Moto X to receive 4.4 KitKat update in coming weeks, update to Moto G to follow


When KitKit was initially announced, Motorola came out with a list of phones that would be updated to the new OS, including their flagship, the Moto X, and the newest line of Droid phones. However, the company didn’t release a timeline for the update.

At the Moto G press event this morning, Moto CEO Dennis Woodside said that the Moto X would be receiving the update in a few weeks, and that the Moto G would get it by the end of January. We’d assume that “a few weeks” wait for the update to come to the Moto X would be before January…

Let’s hope that Moto hits their marks this time— it could make for some very positive news if they were to roll out KitKat so quickly to their devices.

Google offers up device to developers after announcing official launch of Google Play for Education


Google Play for Education has officially launched, and school districts will now be able to purchase applications in bulk, give out teacher-administrated Google accounts to students, remotely install applications, videos, and other education content onto students’ tablets, and provide Google’s framework of applications to its students. Schools can also pay with a pay order instead of a credit card.

Today, Google put of a a post on its developers blog to let developers know that if they’ve developed an educational application, they should mark their app for inclusion in the Google Play Developers Console for inclusion in Google Play for Education. This identifies your app as suitable for the US K-12 educational market, and queues it for educator approval, which is a process in itself.

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Android 4.4 (KRT16O) for Razor WiFi-only 2013 Nexus 7 now available to download and manually install


If you can’t wait for the OTA update for Android 4.4 KitKat (KRT16O) to hit your 2013 Wi-Fi only Nexus 7 (Razor), we have the download link and instructions to manually install

If you already have a custom recovery, you can just download the Zip file {linked below), copy it to your device, and flash. If you’re running the stock recovery, then hit the break and follow the instructions.

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Nexus 7 (2012 and 2013) and Nexus 10 getting KitKat today, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (HSPA+ and LTE) coming soon


Google just announced that both the 2012 and 2013 Nexus 7 tablets and the Nexus 10 are going to get KitKat starting today. Google doesn’t usually announce new updates so late in the day, so I would imagine devices will see the update during the night. In fact there are already reports that a few devices are receiving the update. Let us know if you get it.

source: +Android

Google pays tribute to Star Trek with new Google Now easter egg


Yet another easter egg has been discovered! Google’s easter eggs are always fun, and this one is no exception, while being geeky at the same time!

When a user asks Google Now to “Beam me up Scotty”, the reply will be a familiar voice saying “I cannot do it captain, I do not have the power.” This easter egg pays tribute to the most famous phrase of the show which was never said by the great Captain Kirk.

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Google opens up Glass Explorer sign up page to the US public


Still itching to get your hands on Google Glass? Google has launched a sign up page for the Glass Explorer program although sadly it’s only for US residents. There is also no timetable given as to when you’ll be contacted back if you’ve been chosen. Keep in mind that Google mainly wants these devices to go to developers, thus it’ll probably still cost you around $1500 if chosen.

Either way, Google Glass still seems to be something Google has very high hopes for. Let us know if you’ve signed up!

source: Glass Explorer Program

Surprise Surprise: Steve Jobs really hated Andy Rubin and Android


We already knew that Steve Jobs wanted to go thermonuclear on Android, but apparently his hatred for both Android and it’s co-founder, Andy Rubin was very deep. This comes from a new book entitled, Dogfight: How Apple and Google Went To War And Started a Revolution, by Fred Vogelstein.

Apparently, Steve Jobs told friends that Rubin was a “big, arrogrant f**k,” and he didn’t appear any calmer when talking about Android either, “Everything is a f**king rip off of what we’re doing.” 

The book also gets into the beginnings of both Android and iOS. According to Vogelstein, Android was ready to be released in the same year as the iPhone, but when Andy Rubin saw the iPhone announcement, he knew Android needed more work. After seeing the entire iPhone presentation he said, “Holy crap, I guess we’re not going to launch that phone.” Eventually Android was released about a year later with the HTC G1, which started the war of wars.

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Gmail rolls out deep Google Drive integration, allows you to view attachments within an email and save anything straight to Drive

Google Drive Gmail

Right on the heels of expanding Gmail’s quick actions, Google is adding some better Google Drive integration into Gmail as well. Now, any attachments in an email can be viewed within your web browser without you having to download the image and clutter up your Downloads folder; documents, PDFs, pictures, you name it. Best of all, you’ll now be able to use Gmail’s fantastic search capabilities to find specific attachments. If you use Google Drive, you’ll also be able to quickly save any attachment to your Drive storage, skipping the need to download the file to your hard drive and then upload it to Drive.

This new feature will only be available to desktop users for now, and it’s going to be rolling out gradually over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for it in your inbox.

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Google Music and Sound Search officially announced for Google Glass


Google Music is already unofficially available for Google Glass, but it will be officially available in the coming weeks. Google formally introduced it this morning giving us more details. Not only will you be able to play any song in your collection (or through All Access) by using the “Okay Glass, listen to” command, but you will also be able to find out what song is playing in your surroundings using Sound Search.  All you have to say is “What song is this.”

Google also announced new stereo earbuds that are designed specifically with Glass. They will run $85, and you can customize it with one of five interchangeable color caps.

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Google Maps loses 23 million users to Apple Maps


When Apple maps on iOS originally came out, it was somewhat of a laughing stock among tech geeks around the world. It had a lot of bugs and errors, and seemed to be a failed attempt at launching something that could be as good as Google Maps. Despite this, Google Maps has lost a whopping 23 million users to iOS since Apple Maps was first released, almost a quarter of the 81 million user that it used to have.

A year after Apple maps was originally launched, it now has a total of 35 million users. It is important to note that Google still has more users with a total of 58.7 million users across both Android and Google Maps for iOS. Around 6 million of those users are using it from the Google Maps app for iOS.

Maps data is extremely important for both Apple and Google. It helps both companies monitor information like traffic jams, and it also helps Google provide location based advertising, which is an extremely important source of income for Google.

Sources: The Guardian, comScore