Google Play Services 4.4 teardown reveals much more waiting in the wings


Google started rolling out an update to Google Play Services earlier this week to take it up to version 4.4. Publicly, the update included the ability to embed Street View imagery in apps, some motion detectors, and tweaks to Mobile Ads, game services, and Google Wallet. Now that the update has started to reach actual users, a teardown of the APK has commenced revealing Google included a lot more in the file even if it has not been turned on yet. Read more

Google acquires Appetas, a restaurant website builder


With technology, the dining scene is basically dominated by Yelp. By purchasing Appetas, Google hopes to carve into the success Yelp has enjoyed. Appetas is a company that will build a website from the ground up for restaurants. They combine services from OpenTable and GrubHub to provide local businesses with a competitive site.

With this acquisition comes a takeover. Appetas will shutdown and the team will be absorbed by Google. Appetas intends on “working with our customers to transition their websites over to alternative platforms.” Kindly so, they will contact each and every customer to make the entire process go smoothly.

Source: Appetas

Google pushes XE17 update to Google Glass to solve boot loop bug


Google Glass updates are always welcome, but like any other electronic device, sometimes those updates bring problems in addition to features. The KitKat update for Glass, for example, brought along some great new features, but it also happened to create some nasty bugs that would cause Glass to get caught in a boot loop. While Google has tried to address the issue before, they haven’t had much luck, but today’s update labelled XE17 promises to finally cure that boot looping bug once and for all.

XE17 is otherwise a pretty small update from the last version, bringing only “reliability improvements” and no new features. Still, fixing bugs and bringing stability to a beta product doesn’t hurt. Glass owners, keep an eye out for this update.

source: 9to5 Google

Google and Intel unveil over 20 new Chromebooks


Google and Intel held an event earlier today to talk about Chromebooks. As expected a slew of Chromebooks were introduced. More than 20 to be exact, and the many of them will be powered by Intel’s Bay Trail chips, which should yield 11 hours of battery life.

Manufacturers on hand included Acer, Asus, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, LG, and Toshiba. Interestingly enough Samsung wasn’t there. Earlier today, we reported about Lenovo’s new N20 and N20p, but they just announced a 64-bit version of the Yoga Chromebook. Last week, Acer teased an upcoming i3 Chromebook, and today it was revealed as the C720. Dell will also offer an i3 Chromebook 11 as well.

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Google’s Project Loon pops up during Astro Teller presentation


During the Disrupt NY event today, hosted by TechCrunch, Google’s Astro Teller talked a little bit about Project Loon and how it has morphed since we first heard about it. Project Loon is a Google X project to deploy a fleet of balloons that would circle around the globe providing a platform to provide Internet access to underserved areas. In his presentation today, Teller touched on changes in how Google will access wireless spectrum from existing providers as opposed to securing their own. Read more

Google launches ‘Classroom’ for teachers in conjunction with their services


Today, Google launched “Classroom for Teachers” which aims to make the instructors job a little bit easier. What “Classroom” does is it combines Google’s already successful apps such as Google Drive, Gmail and Google Docs to help teachers organize or even create their lesson plans or assignments. Google hopes this new service will provide an easy tool to make a teachers job more efficient and provide less of a headache. Here’s a little more of what “Classroom” can do:

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Google Now aims to make your shopping life a little easier

products searched avail nearby

We previously reported that Google Now helps your shopping at a mall easier by providing you a list of what stores are available in that mall. Now it looks like the much popular assistant will also aim to make shopping easier on yourself by reminding you of products that you’ve searched for and if they’re in the area (if you’re currently near a store).

Let us know if these “shopping cards” have popped up for you already!

source: Google+

More information about Google Stars comes to light showing new bookmarks in action

Google stars

Google Stars is Google’s answer to how boring bookmarks are in web browsers. We knew the project was coming, but thanks to Florian Kiersch, we’re finally getting a look at exactly how the service is going to look.

Kiersch uploaded a 2 minute video playing around with Google Stars, showing how it will collect and organize content from the internet. The interface pretty clearly says that it’s still in the dogfood phase, so the design could still change between now and when it’s officially released to everyone, but we can at least get a glimpse at the core functionality Google is going for.  Read more