Shareholder sues Motorla Mobility, Says Google underpaid

by David Laborde on
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John W. Keating, a Motorola Mobility shareholder, has sued Motorola Mobility, its CEO Sanjay Jha, nine members of its board of directors, and Google for failure to get a fair price on the Google acquisition.

In Keating’s own words:

“The offered consideration does not compensate shareholders for the company’s intrinsic value and stand-alone alternatives going forward, nor does it compensate shareholders for the company’s value as a strategic asset for Google.”

Is the $12.5 billion Google paid for a much needed patent portfolio (roughly 17,000), increased control of the Android Ecosystem, and an entryway into the hardware market an unfair price? The legal protection the patent portfolio brings alone would make it appear that Google did indeed get a good deal.

However, at $12.5 billion, Google paid about $40 per share, or 63% over Motorola Mobility’s August 12th closing price. It would seem odd to think that Motorola Mobility could get a 63% markup and still be unfairly priced, but its an opinion held by Keating and one he is taking the legal steps to pursue.

Keating’s complaint has been filed on behalf of all Motorola Mobility shareholders and he is seeking class action status for the lawsuit (in fact, he’s seeking an order to prevent the deal from completing). Neither Motorola Mobility nor Google has issued a reaction to the suit so far.

The case is Keating v. Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc., 11CH28854, in the Cook County, Illinois, Circuit Court, Chancery Division (Chicago).

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[Deal] Amazon will give you a 20% discount on the ASUS Transformer if you have a rewards Visa

by Robert Nazarian on
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Amazon is running a back to school promotion for those of you that have an Amazon Visa credit card. If you apply coupon code BTS20OFF, you will get 20% off of any PC and office supplies, which some are speculating it includes tablets. You will see the above picture of the discount applied to the ASUS Transformer, but unfortunately the code did not take for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the Iconia Tab A500, or the Motorola XOOM.

It sounds like this deal was not meant for tablets, but if you want the Transformer, grab it quick because they may catch it soon. If you are in the market for another tablet, keep trying because it may eventually take.

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NFL Sunday Ticket Coming To A Number of Motorola And Samsung Devices

by Joe Sirianni on
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DirecTV and the NFL are dead set on getting their content to be absolutely 100% accessable on your mobile device.  The two entities are gearing up to bring you the Sunday Ticket To-Go while….. on the go, of course.  For now, it’s being reported that the Motorola Xoom will be among a number of other Moto devices supported.  Samsung’s Galaxy Tab lineup was mentioned as being suppported as well however, we’re not clear as to whether or not this just includes the Tab 10.1 and/or the original Galaxy Tab 7-inch and 8.9-inch models.  We’re assuming just Verizon branded devices for now.  Per the presser, “other DROID-Branded phones” will receive the service too being that Verizon and the NFL have an exclusive partnership.

DIRECTV customers in the U.S. will continue to enjoy live streaming games with NFL SUNDAY TICKET To-Go on more mobile platforms including for the first time, Motorola’s XOOM and Samsung Galaxy tablets; Motorola’s Android phones; the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry devices with 3G or wifi, Palm Pre/Pixi, and other Droid-branded phones. (emphasis mine)

The extensive list of devices supported was a bit confusing as some devices on the list, which are supposed to be compatible, failed to be so when attempting to grab the app from the Market.  We recommend you just head on over and see if your device is supported the old school way.  The only other caveat is, you’ll have to pay a $50 “to-go” fee in addition to your regular subscription amount.  If you’re a die-hard football fanatic and you’re ok with paying the extra amount, head on over to the Android Market after the break for the download where you’ll also find a few extra screen shots of the app.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Is it worth the price?   » Read the rest

ASUS’s next Transformer to be the first tablet with NVIDIA Kal-El as planned

by Robert Nazarian on
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Back in May we told you that ASUS was going to launch the first tablet with NVIDIA’s quad-core chipet called Kal-El. We were hoping to see the first devices in August, but NVIDIA told us to relax until October. It looks like ASUS is still on track to be the first, it will just be a little later.

This one could be dubbed the Transformer 2. The first Transformer is still selling out everywhere, and I have no doubt this baby will get the same buzz as long as they price it right. I would like to see it launch with a price of $399 along with a reduced price for the first Transformer to $299. They better get their production ready because sales could explode.

