PayPal Updates Android App, Brings NFC Capabilities

A new update for the PayPal app hit the Android Market earlier today and with it brings some pretty cool improvements. The whole in-app experience received a bit of a face lift, improving the UI and making navigation easier on both tablets and smartphones. A new widget has been added  that not only allows easy access, but allows you to make payments through NFC as long as your device has the required chip. This NFC integration makes transferring money a cinch, simply type in the amount you want to transfer and then tap the two NFC enabled devices together. Easy as that. Kinda makes the Galaxy Nexus sound even MORE tempting, huh?

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Amazon Kindle Fire with 8.9-Inch Display On the Horizon

It looks like Amazon is at it again. After announcing the first Kindle Fire, there are strong indications of a second version on the way. Contrary to a 10.1-inch display as most expected, the second Kindle Fire version will likely have an 8.9-inch display. The Verge reports LGD and CPT, which supplies the displays for the first Kindle Fire are preparing production capacities for 8.9-inch displays found in what will be the second version as well. Amazon is certainly pulling no strings with their intention to be a major player in the tablet war by having multiple versions of its crown jewel.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet is officially announced

Today in New York City, Barnes & Noble unveiled the Nook Tablet which will go head to head with the Amazon Kindle Fire. As expected from the leak last week, the price will be $249, but the release date is one day later – November 17.   One other big difference is the processor. Last week’s leak showed a 1.2GHz dual-core TI OMAP, but it’s actually a 1.0GHz dual core. Unknown at the time was RAM, and today they revealed that it will be 1GB, which is more than enough.

As reported, it will have a 7-inch VividView display, 16GB of storage with the ability to increase it by another 32GB via microSD, and support for Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Pandora. Battery life is expected to reach 11.5 hours of reading time or nine hours of video viewing.

So its Amazon vs Barnes & Noble this holiday season. Any predictions?

Full press release after the break:

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Verizon roadmap shows week of November 21 for Samsung Galaxy Nexus release, Motorola XOOM 2 to release on November 30

I know everyone is excited to hear something official on the release date for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon Wireless. Although we do have some news, nothing is concrete.

The latest Verizon roadmap (pictured above) shows w/o of 11/21 for the Galaxy Nexus. This can be taken two ways. There is some speculation that it means “web only”, but I think it means “week of”. We’re also told that this document is a work-in-progres so it isn’t final.

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[Leak] Motorola Corvair – Android Tablet for Your TV Room

Motorola has sure been busy lately with the development of new Android tablets. A recent leak shows not only another tablet in the works, but an Android tablet/interactive TV remote combo thingy. The Motorola Corvair, as it’s being dubbed, is a 6-inch tablet designed for your TV room and apparently wants to make TV time more interesting.

Our pals over at The Verge got their hands on some leaked images and claim to know that the device is already being tested by cable providers. The packaging calls the device a “dedicated controller,” but at the same time shows the tablet’s UI on the TV screen, leading us to believe it can be used to watch and stream media all the while functioning as a universal remote. Motorola has been making cable boxes for a while now and maybe this is the ultimate way to interact with them. Who knows what other brand set top boxes this will work with – if any. This all makes perfect sense because if you will notice, there are power and volume buttons located on the front of the device.
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Transformer Prime Gets Benchmarked On AnTuTu

We’re seeing more and more news on the Transformer Prime lately and it should only be a matter of time until that bad boy lands in the hands of the masses.  Here’s some more news to assist with all of the drooling and to keep the crave going a bit.  In a recent screen shot we can see a pair of Asus Eee Pad TF201 devices running the AnTuTu benchmark application touting some pretty high scores.  The graph displays a standard 1.4 GHz tab’s results but if you’ll note the top result, it’s a Transformer Prime clocked at 1.6 GHz reporting a max score of 12872.  Damn!  The device displaying the 7596 results is a Transformer TF101.  And though benchmarks are the end all and be all of the device’s performance, they can be a good starting point.  This should suffice as a slight taste of what the new Kal-El chipset can do.  Stay tuned as we continue to dig up some more on the device until its release.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Have An Amazon Prime Membership? Get Kindle Lending Library Capabilities

Amazon has recently announced that it will begin allowing Kindle owners the capability and functionality of borrowing a book for free thanks to Amazon’s new Kindle Lending Library feature.  Pretty cool eh?  However, there’s a small catch.  In order to benefit from the service you have to have an Amazon Prime membership which will run you $80/yr.  The feature allows you to borrow one book per month for free with no due dates.  Not too shabby I suppose.  Check out the source link for more info and don’t forget to let us know what you think of it all in the comments below.

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Swiftkey Releases New Beta Version With Multi-Touch Feature

Not that I like to play the favorites game but, my favorite Android keyboard replacement, Swiftkey, has just released a new BETA version to VIP members with hopes of making typing even faster than before. The newest feature that Swiftkey is testing out is “multi-touch”, allowing users the ability to type with both hands instead of just one. Heading to both tablets and smartphones, the two-week multi-touch BETA trial is best described by Swiftkey themselves:

We have made improvements for rapid typists. We now properly support multi-touch so you shouldn’t get accidentally repeated letters or accidentally missed letters when typing at speed with more than one finger. If you could try this out and in particular look out for issues with long-press keys, alternative character selection or keys where the highlighting gets stuck. We are particularly interested in results from tablet users touch typing as well as phone users with two thumbs.

After using this new feature for a full day I can definitely say that I have been able to type faster. While using both thumbs I noticed an increased typing speed but found myself rarely checking the predictive text. Although I was more focused on seeing how fast I could input text, when all was said and done my typing still had very few errors, predictive text still preformed well even though I didn’t physically select the words predicted. Of course there are a few bugs to be expected being that this is still in BETA form but you can be sure they will have it dialed-in in no time. I can totally see how this would be very beneficial for typing with both thumbs on a tablet.

If you are not a Swiftkey VIP and still want to test out the new feature, head to the forum and sign up as I am sure they would love to have your input. If you have yet to try Swiftkey, hit the links below for a life changing experience.

Android Market (phone)


Android Market (tablet)


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Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus Now Shipping in the U.S.

The last we heard, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus wasn’t going to be available until November 13th but as it turns out, we will see it sooner than expected. After a successful pre-order launch, Samsung has decided to start shipping units to U.S. customers already, some should get them as early as the first of next week.

Although having a higher price tag, Sammy’s Galaxy Tab Plus will have stiff competition this holiday season with the recently announced Kindle Fire and Nook 2. Those who are looking for more of a tablet rich experience would probably prefer one of the two new Galaxy Tab’s available – a 16GB version for $400 or the 32GB for $500. Both tablets have a 7 – inch, 1024×600 resolution Super LCD display, dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 3MP rear/2MP front cameras, Android Honeycomb, micro SD slot and IR blaster for television connectivity.

If you ask me, I would definitely chose the Sammy devices over the competition due to its beefier setup. But you can’t forget, you can get the Kindle Fire and the Nook 2 for $199 and $249 respectively. I wonder if Samsung will consider lowering the price in the near future?

Which device do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments below.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Color and Simple Touch prices to drop

Barnes & Noble will be unveiling the Nook Tablet this Monday, which will cost $50 more than the Amazon Kindle Fire. Where does that leave consumers that don’t want to go higher than $199? Well Barnes & Noble will continue to market the Nook Color, and they will drop the price $50 to $199. Along with that, they are including a new software update (Nook Color v 1.4), which will add Hulu Plus for access to TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Music will come from free trials of Rhapsody, MOG, and Grooveshark. Last but not least, more magazines are coming as well as special Nook editions.

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