitting on a table, who wouldn’t want to use it every chance they got?

Google facing claim of ‘extreme’ gender pay differences from Department of Labor

Earlier this week Google shared via some social media networks a claim that it had closed their own gender pay gap globally and eliminated a racial pay gap in the U.S. Despite that claim, the company finds itself in hot water and facing some bad press thanks to a claim made in a U.S. court hearing in which the Department of Labor alleged their analysis shows “discrimination against women in Google is quite extreme.”

Twitter Lite arrives to help you save on data

Twitter is a massive platform with smartphone adoption reaching 3.8 billion at the end of 2016. With millions of active users daily, and the ever increasing amount of multimedia being shared across the web and app versions, Twitter can easily consume more data than you may want. Just announced to save the day comes Twitter Lite, which is a version of the mobile web experience that promises to reduce data usage by up to 70%. Let’s see what’s new.