Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab marked down to $299


The Samsung Galaxy Tab with Sprint has been marked down to $299 with a two-year contract. This is for new activations of the device along with a contract signing. Upgrades may be available to some Sprint customers in “good standing for 22 consecutive months” and should see in store for upgrade details otherwise.

This offer also states that it’s valid until February 26th 2011 while supplies last, so if you’re thinking about it, best make a quick decision.

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Notion Ink’s Rohan Shravan: Cameras don’t need flash, Honeycomb a ‘work in progress’

Despite FCC delays, Rohan Shravan of Notion Ink took the opportunity to comment on the state of the new Notion Ink Adam tablet. In particular, Shravan discussed camera flash concerns and the state of Android’s anticipated new OS, Honeycomb.

Shravan admits that the tablet may be a bit bulky and requires a steadier hand than your traditional camera, but he also states that the Adam’s camera takes great pictures and does not need flash. He also states that “IMHO, [a camera] flash is only useful in 5%” of photo taking situations.” Some of you might be shaking your heads at this figure, but photos from the Adam’s camera seem pretty good.

Shravan also discussed Honeycomb. Although the Notion Ink Adam tablet will use its own UI, called Eden, it is being built around the next-gen Android OS. Despite this, Shravan is calling Honeycomb a “work in progress” that is still being optimized by Google, Motorola, NVIDIA, and the like.

Basically, its being suggested that Honeycomb won’t be available for consumer use as soon as we’d like. This is interesting to note, considering Verizon Wireless plans to launch the Motorola XOOM in February.

Perhaps the Notion Ink will soon get FCC approval and launch in February as well? As always, we’ll have to wait and see.

Check out some photos taken by the Notion Ink Adam tablet after the break!

ClockworkMod Recovery for NOOKcolor now available in ROM Manager


The NOOKcolor has quickly turned into a favorite among those involved in the Android development and hacking community. Just last week the device had its Bluetooth chip activated thanks to some dedicated XDA members, and in December the device had the full Android Market ported over.

Now, thanks to the hard working folks behind ClockworkMod, everyone’s (well, at least my) favorite Android recovery is now available for the NOOKcolor in the ROM Manager. So, if you’ve rooted your NOOK and want to get ClockworkMod going too, hit up the ROM manager and flash away!

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Motorola projects 700,000 to 800,000 Xoom shipments in Q1 2011


Fresh off a very warm CES 2011 reception, Motorola has just ordered between 700,000 and 800,000 Android 3.0 powered Xoom tablets to ship before the end of Q1. Motorola has ordered four different color options, and industry sources feel the number could go as high as one million. The Xoom will again be powered by Android 3.0, and feature a Tegra 2 processor, 1 GB RAM, dual cameras with 5MP in the rear and 2MP in the front, and a resolution of 1280 by 800.

Also, in case you missed our CES coverage of the Xoom, be sure to check out our hands-on video, as well as this video demo of Honeycomb running on the device.

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Motorola Xoom Sports A Barometer, One More Thing The iPad Can’t Do

More and more news and features continue to leak and trickle out for Motorola’s monster Xoom Tablet.  One more thing to add to the list of things the iPad can’t do, a Barometer.  In fact, technically, the barometer will coincide with an accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope and an ambient light sensor.  So, unless you’re Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, chasing tornadoes all day long, or you’re a meteorologist, we’re not sure how these features will benefit anyone.  But hey, more is better right?  Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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More details on the NEC dual-screen Android Cloud Communicator

One device that was certainly buzzed about at this year’s CES was the NEC Android Cloud Communicator LT-W, a dual screen slate running Android 2.1.

This device is not being classified as a tablet or an e-reader, as it’s a bit in between. It does feature two 7-inch resistive displays with 800 x 600 resolution, but NEC assures us that it will be responsive to the touch.

Because it’s Android 2.1, the LT-W will sport a Webkit browser with capabilities on both screens.

Inside the LT-W, you can find a TI OMAP 1 GHz processor. It also supports Wi-Fi and 3G connectivites.. The NEC Cloud Communicator is supposed to launch with the standard Android Market. The company may also have an app source of its own, as it actively seeks out developers.

The Android Cloud Communicator is set for release in Japan fairly soon, although a stateside release has not been confirmed as of yet.

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Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi version releasing before 3G version?

We already knew the Motorola XOOM would be releasing on Verizon Wireless within the next few months, but is the Wi-Fi only version hitting the market even sooner?

Motorola’s Latin America GM, Maurizio Angelone, confirmed that there will indeed be a WiFi-only version of the Motorola XOOM, to be released in April. However, we do not know exactly where the Wi-Fi only Motorola XOOM will hit retail shelves.

Although this tablet running Android Honeycomb still has awhile before consumers can get their hands on it, at least we know that there will be a WiFi-only version available.

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T-Mobile Launches Sign Up Page For Dell Streak 7

T-Mobile has just launched a “notify me” page on their website for those of you wanting to be the first to receive any and all information regarding their new and upcoming 4G tablet, the Dell Streak 7.  We mentioned a few days ago that T-Mo added the Streak to their “What’s new” tab and now it’s nice to see the progression towards finally getting this product into the hands of the masses.  Be patient folks, as T-Mobile has stated at CES that the Streak 7 will be available “in the coming weeks”.  Price still remains unknown for the device as of now, but time will soon tell.  So, head on over to T-Mobile’s site via the source link and get your sign up on.

