Arkon Mega Grip Mega Giveaway

by Chris Moor on
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Now that our review of the Arkon Mega Grip is finished, it’s time to get the ball rolling for the inevitable contest that usually accompanies our reviews. This contest is especially great because not only will we be giving away TEN Arkon Mega Grips, but the winners will have the choice of which Mega Grip they will receive. The choices are:

So what do you have to do to enter this contest? I’m glad you asked.

  1. follow us on twitter: @talkandroid
  2. tweet this: Get a grip with @talkandroid & their Mega Grip Mega Giveaway contest! #android
  3. Wait to see if you’re announced as a winner on 9/11/10.

That’s it! Now there are a few rules, so pay attention:

  1. Just tweet the message ONCE
  2. The winner’s will be contacted via twitter
  3. US Residents only, sorry!

iCarpus giveaway contest winners announced

by Chris Moor on
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Well another TalkAndroid sponsored contest is over. We had a good number of entries to win this unique, little stand, so thanks to all those who entered. I can tell you first hand that you will absolutely love the thing no matter what phone you have. That being said, let’s announce the winners shall we? The following TalkAndroid forum members have won an iCarpus Android phone stand:






Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who entered. The winners have been sent a PM via the TalkAndroid forums.

Hopefully DryGoatAir’s submission hasn’t blinded you and you will keep your eyes peeled for the next TalkAndroid contest. There should be a new one any day now….

AT&T Hosts A Scavenger Hunt, Might Net You a New HTC Aria

by Chris Moor on
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It looks like AT&T is holding a scavenger-hunt event on August 12th for every guy and gal out in Minnesota.  There are many prizes, but the only one we care about is a brand-new HTC Aria. AT&T has posted a whole page on facebook about the event, so head on over to the source link to see the official rules, how to enter, and how to try to pocket the pocket friendly HTC Aria. As cool as it may be, you must be a legal resident of Minnesota and at least 18 years old to enter.

[via Facebook]

Sprint Giving Away 10 Epic 4G Phones and 1 4-Day Vacation

by Chris Moor on
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Sprint has been getting better and better about promoting their products lately. Most recently, they announced that they will be hold a sweepstakes contest with one grand prize and ten first place prizes. The lucky grand prize winner will get a 4-day, 3-night vacation to anywhere in the continental U.S. with $1000 bonus spending cash in conjunction with the release of the movie “Going the Distance.” The 10 first place winners will each receive an Epic 4G phone, not bad for just giving your email, huh?

I’m not sure which one I’d rather have, a vacation, or the Epic…. Which would you pick? Let us know in the comments!

LogMeIn for Android contest winner announced!

by Chris Moor on
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Remember our LogMeIn contest? Well we had a great turnout to try and win the app, which just goes to show how useful this app really is. If you’d like to read TalkAndroid’s review, then check it out: LogMeIn Ignition for Android review.

Anyway, enough shameless, self-promotion, let’s get to the reason you’re really here! The winner of the LogMeIn for Android contest is……..


Congrats corym9 and thanks to all those who entered! Stay tuned to TalkAndroid and keep your eyes peeled for our next giveaway contest.

LogMeIn for Android Giveaway Contest Closed

by Dustin Karnes on
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Well, guys, the contest for winning LogMeIn’s Ignition app for Android has now come to a close. Thanks to all those that submitted responses in our forum thread, and to all those that responded incorrectly… sorry, folks, but your entries wont be considered.

Lots of entries came in on the app! Looks like everyone is excited and eager to get their hands on it. The winner will be officially announced tomorrow, so be sure to keep your eyes here for our winner!

Bell Canada giving away a Samsung Vibrant a day til launch

by Chris Moor on
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If you live in Canada then you should hop over to the Bell Canada website right after you read this. They are giving away one Galaxy S Vibrant phone every day until launch day (August 6th). Obviously this contest is open to Cannucks only, but if you live in the frozen tundra and need a new phone, I’d highly recommend participating in this contest because the Galaxy S line of devices are pretty sweet. Just check out our reviews of the Vibrant and Captivate.

[via bell canada]

LogMeIn For Android Giveaway Contest

by Dustin Karnes on
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As some of you may know, LogMeIn, makers of one of the most innovative, easy to use remote PC software, has finally pulled their Android app out of beta and made it official. So what are we going to do? Give away a copy of the $29.99 app, of course!

All you’ll need to do is go to the contest submission thread and tell us the following:

  • Type of phone you use
  • A situation where you would use or have used LogMeIn to save the day

Just a reminder, one entry per person and you must have a valid email address associated with your forum profile.

It’s that simple! The contest will end 7/30/10 at 12 midnight CST. We will also soon be releasing our official review of the LogMeIn app for Android, so keep it here for all the latest.

Ripchord Deluxe contest winners

by Chris Moor on
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Hey all you rocker’s out there, are you ready to find out who won our Ripchord Deluxe contest? Well wait no longer, here are the forum names of the winners:

  1. HorseFace
  2. jtf323
  3. gbanister
  4. 750ACE
  5. Quo
  6. hollyw0od
  7. doclager
  8. antic
  9. shackk
  10. suchuwato
  11. Metz
  12. TXL
  13. NCresswell
  14. mattb5
  15. Lou Droid

That’s it! Congrats to our winners and look for our next contest to pop up shortly!