Apple Slaps Samsung With Revised Lawsuit In Australia, Comes With 278 Claims

Well you have to give it to Apple. If anything, they are relentless. Rather than admit defeat in regards to their recent lawsuit in Australia against Samsung being overturned they’ve come at the Korean company a second time. This time, Apple is expanding its lawsuit to inclue 278 claims that spans across 22 patents and covers 10 new products.

This news was reported by The Australian and according to them, Apple has widened its claims in New South Wales Federal Court today. Samsung’s lead barrister confirmed that Apple expanded its patent lawsuit “enormously” from the three patents regarding features that were packed in the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Also the barrister, Neil Young, states that Samsung was only given a day’s notice of Apple’s legal bid against Samsung being amended to include over 200 claims against smartphones and tablets that haven’t even been seen in the country. Given the short notice Samsung won’t even be able file a defense against Apple until mid-May.  Read more

Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time Shuffles Onto Android [Video]

Just in time for the premiere of the second season of The Walking Dead, Xoobis releases the popular iOS game Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time for Android. We’ve been waiting for this one! The survival/tower defense/action zombie game blends these genres into a unique style, enhanced by cartoony 3D graphics. The goal, unsurprisingly, is to rid the town of zombies using all sorts of weapons and tactics.

From the description in the Android Market:

  • Travel back in time with Chuck, and fight through the hordes of undead in this action packed adventure!
  • Pick your anti-zombie arsenal carefully, as there are dozens of wacky weapons to use against the shuffler’s onslaught!
  • 31 Missions, 12 different places to fight, 25 different types of zombies, big and small, to make your life very complicated – fast!
  • Use your cleaning tools to keep your clients happy. Shoot first, then mop the undead’s guts off the floor, or you will pay for the damage!
  • Amazing layered orchestral soundtracks, along with tons of sound effects and elaborate voice-overs, the game delivers an earful in the sounds department!
The best part: It’s FREE! It does include in-app purchases and some relatively non-intrusive ads, but rest assured there is plenty here to distract you and keep you occupied.

Check out the trailer and download links after the break.

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Augmented Reality Meets the XAPPR, Coming Soon To Android

Augmented Reality (also known as AR) has turned quite a few heads recently. It involves using your smart device like a “looking glass” to manipulate the world around you.  The technology has been integrated into several apps from the Qualcomm Augmented Reality Competition, and is making its way into many exciting new applications that we could use every day.  For example, there is an app in the works that allows kids to interact with a toy before they buy it.

Now, Augmented Reality has a new shoot-em-up spin for your Android, iPhone or Windows Phone device.  The XAPPR gun, brought to you by MetalCompass, attaches to your phone and transforms it into a virtual killing machine.  More specifically, it allows you to turn and shoot in real life as the image on your cell phone is following your moves.  You can preorder it before its June release on the company’s website for $30, plus $15 shipping in the US.  The XAPPR takes old school Duck Hunt to a whole new level.  It doesn’t get much better than turning your cell phone into a gun, right?

There are several games that have already been developed to be compatible with the XAPPR, like AR Invaders, ATK, AR Wars and Spray’Em.  Apps like ATK are multiplayer and enable you to play against other XAPPR toting comrades, in a cellphone version of laser tag.  However, only AR Invaders is currently available in the Android Market.  The high tech gun is made to work with other apps, so we just have to wait for the developers to jump on board and make more fun games for Android users.

Source: The XAPPR Gun

$99 Dollar 7-Inch ZTE Optik Is Official And Sprint Bound For February 5th

Since the launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire, it would seem as though everyone is trying to get a low cost, good quality and economically friendly tablet to the masses.  Sprint and ZTE feel the same and aim to launch their new dollar friendly device starting Feb 5th.  We know what you’re thinking though, a $99 dollar tablet?  Must have sub par specs and a resistive screen or something running Android 1.5, right?.  Nope, Sprint and ZTE are going for the wow factor right out of the gate.  In addition to its appealing price tag the device has some pretty hefty specs for its size and class.  You’ll find a 7-inch capacitive display, Android Honeycomb 3.2 out of the box, a 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU from Qualcomm nonetheless, 1GB of RAM and 16 whopping Gig’s of on-board storage.

