Revamped Android Pay will be announced at Google I/O


With Apple Pay off to a solid start and Samsung working on a better competitor to the service, it would make sense for Google to push their own mobile payment system front and center to stay competitive, and some rumors are pointing at that happening at I/O later this year.

This new service, called Android Pay, will actually be separate from Google Wallet. Android Pay will supposedly allow vendors to integrate the service into their Android apps so customers can quickly buy things without having to put in their debit or credit card information over and over. On top of that, retailers will also be able to set up tap-to-pay transactions in physical locations using Android Pay.  Read more

Google Glass 2 prototypes already in the hands of select partners


I know many people think Google Glass is dead, but trust me it isn’t. The closing of the Explorer Program and shuffling of key people is just a normal step of the evolution process. Explain to me how they could transition from a $1,500 Explorer Program version of Glass to a more consumer-friendly version that is much cheaper. The only way is to put things on hold and then re-launch it which is exactly what they will do.

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Google confirms that a Chromebook Pixel successor is “coming out soon”


Consumers preparing to purchase a new laptop may want to wait a bit longer as a formidable Chrome OS device is on its way to the market. At the Team Work 2015 event, Renee Niemi of Google confirmed that the Chromebook Pixel will see a successor. Niemi, who works on the productivity teams for Android and Chrome, noted that the new Chromebook Pixel would launch soon. She did clarify that a limited amount of units will be produced as it is a proof of concept. Employees within the company and developers working with Google receive about 85% of units produced.

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Unlocked Nexus 6 (32 GB) in both Cloud White and Midnight Blue now available at Amazon


The Nexus 6 might not be the most popular phone in the land, but it certainly is the toughest one to purchase. If you’ve been trying to get your hands on one, you can grab the 32 GB version at Amazon for $649.99, just $0.99 more than what you would pay Google through the Play Store. They have both Cloud White and Midnight Blue in stock, and it’s on Prime so you can save the shipping costs and receive it in 2 days, assuming you’re a Prime member.

Just hit the source link below and choose which color you want to get your order in.

source: Amazon

Google’s Inbox coming to select group of Google Apps customers next month


I know a lot of Google Apps customers have been praying for Inbox to arrive, and it looks like the wait is about to finally end. Inbox is coming to Google Apps next month, but unfortunately it won’t be available to everyone.

Google does not want to launch Inbox to everyone just yet since Google Apps customers are a different breed from your traditional personal Gmail user. They want input to see how to make Inbox more effective. The plan is to enable Inbox for a small group of Apps customers in an effort to learn about their needs and challenges.

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Google makes deal to bring Wallet to major wireless carriers, buys out portion of Softcard


Google has signed a deal that will lead to the distribution of their Google Wallet app pre-installed on devices sold by by Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T starting later this year. As part of the deal, Google is also buying some technology from Softcard, a mobile payment solution that had been developed by those same carriers.

According to Softcard, the app will continue to work for users that want to make mobile payments – for now. However, this could change as Google starts to rollout their solution on carrier devices. Since Soundcard is selling some of their intellectual property related to the app to Google, it seem unlikely future development will continue. Reports indicate there are no Softcard employees joining Google as part of the agreement, which could be bad news on the horizon for Softcard employees. Read more

New Google Now card shows ‘Gas stations on your route’


Next time you are on the road and in need of gas, cue Google Now for assistance. Select users are beginning to see recommendations for gas stations that lie on their same routes. Google offers results based on driving speed and location. Gas stations are represented by red circles with white gas pumps. The card appears only when driving or navigating rather than being present when not in a vehicle.

Source: Kevin McLaughlin (Google+)
Via: Android Police