HTC Sensation In Europe Getting OTA Update With Possible Security Fix

If you remember earlier this month, there was a bit of a security scare with HTC Sense where your phone data could be collected by other apps. Today though, Sensations in Europe are getting an over-the-air update that could be patching this up. The description of the update doesn’t explicitly mention fixing the security issue, but let’s hope besides “performance improvements and new features”  that the fix is there. It can’t hurt to grab the update, but stay tuned for more solid info.

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DROID X2 Update Available Today?

Almost a week ago we reported to you that an update to Android 2.3.4 was right around the corner for the Droid X2. Rumor has it that this update is available right now, or will be sometime later today. Hit up the break to catch the laundry list of changes and be sure to go into Settings –> About Phone –> System updates to see if you can pull it. Let us know if you’re able to pull the update down.

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Ice Cream Sandwich And Galaxy Nexus Announcement On For The 19th?

The big ICS Galaxy Nexus announcement was supposed to be this past Tuesday at CTIA, but with much disappointment it was postponed. Rumor has it that the Unpacked event has been rescheduled for the 19th of this month. This new date set the event to be held in Hong Kong (of course to catch that you’ll need to be in sync with the time zone change). Since this date is only a week away, stay tuned for more concrete details. They really do need to announce this sooner than later to get the masses on board.

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International Galaxy S II update to add bigger icons and FOTA widget

Samsung has recently announced that they are going to release a new update for the international version of the Galaxy S II. Expected to release soon, the new update will bring a “Big Home” function that increases the icon size by 30%. Another feature included will be called the “System Update Widget” that brings firmware-over-the-air and allows instant access to updated phone software. In case you are concerned that you might miss out on a new update, don’t worry, a notification system is included to make sure you stay up to date with the newest GSII software.

All of you international Galaxy S II owners keep on the look out for these new features and let us know what you think.

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Nice Mock Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime) Image Turns Up On The Web

The image above showed up on Tumbler today that’s supposed to be the next Nexus device, front screen and all. Besides the profile shot showing the phone upside down, is sure does look pretty. I’ll have to call shenannagins on this one, but that’s a darn good mock up to think about while we wait for Tuesday. What do you all think? This looks pretty dang good to me.

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Android Developer’s YouTube Channel Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich Reveal Next Tuesday

This isn’t a big surprise, but it’s always nice to get the word from the horse’s mouth. The Android Developer’s channel on YouTube is counting down to next Tuesday with the title “Android ICS launch”. While we continue to hang out in Rumorville over ICS and what the next Nexus will really be, it looks like all ICS questions will be answered Tuesday. Stay tuned as we will be live at the event sharing the news as we see it.

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Galaxy Nexus May Have A Notification Light And Ice Cream Sandwich Is Seeing Daily Updates

The Galaxy Nexus is still hanging out in Rumorville until next Tuesday, but the rumors will keep flying in until then. DroidLife seems to have a tipster of their own, and while the specs from earlier seem to have been debunked, we’ll take a look anyway. Their source says that the Galaxy Nexus will have a multi-colored notification light and it will be right smack in the middle of the lip on the bottom of the phone (this is OK since there will be no hard buttons down there). It’s also being reported that, while ICS is close to being unveiled, daily updates are still going out continuing to help ICS to run faster and faster every day which is going to lead to an awesome pure Android experience. I don’t believe the video leaked showing off ICS last week was fake, so if you missed it you can catch it right here. More awesome leaks to chew on until Tuesday are sure to keep coming so stay tuned!

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Earlier Samsung Galaxy Nexus Specs Debunked?

Rumors on the Galaxy Nexus are sure to keep pumping along, and we’ve got some more for you. It seems GSMArena is reporting the specs leaked earlier today are incorrect. According to the tipster from inside Google, the new Nexus will in fact be shipping with Samsung’s own processor clocking in at 1.5GHz, which is probably an Exynos. There will also be a dual-core GPU from Imagination that may be the PowerVR SGX543MP2 which is the same GPU that’s in the iPad 2. Instead of the 5-MP camera that was reported earlier, the new report says it will have an 8-MP, full 1080p video recording with an improved sensor that wasn’t elaborated on. The battery should also be a 2050mAh instead of an 1,750mAh. This continues to keep sounding more and more amazing! Next Tuesday can’t come quick enough and Talk Android will be there live at the event so stay tuned! What do you all think of these rumors so far?

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Verizon Rolling out Android 2.3.4 for Droid X2 soon

Good news to all you Droid X2 owners! Looks like Verizon wants to give you a nice little update bringing you Android 2.3.4 with promises of fixing that annoying lock-up/restart problem when using the keyboard. The Verizon Moto Droid X2 support page has been updated (screenshot above) and the upcoming Build # is 1.2.380.MB870. The update is a healthy 55MB and no word on when Big Red will actually begin pushing it out but, rest assured, we will let you know as soon as it does. You can expect new features such as:

Device Features

  • Keyboard remains visible during text input.
  • Input characters are properly displayed during text entry.
  • Device will no longer lockup or reset when using the keyboard.
  • Charging indicator will display only when the device is plugged into a charger.
  • Home key functions correctly while the device is in the desktop cradle.
  • Successfully use the camera after unlocking the device.
  • Video quality has been improved for video recording and playback.
  • Mobile Hotspot password can now exceed 63 characters.
  • Improvement to the device stability limits resets and lockups.
  • The Magic Smoke live wallpaper animation now works properly.
  • Enjoy improved audio when streaming music.

Applications & Widgets

  • When playing MP3s through the Music App, songs will not skip.
  • Avoid YouTube video lockup while viewing.
  • Desktop cradle application starts correctly.
  • No longer receive an error message when purchasing the Let’s Golf App.

Keep a look out for an OTA update. If you are less patient than that you could always try and force the update by frequently checking under Menu>Settings>About Phone> System update. If you have any luck, be a pal and let us know, okay?

Google Shopper Updated Bringing +1 And The New “Pamper” Category

Any Google Shopper users out there? It looks like yesterday’s update to the app has brought in the +1 feature for your favorite products. There is also an added feature to save products to your shopping list to check back on later while you shop and a new “pamper” category. The pamper area lets you search for offers on spas and salons in your area (come on I know you have all been waiting for this). I have’t played with this app myself, but I’m going to check it out. Hit up the break for a QR code and link to the market. Let us know what you think.

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