Google’s new Alphabet restructuring may run into legal issues with BMW

alphabet_inc_logo_red_launchGoogle is now a subsidiary of a bigger company called Alphabet, but they may run into some issues using that name. Apparently, the name Alphabet (and is already registered to German automobile manufacturer BMW. That Alphabet handles support to corporations for vehicle fleets, and BMW isn’t interested in selling the name or website domain. Google never approached BMW with an offer to purchase the domain, anyway, but that’s a moot point. Read more

New update to Cortana for Android allows it to be the default voice assistant

microsoft_cortana_replaces_google_nowMicrosoft is trying to expand its digital assistant Cortana by offering access on phones, tablets, and computers. A new update ( for the Cortana for Android beta app has hit the Play Store. With the update, Android users will now be able to replace Google Now as the default voice assistant with Cortana. Instead of holding down your home button or swiping up from your on-screen home button to launch Google Now, you can set Cortana to open.

Microsoft hasn’t mentioned when the official version of the app will be available, but one could expect it to arrive shortly. Once the official app is released, all of the features you get with Windows Phone will be available for Android users to enjoy.

Via: Unofficial Microsoft News

Expect Nexus devices to receive monthly security updates from now on


Amid the concerns of Android’s Stagefright vulnerability, Google has commented on the protection of its own devices. Nexus devices ranging from the Nexus 7 to the Nexus 6 will now be covered by monthly security updates. The company pointed out that Android being open source means that potential security risks can be identified and addressed by anyone to strengthen the platform.

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