Google IO 2015 Coverage

Google Maps getting offline search and navigation


There are still downfalls when it comes to using your phone for navigation. The world is not blanketed with one giant internet connection. Some parts of the world have no access to an internet connection whatsoever. Also, navigating with a phone is heavy on data and battery life. At Google I/O 2015, an update to Maps debuted that combats those downfalls.

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Google Play is booming: 1 billion active users and counting


The digital storefront that Google uses to sell applications, games, television shows, movies, and music from is showing no signs of slowing down. Today, at the company’s I/O 2015 keynote, it seemed like Google wanted to focus on statistics. Chromecast reached 17 million units sold and Android Wear hit 4,000 apps. For Google Play, the milestone is 1 billion active users. Within the last twelve months, users of the Play Store have performed around 50 billion installations.

There are a lot of people installing a lot of content from Google Play.

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Google’s Family Star filter will make it easier to find kid-friendly content

Google Play family screen trio

If you have kids, you are always wondering exactly whether they are accessing age-appropriate apps from the Play Store, and it looks like Google has heard your requests for a family-friendly experience. During today’s keynote speech at Google I/O 2015, it was announced that  a Family button is being introduced to Movies & TV, Games, and Apps sections.  Read more

Android Wear continues to blossom with 4,000 apps and 1,500 watch faces


Since launching last year, Android Wear has really evolved. There are now options when it comes to picking an Android Wear device and the Play Store is full of apps and watch faces to choose from. Google, like they did with Chromecast, used I/O 2015 to announce the growth of its wearable platform.

There are only a small number of Android Wear devices available, seven of them to be exact, but Google and developers have the software to make the experience unique. The Play Store houses more than 4,000 applications and the number of watch faces exceeds 1,500. Like other form factors that Google is involved in, Android Wear is all about choice.

Hit the break to see what’s going with Android Wear.

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Developer Preview build of Android M will be available for Nexus devices later today

Android M - Google IO 2015

Google is announcing many new things at I/O 2015 such as Android Pay, HBO NOW‘s imminent arrival on Android and Chromecast and statistics such as how many Chromecast customers it has. But, if you are the owner of a Nexus 5/6/9 or Nexus Player device, there’s probably only thing you are truly interested in hearing – whether there will be a developer preview build available for Android M.

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