Apple’s HealthKit takes the early lead over Google Fit in U.S. Hospitals


Apple and Google might battle for supremacy when it comes to smartphones and tablets, but the healthcare sector is going to be another big battleground. It’s still early in the game, but Apple is already winning.

Reuters contacted 23 top U.S. hospitals and 14 of them are conducting a pilot program using Apple’s HealthKit. Google offers Google Fit, which isn’t as advanced at HealthKit, but they have started discussions with a few hospitals. Another player is Samsung, but just like Google, they barely have a foot in the door.

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Tweets to be Searchable via Google


Google is the search engine powerhouse of the internet. No one says, “Let’s Bing it!” or “Let’s try Yahoo!” The go-to response whenever a question is raised is to ask Google. Twitter is the quick and convenient was to send out a short statement to all of the people that follow you. The joining forces of the two seems like a match made in heaven, and it is.

Twitter is hoping to get more non-users to view tweets and raise advertising revenue, and what better way to do that than working more closely to Google to get tweets in the search results. Previously, Google had to search through Twitter’s website to give a searcher information; now Twitter will be giving tweets to Google as soon as they are published, making the experience better for everyone.

Supposedly Twitter will be receiving data-licensing revenue from the deal, to the tune of about $41 million. The deal was described as a “unique opportunity” by Anthony Noto, Twitter’s CFO.

Source: Bloomberg

Google Search now bundling all social media profiles into one section


The next time you cue Google Search to learn about a company or musician, pay attention to the results. The search engine now includes a Profiles section for all social media profiles that company or musician has. Services included in this new section are Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Myspace. So it makes things much easier than hopping between apps to find each account. Just perform a search and tap the link to each service.

Hit the break to see a GIF of the feature at work.

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Launchpad Toys’ services are free as Google acquires company


The company behind popular services such as Toontastic and TeleStory will be joining Google. Launchpad Toys announced today that it has been acquired by the Mountain View giant and will continue to create digital toys and tools. The aforementioned current offerings will become available to everyone at no cost as the company works on new projects. In fact, Launchpad Toys could share a peek of its future as soon as tomorrow.

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New version of Google Play Music incoming: updated slideout menu and minor fixes [APK Download]


On Wednesday’s, Google enjoys pushing updates to its applications. The introduction of Android 5.0 Lollipop has brought a new slideout menu that Google has started to apply. Today, the Play Music app is receiving an update that includes the new slideout menu (as seen above). The slideout menu also has a Downloaded only toggle, but that is nothing new. The new part is the toggle itself which has changed from a circle to a square. Other changes in the update are either so minute that they go unnoticed or can be found behind the scenes.

[APK Download Link]

ARM Chromebook users get ability to upload music to Google Play Music


Google has released an update to their Google Play Music for Chrome app that enables uploading of music to Google Play Music from ARM chip powered Chromebooks. When Google added the ability for users to upload their music to their Google Play Music library using the Chrome brower last year, they inexplicably did not enable the feature on Chromebooks that were powered by ARM chips, only those powered by Intel chips. This left a lot of users out in the cold.

In order to use the new feature, users have to install the Google Play Music app from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, users can head over to and use the “Add Music” button to upload their music to the cloud.

source: +François Beaufort

It’s all about the size: Apple’s iOS bests Google’s Android for the first time since 2012


Remember that article I wrote shortly after Apple announced new and bigger iPhones? I asked if there was a compelling reason to buy an Android phone now that the iPhone 6 sports a larger display? To me there is still a compelling reason, but I’m not the mainstream. The people have spoken. All those iPhone faithful who said size doesn’t matter apparently lied right to our faces. Apple has enjoyed considerable success since upgrading screen sizes and the numbers prove it.

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Google Now issuing mortgage and financial advice with latest update

google now mortgage financeGoogle Now has been working on bringing new features and services into the app, and the latest update brings in a unique feature that will be useful for anyone looking into buying a house in the future.

You can ask Google Now how much you can borrow, based on percents and monthly payments, to pull up a mortgage calculator. You can fine tune values in this calculator to figure out what monthly payments will be depending on how much a house would cost, which saves you from having to download an extra app from the Play Store or to sit down and spend an hour figuring it out on your own. Definitely a useful trick. Read more