Plastic surgeon aided by Google Glass while operating on patients


Google and their Google Glass project continue to look for ways the devices can benefit users as part of an effort to turn the tide of public skepticism over the devices. The latest example of a positive use comes to us once again from the medical field where plastic surgeon Ramtin Kassir is using Google Glass in a variety of ways when dealing with patients. Similar to other reports of Glass being used to record or live stream activities in the operating room, Dr. Kassir is doing the same thing with his patients, along with accessing medical records hands-free without leaving the patient. Dr. Kassir thinks Google Glass could be a game changer for doctors.

Dr. Kassir indicates that he continues to dream up new ways to use Google Glass ever since he was accepted into the Explorer program, Google’s beta testing program for Glass. Another example he provided was when he setup a big screen TV that a patient could watch while he used Glass’s video capabilities to display a crooked spetum and clogged sinuses. Dr. Kassir is also providing recordings of consultation visits to patients so they can review them at a later time. He can also make videos of actual surgeries available to patients.

In addition to use cases from the medical field, news about military and public safety uses of the devices continue to surface helping Google make the case for Google Glass.

source: NY Post

Android 4.4.3 could be dropping today


We already know that Google is readying an update (4.4.3) to squash a number of bugs. The only question is when will will land? Well that day just might be today.

Turns out that Sprint has announced an update to their version of the Nexus 5. This update (KTU48F) does bring Sprint Spark bands 26 and 41 to the phone, but it doesn’t appear that’s all. There is no changelog yet, but “miscellaneous Android updates” were mentioned.

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Google to update Android icons to more resemble web icons


We have already heard that Android and Chrome will unite under Project Hera, so it’s no surprise that the same will happen with icons. Right now, Google has different icons for the web and Android, but Android Police is reporting that Android icons will be altered to more resemble web icons.

Of course, all Google projects have an internal name, and this one is “Moonshine.” It’s expected that Android icons will become flatter, with long, hard shadows. This change could also bring updated design guidelines because the current square or circular boilerplate icons wouldn’t fit in.

Hit the break for all the proposed Android icons.

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Anyone can buy Google Glass on April 15 at 9am EST


For one day and one day only, Google Glass will be available for anyone in the United States to purchase. Initially, The Verge leaked Google’s plan to expand the Explorer Program with this promotion; therefore, Google made its plans official today rather than letting the news float around the internet. So Google has busted the doors wide open for absolutely anyone in the U.S. to gain access to Glass.

On Tuesday, April 15, people can head over to this page and purchase Glass. The cost is $1500 in addition to applicable taxes. And you have the choice of shades and frames. The page will be ready for orders at 9am EST or 6am PST, and Google does not intend on taking each and every order. At some point, they will have to start turning away prospective Explorers.

Source: +GoogleGlass
Via: The Verge

Survey shows that over 70 percent of people don’t want Glass due to privacy worries

google-glass-xlGlass is having a rough go of it in regards to privacy concerns. There’s been a back and forth involving the worries that Glass violates the privacy of those around people wearing the tech. While there have been countless of stories involving the fact that, no, Glass does not actually violate privacy and isn’t always recording folk, people are still apprehensive. It’s only going to get worse.

In a study done by market research firm, Toluna, 72 percent of the American populace won’t be purchasing Google Glass because of privacy worries. They’re worried that there will be hacking, unwarranted photography and video filming and so on. While the initial buzz about Glass showed that people were genuinely interested in the product, its public presence has been a bit jaded as of late. With misconceptions by mainstream media furthering people’s apprehension, Google’s gone on the offense with a post showcasing everything Glass isn’t.

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Sonos just got a lot better today


I thought it would never happen, but it did. Google Play Music is now partnering with the Sonos music system. Now Sonos users from around the world, in 25 countries, can stream directly to Sonos from within the Google Play Music app on devices or from the Sonos app.

If by chance you aren’t familiar with Sonos, it is probably the easiest way to stream music throughout your entire house. Wireless speakers are as low as $199, and they can be placed anywhere. Now with the addition of Google Play Music, you will have access to your entire 20,000 song library for streaming anywhere in your home.

This this a huge step for Google and could open up the doors for more media players like the Roku or Onkyo AVRs.

source: Sonos


Google has reportedly begun dogfooding Android 4.4.3 to employees


We know a KitKat update is going to be announced soon, we just aren’t sure when. Thanks to Android Police, we also know that Google has begun the dogfooding phase for the 4.4.3 update on employees, which likely means the update will go live soon.

Now, dogfood testing typically means we’re still a few weeks away from an actual release, which gives Google time to sort out any last minute kinks in the software. The update has reportedly gone live for the main Nexus line, including the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, both Nexus 7 tablets and the Nexus 10, but GPE devices and the Moto X are said to be on track for an internal update, as well. 
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Project Ara MDK released ahead of developers conference


Developers who want a head start on creating Project Ara modular smartphones can take a look at the Module Developers Kit (MDK). The MDK was released today, ahead of next week’s developers conference.

As previously stated, Ara phones start as an endoskeleton, and parts can be added such as a display, a processor, camera, and Wi-Fi. Google is looking to third-party developers to create these modules. There will be three sizes for the endoskeletons: mini, medium, and large, and Google will make these skeletons. Larger skeletons should be able to hold more modules, but Google will determine what each size can accept based on how the “ribs” and “spines” are laid out. The “ribs” and “spines” are nothing more than dividers.

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Motorola stays in-house for new President and COO


While Lenovo works on completing its purchase, Motorola has found a new leading man. Rick Osterloh is now Motorola’s presiden and chief operating officer. What will Osterloh be doing? Reporting to the Motorola Operating Board at Google until this big acquisition is finished and the company ends up in Lenovo’s hands.

Osterloh, while not being a notable name on the surface, is actually a longtime Motorola employee. He joined the company in 2007 when it bought Good. From there, Osterloh worked with development teams for Motorola’s Android devices. Also, Osterloh worked with Skype until Microsoft spent a fortune on it before returning to Motorola recently.

Source: Motorola