Gmail rolls out deep Google Drive integration, allows you to view attachments within an email and save anything straight to Drive

Google Drive Gmail

Right on the heels of expanding Gmail’s quick actions, Google is adding some better Google Drive integration into Gmail as well. Now, any attachments in an email can be viewed within your web browser without you having to download the image and clutter up your Downloads folder; documents, PDFs, pictures, you name it. Best of all, you’ll now be able to use Gmail’s fantastic search capabilities to find specific attachments. If you use Google Drive, you’ll also be able to quickly save any attachment to your Drive storage, skipping the need to download the file to your hard drive and then upload it to Drive.

This new feature will only be available to desktop users for now, and it’s going to be rolling out gradually over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for it in your inbox.

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Google Music and Sound Search officially announced for Google Glass


Google Music is already unofficially available for Google Glass, but it will be officially available in the coming weeks. Google formally introduced it this morning giving us more details. Not only will you be able to play any song in your collection (or through All Access) by using the “Okay Glass, listen to” command, but you will also be able to find out what song is playing in your surroundings using Sound Search.  All you have to say is “What song is this.”

Google also announced new stereo earbuds that are designed specifically with Glass. They will run $85, and you can customize it with one of five interchangeable color caps.

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Google Maps loses 23 million users to Apple Maps


When Apple maps on iOS originally came out, it was somewhat of a laughing stock among tech geeks around the world. It had a lot of bugs and errors, and seemed to be a failed attempt at launching something that could be as good as Google Maps. Despite this, Google Maps has lost a whopping 23 million users to iOS since Apple Maps was first released, almost a quarter of the 81 million user that it used to have.

A year after Apple maps was originally launched, it now has a total of 35 million users. It is important to note that Google still has more users with a total of 58.7 million users across both Android and Google Maps for iOS. Around 6 million of those users are using it from the Google Maps app for iOS.

Maps data is extremely important for both Apple and Google. It helps both companies monitor information like traffic jams, and it also helps Google provide location based advertising, which is an extremely important source of income for Google.

Sources: The Guardian, comScore

Google expands Waze traffic incident reporting to several new countries


After completing their acquisition of Waze earlier this year, one of the first benefits users saw was the ability to access incident reports coming in from Waze users. Google announced today via a tweet that they are expanding the service to 46 new countries and territories throughout the world on both the desktop and mobile client.

Unfortunately, due to the space limitations, a list of all the countries was not provided and thus far Google Maps has not provided a list. The original rollout of the feature covered Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, UK and the US.

source: @googlemaps

Google introduces new features to Gmail’s Quick Actions, including viewing Dropbox folders, viewing YouTube videos, and reviewing restaurants

gmail quick actions

Google has announced a few extra features for Gmail’s Quick Action buttons today, and there’s plenty of new actions that should affect just about everyone. These buttons appear next to certain emails in your inbox, and they’ll let you do things like view a folder, review a restaurant, or RSVP to an event without actually opening your email. Pretty handy, right?

You’ll be able to quickly review restaurants via Seamless, adjust reservations through OpenTable, save offers from Google Deals, view videos uploaded from Vimeo or YouTube, and quickly open Dropbox and Google Drive folders and files. It’s already a pretty robust list that should make clearing your inbox a little bit faster, and you can expect Google to keep adding support for new apps as time goes on.

source: Gmail Blog

Quickoffice gets updated with more Google Drive integration


Popular Android productivity suite Quickoffice has been given another update, making it much more integrated with Google Drive. Google bought the suite back in June, and since then we have seen a number of updates bringing Google Drive and Quickoffice closer and closer together.

This particular update means that when Google Drive and Quickoffice is installed on the same device, Google Drive will automatically open documents, spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations. The update also brought a few bug fixes and performance upgrades.

It seems to be only a matter of time until Quickoffice is phased out completely and Google Drive handles all your office needs on your Android Device. The question of when that will be remains unanswered, but in the meantime having both apps is becoming less and less of a problem as they become more integrated with each other.

Hit the break to find the QR code and Google Play link:

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Pictures suggest BlackBerry 10.2.1 could feature Google Play Store

BlackBerry 1

BlackBerry is currently working on the next version of their OS, 10.2.1, and we have some key information regarding the update which will perhaps make some BlackBerry users pretty happy.

A new Android Runtime is expected to be included in the next build of Blackberry 10, which will allow the Google Play Store to be available to BlackBerry users to download and install Android applications and other content to their devices.

This means no more side-loading, and would instantly make thousands of apps available for the platform, which has been the major shortcoming for BlackBerry.

As much as I hate to say it, this could actually be the beginnings of a BlackBerry comeback— it could make for a very nice option for those that enjoy the BlackBerry OS and hardware.

Although the pictures make this all pretty believable, it’s still all just a rumor so don’t get too excited just yet. Hit the break for more leaked pictures.

Via: PhoneArena
Source: CrackBerry

Sprint, Amazon, and Best Buy offering Nexus 5 starting today


Canada saw a Nexus 5 release earlier today, but they aren’t the only lucky ones. As Sprint announced in their press release, it will be offering the Nexus 5 starting today for only $49.99 on contract (16GB) if you’re switching carriers and porting a number acorss. Amazon and Best Buy also are starting to sell the device today, but for the standard $149.99 price on a new contract.

Off-contract, you’ll be able to get it from Amazon for $499.99 or Best Buy for less at $449.99. It appears that Sprint is not offering the device off-contract, but that may change.

Sources: Amazon / Best Buy / Sprint

Google Now could get exciting new features on November 13


According to Wired, Google Now should be getting exciting new features on November 13. One of the things I have found lacking with Google Now is that it doesn’t have the ability to control other apps. This new update will allow search inside other applications as well as the ability to launch them. So for example, searching for a restaurant could yield results from OpenTable and you could open the app via voice to make a reservation.

Conversations is another area. Right now you can ask multiple questions, but Google Now never asks you anything back. Google Now will start asking you questions, so if you say, “text Robert”, you might get a reply, “which Robert”, or did you mean “Robert Smith or Robert Nazarian?”

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Google Ranked 5th Most Valuable Brand According to Forbes


We all knew Google was an extremely valuable company, but many will be surprised to learn that Google is ranked the worlds 5th most valuable brand according to Forbes. The company, which started out as a simple search engine, was beaten to number 1 by companies Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and IBM.

Google currently is worth a whopping $47.3 billion, and it generated a very large sum of $13 billion before interest and taxes in 2012. Google only continues to grow in value as well and they continue to branch out into other areas of research and technology.

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