Ice Cream Sandwich update for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is now live in Taiwan, The U.K. is on deck for tomorrow

Well you have to hand it to ASUS. They were able to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Transformer Prime in early January, and now owners of the Original Eee Pad Transformer in Taiwan are starting to receive the update as well. ASUS had this to say on their global Facebook page:

Many of our Eee Pad Transformer TF101 users have waited patiently for the promised Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update and we are delighted to announce that the first wave of FOTA updates for TF101 firmware v. started today in Taiwan. The update will FOTA in other regions soon after.

Although we will announce several new innovations at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, we take great pride in delivering on-going enhancements and support for products that are well into their life cycle.

ASUS originally promised a February / March time frame so things look to be on track as U.K. owners will see the update tomorrow. Moments ago, the U.K. Facebook page had this to say:

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New Galaxy Note Ad Focuses On Pen [Video]

Samsung Mobile USA released a video on YouTube today of the Galaxy Note which focuses on it’s S Pen functionality (don’t call it a stylus). This ad does a better job at showing what the Galaxy Note can do than Samsung’s earlier Superbowl commercial. The ad states that the Galaxy Note is “the best of a smartphone… and the best of a tablet…” and that “it has a pen with a brain.” Riveting stuff.

Check out the video below and see what this 5.3″ beast can do with its magical stylus pen!

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Acer Iconia Tabs A500 and A100 Get Android 4.0 ICS Leaks

All you lucky Acer Iconia 200 users with your fancy new ICS upgrade from a few weeks ago will no longer be standing alone. Get ready to welcome Acer Iconia 500 and Acer Iconia 100 users to your club. That’s right, Iconia fans, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich builds have been leaked over on XDA. This comes as great news since the official upgrades are not expected until April.

Keep in mind, these are almost definitely not Acer’s final ICS builds, but reports are coming in that there are no major bugs and they appear to work quite well. Interestingly, many of Acer’s typical changes are not yet present in these builds… they are almost completely stock save for a few theme and color tweaks.

Of course, installing these leaks will break root, but rest assured root access will be achieved soon enough. So if you prefer a mostly stock experience, and don’t mind losing root for a little while, give these a shot from the source links below. Just remember to use caution when flashing!

source: xda (A500), xda (A100)

Transformer Prime Gets ClockworkMod Recovery and CM9 As Well

Okay so I’ve always felt that the Android development community was on top of their game, but this is insane. Hours, HOURS, after Asus released the bootloader unlock tool for the Transformer Prime developers were able to get Clockwork Recovery and a CyanogenMod 9 build onto the device. This only suggests that the development community for this device is about to take off and grow exponentially.  If you’re wanting to install the custom recovery on your Tegra 3 tablet then follow the following instructions:  Read more

Asus offers sneak peak of Padfone

With only one week to go until the 2012 Mobile World Congress kicks off, the rumours and speculation are hitting fever pitch. Android tablet trailblazers, Asus has decided to add to the frenzy today by giving the world a look at it’s forthcoming Padfone.

“Divided we stand, together we rock” is the catchy tagline chosen to emphasize the three piece combo of phone, tablet and docking station. The latest teaser shows that the Padfone has gone through a complete redesign when compared to the original leaks late last year. The original concept of a phone that docks into the back of a tablet remains however the new info suggests that Asus will also be offering a keyboard dock as per it’s hugely successful Transformer series.

The Padfone is a 4.3″ Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone that docks into, and powers, a 10.1″ tablet. The tablet is set to be compatible with the TF201 keyboard dock from the Transformer Prime. The full technical specifications aren’t known at this point however I suspect we won’t have to wait long to find out.

The timing of the announcement is certainly opportune with the web awash with rumours that Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is set be an all encompassing, dual-boot Operating System. Perhaps the innovative Padfone trio is exactly the kind of hardware Google has in mind whilst working on Android’s next big release.

Asus tells us that “1 + 1 + 1 = Endless Possibilities” and with their stellar track record in Android tablets, we’re certainly looking forward to seeing the combo in action.

Check out the teaser video below and be sure to keep tuned in to TalkAndroid for news from MWC 2012 as it breaks.



source : androidcommunity



HTC Shows Off Teaser For New Line Of Devices On Their Facebook Page

HTC is bringing the thunder this year at Mobile World Congress and it looks like they’re enjoying a little teasing with the masses before the big event.  The company’s Facebook page is touting the image above and we’re not really sure what to make of it.  At first glance I thought it could possibly be their top tier device getting ready to debut with a 5-inch display however, that’s unlikely since we already know there’s at least going to be three devices.  Another possibility could be that they’re actually gearing up to release five devices rather than three, but who knows?  In any event, we’ll see soon enough for ourselves.  In addition to the pic, they’ve supplied the following one liner:

“This Sunday you’ll discover something fast.”

