[Leak] NVIDIA roadmap reveals Kal-El+ and more through 2012

by Robert Nazarian on
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We have been hearing about NVIDIA’s quad core chip, Kal-El, for a while now, and we should see the first tablets with the chip installed by the end of the year. If you are wondering what else NVIDIA has in store, we have some insight via a leaked roadmap.

Sometime in 2012 we should see the release of the Kal-El+, and after that, there will be two business lines. Project Wayne will target tablets and superphones, and Project Gray will be for the basic smartphone market. We should see those products by the end of 2012.

Unfortunately the names are all that we have, but I am sure some serious speed is in store from these future chips.

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Italy gets two new Android tablets from Olivetti

by Stacy Bruce on
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Italian manufacturer Olivetti, has announced two new Android tablets to add to the ever growing tablet market. The Olipad 110 is a 10 inch slate that runs on Honeycomb and the Olipad Smart will have Android 2.2 Froyo on board. Set to release on September 12th and 15th respectively, you can order the 10 inch right now from MediaWorld outlets. Looking over the specs, I don’t really see anything groundbreaking here, but it’s nice to have another Android tablet option with a reasonable price tag.

Olipad 110 has been priced at at €449 including VAT, while the Olipad Smart will be sold for €299. Hit the break for the full press release.

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iBall Introduces iBall Slide Tablet PC In India

by Harold Williams on
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iBall, a popular and innovative Indian company, is entering into the tablet market with the iBall Slide (doesn’t Apple own the lower case i?). See that cool dude up top? That’s Indian Superstar Hrithik Roshan, an actor who is helping to advertise this new device. Coming in at 13,995 Rupee (aprox. $307) this should be a good budget device for India. The device also has a good number of ports as well though it’s a bit too much device vs. screen for me. I know Roshan in that picture up top has gotten you interested, so hit the break for a full breakdown of specs and screenshots.

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Sony Tablet S Available On Home Shopping Network For $599

by Harold Williams on
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Well this is a first for me to see, an Android device available first on the Home Shopping Network. We gave you the heads up the S was available for pre-order from Sony and that they would be shipping “on or about” September 16th. Well, oddly enough, the 16GB S tablet is shipping right now from HSN and can be yours for $599. This price is $100 more then Sony’s pre-order price, but this may be because they are ready to ship right now and come with some payment options (2 payments of 299.97, 3 payments of 199.98, and 4 payments of $149.98). If you can’t wait, hop on over to HSN from the source link and grab one right now. If you need some financing options and can wait, Sony offers 12 month special financing on anything $499 and up.

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Viewsonic ViewPad 7e Up For Pre-Order On Amazon For $199

by Harold Williams on
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The budget conscious 7-inch 4:3 ratio ViewPad 7e  has shown up for pre-order over at Amazon for a low $199. This is a Gingerbread tablet with an Arm Cortex-A8 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage expandable to 32GB, 3MP rear and .3MP front cameras, all seen on a 4:3 800×600 7-inch screen. I can’t help but think this looks way too much like a Kindle. If you’re dying for a tablet on a budget, this might be a good option for you. If not, I might hold out just a bit for the more power packing tablets to drop in price a bit more.

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German Retailers Can Continue To Sell And Restock Galaxy Tab 10.1

by Harold Williams on
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Well isn’t this is interesting. We reported the other day that Apple was successful in getting the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany, but it looks like there are some loopholes. It turns out that though Samsung Germany can no longer sell or advertise the Tab 10.1, this doesn’t apply to everyone else. This means that other retailers do not have to remove the device from their shelves and can continue to sell them. They will also be able to replenish their stock as long as the devices aren’t purchased through Samsung’s German branch. While this still poses a bit of a pain to reroute shipments from somewhere else, a retailer like Media Markt is simply rerouting their shipments from the Netherlands. So close, but still so far Apple. Nice try though. What do you all think about this?

