Huawei Announces New MediaPad Colors, Throws In Ice Cream Sandwich For Dessert

Huawei continues to make its presence felt at CES. The company graced us with the original MediaPad last year, which of course was among the first of tablets to use Honeycomb 3.2. As fluid and smooth as that tablet was already, Huawei has decided to take the tablet and make it even better by letting Ice Cream Sandwich run the show. They’ve announced all existing versions of the tablet will get the update by the end of Q1. In addition new MediaPads are set to have Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed as well sometime in Q1. Speaking of new tablets— Huawei also announced the MediaPad color series tablets set to arrive in select markets in Q1. That means you’ll be able to enjoy the 1.2GHz smoothness in a black, brown or even pink variant. Be sure to hit the break for the full press release and details. Read more

Folks Report That ICS Update for the Transformer Prime Causes Freezes, Lock-Ups and Possibly Bricks Devices?

As you know by now Nvidia recently announced at CES that Ice Cream Sandwich for the Transformer Prime would be available Monday night. We even reported that the new update breaks root. Well it appears that this update is causing a lot more problems than lack of root access for some. Multiple forum threads have been started over at XDA in regards to these problems. As of right now it’s a small percentage of folk having these problems but the number appears to be growing.

Folks are reporting that after downloading and installing the ICS update they are receiving a number of lock-up and reboot problems, like six times in under an hour. Regardless of if they are rooted or not people are having this issue. This in turn is causing folks to return their device. Right now there is no official word from Asus on the entire deal but one person at XDA reported that a customer service rep reported that the file isn’t from them and it’s a malicious OTA update. I don’t know how accurate this is considering the word came straight from Nvidia.

There also appears to be two sets of Transformer Primes going out to people according to one XDA thread. There is a bad model that has the WiFi/GPS issues that we reported on a while back and then there is the updated and fixed consumer model. If you are concerned or have one of the ones with WiFi problems you can head on over to this forum here to report your issues. It appears that Asus will exchange these models but I don’t know the details for sure.

With that being said I would advise caution in updating the tablet to ICS until this mess is sorted out or we hear some official word from Asus on the matter. Are you guys having problems out there?

A big thanks to reader Jeff Hamstra for bringing this to our attention.

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The CyanogenMod Team Wants You to Weigh, Do You Want a CM App Store for Rooted Apps?

I know what you’re thinking. Why the heck do we need yet another app store on our phones, what with Amazon, GetJar, and the Android Market and a slew of other apps that do this same thing. However, I think you’ll want to hear me out on this one because this proposes to be a different kind of app store. Here’s the back story.

Recently Koush, the man behind ClockworkMod Recovery and ROM Manager, came out with a tethering app that bypassed the need for a tethering plan and one that did so without the need for root access. While there are other apps that do the same thing, Koush is known for bringing us very good software. Well it wasn’t long before carriers banned the ability to access this app in the Android Market as they did with other tethering apps. It’s those moves done by carriers that spurred this article to begin with. So here’s the deal. Read more

Multi-Year Deal, Strategic Mobile Partnership Struck by Intel and Motorola Mobility

Well it appears that Intel is quite serious about jumping on the smartphone and tablet markets as both they and Motorola Mobility announced that they struck a “strategic mobile partnership” with each other. This multi-year agreement will span over multiple devices and Motorola will begin shipping smartphones (pending carrier approval) with Intel® Atom™ processors on the Android™ platform later this year. As Sanjay Jha, Chairman and CEO of Motorola Mobility puts it:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Intel to deliver smartphones and tablets based on Intel’s Atom processor to consumers and businesses.”Though there are 5 billion mobile subscribers in the world, less than 800 million are using a smartphone today. With Android as the leading smartphone OS globally and advancements in computing technology we see tremendous opportunity for the converged devices market.”

This in essence could be a pretty big deal for Intel given that Motorola is doing quite well in the smartphone game. Think about it.  If you combine what we saw in the reference design from Intel with what Motorola has to offer, backed by Google when the merger completes, we will have one beast of a device for others to compete with. Things are CES are starting to heat up! If you’re intereest hit the break to read the press release below. What do you think, is this something you’re excited about? Read more

SAFE Launched For Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7 by Samsung Mobile

Fresh off the CES announcement of the Galaxy Note for AT&T and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 coming to Verizon sometime soon, Samsung Mobile has decided to bring us the announcement that they will be bringing SAFE to these devices. SAFE is an exclusive suite of security features. It delivers enterprise-friendly capabilities that go beyond Android’s standard features to safeguard sensitive data and communications. These capabilities include:  Read more

Cyberlink Unveils PowerDirector Mobile App For Android Devices, Stresses Tegra 3 Optimization

One of the most effective video editing applications around is now on its way to a device near you. Cyberlink has decided to use CES to announce the mobile version of its PowerDirector application will be available for the Android platform. PowerDirector has long been known as one of the best video editing programs with a great allotment of features. What’s even better is while the app should work with most Android devices, it will be optimized for devices with Tegra 3 chips. Cyberlink CEO Alice Chang put it best:

“PowerDirector Mobile for Android is an exciting development for us, delivering unparalleled on-the-spot video creation experience. We are delighted to work closely with NVIDIA, enabling consumers to create high-quality personal movies directly from portable devices.”

