Flash CyanogenMod 7 to Your Kindle Fire in 43 Easy Steps

The other day we told you about the CyanogenMod team bringing CM7 to the Kindle Fire. Well as of today you can too. However, this is a lengthy process (43 steps and use of ADB) and I suggest taking extreme caution by reading through the entire guide before you take on this task. According to the post, this is still an alpha build and some stuff doesn’t work. We reported before that the wifi wasn’t working, but both that and the touchscreen are working just fine. The sound and hardware acceleration aren’t working however. According to the post:

“- First, this method will require some knowledge of ADB.
 – This version is very much an alpha build, and as such there are features that are not yet working, though most of the    important stuff is.
 – Wifi and touchscreen controls are reported to work just fine, however sound and hardware acceleration are not.
 – This has been tested with firmware versions 6.0 and 6.1, but not on 6.2.
 – In addition, there is no way (currently) to return to the stock software.
 – There are likely other issues as well, but if you’re willing to test it then proceed.”

So, those of you that are interested in trying this out, I still, advise extreme caution in flashing this, and like with rooting and flashing on other devices, it does void your warranty. If you haven’t rooted your Kindle Fire yet and want to, you can go here. There is no way to get back to the Stock software as of yet, so again, extreme caution advised, have I stressed this enough yet?

If this doesn’t deter you from trying this out, hit the break below to download the files and for the install process. Those of you that successfully flash this, we would love to hear from you. How well does it work? 
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MIPS Announces 7-inch Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet for $99

Did you know that as of right now you can get your hands on a 7-inch Android tablet that runs Ice Cream Sandwich for under $100? Well you can. Today, MIPS technology announced the first ICS tablet to hit the market with the availability of their $99 device. The 7-inch tablet operates at 1GHz by way of a MIPS-based XBurst CPU and uses a JZ47700 APU that together, create a 1080p multimedia experience that “adopts an innovative ultra-low-power pipelining architecture” designed for low power consumption. Battery life should be good with a minimal power draw of only 400mA during active web browsing.

Currently the tablet is only available in a 7-inch screen but the press release states that 8- and 9-inch tablets are on the way. The new MIPS tablet is only available in Japan right now, but will hit the US and other countries soon. All versions of the tablet will feature similar specs such as Wi-Fi, a USB 2.0 port, HDMI 1.3, front and rear cameras, and a microSD card slot. It’s not uncommon to find such specs in a reasonably priced Android tablet but it’s always nice when Google’s Andy Rubin expresses his support:

I’m thrilled to see the entrance of MIPS-Based Android 4.0 tablets into the market. Low cost, high performance tablets are a big win for mobile consumers and a strong illustration of how Android’s openness drives innovation and competition for the benefit of consumers around the world.

There is no exact details on when the tablet will be available here in the states, but reports are showing it can be ordered now for $166 shipped to the US, specific locations may vary. Jump past the break for the full press release, the pricing and availability section gives details on where to place an order. Does this sound like something that tickles your fancy? 
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Dell Streak 7 No Longer Available Online For Purchase

Well chalk this up as another tablet come and gone. Dell has pulled the Streak 7 from its online stores and the tablet is no longer available for purchase. As Dell pulled the Streak 5 in August and there is no confirmation that the Streak 10 Pro will see a U.S. release, it appears that Dell is re-evaluating its future in Android tablets. Even with an update to Honeycomb, sales of the tablet were lackluster.

Of course this also adds some weight to the rumor that Dell would be pulling out of the tablet market altogether.  However, this doesn’t actually confirm that the computer-making company is pulling out of the tablet game, but it does beg the question, what is Dell going to do next?


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ASUS Padfone To Arrive Early In 2012, Will Come Stuffed With Tegra 3 Goodness

Ok gang, who remembers the ASUS Padfone? You know– the cool tablet/smartphone hybrid we mentioned 4 months ago? We have some exciting news. The fine individuals at Engadget were able to sit down with Nicole Scott of netbooknews.com where she had some interesting insights on the cool device. Not only did she highlight the device will formally appear at MWC 2012 in February, but the device will be powered by one of those screaming Kal-El processors. Well– so much for that OpenGL benchmark we saw showing the Qualcomm MSM8960 SoC chip running the phone. Between the Qualcomm chip and Tegra 3, you can see it’s not that hard of a choice for ASUS to make. Maybe ASUS wants the Padfone to share the same chip as its scintillating new jewel? Perhaps.