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Hands on with the Motorola Xoom tablet for Verizon

[singlepic id=520 w=320 h=240 float=center]

There’s been a ton of buzz around CES over Motorola’s newly-announced Xoom tablet, running Honeycomb and coming to Verizon’s network. We stopped by the Motorola booth, and were able to get a brief walk-through of Motorola’s new baby, and we must say, it looks incredible. The Xoom includes:

  • Nvidia Tegra2 1GHz dual core processor
  • 1GB DDR2 RAM
  • 10.1inch capacitive gorilla glass touch screen display
  • 1280 x 800 resolution
  • 802.11n WiFi
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • 5 mega pixel camera with limited auto focus
  • 32GB storage capacity
  • 720p Video Recording
  • Adobe 10.1 flash
  • HDMI port connectivity

We’ve got a video rundown and full photo gallery of this new device, and we want to know your thoughts on the Xoom. So, be sure to hit the break to check out the video and photo gallery, and leave your thoughts in the comments. Also, be sure to check out the real time demo of Honeycomb on the Xoom tablet that we snatched from Verizon’s keynote, as well as the video of the Xoom from the Verizon booth.

Toshiba’s 10.1-Inch Tablet Prototype Gets a Little Attention

This 10-inch tablet from Toshiba is packing a full-sized SD card, bluetooth, USB2.0 port, as well as HDMI and miniUSB ports. It’s got a rubber back and a dock and sports a 1200×800 resolution. It will offer video upscaling they call “resolution plus,” and has a pair of speakers built-in. It will feature Honeycomb when it launches, but there’s no word yet on when that will be or what carrier it’ll be available on.

Hit the source link for all the details and a hands-on video.

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The Viera Connect: Hit or Miss?

Traditionally, Panasonic makes some rockin’ hardware. So, how does their Viera Connect Android Tablet measure up? Well, Gizmodo doesn’t especially think it plays out well. In the absence of our own hands-on experience, we’ll share this with you, because they do a good job of lining out exactly why. It’s apparently a slow, sluggish, convoluted device. According to those with hands-on time, it as a long way to go to be a successful device, and frankly we expect more from Panasonic. Not to say that this device is without merit, but if offers a far less satisfactory experience than many Android tablets, and ultimately, the user experience is what it’s all about. It’s impossible to predict what will or will not appeal to everyone, and we don’t know what the price tag is on this tablet. That said, do your homework and get some personal hands-on time before you pick this tablet up for yourself.

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Hands-On with Viliv X7 and X10 Android Tablets

Viliv X7 and X10 tablets are new on the floor of CES, and while our guys on-site weren’t able to make it there, Engadget was on the scene! The X10 has a monstrous 8300mAh batter (Wow!), and both are rocking 1GHz Cortex A8 processors with 3 megapixel cameras and 1.3 front-facing jobs, and are expected to ship with Honeycomb…even thought the floor models are only sporting Froyo’s 2.2. More info as it develops, but in the meantime hit the source link to check out all the pics of these two new Viliv devices.

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Polaroid Unveils 9.7″ Tablet At CES (Video)

It looks like the latest company to join to the “ahhh, what the heck” mentality when it comes to the ever growing production of tablets, is none other than Polaroid, remember them? The video below, courtesy of Android Central, shows off Polaroid’s 9.7″ tablet running android 2.2.1 (Froyo)  Overall, it doesn’t look like a bad device, aside from the huge Polaroid logo stamped on front.  The device sports ARM’s Cortex A8 1GHz chip, 4GB of ROM and a 2MP camera.  We didn’t notice a front facing camera on the tablet, but it does come with a pretty hefty battery, running at 6800 mAh.  And based on a couple of apps on the device, it doesn’t appear that the tablet  is slated for any carrier in the US at the moment.   Hit the break to check out the video and let us know what you think of the device in the comments below.

Video: Verizon Motorola Xoom showing Android 3.0 Honeycomb demo

[singlepic id=478 w=320 h=240 float=center]

More Android goodness, everyone! There was a Verizon rep at CES 2011 at their stage showing off a short video of the new Motorola Xoom showing off Android 3.0 Honeycomb. We weren’t – unfortunately – able to actually do a hands on with this little beauty, but I can tell you this: it’s gorgeous. The video was crystal clear, and the general feel of the tablet itself is superb. Hit the break to see the video demo, as well as a short gallery of pics. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Samsung to Show Off Dual-Core Phones and Tablets at Mobile World Congress

Next month in Barcelona there be a big event in the world of wireless devices: the Mobile World Congress. At CES today, Samsung mobile president announced that they have big things in store for MWC. They will be showing off dual-core phones and tablets and talking about their push to more 4G devices.

“We will continue to keep our technology leadership this year. In terms of dual-core applications, we already have a program, and next month at Mobile World Congress we will unveil it…[and] we will unveil our next-generation tablet device portfolio in detail.”

As always, keep your browser pointed at TalkAndroid, and we’ll bring you the news as it develops.

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