Reminder: the Nexus 4 will get Android 5.0 Lollipop


A software update is rolling out to Nexus devices around the world, but Nexus 4 owners have yet to see anything. We are here to tell you not to worry. When Android 5.0 was introduced last month, Google employee Sascha Pruter made it clear that the Nexus 4 would receive the software update. He told owners of the device to relax and be prepared to enjoy Lollipop. So, folks, Lollipop is coming to the Nexus 4. It is just not known when. Considering how Google updated other Nexus devices at once, the Nexus 4 should not be too far behind.

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Auto Alliance’s new scheme will limit data that car manufacturers can collect from your vehicle

android auto

Modern cars are essentially drivable computers. They allow us to listen to music, browse the web, watch TV and even control the configuration of our chosen mode of transport without having to visit a mechanic, but how do we know that all of our data is not being saved and secretly sent to advertisers and insurers? Well, we don’t. However, it looks like we might not have to ponder over that particular question for too much longer.

Prepare for bloatware with a Nexus 6 from AT&T


Purchasing a device through a carrier comes with one major downside: the bloatware. Any device, no matter the hardware manufacturer, will ship with software that just takes up space and will never be used. It has gotten better over time but bloatware is still an issue. Nexus devices always remained the exception to the rule as Google kept the experience pure and the way Android is meant to be seen. This year, the Nexus 6 will be available through select carriers. And at least the Nexus 6 sold through AT&T will be packed with bloatware. Most of them are AT&T’s, covering things like account information and navigation. Fortunately, it can all be removed (which at one point was not possible).

So maybe it is indeed a good thing that Verizon is not selling the Nexus 6 itself at this time.

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[APK Download] Google introduces some UI changes for Android Wear users on Lollipop


An update is being rolled out to the Android Wear app, but it is not the full-scale version we recently learned of. This is primarily for users of Android Wear on Lollipop. And it is all design related for the most part. Things have been rearranged just for easier navigation. The update does include media playback notifications. That is something missing prior to today. But again, you will not notice much of anything if you are running the app pre-Lollipop.

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New Android commercials feature a bunch of Androidify characters


Four new commercials have been released by Google demonstrating Android’s seamless experience across multiple form factors. After all, the platform’s tagline is “Be together. Not the same.” The commercials are fun due to the Androidify characters present in each. The music is interesting and the characters are full of life and Android goodness. These are commercials you will definitely watch when airing on television rather than skipping over with a DVR.

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Google Messenger, with its beautiful design, is in the Play Store


To add some more Material Design flavoring to your device, go ahead and download Google Messenger. It is a standalone app for sending/receiving SMS and MMS messages. It will replace your existing messaging app. What it will not replace is Hangouts as that remains the go-to for devices connected to a Google account. Google Messenger looks great and functions just as well. It clearly follows Lollipop guidelines.

Here are the key features of Messenger:

  • Faster sharing: Select or take pictures and videos directly from the app and share easily. You can even send audio messages to your contacts.
  • Easy search: Search through contacts and conversations threads to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Purposeful design: New, fluid, material design that is intuitive and delightful.
  • More features: audio messages, emoji support, colored text heads, message archiving and more.

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Android 5.0 Lollipop rolling out to Nexus devices right now


Owners of Nexus devices across the world are seeing Lollipop arrive. The company confirmed today that Android 5.0 is rolling out to Nexus devices. Millions are smiling right now after being previously disappointed as select non-Nexus devices received the software update to the latest version of Android. Google worked feverishly to get Lollipop out to its loyal base without any bugs or hiccups in the software.

“Dessert is served,” according to the official Twitter account of Android.

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[APK Download] Google Keyboard offers light and dark themes with Material Design


Google is treating its apps to Material Design following the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Now, you can give your keyboard a new look. Google Keyboard, with version 4.0.2, has light and dark themes to fulfill your taste. The APK download is below and only requires you to install it over the existing version of the Google Keyboard.

[APK Download Link]

Google Music download sales surprisingly showing growth


In case you haven’t noticed, we are in a streaming revolution when it comes to music. I can’t remember the last time I downloaded an album. With services like Songza, Spotify, Slacker, Pandora, and yes, Play Music All Access, you can listen to what you want when you want for the price of one CD per month.

Because of this, download numbers are dropping for most services, but not for Google. Google is not only showing growth in their streaming service (All Access), but also in the number of download sales. This is according to Google’s VP of Global Music Partnerships Zehavah Levine who spoke at the SF MusicTech conference. She said, “Not only are our subscribers growing but our download numbers are growing despite the industry trend.” Unfortunately, we don’t have numbers to work with so it’s hard to really tell what’s going on.

Leaked Lollipop factory image is now available to download for the Nexus 7 (2012)


It’s very likely that Google will release Lollipop factory images later today, but if you are in a hurry, the version for the Nexus 7 (2012) leaked overnight. Since it’s so close to release, it’s very likely this will be the final version.

The build is LRX21P and it leaked on Google’s servers so we know it’s legitimate. The only problem you might have is that you could get a signature mismatch with the bootloader. If you have a problem in fastboot, just skip it and flash system.img and boot.img.