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Senseg’s E-sense Technology Creates Texture on Touchscreens, Aims for Availability in 2012

Some of the more practical uses of the technology would the use of braille for the blind or even improving on the tablet typing experience by replicating the key textures theoretically improving overall typing speed. The demo video also shows a demonstration of how developers could incorporate the e-sense technology into games, adding another element of interactive fun.

If all goes well Senseg plans to make the technology available for device manufacturers in 2012. In order for us to reap the benefits of texturized touch screens, the manufacturers must be on board as it would be required that they use the technology when designing and manufacturing their mobile devices. To see this crazy-cool stuff in action check out CNET’s video with Senseg’s Dave Rice and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below. I know that I would love to get my hands on something like the Transformer Prime running e-sense technology. Completely brilliant.

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Acer Officially Launches Iconia Tab A200 10.1


It seems like it has been ages since we’ve heard something regarding the Acer Iconia Tab A200. I mean sure we saw the mouthwatering promo video recently, but we haven’t heard too much else regarding the attractive tablet. Well, we finally have word that Acer has launched their long-awaited device in select countries. The Iconia Tab A200 10.1 will ship with Honeycomb (Android 3.2) preloaded, but Acer promises to quickly upgrade the device to Android 4.0. In case you’ve forgotten, the Iconia Tab A200 will feature a speedy 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 1GB of RAM, a 1280 x 800 resolution and a 3280mAH battery— which should be good enough for 400 hours of standby time and 8 hours of video playback.

There are also some noteworthy enhancements to Honeycomb on the device. In addition to the standard features, Acer features a cool built-in UI layer called the Acer Ring which is specifically meant to help improve a user’s productivity and multitasking by creating simple and direct access to applications from any screen. Also jumping one step ahead of ICS’s built-in screenshot feature is an app created by Acer which is called— you guessed it– Screenshot. Screenshot can take stills from  within just about any application: web articles, images and even stills from video calls.

There’s no word on the exact pricing or which countries will have the tab first. However consumers can expect to find the device in both Metallic Red or Titanium Gray. Hit the break for the full press release from Acer.
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DROID XYBoard Tablets Gain FCC Approval

According to the latest rumor Verizon and Motorola plan on releasing the new XYBoard tablets on December 12th and the recent clearing through the FCC may prove that there is something to be said about the leaked release date. In the past, once devices receive FCC approval it is usually a short amount of time before it hits the marketplace and the timing of the XYBoard’s visit seems about right. Now this is Verizon we are talking about though, a carrier who has pretty much tarnished their reputation by botching device releases and delaying them for unacceptable amounts of time, so who knows what will happen.

Either way, the two XYBoard tablets, 10″ and Media Edition, recieved FCC approval yesterday for Verizon’s CDMA/EvDO 800/1900 bands, LTE band 13, Bluetooth and dual-band wireless-N. Apparently they also house GSM / EDGE / WCDMA functionality but are SIM-locked and disabled by firmware.

Verizon has yet to announce official pricing but based on leaked MAP pricing, they can range from $429.99-$729.99 depending on size and storage capacity. Jump past the break for a couple more FCC documents.

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“Rumored” Verizon Release Updates For Galaxy Nexus, DROID 4, DROID RAZR & DROID XYBoard

Another day, another set of rumors regarding Verizon’s release dates for their upcoming Android devices. Yes– I am sure you are all sick of these ever-changing dates, but we have some new updates. As it stands, this looks to be the almost-certain set of release dates:

Galaxy Nexus – December 9th

DROID 4 – December 22nd

DROID RAZR (White) – “Mid-December”

DROID XYBoard – December 12

Be sure to stay tuned with Talk Android folks. As soon as we have any news or updates, we’ll be sure to share them with you.

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Amazon Cancels Recent Transformer Prime Pre-Orders Due to “Lack of Availability”

Damn. I hope you weren’t one of the people who pre-ordered a Transformer Prime from Amazon this past week! If you were, then you probably already know why I am concerned. Based on emails that were sent out to those who recently placed pre-orders, it looks like Amazon over promised stock and had to cancel a bunch, citing a “lack of availability from suppliers.” That sucks! It’s hard to say if ASUS wants to limit the amount of tablets that goes through Amazon, or if they simply can’t/haven’t produced enough product to go around. Last time this happened with the OG Transformer because ASUS couldn’t crank them out fast enough. You would think that they would have learned their lesson, especially knowing they were going to release the first quad-core tablet to the market.

If you placed a pre-order already and haven’t received the above email then it’s safe to assume your OK. If the Transformer Prime was something you were hoping to pick up as a Christmas gift then you may want to check out Best Buy or CompUSA’s pre-order situation or maybe even Game Stop’s. Good luck and feel free to let out your frustrations in the comments below.

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