Samsung to Reveal Galaxy S 2 and Galaxy Tab 2 at Mobile World Congress?

Samsung has been teasing us with talk of big things to be revealed at the Mobile World Congress meeting in Barcelona for quite a while now.  Well, the meeting is just a couple of weeks away, and our suspicions look to be confirmed: the “something big” appears to be none other than the second generation of Galaxy S phones and Galaxy Tab devices. A leak from Samsung’s PR department detailing their schedule shows both the Galaxy S 2 and the Galaxy Tab 2 appearing in the lineup.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the news, and bring it to you the minute we find anything, so stay tuned!

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Update to Nook Color Firmware, Brings Version 1.1.0

The Nook Color has been selling like crazy, and for good reason — it’s a great e-reader, and also functions as a very capable Android Tablet. Because of this, we’re glad to see Barnes and Noble giving it the support they need, and they’ve released an update that includes a ton of bug fixes — though no Froyo yet. The update includes:

  • Improved performance of Wi-Fi connectivity, Home and Shop.
  • Ability to pinch and zoom in browser.
  • Enhanced reading experience for magazines and children’s books.
  • Access helpful NOOKcolor related information and support tips on the new
    default browser home page.
  • Reduce mistyped passwords with “show password” option during registration
    and Wi-Fi set up.
  • Easily identify NOOK kids Read To Me™ books with a new text banner next to
    the titles in Shop.
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements.

This is a big update, and brings lots of great stuff to the table, so head over to Barnes and Noble’s site to pick it up!

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Notion Ink Adam Eden UI hacked onto ViewSonic G Tablet


In the pic above, we see the ViewSonic G tablet, but whats on it? The Notion Ink Adam Eden UI! Yes, after many people started to receive their Notion Ink Adam tablets (after a painful waiting period), the first update was actually bricking the tablets! Ouch! In the Androidverse, people will find a way to make something their own when they’re put up against a wall of crap like having to wait months for a tablet launch, only to have it brick after you run updates.

That’s what Blake did at He installed the Eden UI onto his ViewSonic Android tablet successfully, but left feeling that he wasn’t impressed with the UI after all. By following the instructions found here by an XDA-Developer (of course), he was able to get it running, at least enough that he could say he gave Eden a try, and it wasn’t the paradise he was looking for.

For a more personal view of the experience, head over to the source link below.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab getting another price cut on Jan 26th

That’s right folks, T-Mobile is dropping the Samsung Galaxy Tab price yet again!  This time, by another 50 buckaroos.  That brings down the cost of the popular Android tablet to $250 after a $50 mail-in rebate.  Of course this will require a 2-year contract, but now we are getting down to that impulse buy range.

Now here’s the question – can you hold off the splurge and wait for the new tablets to hit the market, or has T-Mobile finally hit the sweet spot?  If anything, we hope this trend continues with other Android tablets, as we will soon be flooded with touch-screen galore in the upcoming months and beyond.

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HTC Flyer Full Specs Leaked here


A source for has sent in what they believe to be the full spec sheet for the HTC Flyer tablet, supposedly due out this March. Some of this may be repetitive, but the numbers do match up well with information that came out at Digitimes a couple days ago about some of the specs for the “Flyer”.

Here are the specs;

  • 7inch touchscreen with 1024×600 resolution
  • Qualcomm SnapDragon MSM8255 processor
  • HSPA+
  • HDMI Out
  • DLNA-enabled for wireless media streaming
  • 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera
  • 5 megapixel rear camera with LED flash and facial recognition
  • Android 2.3 (may be Android 3.0 by the time this actually comes out)
  • HTC Sensation UI (possibly)

Now we just need to wait for some official pics to get outed for us to drool over.


Barnes & Noble phasing out the Nook 3G

If you had your eyes set on the Nook 3G, then you better get that credit card out cause it looks like Barnes & Noble is stopping production on the ebook reader – according to Engadget.  This isn’t surprising, as most e-readers allow you to download your reading material while you are on wifi, and read the content offline at a later time.

This surely makes the wifi version of the Nook the more appealing, and a cheaper option to buyers.  Especially since you can pick up a hotspot damn near everywhere these days.  Oh yea, let’s not forget about the Nook Color, for my Android hacking brethren and overclocking cousins.

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Motorola Xoom expected to be released on Feb 17th at Best Buy for $700

Like other tablets before it, the Motorola Xoom is looking to make it’s sale debut over at Best Buy on the 17th of February, according to Engadget.  Details show that the pricing appears to be starting out at a steep $700 buckaroos with 32GB onboard.  This puts it in the price range of the original 32GB 3G  iPad which costs $730.

What would you use an Android Tablet for most?


There are going to be so many tablets coming out in the next little while that we may start asking ourselves how important it is that we get one. They’ll all be in different shapes and sizes, options, specs, etc. Obviously, like choosing a computer before, the hardware you bought was likely the result of some self-analyzation on what you plan on using it for. Then came smartphones, same deal. What specs will be good enough for what you plan on doing with it. Is it for business or pleasure? Do you take alot or pictures or not? Video, video chat?

Yes, there are going to be as many options with tablets as there are with computers, laptops, and smartphones. In-Stat, a market researcher, did a report called US Consumers’ Attitudes and Behaviours Toward the Emerging Tablet Market, which they stated, “After close to a decade of negligible demand, the tablet market is finally gaining mass market appeal”.

