Apple leads the pack as 2013′s “Most Innovative Company” for 9th consecutive year on BCG’s list

Apple Android 2

Today we have a list from Boston Consulting Group: “2013′s Most Innovative Companies.”

It isn’t a surprise who’s first. Apple stands tall as it’s their ninth consecutive year at the top of the list, ahead of Samsung (2nd) and Google (3rd).

Samsung has surpassed Google this year, which was ranked 2nd every year since 2006. Samsung’s rise has been meteoric, just like its smartphone sales, as it was ranked 26th on the same list in 2008. Microsoft and IBM were also on the list, which have been top 10 every year since 2005.

The way that the list is compiled is a bit questionable, as is the case whenever you’re creating a list to rank things based on superlatives— “innovative” being the key word here.

A survey of 1,500 international senior executives ranks the companies every year, combined with financial results for the last three years including shareholder returns, revenue growth and margin gains also contribute to the list.

I’m not sure how any of these financial statistics and rankings (from iPhone-wielding executives, most likely) shows “innovation” whatsoever, but it’s really not up to me to decide.

You can interpret it any way you want, but this is just the way that it is.

Source: Korea Times

Google bringing Glass to several locations across the US


Interested in trying out Google Glass before making a purchase? Google is taking Glass across the US to set up a few locations where potential customers can go hands on with the facial device, although you still won’t be able to buy them. They’ve announced Durham, North Caroline will be the first location on October 5th, and they’ll let out details of future trips on the official Google Glass Google+ page afterwards. If you’re interested, you can subscribe to the page below and keep an eye on it.

source: Google+

Google Glass XE10 update to bring third party app installs


Last week Google Glass got a pretty significant update with XE9, but the upcoming XE10 might be the biggest update yet. It will give users the ability to install third party apps. This update will also give developers access to motion tracking and the ability to create their own voice commands. We have already seen  some great use cases for Glass, but with third party apps enabled, we will finally see some of the true potential that Glass offers.

Glass Explorers can expect to see XE10 sometime in early October.

source: Geek

Happy 15th Birthday Google Search!


Google Search is turning 15 and to mark the occasion, Amit Singhal, Senior VP with Google Search, spent some time reminiscing about where search has been and more importantly, where Google is going. If you were online back in 1998, you will probably appreciate the memories of the simple blue links that Google returned in response to a search query, a result that Singhal says may have seemed “like magic.” Interestingly, Google’s pondering of the future clearly focused on the search platform on mobile devices, which may be a telling clue about where Google sees the world headed.
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YouTube Android app gets an update, adds video notifications and new ad spaces


Google has updated the YouTube application in the Play Store, although unfortunately we didn’t get a complete changelog. However, just looking at the app reveals a few new features, including space for ads in the first list of videos you see when opening the app. There’s also a new option in the general settings of the app to receive notifications for new videos that match your interests. Google data mining suggestions at its finest.

You can hit the link after the break to get your hands on the update, or go to the Play Store directly on your phone. Test out the update and let us know if you find anything else interesting.

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Google updating Gmail for Android with new look, small tweaks


Google announced today that Gmail for Android will be getting updated over the course of the next few days to introduce a new design for the conversation view. Some additional “design tweaks” will make it easier to multi-select messages for action. Google has also added an indicator to let users know whether account sync is on or off. Overall, the design appears to draw on the Google Now and Google+ “card” appearance.

Check out some screen shots in the gallery below.

source: +Gmail

Graphics benchmark scores reveal Nexus 5 graphics might


New benchmark scores have surfaced on the GFXBench site showing the Nexus 5 is ready to jump into the fray against the top performing smartphones in terms of graphics capability. Currently only two scores have been posted, one for the T-Rex HD offscreen test and one for the Egypt HD offscreen test. These tests are designed to to determine how the device will perform under a heavy load, with the T-Rex test being the more intensive of the two. The score for the Nexus 5 on the T-Rex test was 23.1 frames per second. On the less intensive Egypt HD  test, the unit scored 59.2 frames per second.

The scores put the Nexus 5 on par with the PowerVR chipped iPhone 5S and either on par with or slightly edging out leading Android units. The Nexus 5 is shown as being equipped with the Adreno 330 gpu for the tests. Hopefully it will not be long before we can get some results for the onscreen tests.

source: GFXBench
via: phoneArena

YouTube to see more Google+ integration this week

YouTube Comments

Since Google’s acquisition of YouTube ages ago, it hasn’t seen an insane Google takeover in terms of design and features until relatively recently when Google+ profiles began merging with YouTube usernames. This week, Google is going to be changing things up a bit more as YouTube comments will change from those that are the most “recent” to those that are most “relevant.” We must not forget that Google is a search engine, of course, focusing on high-quality results— this business model has crossed over to nearly all of their products in recent years, and is expected to continue in the future. It has been successful, after all.

So, what does “relevant” mean when you’re talking about a YouTube video? We’re talking about full-on Google+ integration here with your circles. Comments from your Google+ friends will appear at the top of the comments section on videos, so that you can reply, engaging in meaningful conversation with people that you actually know. I’m sure Google looked long and hard at all the terrible things going on in the comments section on videos, including full-fledged arguments, name-calling, and outright stupidity. Rarely have I seen a meaningful and intelligent debate on a YouTube video regarding a serious topic. Maybe (probably not) this will change things.

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Leaked version of Android 4.3 for AT&T’s HTC One appears

HTC One 4.3

Well would you look at that! It seems as though HTC has made good on their promise of getting the latest versions of Android to their top-line devices as fast as they can. A leaked version of Android 4.3 for AT&T’s HTC One has appeared, and has been tested by Android Central’s Kevin O’Quinn— so far so good, they let us know. He hasn’t found any bugs, and fluidity is great.

If you want to test it out for yourself, an unlocked bootloader and custom recovery is required to flash it, of course, head on over to the source link.

Hopefully it won’t be long after that other carriers will start to have their own versions nearing release. Of course we’re all thinking Verizon here, but I guess I wouldn’t expect them to have it for a while considering it wasn’t too long ago that they actually started offering the HTC One to customers.

Source: Android Central

Paranoid Android to shake up business model with ROM for KitKat


All good things must come to an end— but sometimes, it’s for the better. The Paranoid Android team has announced that they’ll be making some changes in the way that they design/distribute their ROM for Android 4.4 KitKat.

First up is an availability change, with stability in mind. In order to create a highly stable ROM, Paranoid Android (or any developer for that matter) should focus on fewer devices. By now, we all know that all devices are not created equal, and because of that, we’re going to see Paranoid Android’s ROM on higher-end devices that they choose to develop around. This is not to say that their ROM won’t work on your device, but it just won’t be specifically designed for it, and may be less stable than it is intended to be. (Nexus 5 is quite clearly the focus here.)

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