 What’s my guess?  I’m guessing they’ll reveal their highly anticipated quad-core device and tout the fact that it actually has five cores where one will be primarily used when the others aren’t for low power consumption.  But that’s just me speculating at this point, what do I know?  Only time will tell as to whether or not their talking about the HTC One X (Edge) or whether it has something to do with the other devices they’ll be showing off like the One S and One V.  In addition, there’s talk about the Taiwanese manufacturer dropping a tablet on us too.  So, stay tuned to TA as we bring you MWC coverage around the clock.  Feel free to speculate along with me in the comments below as well.

source: Facebook


Barnes & Noble Wants To Re-Configure Your Nook Tablet’s 16GB of Storage To A More Reasonable Allocation

The folks over at B&N must feel pretty bad about how horribly the Nook Tablet’s 16GB’s of storage has been poorly allocated because they want to make it right with you.  In very fine print, the company has stated that they will be allowing users of the Nook to come in and have their internal storage re-partitioned to a more reasonable configuration, allowing more personal space on the Tablet.  As of now, the device offers 16GB’s of storage of which 13GB’s are strictly for Nook Store content.  That leaves the consumer with a mere 1 GB of personal space to do with what they please.  The decision came in light of the release of the 8GB model of which users had a whopping 4GB’s of the 5 GB’s available to them as personal space.  The company added a quiet statement on their home page which states the following:

If you want to re-configure the internal memory of your NOOK Tablet-16GB for additional personal storage, you need to visit your local Barnes & Noble on or after 3/12/12 for help in doing so.

We’re tipping our hats towards B&N for taking the time to perform this daunting task for the consumer, as it shows where their business model lies, obviously with the customer.  And we’ll take it.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Hit the source link for more information.

source: Barnes & Noble
via:  Android Police




Another Early Morning Verizon 4G Outage Hits U.S.

As it suggests 3G data, voice and text services are working just fine but users are reporting that they are also having problems with 3G connectivity. Similar to the outages on both December 7th and the 21st it has affected users frustrated. While those outages were explained there is no say as to what is affecting this current situation. Stay tuned and we will update the story as we know more. Are any of you users out there having these problems? Sound off in the comments below.

source: VzBuzz

ASUS Officially Releases Transformer Prime Bootloader Unlock Tool

Finally! ASUS has officially released the Transformer Prime bootloader unlock tool that they have been talking about for what seems an eternity. Just as they promised, ASUS has delivered the tool in the month of February so now the development side of things is about to get exciting. Before today, the Transformer Prime was blocked from doing any major tinkering, like flashing custom ROMs, kernels and those oh so fun MODs. Once a major deterrent to many perspective buyers, the availability of an unlock tool will now give users the option of customization, probably my most favorite thing about Android.

Available now, the bootloader unlock tool doesn’t come without warning. ASUS makes it clearly known that if you decide to unlock your TP’s bootloader, you will knowingly forfeit your manufacturers warranty and all future OTA updates. Although ASUS claims this method is irreversible, I give it a couple weeks before the development community figures out a way to re-lock the device.

If you’re ready to get your home-brew on, head over to the source link you see below for the full run-down and harrowing warning from ASUS. As always, Talk Android takes no responsibility for what you do to your own device so don’t blame us if something goes awry. That being said, who’s ready for some flashin’ action!? I know I am!

source: ASUS
via: Phandroid


Huawei 10-Inch Tablet: An Exciting First Look

Add this to your list of rumored MWC 2012 devices: a Huawei 10-inch tablet with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is reported to have an 8 MP rear facing camera with a flash, WiFi and 3G connectivity, and a microSD expansion slot.

Huawei has been hard at work lately releasing high end devices, including the Ascend P1 S. There have been multiple rumors that Huawei plans to unveil more devices, including their quad-core Ascend D Q and a 10-inch tablet at MWC. This begs the question on whether this 10-inch tablet will have a dual core or quad core CPU, to accompany the Ascend D Q. The 10-inch tablet appears to be a successor to the 7-inch MediaPad.

Some other things to expect from this tablet are a thin metal exterior and a dock connector at the base. It seems as though Huawei will soon be a big contender for high end devices.