There’s more too. Here are some of the noteworthy features of the PowerDirector Mobile app:

  • Real-time HD video decoding optimized for maximum bus speed, providing two simultaneous 1080p video real-time decode capability.
  • Theme-base video editing with transition and video effects. Users can create pro-like movies in minutes using their content along with professionally designed templates.
  • 4-thread optimization with unparalleled performance, enabling:
    • Live preview of multiple HD video in real-time
    • Accelerated real-time video frame composition
    • Faster video production with unprecedented encoding speed

No word yet on when PowerDirector Mobile will be formally released or how much it will be, but we expect to get more information in the coming days and weeks. Make sure you hit the break for the full press release.

Read more

Snapseed Photo Editing App Due In Early 2012, Tegra-Based Tablet Owners Rejoice


The continuous announcements of Tegra-optimized programs continues to grow and grow at CES. Nik Software has announced its popular Snapseed app is finally on its way to the Android platform. For those unfamiliar,  “Snapseed offers powerful tools that inspires and enables anyone to create amazing photos. Using Snapseed, anyone can capture, enhance, edit, email and share their photos via social networks in just a few seconds”. Yes that means select Android users will finally be able to enjoy all of those noteworthy photo editing features such as the various enhancements and filters. Notice I said select Android users as the app will only be available for specific tablets when the app is launched in the Android Market. How specific? Well the app will “initially compatible with NVIDIA® Tegra®-powered tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.x)”. That means those of you who are lucky enough have a Tegra 2 or 3-based tablet and Android 4.0 are the only ones who will be able to take advantage of the photo editing app (for now).

Photo editing junkies won’t have to wait very long for the app to arrive in the Android Market too. Nik Software highlights the app will be available in early 2012 and will cost $4.99. Hit the break for the full press release. Read more

Verizon LTE Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus Hands-On At CES 2012 [Video]

Well, it’s been in the making, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus has finally made its way over to Big Red with full blown out LTE on-board.  The device is the first of its kind, offering a full 7.7 Super AMOLED display for a tablet device (1280 x 800).  In addition, there’s an integrated IR port so you can use the device as it will ship with a proprietary remote software for operating televisions and DVR’s.  The device is running Honeycomb 3.2 with Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay.  Check out our hands-on below and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

YouTube Preview Image

AT&T LTE Samsung Galaxy Note Hands-On At CES 2012 [Video]

The Samsung Galaxy Note, one of the most talked about devices overseas has finally made its way into the heart of the US as promised.  Running on AT&T’s LTE netowrk, Talk Android happened to get a quick hands-on with the device at CES 2012 and its impressive 5.3-inch capacitive touch display and new innovative smart stylus “S-Pen”, a pressure sensitive pen which offers a plethora of interactivity.  In addition, the sdk has been made available for it and we should see some pretty cool apps and games which are able to take advantage of the technology.  Check out the quick look and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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ViewSonic Introduces ViewPad 10pi & 10e Tablets; ViewPhone 3 Smartphone

It looks like the ViewPad E70 budget tablet introduction wasn’t enough for ViewSonic at CES. They’ve gone ahead and unleashed more toys in the wild for us to play with… this time two more tablets and a smartphone. The tablets— known as the ViewPad 10pi and 10e— aren’t exactly game-changers, but they do have their unique features. The ViewPad 10pi is noteworthy as it features a dual-boot setup of Gingerbread 2.3 and Windows 7, with both OSes running on an Intel Oak Trail processor on a 1280 x 800 IPS touchscreen display. While price is a bit steep at $849, the ability to run a dual-boot setup is tantalizing and will certainly sway a potential buyer or two. The ViewPad 10e is a tablet that is again running Gingerbread 2.3, but is only 9.1mm thin, promises 200 hours of standby time and has a sweet IPS display as well. Though there’s no Android Market, the tablet will come preloaded with the Amazon App Store, so you’ll still be able to access a plethora of apps. Look for the ViewPad 10e to be priced around $279. Both the ViewPad 10pi and 10e tablets will be released around the end of January.

The final eye-opener is ViewSonic’s announcement of their newest phone: the ViewPhone 3. As a dual-SIM handset, the phone features HSDPA connectivity, a 3.5-inch screen, 800MHz processor and Gingerbread 2.3. Look for the phone to be released in late Q1 of this year for $279. Hit the break for some photos and the presser from ViewSonic for all 3 devices. Read more