The only “down side” if you want to call it a down side, would be the fact that it will not be shipping with any connectivity to 4G technologies.  Yep, no WiMax or LTE, 3G only, but that’s what WiFi is for, right?  Heck, I’m just shocked there’s some type of wireless connectivity at all for that price point.  Beggars can’t be choosers. You can snag a data plan on Sprint’s network starting at 1GB for $19.99/mo.  If you want to avoid a contract altogether, you can do so by purchasing the device right out for $349.99.  Not too shabby Sprint.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

 via: Sprint

[Deal] Toshiba Thrive 10.1-inch Tablet for $279.99 at Woot

If you’re looking to get into the tablet game and want a decent deal, then checkout Woot’s deal of the day for the Toshiba Thrive 10.1-inch Android tablet. They have it for $279.99 for the 16GB version. One thing to note is that this is for a refurbished model, but they usually come as good as new, and you will get a 90-day warranty. What separates the Toshiba Thrive from other tablets is the full size USB 2.0 port and full size USB card slot. This was Toshiba’s first major Android tablet, and I think they did a fantastic job with it. If you’re interested, hit the source link to order.

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AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note’s Kernel Source Code Released

Samsung just pushed out the kernel source code for AT&T’s version of the Samsung Galaxy Note. There are three different versions listed for download at Samsung’s Open Source Release Center. Why three, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine at this point, but according to one developer, they are almost all identical save for one line of code. Any guesses?  Now, lets see what the talented dev community brings to the table once the device is actually released.

source: Android Police
via: Samsung Open Source Release Center Releases Its Financial Management App For Android Tablets

Good news for money savvy Honeycomb or ICS tablet owners: has launched its financial management app for 9 and 10 inch models. If you own a 7 inch tablet, you’re not quite out of luck — the app will work, though keep in mind it hasn’t been optimized for the screen size.’s app keeps your finances – as logged from your financial accounts – at your fingertips, offering personalized budgeting options and financial tracking. What I personally like most about the app is that it automatically sends you monthly summaries of your accounts.

Although apart from some tiny adjustments to the usability of the app, it will appear practically unchanged to those familiar with it.  However, it does bear good news for all tablet users.  Developers are right on top of the growing Android tablet user base.

“In the next few months, Android tablets are expected to hold more than 40 percent of the market share,” said Aaron Forth, general manager of Intuit Inc.’s (Nasdaq: INTU) Personal Finance Group. “As tablet use rises, more mobile-savvy people will look for ways to manage their lives across multiple devices, so we developed our Android tablet app to bring simple money management tools to their fingertips.”

This can be read as good news for all tablet users, as the foreshadowing of developers turning their eyes towards the increasing numbers of tablet users running Android.

Surprisingly, the app is free to download (thanks Intuit!) though only currently available for users in Canada or the USA. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to keep track of your finances, visit the Android Market via your web browser or hit up the QR below.

Android Market Link


Barnes & Noble to Release New Nook Tablet This Spring

According to the New York Times, Barnes & Noble is currently working a new Nook eReader that should be ready for retail sometime this spring. Unfortunately not much is known about the tablet but it’s believed to be Android powered and is getting its final touches as we speak. Reportedly this news comes from an anonymous B & N executive so we can pretty much be sure that we will see a fourth Nook in a few months.

I wonder what this device is going to look like? CNET seems to think that it might be a higher-end reader, with a larger size and beefed up specs to possibly compete with the iPad. Although, this is just hearsay at this point, but I highly doubt Barnes & Noble is working on a mid or low-range reader because it seems as though the market has been saturated with such products recently. Either way, in the land of tech and electronics we are generally leaked information before devices get officially announced. It wont be long before we know all the ins and outs of the upcoming Nook so stay tuned for further details.

In the meantime, what are your thoughts? What do you think the book seller has in store for the digital literary world? Let us know in the comments below.

source: cnet


Clove stops selling the ASUS Transformer Prime due to availability and ‘faults’

Clove Tehnology stopped all sales of the ASUS Transformer Prime because of “complaints of faults with the model.” As we know, the availability of the Transformer Prime has been scarce, and Clove didn’t expect to have sufficient stock levels until February/March. They were able to get some stock sooner than expected, but because of these complaints, they decided to test their stock. What they found, we don’t know, but at this time, they aren’t satisfied that all units are working correctly.

They decided to stop all sales and to cancel any impending orders. They did say they will return to selling the Tegra 3 beast as soon as they’re satisfied that the situation has been resolved.

We already know about complaints of WiFi and GPS issues, as well as lock-ups, but ASUS claims the units in the UK aren’t affected, not to mention other retailers in the UK haven’t taken any action.

source: clove
via: androidcentral