MEEP! Kids Tablet Announced by Oregon Scientific

Looks like the average age of tablet users will be lowering with companies like ViNCi and Toys “R” Us  prepping kid-friendly slates. The latest comes from Oregon Scientific and is called the MEEP! tablet. According to the press release, this tablet will have a 7-inch color touch-screen, Wi-Fi, a G-Sensor, SD card slot, and parental controls. No word yet on what version of Android will be on board.

The MEEP! is said to offer movies, music, e-books, and apps from from leading developers, the latter making us think it will not have direct access to the Android Market. Accessories for the kiddie-slate will be offered, including musical instruments, which I’m sure will make every parent jump for joy. Ear-plugs were not mentioned as a potential accessory. The full unveiling is happening at the TIA Toy Fair in New York, which runs from now until February 15th. Full press release after the break.

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T-Mobile UK States There is No Data Speed Cap in Their “Full Monty” Plan or Other Plans Either

For those that were excited to hear about T-Mobile UK‘s new unlimited plan only to hear that data speeds were capped, we have some news that should help you rest easier. The “Full Monty” plan as it’s called is quite big news in itself, however news has since circulated the internet that the data speeds on that plan were heavily capped at 1MB/S.

Well for those out there that think this, T-Mobile has released a response of an official capacity and according to them there is no cap to be seen. Here is what they said:

“We can confirm that we do not have a 1Mb/S maximum data download speed in place for The Full Monty plan – nor for any of our other pay monthly or pay as you go price plans – and we are confident that our average data speeds are as good, if not better, than anyone else in the industry.”

It also appears that even the monthly and prepaid plans aren’t capped either. So if you are on T-Mobile you can rest easy knowing that your data plan isn’t capped and knowing that you can use your plan the way it was intended. That should definitely put your mind at ease.

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Amazon to Launch 9″ Kindle Fire Alongside 7″ Update in Mid 2012

The increasingly popular 7″ Kindle Fire is getting a refresh this summer, and will also be getting a 9″ brother according to a report by Pacific Crest analyst Chad Bartley. He raised his shipment forecast to 14.9 million units, up 2.2 million from his earlier estimate. In a note to clients, he wrote “We believe there is an upward bias, particularly from the new 7- and 9-inch models, which we expect to launch in mid-2012.”

Previous reports had Amazon launching “Hollywood“, a 10-inch quad-core tablet first, but apparently the release got delayed in favor of pushing out an 8.9-incher. It is unclear whether the 9-inch Kindle Fire that may be coming this summer is the same as this 8.9-inch tablet.

Anyone interested in a larger Kindle Fire?

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LG Optimus Vu and Samsung Galaxy Note Posing Together

We reported earlier about

The phablet space (ok, I know “phablet” is weird…let’s say tabletphone) is still being defined, and who’s to say what aspect ratio will dominate? Personally, I think this looks too wide to be comfortable to use one-handed, whereas the Galaxy Note looks much easier to grasp.

What do you think? Does the future of phones look like the past of TV’s?

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Upcoming Device Test Photos: HTC Edition

If you are in the market for a new smartphone and taking good pictures is an important factor in deciding then maybe these test photos will help you in deciding.  This collection shows photos from six HTC phones and tablets, including a few that will probably be seen at MWC this month in Barcelona. What you may finding intriguing is the fact that some of the photos suggest that some of these devices have received codename changes from their original names. As you already know the HTC Edge became the Endeavor. Hit the break to check out these images. Also, make a note of the Quattro tablet name change… Enjoy!

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Galaxy Tab 10.1N cleared for sale by German court

I hope the Execs at Samsung and Apple have a nice discount for hotel bookings in Germany as the 2 tech giants are in the docks overseas yet again.

The case for the prosecution on this occasion is Apple’s claim that the reworked Galaxy 10.1N tablet is still not significantly different from the iPad. The original 10.1 tab has been banned from sale in Germany since September 2011 after the courts backed Apple’s campaign to ban the device. In the latest chapter, the state court in Düsseldorf has ruled in Samsung’s favour stating that the redesigned 10.1N should not be banned as there are “clear differences” between the two tablets.

Apple and Samsung are currently locked in courtroom battles in several countries across the world and the recent string of rulings against Apple doesn’t seem to be deterring the Cupertino giants. Are you tired of reading about litigation instead of innovation? Let us hear your thoughts.