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HTC Puccini LTE Coming to Rogers

by Harold Williams on
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We reported to you last week that, after Rogers announced their 4G LTE expansion, more LTE devices were to come including an unknown LTE tablet. It looks like from the document above, the mystery tablet will be the 10-inch HTC Puccini though we don’t know when. Ottawa has Roger’s 4G LTE currently with Toronto scheduled to launch September 28th. The Puccini certainly could be a device used to help launch LTE in Toronto at the end of the month. This HTC tablet will be running Honeycolmb (above doc shows Android OS 3.0 – 3.3), a 10.1-inch display (1280 x 768 resolution), dual-core 1.5Ghz Snapdragon processor, Adreno graphics, 32GB of storage, 8-megapixel rear-facing camera, and a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera. Slap in 4G and I think we have a winner here. This document also confirms an Acer Iconia to hit Rogers as well. Keep checking back for updates.

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Vestel teams up with Exent to bring all-you-can-eat Android Gaming to your TV

by David Laborde on
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Back in July we told you about Exent’s subscription based GameTanium market for Android that allowed all-you-can-eat gaming for $4.99/month.  Exent’s business model must have been a success as they have now announced that they are teaming up with Vestel, a major player in consumer electronics, to bring their vision of cross platform gaming to televisions everywhere.

Vestel’s Smart Box Set Top Box (STB) will now have access to Exent’s GameTanium bringing TV optimized games to whatever room you choose for your gaming enjoyment. In addition, the service allows you to switch your game from your Android device, to your computer, and now to your TV, without losing your place in the game.

Hakan Kutlu, Deputy General Manager for marketing at Vestel, on the announcement:

“Consumers today want more entertainment options at home and we’ve found that gaming alongside video and music services are among the most popular requests.  With the flexibility of the GameTanium platform and Exent’s years of experience with content programming and distribution, Exent was the clear choice to power our Games on Demand offering for operators. By integrating GameTanium within our entertainment offerings, we are thrilled to be the first to bring the best of Android gaming to TVs worldwide.”

Exent CEO Zvi Levgoren’s comments:

“Exent’s vision is to provide consumers with the greatest gaming experience, anywhere they wish to be entertained. Expanding our Built with GameTanium offering from PCs, smartphones and tablets to the next generation of TV set-top boxes is an important milestone in fulfilling our play anywhere vision. Vestel is a great partner and we look forward to working with them to bring the greatest Android mobile hits to the living room while assuring the best user entertainment experience.”

The GameTanium service will be demonstrated on the Smart Box STB at the Vestel booth at the 2011 IBC conference in Amsterdam.

Hit the break for a full copy of the press release.

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[Breaking] Apple is victorious in getting Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Germany

by Robert Nazarian on
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Back in August, A Dusseldorf issued a preliminary injunction on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. It was originally for all of Europe (minus the Netherlands), but later changed to just Germany.

Today, the same court upheld that injunction which means the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is banned from any sales in the country. Presiding Judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann said the following when delivering the verdict:

“The court is of the opinion that Apple’s minimalistic design isn’t the only technical solution to make a tablet computer, other designs are possible. For the informed customer there remains the predominant overall impression that the device looks like the design Apple has protected in Europe.”

The judge said the court didn’t compare the Galaxy Tab 10.1 with the actual iPad, but instead focused on a design Apple filed with the European Union intellectual property agency in Spain.

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Canada Gets Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab Offerings From Rogers and TELUS

by Justin Routhier on
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While Samsung and Apple battle over the Australian release of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Canadians may now begin weighing offers from Rogers, TELUS and other retailers for this Android Honeycomb device. Although technically it had been available before this point, the new carrier release versions allow users to connect the tab over WiFi or 21 Mbps HSPA+ and thus ultimately it becomes so much more attractive.

Rogers is selling the tablet for $350 with 3-year contract or if you’re not the commitment type, you can buy it out-right for $680. TELUS meanwhile offers no contracts, but various data plans and a pricetag of $650 for the device.

Hit the break for links to these Rogers and TELUS offerings.

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