Google releases new Gmail API


In response to developers looking for better ways to access Gmail from within their apps, Google announced a new Gmail API intended to serve as a replacement for the IMAP protocol. According to Google, while IMAP is great for standard email clients wanting to connect to an email server, the function is was designed for, it is no longer adequate for new features Gmail makes available or the way services have evolved. Read more

Google releases Android TV Remote Control, Google Cast Receiver apps already


You cannot even get your hands on an Android TV device until this fall, but you can download the Android TV Remote Control app. It is completely useless for now considering absolutely no one can take advantage of it. It features a simplistic design and color scheme. We know that much. Google also released the Google Cast Receiver app into the Play Store today. This turns an Android TV device into a Chromecast-like device by allowing users to Cast content.

Hit the break for the gallery and download links for both the Android TV Remote Control and Google Cast Receiver. Read more

New video shows how Google plans to bring Android to every screen in your life

Android material design

Today at Google I/O, one of the major takeaways from the event was that Google wants to bring Android to every screen you own. Android is already prominent on smartphones and tablets, but there’s plenty of room to grow. Google announced Android TV for your television, Android wear for your wrist, and Android Auto for your car.

To show all of this in action, Google has released a short clip demonstrating Android on every major screen you see during the day. It’s only about 2 minutes long and really is a great way to see Google’s vision for Android in the near future. You can check it out after the break, and view the rest of our I/O 2014 coverage here. Read more

Google Search gets system-wide hotword detection and audio history in latest update


Google talked a lot about using Google Now in different products at their keynote earlier today, but they didn’t mention the newest update to Google Search that’s rolling out on Android devices. The latest update ramps up the capabilities of the “OK Google” hotword detection by setting it up to work anywhere on your phone instead of just on the home screen or in the search app. Now you’ll be able to tell Google to do anything from your text messages app, Angry Birds, or anywhere else on your device. There were some rumors that this would be coming to Search earlier this year, and it’s finally been implemented. Read more

Google talks developer tools during keynote session


During Google’s keynote session that got Google I/O 2014 off to a roaring start, the attention grabbing news for many people was the preview of the L Developer Edition or the release of new wearable devices or maybe even the announcement of Android Auto. For developers though, some key bits of information came later during the session when Google introduced some new tools that would help those developers generate a positive revenue stream. Speaking of that, Google indicated developers have been paid over $5 Billion since last year’s Google I/O, which was 2.5 times the amount from the prior year. Read more

Watch Google’s I/O 2014 keynote right here


Google had a lot to talk about during their 2 hour I/O event today, including the next mobile version of Android, updates to Chromecast and the future of Google TV, and Android Auto and Android Wear. There was a ton of great information, but you might not have had time to watch all of it. Fortunately, Google has uploaded their entire keynote onto YouTube so you can watch it whenever you have enough time to sit through everything.

Hit the break below for the full video, and be sure to keep up with the rest of our Google I/O coverage. Read more

VIDEO: First look at Android Auto (Android in the car) at Google I/O 2014

android auto

Android for your car has been a long-rumored concept, and now it’s finally here in all its glory at Google I/O.

Dubbed Android Auto, it isn’t a fully embedded OS for your car, but a connection between your car’s interface and your device. Each system is personalized just for you, because all you have to do is plug in and go. For more information about the platform, click here.

Be sure to check out the rest of our Google I/O 2014 coverage as well. Read more

VIDEO: Hands on with Android TV at Google I/O

android tv hands on

Google TV wasn’t as great as we all expected when it debuted a few years ago, but Google is back with another television platform.

Officially announced at the Google I/O 2014 keynote today, Android TV will bring an entirely new home entertainment experience to your living room. The service will launch in the fall, but for now, check out our information on the platform here.

And be sure to check out the rest of our Google I/O 2014 coverage as well. Hit the break for our hands-on video with Android TV at Google I/O.

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VIDEO: First look at Project Tango developer tablet at Google I/O 2014

Project Tango hands on

Project Tango has raised quite a few eyebrows since the rumors have started flowing just a few months ago.

It’s got a  7-inch display, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, WiFi, BTLE, and 4G LTE. Just like the Tango phone, the tablet will consist of cameras and sensors that give it the ability to map its surroundings.

Now it’s finally here, and we’ve got it all on tape for a first look video of the device. Hit the break for the video below.

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HTC “plans” to update its flagship devices (M8 and M7) within 90 days of receiving Android L from Google


So now that Android “L” has been officially announced (although we do have some big questions about it, still — including its real name), everyone is of course wondering when it’ll arrive on their devices after its released in the fall.

Well HTC doesn’t want to keep its customers waiting. The company has already updated its official upgrade process page with a note for all HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) owners, seen after the break.

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