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Pump up the Volume with Netflix 1.7 for Android

Hot on the heels of releasing their app for the UK, Netflix has updated their Android app to version 1.7, which adds a few interesting bits. Here’s the list of updates as posted in the What’s New section of the Netflix Android Market page:

  • Added Facebook sharing for Android phones and tablets in Latin America, Canada, the UK and Ireland
  • Added software volume controls for tablet users
  • Improved audio/video syncing for tablets and phones
  • Resolved split picture and flickering issues on select tablets

This is actually quite an exciting update. Facebook sharing is a nice addition, but I’m most excited about the addition of a volume slider, and the fix for the flickering issues for tablets. I have always found it a bit frustrating to have to manage the volume using the physical buttons on my Xoom. It would usually mean I’d have to pick up my tablet to change the volume. With the new on-screen control, I just tap and slide. Read more

DROID XYBOARD 8.2 And 10.1 Get Respective Updates, Improves Functionality And Enhances Stylus Support


Looks like the Xyboard family is due for an update as Verizon just announced a maintenance update for the pair to improve the overall functionality of the device as well as support for a few additional tidbits.  The Pretty sweet if you ask me.  Maybe this will influence some of you non-converters to run out and finally grab the alternative input method now ($40).  If you’re ready to improve your device, hit the source links below respectively to get your update.  Don’t forget to report back with any issues if you have ’em.  Feel free to report them in our new forum.

Device Features

  • Enhanced browser performance to improve scrolling.
  • Improved Touch Response.  (Touch Response that includes Stylus enhancements for Xyboard 10.1)
  • Maintain data connection when switching between Wi-Fi and the Verizon 3G and 4G LTE networks

Verizon 3G and 4G LTE networks.

  • Successfully connect to 4G LTE network and see the 4G LTE indicator.
  • The Daily application now comes preloaded.
  • Device is now capable of Global Roaming.

Email & Messaging

  • Successfully open links in email messages without device needing to reboot.


  • Keyboard function supported in docking station


source: Motorola 1,2

Motorola VP Says Hardware Is The Reason For Android 4.0 Upgrade Delay To Its Devices

So you own a sweet MOTO DROID RAZR/RAZR MAXX, DROID Bionic or other premium device, but are still aching for that ICS update? Well we know it’s on its way, but as of this time, there’s no estimated release date from MOTO at this time. Owners of the devices previously presumed it was because of customizing the (MOTO)BLUR skin on top of Android 4.0. However, the software development isn’t the hassle— it’s actually the hardware that’s causing a bit of a hassle and prolonging the eventual rollout of the update to the handful of MOTO devices. Christy Wyatt, Senior VP and general manager of Motorola’s Enterprise Business Unit makes that point clear:

“When Google does a release of the software … they do a version of the software for whatever phone they just shipped. The rest of the ecosystem doesn’t see it until you see it. Hardware is by far the long pole in the tent, with multiple chipsets and multiple radio bands for multiple countries. It’s a big machine to churn. I would have to know that every single operator I have is going to want to upgrade every single product, and sometimes they’ll want to control the timing … it’s just not easy to make that blanket statement.”

Motorola completely feels for its customers and wants to push out timely updates as quickly as possible, but it’s not at this point because of various factors involving hardware and mobile carriers. The problem is pretty straightforward: Motorola finds out if the hardware is compatible, throws on the custom skins like (MOTO)BLUR and waits to finally get re-certified by every individual carrier– which is a difficult process by itself. As tedious as the process is upgrading devices to Android 4.0, it’s a necessary one in order to ensure all aspects of the devices are running smoothly and without issues.

All is not doom and gloom though folks. While highlighting the difficulties in updating the software for each phone, Wyatt added some understandable enthusiasm for Android 4.0 because it gives developers a single UI for phones and tablets:

“That has to be one of the promises of Ice Cream Sandwich,” she said. “By bringing these UIs together, you solve the experience gaps and the ecosystem gaps between [phones and tablets].”

Our sentiments exactly Christy. While additional tweaks such as the WebTop (laptop) mode needs to be worked out as well, expect MOTO and its great group of developers/engineers to figure out everything sooner than later.

source: PC Mag 


TELUS Offering Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 With LTE For An Arm And A Leg

Telus is almost ready to flip the switch on their highly anticipated LTE Network and first up for devices to rock super fast speeds is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.  You can check out our review of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 (WiFi Only) here if you haven’t already. We like to tout the device as being a happy medium for those wanting more than a 7-inch offering but less than a 10.1-inch model.  Either way, you can’t go wrong with this slim power-horse of a tablet.  Up until now, it was hard to find the prospective price for the almost released device but it looks like now we can expect it to be a whopping $649.99.  We’re surprised your first born is not required as well.  In any event, the device packs pretty impressive specs sporting a dual-core 1.5 GHz CPU on a beautiful 8.9-inch 1280 x 800 res display.  There’s also a 3 mp camera and 2 mp front facing camera accompanied by a generous 6100 mAh battery.  Your standard Wifi and Bluetooth are all there wrapped up in a 453 gram 8.9 mm housing.  Even with LTE on board, this thing is still one of the slimmest devices around.  The tab will come with Android Honeycomb 3.2 and also supports HSPA+ 21Mbps when you’re not in an LTE coverage area.


source: Telus
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