Stephanie Ethier, senior Analyst at In-Stat also said;

Last year’s small crop of tablets was being touted as potential e-readers; a way to compete against the extremely popular Amazon Kindle line-up…But this next generation of tablets is clearly being marketed as consumer multimedia consumption devices positioned to compete squarely against the Apple iPad.

Tablets are predominantly being used for email, internet and multimedia currently, but we are also seeing the business sector look towards tablets for their solutions as well. Deloitte research firm did another report where they predict that 25% of all tablet sales will be by businesses for business activity.

55% of people surveyed who currently own tablets said they spend at least 9 hours a week using them for various things already discussed. So where do you stand? What would you use a tablet for? How long do you think you’d use it a week? maybe the real question here is this…What will having a tablet do for you that you can’t already do on your Android smartphone?

Internal Documents Leaked – Minimum Prices for Verizon’s Upcoming Devices

Some leaked documents seem to show off the expected minimum prices we might see on the Motorola Xoom tablet and the HTC Thunderbolt that will be hitting Verizon in the near future. No firm release dates have yet been announced for either device, and these prices aren’t necessarily “release” prices, but it’s something. The Xoom is likely to premiering somewhere around $799 — at that price, probably unsubsidized. We’ve seen some great things from Motorola’s tablet in the information that’s been coming forth, and we’re excited about its launch, although that price is a little steep. The HTC Thunderbolt is expect to be priced somewhere in the $249 neighborhood, which is about standard for a device of its specs. Hopefully we’ll get some launch dates soon, and you know we’ll keep you posted as soon as any new information turns up.

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Acer, Are You Phasing Out Netbooks Or Not? Apparently Not.

Apparently the last 24 hours have led to some uncertainty at Acer regarding the intention of their tablets. It was widely reported yesterday that Acer was aligning their tablets to phase out their very popular netbook line. Presumably, the Taiwan sales manager yesterday stated that they “…are aimed at phasing out netbooks… That’s the direction of the market.” Acer’s netbooks have been quite successful, and while tablets seem to be the way of the future, does that mean that there is no longer a market for netbooks?

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab gets overclocked to 1.2 GHz

What could make your Samsung Galaxy Tab even better? How about some more speed? Well, if your Tab is rocking Sprint, then some more speed could be in your future. Thanks to the minds over at XDA, the 1GHz Hummingbird processor has benefited from the new “Bauxite” kernel, which overclocks it to 1.2GHz.

Be sure to hit the source link to check it out for yourself, and let us know how your speedy new Tab treats you in the comments.

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Will LG’s T-Mobile G-Slate Have a 3D Display and Recording Capabilities?

The folks at Unwired View bring us word that LG’s upcoming G-Slate tablet for T-Mobile might, just might, not only have 3D display capabilities, but also 3D recording capabilities as well. They got this info from the good people at GPS&Co, who contacted LG France about it. According to an LG France spokesperson, they were quoted with the following specs:

  • Display size – 8.9 inch 3D display allowing to 3D content without glasses
  • 3D recording capability
  • LG Tegra 2 dual-core CPU
  • USB port and HDMI connector

If these specs turn out to be true, the G-Slate will be one impressive device. Unwired View also point to a story by Pocket Lint wherein they say LG plans to announce a “working 3D mobile screen device demo” soon, likely at the Mobile World Congress in three weeks. We will keep an eye on this story and bring you more as it develops.

[Via Unwired View through GPS&Co and Pocket Lint]

Acer 7inch Android Tablet Hands-on

The folks over at intomobile got a chance to give us a great look at the new Android 2.3 Acer 7 inch tablet, and it actually looks pretty slick! Specifications are impressive as well as it punches with a 1.2GHz Snapdragon dual-core processor, HDMI-out, 1280×800 WXGA resolution, Adobe Flash 10.1 support, and Android 2.3.

The body itself is sleek in design, with a rounded back, sturdy framing and squared front panel. Too bad the outer edge wasn’t actually aluminum instead of plastic made to look like metal. It’s got a single Home button on the front as well, maybe taking a return stab at the iPad. The tablet also has front and rear cameras, the rear with a LED flash.

We’ll likely see more of this at the MWC conference in February.

Apple COO Tim Cook mentions new Android tablets are ‘vapor’

Tim Cook

During a telephone interview, Apple COO Tim Cook had a few things to say about the iPad’s competition with Windows and Android. He stated that he thinks “there’s not much” competition in the tablet world when put up against the iPad due mainly to Apple’s approach to integrated development for the iPad (and other apple products) as well as Apple’s App Stores being more abundant.

To keep the hits coming, he mentions that Android tablets are nothing more than “scaled-up smartphones”, continue to have fragmentation issues, and are ‘vapor’ in many minds due to the lack of pricing and launch dates from the onslaught of Android tablets announced at CES 2011.

He has a couple of points, because we’ve heard many issues and different sides of the story when it comes to fragmentation and development within Android. Also, we have heard from many that tablets with Android 2.2 or 2.3 are just big smartphones. One thing he’s neglecting to mention is what happens when all these tablets do launch, with Android 3.0, which has been tailored for tablet use. It may be the same story as how Android took over smartphone market share in activated phones. There’s going to be a lot of new Android tablets out this year, and maybe 1 new iPad.

When that happens, we’ll see flooding market penetration as we did with Android smartphones, the more being released is another option for users to switch over from the iPad. It may take a while mind you, but it really comes down to numbers in the end.

If you’d like to hear the actual interview with Tim Cook, click the source link below.

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