New leaked Android 4.4 Kit Kat screenshots reveal some of the same, some new stuff, and an easter egg


The Android 4.4 Kit Kat leak freight train is at top speed right now as leaks are coming from all over the place. With so many leaks involving different builds, it’s not so easy trying to figure out what’s going to make the cut and what’s not. Todays leak comes from ZDNet, which shows Android 4.4 running on a Nexus 7. The screens show a lot of what we have already seen like Tap & Pay, native cloud printing, and some of the newer rounded icons, but we also get a glimpse of the new clock and an easter egg.

If you remember, we saw an easter egg a couple of weeks ago, but it involved Key Lime Pie, the original name for Android 4.4. Now that the name is Kit Kat, one would assume the latest easter egg would involve something chocolatey and wafferly. However, this leak is more nostalgic. It’s a mosaic pattern showing all the different versions of Android starting with Cupcake all the way to Kit Kat (Key Lime Pie). After hitting the version number in the settings, A modified Android logo will appear looking like Kit Kat’s logo (pictured above). From there, ZDNet claims you get to the mosaic (pictured below) by pressing and holding on the Android (Kit Kat) logo. Interestingly enough, it says “Key Lime Pie” at the bottom of the Android logo screenshot and there is an image of a Key Lime Pie in the mosaic. This can only mean that this is not a final build, so we really don’t know if this nostalgic history of Android will make the final cut, but it is cool. Wallpaper anyone?

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New images of the Nexus 5 and Kit Kat reveal ‘Tap & Pay’ and new location settings


Last week’s Android 4.4 screenshots revealed some sort of NFC payments system, and today we have another screenshot revealing that they will offer something called “Tap & Pay”. It’s obviously some sort of payment system that’s built into Android and not a third party app.  The tipster said it’s not working now, which means it’s not finished yet, or that it will only be available in the U.S (tipster is in Italy).

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Google Launchpad devs say Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 to be released on October 15


Previous rumors indicated October 14 and as late as October 31 for the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 Kit Kat announcement, but Google Launchpad devs are saying the date is October 15. Google Launchpad is a “two-week boot camp for early stage start-ups helping with subjects including user interface, product strategy & technology, marketing, business development and more,” and is sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs. You would expect that a few Googlers to be at the event, and some of the developers are saying they were told October 15 would be the date.

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HTC to roll out Android 4.3 to AT&T’s One next week

Good news! If you own an HTC One and are on AT&T’s network, you’ll be receiving Android 4.3 shortly.

Jason Mackenzie, HTC America President, tweeted that the update has passed carrier certification and will begin pushing out next week.

Sprint’s variant of the device got Android 4.3 this week, and the U.S. developer version and Canadian versions got it last week. T-Mobile should be getting the same update by the middle of this month, and Verizon should receive it by the end of the month.

It’s great news that HTC is taking the initiative to get their flagship device all up to date, without ignoring customers on different carriers. The update includes bug-fixes, the latest version of HTC Sense, video highlight templates, Instagram support in BlinkFeed, and now you can disable the on-screen menu button.

Source: @JasonMacHTC

Nexus 7 LTE 2013 receives surprise Android 4.3.1 update


Android 4.3.1

The Nexus 7 LTE 2013 is receiving a surprise update bringing it to  Android 4.3 .1. It’s most likely an update with bug-fixes and patches, however Google had updated the non LTE version a few times with bug-fixes and had not changed the version number, so this is a bit odd. There might be more to this update than we currently know.

The update is OTA obviously, so if you haven’t received it yet, you will soon. Be patient!

Source: PhoneArena

Jelly Bean now on just about 50% of Android devices, Gingerbread keeps on ticking


It’s that time of the month where we find out how fragmented Android is. I guess the good news is that Jelly Bean has grown a lot faster than Ice Cream Sandwich did, which is a nice surprise. Jelly Bean is now on 48.6% of Android devices just 14 months after it was released. In contrast, Ice Cream Sandwich was only at 29.1% for the same timeframe. However, Gingerbread showed faster growth with a 58% share after the same 14 months. Granted, there wasn’t as many versions of Android at that time. Jelly Bean’s higher adoption rate is obviously due to the fact that a lot of newer phones came pre-loaded with it.

Gingerbread feels like Windows XP. It’s still on 28.6% of devices and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. It only dropped about 2% from last month. The only way Gingerbread can shrink is when owners of those devices finally upgrade to newer hardware because the software will never get upgraded.

source: Android Developers

A slew of Android 4.4 screenshots leak, plus an Easter Egg


A few Android 4.4 screenshots leaked a couple of weeks ago, but today we are treated with a lot more. Of course, these shots haven’t been confirmed, and many will point to the fact that the OS is called Key Lime Pie. Remember Android 4.4 was going to be called Key Lime Pie, but that changed with the Kit Kat deal. Assuming these shots are real, we have no idea when these screenshots were taken or how old the version of the OS is on the test unit.

Google always throws in an Easter Egg with each version of Android, and the tester shows us, which lends a little credibility.After tapping on “About Android” in the Settings, a large “K” along with a lime wedge will appear.

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Sprint HTC One to receive Android 4.3 today


President of HTC America Jason Mackenzie just announced the Sprint HTC One will get Android 4.3 today. As you know, Jason was hopeful that all U.S. carriers would get the update by September. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but you know how carriers can be. Yup, annoying.

With the Canadian HTC One already updated, we should give a round of applause to HTC for a job well done. The other U.S. carriers aren’t updating yet, but hopefully they aren’t too far behind. The bottomline is that HTC has delivered the update to them in a timely manner. HTC can’t control the carriers, although we wish they could.

Sprint didn’t offer much of a changelog, but hit the break to see it.

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Nexus 5 Android 4.4 log file reveals OIS, USB OTG support, and updated stock apps


Last week, a log file for Android 4.4 from a Nexus 5 was leaked. It revealed some goodies, but we have a few more thanks to continued sleuthing. It looks like the Nexus 5 is going to get USB OTG support, which is a nice addition. Also, the camera has never been the bright spot on past Nexus devices, but things are hopefully changing because the Nexus 5 will have optical image stabilization (OIS). Most of the flagship phones feature this except for Samsung’s Galaxy series. Lastly, we can expect an upgrade with many stock Android apps. This is normal, but we can tell where the major upgrades are by the version numbers. The following list of stock Android apps show the current version followed by the updated version on the Nexus 5…..

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HTC One Developer Edition in U.S. expected to get Android 4.3 this week


Owners of the HTC One Developer Edition in the U.S. will be happy to know that Android 4.3 is finally here! You’ll get all of the obvious 4.3 additions, including Bluetooth LE, OpenGL ES 3.0, updated photo DayDream and some other great features.

HTC hasn’t added too much to the device on their end, other than some bug fixes, faster system performance and a new battery charging animation while the phone is powered off.

It isn’t an enormous update but the changes that are being made are certainly welcome.

Remember, this is just for the U.S. edition, so if you’re international, you’ll have to wait a bit more. Those in Canada are expected to get it some time next month, along with those in Europe.