Hush-Hush Promo Plans by T-Mobile Available for a Limited Time Only

Photos Courtesy of TmoNews

You know how T-Mobile was quietly throwing around the idea of promotional sales starting January 25th? You know, the news that TmoNews brought to our attentions and we relayed to you on the 19th? Well it appears that T-Mobile changed their minds and are now listing the Mobile Hotspot compatible rate plans on their site for a limited time only. There is no say as to how long these promotions will be around though.

Found under Value, Classic, Individual and Family plans you can now get a 5GB or 10GB bundled plan for a steal. It’s a surprise that T-Mobile would keep something that distinguishes them from their competition under wraps. Seriously, they should be promoting the heck out of these deals!

So if you are on T-Mobile and are wanting a heck of a deal for these Unlimited-Premium/Ultra plans I would hit the source below and do it soon. Seriously, I have no idea how long these deals are going to be around and the images below will help you get an idea of what you’re looking for. Enjoy!

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Samsung has two Android tablets codenamed P3100 and P5100 in the works

For Samsung Mobile, CES seemed to be about the AT&T Galaxy Note, and not much else. The speculation is rampant for what they will show us at Mobile World Congress. We were expecting a heavy dose of Galaxy S III, but that was squashed last week. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is starting to show its age, so it’s a safe bet that we will see an updated slate or two. With the iPad 3 on the horizon, and the likes of the ASUS Transformer Prime, Samsung needs to step up its game.

We recently reported that they have a 2GHz Exynos-powered tab in the works, and now two tabs just received WiFi certification – The GT-P3100 and GT-P5100. We don’t know anything more than these model numbers, but what we can interpolate from them is that it looks like they’re either 10-inch and 7 to 8-inch versions of the same thing or maybe one higher-end and one lower-end model. With the Amazon Kindle Fire tearing it up as of late, Samsung might consider a lower priced offering.

Could we see these tabs next month at Mobile World Congress? It’s likely, but only time will tell. I’m sure more details will surface soon, and we will let you know as soon as we find out.

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Samsung Launching Device With Their First Ever Super Bowl Ad

Samsung has big plans for Super Bowl Sunday. They just tweeted that a  device will be launched alongside their first ever Super Bowl ad, stating that “only an ad in America’s biggest game can do it justice.” They also mentioned that it will be one of the longest ads during the event. Taking into account the going rate for average Super Bowl ads, a 60 second spot would cost them $6 million dollars. I think they are pretty pumped about this one. But what will the ad be for exactly? Their follow up tweet specifically mentions the Galaxy Note, but the first is cryptic enough for me to believe they have something else up their sleeves. Maybe, maybe not.

Looks like we have about a week before game time. Until then, start your speculating!

source: Twitter
via: TheNextWeb 

London Bus Checker Gives You Live Locations of Buses, Never Miss or Wait for a Bus Again

While I am certainly not one to use this app, as I live in the USA, those in London that ride public transportation may find this app to be quite useful. As the company puts it, the UK’s best-selling travel app has made its way to Android phones and you can instantly know when your bus will be arriving at any of London’s 20,000 bus stops. You can get the lite version of Buschecker by Fat Attitude LTD. which offers you a 30 day free trial of it’s full features. Otherwise you’ll be paying about $1.95 for all its features. They include:


  • Live, updated countdown display of bus arrivals.
  • Real-time GPS map of nearest bus stops.
  • Full route maps for all London Bus Routes – see exactly where your bus goes.
  • Service information – diversions/closures/cancellations.
  • Home screen widget – live arrivals for your favourite stops.
  • Tap on bus numbers to filter the list: see screenshots.
  • Details bus stop information – routes/map location/direction.
  • Map/route number display – find the right bus to get you home!

Hit the break below to get your free trial of what is considered one of the best apps for traveling by the likes of BBC Click, The Telegraph, Guardian Online, The Independent and Wired UK. While this app doesn’t work for me, I would certainly recommend anyone in or traveling to the UK in giving this a shot and letting us know what you think in the comment section below. Also if you’re interested you can check the video on it below. Enjoy! Read more

Notion Ink Gives Explanation of TI OMAP over Nvidia Tegra for Adam II

On the 21st of  this month we brought to you an article about Notion Ink‘s sequel tablet the Adam II and how it would be packing an OMAP processor. This is a complete change up to the Tegra platform they were running in their original Adam tablet. A lot of folk begin to question the change from one processor to the next. In fact, they’ve been questioned enough to release an official statement explaining the reason they made that switch. While we could argue various semantics with benchmarks, memory bandwidth and so on, what really matters is how the power is utilized. In the end this is the argument that was used by Notion Ink. Read more

