Motorola Droid X software update incoming


Owners of the Motorola Droid X might want to start hitting the ‘check now’ button in the system updates menu as Verizon has just released the change-log for the impending 4.5.621 update.

The OTA update is set to bring a number of bug fixes and systems enhancements to improve on the device’s previous gingerbread update. Highlights include browser improvements, music player stability, improved OTA push as well as the promise of less memory issues and force closes.

It may not be as exciting as an update to ICS however there are certainly some major improvements worth getting your hands on. The update weighs in at 15MB and should only take 5-15 minutes to download.

Check out the change-log as well as a handy guide on how to install in the link below.


source : verizon

Samsung Continuum Getting Android 2.2.2 Froyo Update

Samsung Continuum owners are getting some update love today in the form of two updates. The first update upgrades Android to Froyo itself (software version EB01) and the second update includes some improvements, one of which is the ability to run Flash Player 10.1. The phone arrived late 2010, and if you own one of these interesting phones I’m sure you thought all hope for an update was lost. But finally you can be excited! Even if it is only Froyo. And 2012. Official update notes after the break.

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Update Rolling Out for ASUS Transformer Prime

Yet another update is out for owners of the ASUS Transformer Prime in the United States. The Transformer Prime just had a substantial update last week that addressed rebooting, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues. The current update, version, seems much less hefty, as it primarily extends battery life. The tablet seems to be switching into a lower power state when idling, which translates to more time between charges for you. Asus confirmed the update was regarding battery life in a tweet.

The update is OTA, but if you haven’t received a notification, try checking Settings -> About Tablet -> System Firmware Update to get it manually. Let us know in the comments if you have experienced better battery life, or if you’ve noticed any other changes.

source: Twitter

HTC Confirms the Thunderbolt, Rhyme, Incredible 2 and Raider will receive ICS Update

Great news for you North American HTC Thunderbolt owners! According to HTC’s Facebook page they have plans to upgrade the device to ICS at some point in the future. They didn’t give an exact time frame, but at least we know it’s coming (I had my doubts). Along with the TBolt, HTC gave ICS update confirmation for the Rhyme, DROID Incredible 2, Rezound and the Raider (for you Canadian folks). Pretty cool, and good news indeed. We will let you know as soon as we can pin down some sort of time frame.

source: Facebook


Galaxy S II i9100 Sees Another Official ICS 4.0.3 ROM Leaked

It appears that the Galaxy S II i9100 is seeing yet another official Android 4.0.3 ROM leak. This time we are seeing the I9100XXLPH build from February 9th. It still has Android 4.0.3 with TouchWiz intact but builds improvements upon the previously leaked build we told you about on February 3rd. While the XXLPB improved upon the battery life from another previous build before that, this new build is said to improve battery life even further. It also brings the following to the table in regards to the previous LPB build:

  • Interface: Kind of 3D effect when scrolling.
  • Battery: Lot better than early ones.
  • Faster: Feels the same as LPB
  • Touch: Not so good as LPB.
  • Overall: Better score in our eyes than LPB .
  • Facelock: Same as LPB working fine.
  • Task: Same as version LPB.

According to the forums it’s rumored that this is the build that is the precursor to the official update coming forth. If this is true then the rumored timeline that the S II would be seeing ICS on March 1st is shaping up to be true. While there still may be some hiccups in this test build it’s being reported that this is good enough to be used as a daily driver. If you test this hit us up in the comments below to let us know how well it runs.


source: SamMobile
via: pocketnow

Update v4.5.141 for AT&T Motorola ATRIX Available Now

So if you own this phone you can check the Settings> About phone> System update option on your device. While we are still waiting for Motorola‘s release of ICS as noted in their new time table, it’s still nice to see that they are still working on improving your current experience. For those that have received the update do you notice an improvement?

source: Android Central
via:  Motorola

Androidify updated – Almost works on Galaxy Nexus

Rocking a Galaxy Nexus? Missing being able to create some fun Android themed avatars? Well fret no more as Google have you covered… sort of.

For reasons unknown, Androidify always refused to play nicely on Android Ice Cream Sandwich with frequent force closures on launch. Google has released a minor update in the Android market to take care of bug fixes and memory usage however the app still misbehaves on ICS devices. There is a simple workaround that will have you designing your own Droids in no time at all. All you need to do is navigate to the settings menu and select the ‘developer options’ menu. Scroll down to ‘Force GPU rendering’ and ensure the box isn’t checked. All that’s left to do now is fire up the app and get your creative juices flowing.

Check out the link below to grab the update.

Android Market

Sprint Nexus 4G ICS Release Date Leaked, Arriving Today

Incredible news for those who’ve stuck with Sprint’s Nexus S 4G, as Sprint’s intention to release Android 4.0 for the device has been leaked, and the date it’s set for is February 16, 2012. Since it’s just rolled over the midnight hour, that means lucky Nexus 4G owners will be having a sweet (pun intended) day today! Keep your eyes out for some OTA action, and make sure to keep posted for any further updates. Hurrah!

source: android police

Amazon MP3 App Receives Update, Brings UI Overhaul and Tablet Optimization

For those of you who still refuse to use Google Music as your one stop place for streaming/purchasing/storing of your tunes, I guess Amazon MP3 would be your next best choice. The Amazon MP3 app has just received an needed update that brings a revamped, better looking UI, tablet optimization and a couple other minor adjustments. While I still feel that Google Music is much more appealing, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

The MP3 app and MP3 Store were updated to look more similar to that of the newly updated Amazon Appstore and the kindle application. The new look is now adorned with white text on a grey backdrop with orange highlights as to better match the other Amazon apps. It appears this was an attempt to appeal new Kindle Fire owners, and a way to tidy up shop. Although I am still a Google fan through and through, I must admit it looks seemingly better after the update. To check it out for yourself, hit up the market link below.


Android Market