Win a free Android device from Thumbplay!

by Mikka Burrell on
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The makers of the app Thumbplay, a music syncing app available in the Android Market, are having a contest for US customers only; the first prize is your choice of an iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device as well as a free full year subscription to Thumbplay. But if you’re reading this, we know you’ll be picking up an Android device. ;)

So what do you have to do to get a totally awesome, totally FREE Android device of your choice? Check it out:

How to get your new phone and a year’s worth of Thumbplay:
• Show the Thumbplay app, include the phrase, “This is how I Thumbplay” and make us laugh in 3 minutes or less.
• Soo easy: Post on YouTube, name it “Here’s How I Thumbplay”
• Register + send us the link HERE
• Don’t forget to live in these United States

The second and third place prices aren’t too shabby either; the second place winner will get 6 months of Thumbplay free while the third place winner will get 3 months of Thumbplay free.

The deadline is Friday, January 7th 2011 at midnight. Winners will be announced January 18th, 2011.

Want a chance to win more free stuff? Be sure to enter the TalkAndroid contest to win Android mini collectibles!

Hit the break to see a demo video from Thumbplay for inspiration!

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iCarpus contest part deux winners announced

by Chris Moor on
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Well our second iCarpus contest (What’s an iCarpus? Read the review) ended yesterday, so that means the winners need to be announced today! So without futher delay, here they are:

So there you have it! To the winners: You will have a private message waiting for you in our forums giving you further instructions. To all those who didn’t win, don’t be discouraged. We’ll have another contest of some sort posted in the near future, so keep your eyes glued to TalkAndroid.

Pimp your HTC EVO contest winners!

by Chris Moor on
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Alright kids, sorry for the delay, but it’s time to announce the winners of our Pimp your HTC EVO contest!

Winners of the BLUE cover are:

Winners of the YELLOW cover are:

Winners of the RED cover are:

Winners of the CLEAR cover are:

So those are the winners. I’d like to thank everyone who participated in this contest, but don’t be upset if you didn’t win. A little birdie told me we’ll be giving away the Android mini-figs shortly!

$25k up for grabs in Sprint’s “Epic Mini Movie” contest

by Steve Ginter on
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Sprint wants you to show off your movie-making skills utilizing your Samsung Epic™ 4G smartphone to shoot your own “Epic Mini Movie” moment.  Videos can only be up to 30 seconds in length and need to be uploaded straight to youtube at  Here, fans will vote on their favorite top 10 finalists.  From those, famed movie director, Michael Bay decides the 1st place video.

$25,000 goes to the grand prize winner and the top 10 finalists will receive 1 years worth of free movie tickets from Fandango.  Videos must be uploaded by 11:59 PDT on November 1st and voting begins immediately the next day.

Seeing as how Michael Bay gets to choose the ultimate winner, you may want to put lots of explosions in your Epic Mini Movie.  Now if only there was a prize for a years worth of free popcorn and soda when I go to the theaters.  Hit the jump for the full press release. » Read the rest

Zooppa and Samsung Team Up for Tab Ad Campaign

by Jesse Bauer on
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Zooppa with Samsung Tab

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will be utilizing user-generated advertising from Zooppa. The media advertising community has several big name companies already using its services, some of which are Microsoft, Hershey, Nike, and Sony to name a few.

Zooppa and Samsung are asking their community members to incorporate the slogan “It’s Go Time!” into the campaign, where we will see banner ads, prints, and videos that will answer the question “If you had a Galaxy Tab, what creative things would you use it for?“.

The creative winner of the chosen ads will win $30,000 US. Imagine the Samsung tabs you could buy your friends with that!

ABOUT ZOOPPA: Zooppa is the world’s largest source of user-generated advertising. With a community of more than 80,000 people, Zooppa offers brands an innovative model for developing creative advertising, building word-of-mouth and gaining consumer insights.

Contest details can be found here. Continue after the break for the full press release.

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Mega Grip Mega Giveaway winners announced

by Chris Moor on
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Well, another contest has ended folks. This was a very successful contest for us as we had our most entries of any contest to date! But enough of the boring facts, let’s announce who won the contest shall we?

  1. @SheanZ
  2. @Dennis_Smit
  3. @rekaviles
  4. @bluazul7
  5. @Chuck_Coggins
  6. @theoryofben
  7. @Lovtrain
  8. @Lillunachi
  9. @mang3lo

So there you have it! Each one of you can choose ONE out of the four Mega Grip products we reviewed:

Now all that’s left for the WINNERS to do is wait for a DM from us and we’ll take it from there. Thanks again to all who entered and be on the lookout for the next contest from TalkAndroid!