Android OS running on iPhone 4 and iPad

As if running Android OS on an iPhone wasn’t enough, the folks who created iOpen based Bootlace for running Android on an iPhone 3G are now hard at work on being able to run Android on the iPhone 4 and iPad. That’s right, people, Apple’s tablet may soon be used with Android OS.

For those who are unfamiliar, OpeniBoot is a open source implementation of iBoot bootloader for Apple iOS devices. It allows booting of Linux kernels on the device. Currently, only iPhone 3G, 2G and the 1st-gen iPod touch are able to run Android via this method.

Any Apple chauvinists out there intrigued? Check out a tutorial on how to install Android OS on your iPhone 2G or 3G.

Hit the break to see a video of the Android OS iPad in action!

Tweets Suggest MotoPad, Sony Ericsson Anzo and Samsung Galaxy 2 in the Wild


Mobile-Review’s Eldar Murtazin appears to have gotten his hands on some sought after devices today as he tweeted a couple of brief experiences for us to drool over.
As seen above, it looks like he got to spend some hand-on time with a “7 inch version” of the MotoPad which is rumored to be launching next year with Android 3.0, the first Android OS apparently “tailored” for tablet devices.

Also, Eldar shows he got some time to check out the Sony Ericsson Anzo, and the Samsung Galaxy 2 (Galaxy i9100). Things are looking good, and although we don’t take tweets as solid proof, its noteworthy that Eldar doesn’t lead readers astray to pipe dreams.

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Sprint Sends OTA Update for Samsung Galaxy Tab – Update Fails


The Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab is the lucky recipient of an OTA update to “address the Microsoft Exchange IT Admin policy compliance and SMS Short Code messaging.” The update comes after just 1 day after Sprint launched the Samsung Galaxy Tab, so nobody can say that they were ignoring any issues.

The update however has failed during installation for many Galaxy users, and although its not an update that many of us need (as we’re not all Exchange Administrators at our workplaces), it does give a bad taste in the mouth for some users for updates to come. Let’s hope they fix it up, and this isn’t a trend.

[via Android Central]

Rogers Samsung Galaxy Tab Available In Stores Nov 16

rogers galaxy tab

We reported to you earlier today that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is ready to launch at Rogers Wireless in Canada. The site to view the tab was unavailable at the time of the article, but the page is now live! Which means the Samsung Galaxy Tab is confirmed and available for in-store purchase at most Rogers locations nation-wide beginning tomorrow, November 16th 2010. Best thing to do would be to call ahead and make sure the location you wish to hit up actually has them in stock.

Rogers Releases Samsung Galaxy Tab – $674.99 No Contract



Rogers Wireless up north in Canada is the first Mobile Carrier to offer the Samsung Galaxy S Tab running Android 2.2. The Galaxy Tab is available on the following price plans:

  • $674.99 – no Contract
  • $599.99 on a 1-year
  • $564.99 on a 2-year
  • $539.99 on a 3-year

Finally available in Canada after seeing everyone in the US launching! I was starting to get jealous.
Fear not Canada, as the Rogers order page is currently unavailable for pre-order here, it should be up either today or tomorrow, and we’ll let you know when!

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Android Tablet $139.99 at Toys R US Black Friday Sale

toysrus black friday sale android tablet

Looks like you can get an Android Tablet for the low price of $139.99 at Toys “R” Us on Black Friday! The 2 day sale starts at 10PM Thursday and runs til Friday night. The sale price is $60 off the regular price of $199.99 for the Sylvania Android Tablet we covered here.

The tablet isn’t bad if you aren’t concerned with not having the ability to use your mobile carrier’s network, or possibly access the default Android Marketplace. Otherwise, it’s a good little Android tablet none the less.


Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab starts arriving in stores complete with leaked pictures

Don’t you just love having good connections? Thanks to one of our insiders at Sprint, we know that the Galaxy Tab has started arriving in Sprint stores as of yesterday. The Tab for Sprint goes on sale tomorrow (11/14/10), and has been available for pre-order for a couple days to premiere customers, so if you’re on this CDMA carrier, be sure to head over to your Sprint store tomorrow to pick one up.

Also, while there has been some hacking and modding to put the phone function back into the T-Mobile version of the tab, chances are we won’t see it for any of the CDMA carriers, as the data / voice plan can’t be changed on the fly like it can with GSM devices.

Thanks Robert!

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab in US hacked, can make phone calls

As previously mentioned in our pro-Tab article via the comments, the US versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab have had the phone functionality removed. But, thanks to the genius minds at xda-developers, the T-Mobile version has been hacked to add the phone functionality back in.

We should mention that the hacks aren’t for the faint-hearted, as there’s going to be some pretty technical stuff involved in making the phone aspect work. But, if you’re ready to don your geek hat and dive in pocket-protector-first, then be sure to hit up the source links below and get started for yourself.

