Neil Young says streaming services have the ‘worst audio in history’, promptly pulls his song catalogue

Neil_YoungThe classic rocker, Neil Young, voiced his opinion on music streaming services earlier today on his Facebook page, saying that “Streaming sucks. Streaming is the worst audio in history”. He went on to say that his music is in the process of being removed from said streaming services. It’s always great seeing creative artists stand up for their principles, especially when it’s done for the fans. But is everything quite as clear-cut as he would like it to appear in his Facebook post? Read more

[Deal] Amazon discounts its own hardware for Prime Day


amazon_prime_day_products_headerToday, Amazon is hosting its Prime Day with great deals on products exclusive for Prime members. If you haven’t signed up already, you can do so and still take advantage of the abundance of deals. Customers get a 30-day free trial and then have to pay $99 per year for the service. Amazon’s own products are part of the celebration but some, such as the Fire TV Stick, Echo, and Fire HD 7 Kids Edition have already sold out. There are still a few products from Amazon still available at a discount and the company could always restock and take more orders.

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New research report says tablet sales have peaked


As new technology form factors like smartwatches and virtual reality headsets continue to grab the attention of the industry, one piece of hardware that has faded from the limelight is the tablet. Even Apple’s devices have been hit by the lack of interest on the part of buyers according to a new research report from Forrester Research, although Lenovo has managed to buck the trend. Read more

Samsung gets granted patent on foldable tablet displays, invisible buttons


Another day, another patent. Last year, Samsung filed a patent on a flexible screen technology. Nearly a year later, on July 7, Samsung was granted this patent. This patent not only supports OLED flexible displays but also LCD ones. The size is near the same as Samsung’s Galaxy tablets. This is remarkable as it seems like just yesterday when the first smartphones where taking off. It will be interesting to see how Samsung brings these displays to the market and when and if they ever integrate them into its their future lineups. However, don’t take this to seriously, the technology of a fully fold-able and bendable tablet could still be a ways off.

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The MicFlip is a fully reversible MicroUSB cable

MicFlip USB

Have you ever tried connecting your Android phone or tablet to the charger cable in the middle of the night without switching the bedside lamp on? It’s a pain, right? You almost always end up turning the light on so you can turn the cable the right way to fit the slot. There is a solution though, in the form of the fully reversible MicFlip MicroUSB cable that is currently the subject of a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo.

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Samsung files to trademark ‘Tab S Pro’, implies a larger tablet is on the way


Remember when Samsung said it would trim its product line-up? Yup, so do we. Not only are we looking forward to the upcoming announcement of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus handsets at IFA, but we also believe that the much rumoured Galaxy Tab S2 range of tablets will also be revealed in the coming weeks. And, if that isn’t quite enough new products for you, Samsung has also filed to trademark the ‘Tab S Pro‘ moniker for future use as well.

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