Motorola to unveil the RAZR (aka Spyder) on October 18

Motorola quietly introduced a teaser video on their Facebook page and sent out invites for an event on October 18 in New York City. The first thoughts that came to mind are the new XOOM 2, XOOM 2 Media Edition, and XOOM Family Edition tablets we have been telling you about, or maybe even the RAZR. It so happens that the image above was sent via email and was saved as “spyderlaunchinvite,” so it’s obvious that we will see the Spyder. The question is if it will be marketed as the Spyder, the RAZR, or even have some DROID branding (the red light in the picture hints at this).

It’s possible that we could still see the tablets as well since they should be launching in November or December. For now it’s just a guess, but we will be sure to give you the full scoop next Tuesday, or if anything breaks before then.

Teaser video after the break

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Toshiba’s AT200 ultra-thin tablet receives FCC approval

Toshiba recently unveiled their new Honeycomb tablet dubbed the AT200 also being rumored as the Toshiba Excite. The AT200 was recently approved by the FCC and according to documents only measures 7.7mm thin, making it the thinnest Android tablet on the market. The FCC documents show that Toshiba’s new ultra-thin tablet will be constructed by Quanta, the makers of Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

With a 10.1″ 1280 x 800 resolution display, this Android 3.2 Honeycomb tab will be powered by a TI OMAP 4430 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and sport 1 GB of RAM. The AT200 will be offered in three different builds: 16GB, 32GB and also a 64GB model will be available. The new Toshiba tablet is said to release in Q4 just in time for the holidays. No pricing or release date have been reported but the FCC visit means we will see more details soon.

[via FCC]

Lenovo Ideapad A1 drops to $200

Looks like Lenovo just lowered the price on its A1 tablet on their website. Originally retailing for $350, the A1 is now available for $200. That’s a pretty significant savings. The A1 is a Gingerbread 2.3 device with a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 single-core processor and 512MB of RAM. It also features  a 7″ 1024×600 resolution display. Coming in at 7″ and $200, this tablet is remarkably similar to the Amazon Kindle Fire. Lenovo’s A1 does include 3MP front and rear cameras for photos and videochat; a physical impossibility with the Fire. Hit up the source link to take advantage of the price.

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HTC Flyer Available From U.S. Cellular Starting At $399.99 On Contract

The HTC Flyer is now available at U.S. Cellular starting at $399.99 on either a $54.99 a month 5GB plan or $74.99 to add unlimited messaging (both on a 2-year agreement). There is also a $599.99 option but you’ll be limited to 200MB at $14.99 a month or $34.99 with unlimited messaging. This is a 7-inch tablet running Gingerbread and a 1.5GHz single-core Snapdragon with a tablet optimized version of Sense. Not a killer tablet, but not a bad price though I can’t see why anyone would want one on a 200MB plan. At that price it may be worth it just to grab the $299.99 WiFI version. You can purchase one from U.S. Cellular right from the source link below. Anyone looking to grab one of these?

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Motorola Xoom Family Edition found in the wild

Pictures of a strange, alternative Xoom are turning up across the web. As the box shows, this is the Xoom Family Edition. The “Family” aspect is the fact that the device comes pre-installed with $40 worth of software for kids by Zoodles, Asphalt 6 from Gameloft, and “grown-up productivity apps like QuickOffice.”  That’s not the only difference though. This Xoom has physically changed from its predecessor. The edges are now beveled all the way around whereas the original was flat on the screen side.  The volume buttons look much more pronounced. The front-facing camera has moved from the center to the top left. Flipping over to the back, the first thing you’ll notice is a new camera. It is now in a chrome setting and occupies the space of the former power button, which by the way, appears to have been removed from the back. Gone also, is the two tone design of aluminum and gel coat. This new Xoom seems a solid sheet of dark brushed metal, possibly duraluminum. Also of note is that the device is labeled MZ505. Currently the Xoom WiFi and 3G/4G devices come as  models MZ606/606 & MZ600/602 respectively. We don’t have a run down of full specs, but for now we know that it features a 1GHz dual core processor and 10.1″ HD display. It’s interesting that this Xoom has been able to slip through the cracks all the way to what sources are calling a big box electronic store, especially considering the leaks of the Motorola Xoom Media Edition and Xoom 2.

More on this as it develops.

[via Engadget]

Google Docs receives update for tablets, Available in the Android Market

Google has just released an update for Google Docs that is optimized especially for tablets. The entirely new design takes advantage of the tablet’s larger screen by adding a new three-panel view allowing you to see filters and collections, a document list, and document details, all at once. The right hand details panel shows a handy little document thumbnail showing details and a preview of your documents. From there you can also see who can view or edit your docs. Google also improved video playback and expanded the sharing experience by adding an auto-complete system.

These features are now available in 46 languages on tablets running Android 3.o+ Honeycomb and above. The new Google Docs can be downloaded or updated through the Android Market. If you try out the new update be sure to let us know what you think.

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HTC Flyer was incorrectly priced at

You might have seen a few reports of Best Buy dropping the price of the HTC Flyer to $99, and that it’s only available in stores since it’s sold out online. We just wanted to let you know that one of our readers reported that they are putting up signs saying that had the incorrect price and they will not honor it.

We are not saying that you won’t be able to grab one. You might find a store that is “out of the loop,” so you could get lucky, but it looks like this hot deal is over before it began.

Thanks Jim

[Leak] ZTE to release 2nd quad-core tablet

It looks like ZTE’s T98 isn’t going to their only quad-core tablet. The T98 has a 7-inch screen, but a new model toting a 10.1 (1280 x 800) screen and NFC recently surfaced. Rumors have it sporting a 1GHz Quad-core processor, 5MP camera, 32GB of storage, and a 3250mAh battery. You will notice Android 2.3 appears in one of the pictures, but we are expecting 3.X Honeycomb.

No word on availability or price, but we will definitely let you know.

More pics after the break

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Nexus Prime could be compatible with a laptop dock or gutless tablet

A Phandroid reader, John Millan has come up with a theory regarding the Nexus Prime. He thinks the Nexus Prime might be compatible with a tablet dock. If you notice in the picture above from last nights teaser, you will see dock connectors. Why would Samsung put dock connectors on the same side of the power button? The other theory is that since Ice Cream Sandwich brings phones and tablets together, it makes sense.

This all seems far-fetched, but one thing I would like to bring up is our favorite Panda’s poem from a few weeks ago. In that poem he closed with:

Be it a Droid or Nexus branded new toy, with dual cores “hd” screens, fancy new widgets and more….The one with the keyboard is what I enjoy”

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ZTE V55 Tablet clears FCC, Could be headed to Sprint

Back in July we revealed  the ZTE V55 tablet was scheduled for Q1 2012 for Sprint, but it could come sooner as it just cleared the FCC. This one was first shown at CTIA last spring, and it will have a 10.1-inch display, 1.2GHz processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and is compatible with Sprint’s 3G network. Back in July we were thinking the V55 would come with 4G WiMAX support, but unfortunately this won’t be the case. Expect this one to be budget-friendly.

Hopefully this baby will land in time for the holidays. We will keep you posted.

[via fcc]