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Verizon reveals end-of-life plans for some phones and announces Motorola DROID 3 is backordered

by Robert Nazarian on
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With technology moving at the speed of light, no phone can stay in the market forever. We are always yearning for fresh blood, and the above document confirms some end-of-life information for some Verizon Wireless devices.

First off, the Motorola DROID 3 seems to be out of stock. This obviously has nothing to do with the end for the newest DROID, but it it is good news that sales seem strong. One other newer device is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gray version, which will have constrained supplies for the next few weeks.

As for the end-of-life and other supply issues we have the following:

Samsung Continuum – might already be done since a lot of the supply has been depleted.

Samsung Galaxy Tab – supply is limited so if you want to grab one, you better get to your local store now. It will end by September / October.

Motorola Citrus – will be done by late August / early September

Motorola Droid 2 Global (Blue and Whilte) – done by August

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Locked Bootloader part of T-Mobile’s G-Slate 3.1 Update

by David Laborde on
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If modding is your cup of tea, you might want to hold off on updating your T-Mobile G-Slate with the 3.1 update that’s currently rolling out as it is being reported that the new update carries with it a locked bootloader.

With a locked bootloader making the flashing of ROMs impossible, is the “update” even worth it? Is the 3.1 update better than what can be accomplished now with 3.0.1 + a custom ROM? It comes down to whether or not you value the access that an unlocked bootloader gives you and whether or not that access is worth the price of an update.

Prior to this update, G-Slate had been one of the more developer friendly tablets on the market. Its both sad and frustrating to see this happen when other manufacturers are taking positive steps in the opposite direction.

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Fusion Garage’s Grid OS, Android under the hood

by Jim Farmer on
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News had been cropping up recently of a yet-to-be-released tablet called the Grid 10 by TabCo. Today, however, we’ve learned that TabCo is a fake company, concocted by the real company “Fusion Garage.” If you are not familiar with that name, Fusion Garage was the maker of the JooJoo tablet from March of last year. It was a Linux based 12” tablet packing a 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 as well as Nvidia Ion graphics and 1GB of RAM. Back to today, Fusion Garage has officially unveiled the Grid 10 tablet as well as the Grid 4 phone featuring GridOS. But wait, isn’t this an Android blog? As it turns out, “GridOS was built leveraging an Android kernel. It was built on top of Android. Similar to how Apple built Mac from Unix BSD.”   » Read the rest

HTC Puccini Tablet To Be Released In September/October Says CFO

by Joe Sirianni on
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The highly anticipated 10-inch HTC Puccini is still making headlines, and this time, we’re closer than ever to an official release date.  According to the company’s CFO, Winston Yung, the device should hit the market running some time in September or October.  Specs still remain the same running a 1.5 GHz CPU, an 8 meg camera and of course, a stylus much like the HTC Flyer’s Scribe.  Though it was thought the device would be LTE ready for AT&T land, it’s more likely it will sport an HSPA+ radio instead.  Simply because we don’t think AT&T will have full LTE up and running by September.  CFO Yung also took the time to reiterate that HTC still plans on appealing a recent ITC ruling claiming the company infringed on several Apple patents.

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[Deal] Walmart Selling 7-inch Acer Iconia Tab A100 for $328 with $50 eGift Card

by Harold Williams on
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Walmart has a special offer on a 7-inch Acer Iconia Tab A100. The A100 Honeycomb driven tablet, powered by a 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor, is available for just $328 and a bonus $50 eGift card (essentially making the tablet $278). This deal is available through August 20th, while supplies last.

If you’ve been waiting for tablets to drop below the $300 dollar mark, here’s your chance to snag one. It looks like this deal is sold out on-line, so hit up the stores to see if some are still available (looks like some are still available in CT). Let us know if you’re able to get your hands on one in the comments.

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Firefox Beta for Android (v6) Now Available, Adds Enhanced Performance

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You know a new version of software has a significant amount of changes when you click on the “Whats New” tab and instead of a highlight of features, you’re provided with a link that brings you to the release notes on the developer’s web page. Fortunately though, Mozilla did a nice job and the release notes are laid out very well, are very detailed, and cover everything that’s new in Firefox V6.

Changes from the “Whats new” section of the release notes  include:   » Read the rest