ASUS Padfone all set for Mobile World Congress unveiling

At CES, I saw the ASUS Padfone, but it was in a plexiglass display. The reason was that it wasn’t the final design. I was told the final version would be ready for an announcement soon, and it looks like “soon” is going to be here on February 27 in Barcelonia at Mobile World Congress. We first saw this baby last May, but here we are 8 months later with nothing official. ASUS has made a lot of changes so what we saw last year will not be the same as what we will see next month. I actually love this concept as I wrote about the idea last April when I questioned the need for tablets.

One bummer is that those of us in the U.S. probably won’t see a release anytime soon. In talking with ASUS reps there was no deals with any U.S. carriers, and it didn’t appear like that would change anytime soon. I would like to hear from you guys  – what do you think of the concept? Assuming the tablet part wouldn’t be over priced, does it make sense to you?

Here’s a quick look from Netbooknews, which is the older design, but shows the concept and Ice Cream Sandwich:

YouTube Preview Image

source: MoDaCo
via:  pocketnow

CM9 is now available for the original Galaxy Tab

So any of you sporting the original Galaxy Tab have likely realized by now you’re never going to see an official ICS update. Don’t let it get you down though cause there’s an alternative that in all likely hood is even better. The Galaxy Tab is now supported by CyanogenMod 9. This device was added just recently so there are still some kinks, such as the camera not working; a typical omission at this stage in development. You’ll also have to build this one from source. If those aren’t hurdles for you check in at the XDA thread for full instructions.

By the way if you have a Galaxy Tab of the 10.1 variety, I have it on good authority that a certain kang of CM9 is a brilliant. You can check that one out here.

[via XDA]

The Kindle Fire is Blazing the Trail to Most Popular Android Tablet

The most recent analytics from Flurry show the startling rise of the Amazon Kindle Fire’s popularity. Back in November when the Fire launched it accounted for about 3% of tablets used. The reigning champ at the time was the Samsung Galaxy Tab accounting for 63%. Fast forward to this January and the numbers tell a strikingly different story. The Fire has since garnered 33% more share tying it with the Galaxy Tab at 36%.

Flurry’s method of data collection isn’t necessarily the most accurate because the data aggregation is incorporated into certain apps, but its no secret that the Fire has been a hit with consumers. Amazon’s low entry point seems to have made the Fire the little tablet that could.

[via Phandroid]

Nook Tablet Gets Rooted Via SD Card, Brings Back Android Market Glory


The Nook Tablet by Barnes & Noble has been rooted again. Sure this isn’t the first root it has ever received, but newer roots almost always promises bigger and better things. The fine individuals at XDA were at it again bringing a bigger, better root to the Nook. This latest root not only roots the device, but allows crafty users to get that ever-important Android Market onto their devices. You’ll have to use an SD card in order to get Google Apps this time around, but if you’ve had experiences with partitioning SD cards, it should be a breeze of a process.

Be sure to visit the XDA thread for full details and instructions on how to root the Nook. It includes essentially everything you need to know in order to make the root a success. If you do end up achieving the root, please do tell us the warm feeling you get having the Android Market and Google Apps back on your device.

[via XDA by Phandroid]

ASUS is Aware of the Transformer Prime ‘Lock-up’ Issue, Plans to Release a Fix in February

According to an XDA thread that has over 400 replies, the ASUS Transformer Prime‘s recent Android 4.0 update has left many users experiencing random lock-ups. Fortunately I personally haven’t had any issues with my Prime freezing up, but the widespread forum complaints have definitely gotten ASUS’ attention. ASUS technical manager Gary Key has confirmed company plans to hopefully “have a fix available in early February.” So if you are one of the folks having problems, help is reportedly on the way.

Along with the lock-up acknowledgment, ASUS is also aware of an issue with Wi-Fi degradation when streaming media to a connected Bluetooth device. It seems that when both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios are working simultaneously, they don’t play well with the others presence. And just like the lock-up issue, a fix is in the works and is also due out early next month.

It looks like February will be a big month for the Transformer Prime because if you will remember a bootloader unlock tool should be released as well. We will keep you posted as soon as we hear more, but in the meantime if you are having any issues with your Transformer Prime, why don’t you sound off in the comments below. If you want to join in the conversations over at XDA, you can discuss lock-ups here, and WiFi/Bluetooth here.

source: xda
via: the verge