More details revealed about YouTube’s 360-degree video integration


Back in January it was reported that YouTube is planning on supporting 360-degree videos, and now we have a little more info.

Users will be able to upload these special videos from compatible cameras, which include¬†Bublcam, Giroptic’s 360cam, IC Real Tech’s Allie,Kodak’s SP360 and Ricoh’s Theta. You will be able to watch these 360-degree videos on the existing the YouTube app for Android while moving around the 360 view will be done by moving the phone or tablet. It’s also a lock that you will see this integrated with Google Cardboard and other VR headsets.

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Google Flight Search gets Happiness Factor integration from agreement with Routehappy


Flight amenity data such as Wi-Fi, in-seat power, and seat type, comes to Google Flight Search results thanks to a new agreement with Routehappy.

Routehappy has two proprietary systems. Flightpad researches and verifies flight amenities by aircraft, cabin, schedule, and route while Flightmatch is a set of algorithms that scores Happiness Factors, duration, and ratings for billions of possible flight combinations.

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Google releases reference sample to show how apps can work on multiple devices


Since last summer, we have seen Android makes its way to new form factors. The operating system now works with phones, tablets, wearables, and vehicles. With so many form factors now supported, it makes sense that Google wants apps to have seamless experiences. The company has introduced a sample multi-device application called Universal Music Player that offers a continuous experience across Android, Android Wear, Android Auto, and Google Cast devices.

Hit the break for looks at the mult-device approach in action.

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Android 5.1 OTA now available to download and flash for the Nexus 10


If you have a Nexus 10, you can stop tapping that “check for updates” option because we have the actual OTA update (from Google) ready for you to download and flash.

Of course, you can sit and wait, but that could take up to 2 to 3 weeks. It’s not all that hard to flash it yourself and you could be enjoying the goodness today. If you need a refresher or you’re a newbie, just hit up our complete guide to flashing this OTA to your Nexus 10 (or any other Nexus device).

Nexus 10 (mantaray) from LRX22C to LMY47D (5.1)


Say goodbye to the Nexus 5


The Nexus 5 had a really nice run, but it has finally come to an end. The Nexus 5’s popularity among the Android faithful continued into the Nexus 6 generation because not everyone wanted a 6-inch phone. I don’t think any other Nexus phone survived this much beyond one year of availability.

Google has stopped selling the Nexus 5, but I am sure it will live on through eBay, and other sites like it, as a great phone to buy used.


Latest Google Play Music update brings extended album art through the status bar


Google’s Play Music app is getting an update that changes a few minor details through the application.

With the update, whenever you’re looking at anything with album art, the artwork will extend through the status bar. This is a slight change from the colored status bar Google has been implementing, but it’s a nice change. Tapping the search button also automatically brings up the keyboard. That probably should’ve been default since day one, but hey, better late than never. Read more