What do you think about the hack? Do you want the phone feature on the Galaxy Tab, or do you think it’s better off without? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

[xda1 / xda2 / xda3 via AC]

Samsung Galaxy Tab gets treated to a tear down, no unicorns found

In keeping with the mantra of “hack it until it breaks, tear it down, build it back together and start over”, iFixit has taken the Samsung Galaxy Tab and ripped it apart – literally. While there really isn’t a whole lot in the tear down that you wouldn’t be able to find out by looking at the documents on the internals, it’s still pretty cool to see one take apart from its back cover to it’s seemingly unbreakable Gorilla Glass screen. We should not that, after the take apart, there were no unicorns, fairies, smoke, or anything else that a certain Steve-ishly Jobs-ian person may call magical with their tablet.

Be sure to hit up the source link for the full tear down, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

[via iFixit

Nvidia CEO says Samsung Galaxy Tab is just a ‘Large Phone’


Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has made his opinions known for many things, this time it’s regarding the Android tablets currently on the market (or very soon to be), even more specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S Tablet. His remarks suggest he’s not impressed with the current lineup of Android tablets, calling them “a large phone”.

Nvidia has released their 2011 road-map, which does suggest they plan on launching the anticipated Tegra 2 tablet, which will run on Android, but by the time the Tegra 2 comes out, Huang notes it will be an Android OS tailored specifically for tablets, not simply an enlarged smartphone OS stretched to fit a larger screen resolution.

He has a point there folks. Any tablet coming out with Android 2.1 or 2.2 is simply a large phone in most respects. I’m Google is fully aware of this, and has been making Android OS improvements designed with tablets in mind first, not smartphones. Honeycomb…Ice Cream? Who’s hungry?

[via Engadget]

Galaxy Tab pre-order offered to Sprint Premiere customers

We know how excited you all are about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, so here’s another story for you.  Members of the uber elite Sprint Premiere club likely received this email today inviting them to a special online pre-sale for the Galaxy Tab. For the next three days, members can pre-order the device and it will ship as soon as the order is processed, so that the long and dangerous journey to the local brick and mortar location can be avoided.

Still, the free shipping being offered is a pretty sweet deal, so if you happen to be a member and are interested in purchasing the Galaxy Tab, this may be a good option for you.

[via Sprint]

Verizon Galaxy Tab available today, AT&T Galaxy Tab coming November 21st

For all you Big Red customers interested in the Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android, it’s become available today! Verizon Wireless’ version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab goes for $599 without a contract or rebate. A data plan will run you $20 a month.

November 21st looks like the date when AT&T will launch their version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. AT&T’s Galaxy Tab will run you $649, with data plans at $14.99 for 250MB and $25 a month for 2GB of data.

T-Mobile’s Galaxy Tab is already available, and Sprint’s will be available on Nov. 14 for $399 on contract.

[via informationweek]

Rogers Offers Subsidized Dell Streak Exclusively

Rogers Dell Streak

Rogers has made it official, they’re now offering the Dell Streak to customers through subsidized pricing! We had reported Dell offering the SIM free version of the Streak to operate solely on Rogers Wireless networks, directly on product page.

Rogers will be offering the Dell Streak for the following prices;

  • $149.99 on a 3-year term contract
  • $399.99 on a 2-year
  • $549.99 on a 1-year
  • $549.99 on monthly contract
  • $599.99 no contract

If you’re looking to pick one up through Rogers, you can visit their product page by clicking the link below.

[via Rogers]

Wall Street Journal Launches Android Tablet App


The Wall Street Journal has released an Android App specifically for Android Tablets that will allow users the ability to read the WSJ with full screen video, market data, saving articles for offline reading and a 7-day archive.

The Wall Street Journal had this to say about the app and its release;

“Our strategy is to serve readers whenever, wherever, and it’s critical that the Journal’s unparalleled news and analysis are available in a high-quality format across multiple devices and platforms,” said Daniel Bernard, chief product officer for The Wall Street Journal Digital Network. ”The WSJ Tablet Edition for Android continues to blend the best of print and online with an experience that showcases our strength of innovation and original delivery of content.”

Is Samsung releasing a 10 inch Galaxy Tab?

Our stance on the Galaxy Tab is pretty clear, as mentioned earlier today. One of the things we talked about was the size, along with the fact that Samsung wants to give you choices in your tablets. It looks like Samsung may be holding true to their offerings, as they are now teasing us with the possibility of a 10.1″ Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The device being shown off above was on display at the FPD International Green Device 2010 trade show in China. It touts a 10.1″, 1024×600 resolution screen, 1,000:1 aspect ratio, and according to CNN, “is built using Samsung’s existing manufacturing processes, only instead of using a glass substrate for the TFT it uses resin, which results in a tiny reduction in thickness (fro 0.5mm to 0.44mm), but a huge reduction in weight from 130g to just 28g, excluding backlights”.

This type of technology can significantly reduce the weight of a 10-inch device. There was no mention as to whether or not the tablet could handle multi-touch, although it, as of now, is still only a prototype. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

[via CNN]