Google CEO Sundar Pichai latest exec targeted by OurMine


Earlier today it was discovered that a group called OurMine, variously described as hackers or a security firm depending on your frame of reference, managed to hack into the Quora account for Google CEO Sundar Pichai. In addition to the Quora account, the group also managed to establish a connection to Pichai’s Twitter account, which they then used to publicize the success of their efforts. Read more

Project Bloks from Google is the tangible way for kids to learn to code


Although Google is often the subject of critics’ raised eyebrows regarding some of the decisions that they make, they frequently manage to strike a cord with the public with other efforts. A new education tool they are launching is likely to be one of those initiatives that garners praise for the company while also pushing forward an agenda of improving the world around them. Today Google announced a new collaboration with Paulo Blikstein of Stanford University and IDEO to launch Project Bloks, an open hardware platform to build a physical coding experience especially well-suited to teaching kids how to code. Read more

Live-streaming is where YouTube is going next


The live-streaming hype really got going again at SXSW 2015 when Meerkat and Periscope became the go-to apps for people roaming around Austin, Texas. Over a year later, things have really changed. Meerkat is transitioning to a social network while Twitter’s Periscope has to face a big challenger: Facebook. The social network built by Mark Zuckerberg has Facebook Live, a service that has surprised everyone by becoming the biggest live-streaming service for mobile devices.

Now there’s about to be another competitor in the live-streaming face, and it’s from a familiar name. At VidCon 2016, YouTube announced live-streaming for all.

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These are possible specs for Sailfish, one of HTC’s Nexus phones


When the calendar turned to 2016, a rumor came out saying HTC would be making two Nexus phones for Google later in the year. Now we’re nearing the usual September/October/November launch for Nexus devices and information regarding Google and HTC’s plans is coming out.

The phones, known internally as Marlin (M1) and Sailfish (S1), will be just like last year’s Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P representing different segments of the market. While Marlin will be a high-end phone, Sailfish will tone things down only slightly to give consumers an attractive price for a phone from Google.

Today, we’re telling you about specifications for Sailfish.

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Google’s #prideforeveryone campaign brings the parade to you


Around the world, this month is LGBT Pride Month where celebrations are held for people to just embrace who they are and continue embarking on the journey for equal rights. Cities across the United States, along with those in other countries worldwide, hold parades where people from all different backgrounds can come together and represent unity.

Google, a longtime supporter of LGBT rights, is bringing the parades to people who cannot attend this year. The company wants you to enjoy these events whether your missing out because of strict laws, social stigma, or something else. Courtesy of Google, you can put on a Cardboard viewer to participate in Pride parades around the world. It’s part of the company’s new #prideforeveryone campaign.

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