Dolphin Partners With Evernote, Brings Two Plugins to Dolphin Browser

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Dolphin Browser is one of the better Android browsers out there and they look to add more functionality to an already function rich experience. They have announced a partnership with the folks at Evernote that adds two new plugins to their browser. Both Evernote and Skitch will be integrated and allow you to annotate web page screenshots and save them automatically to your account. Desktop web browsers already have this and it’s a good move to bring it to mobile browsers. This should certainly beef up their browser in regards to its competition with both Firefox and Opera browsers. If you haven’t already, hit the break below to get Dolphin and the two browser plugins.  Read more

How To Root The Asus Transformer Prime……Again

With all of the Asus Transformer Prime buzzing the internet lately it’s hard to keep up with what’s going on with this device.  Anyhow, if you want to quickly catch up on all of the TP news check out the links to our previous articles below.  In the meantime, if you were one of the few who experienced some funny business after the first and second OTA update and especially if you lost root access, this post is for you.  The folks over at XDA have been hard at work to get you root again and we’ve supplied the instructions below to make it easy for you.  This is completely unsupported so proceed at your own risk.  However, if you’re ready to take control of your device again, give it a go.  Hit the source link for the full thread and feel free to comment below and let us know how well the root method worked for you.  Enjoy.

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AT&T Offering Pantech Burst & Element Bundle For $250

AT&T wants to lure a prospective customer or two to some of the new Pantech toys in its lineup. They recently introduced the Burst and Element tablet at CES and both look to make an immediate impact and splash as they will run on AT&T’s LTE network. AT&T wants to entice you by offering a special limited-time bundle of both devices. How much for the two devices, you ask? How about a not-too-shabby $250 (on-contract) for both. Naturally you’ll have to splurge on two separate plans for both devices but hey, at least you’ll have two devices to enjoy those 4G speeds on.

[via Pantech Twitter and AT&T by Engadget]

Root and Push Clockwork Recovery to Your Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

If you have been wanting to root your Lenovo ThinkPad and haven’t had time, knew where to go, or were a little bit apprehensive about doing such things then today is your lucky day as we have the process all lined up for you. Heck we’ll even give you instructions on pushing ClockWork Recovery to your device as a special bonus. We’ve compiled the process from Vulnfactory and XDA and have it broken down below.

As with all rooting, your device’s warranty will be void and all responsibility if you brick your device falls on you. However if you are more than ready to root this device hit the break below to get the files and instructions needed to root and get a custom recovery onto your ThinkPad. Just FYI this only works on Windows PCs.  Read more

Pew Research: Tablet Ownership Nearly Doubled Over The Holidays

Tablets continue to find their ways into the homes and offices of consumers. In fact, ownership of tablets and e-readers nearly doubled over the U.S. holiday season according to Pew Research. They found only 10 percent of Americans owned either a tablet and e-Reader in December, but ownership for both skyrocketed to 19 percent in January. In addition, Pew found 18 percent of Americans owned one or the other before the holiday rush while 29 percent had either an e-reader or a tablet in January. The findings are especially surprising because they come after a period from mid-2011 into the autumn in which there was not much change in the ownership of tablets and e-book readers.

In case you’re curious, while there are a variety of tablets for consumers, Pew identified two in particular that stood out. Both the Kindle Fire and Nook tablets likely had the most impact of all. Perhaps it was the solid set of specs or the ability to access a world of information. Or it could have been those shockingly low prices. Whatever the reason may be, consumers have embraced tablets and e-readers with open arms. Here’s to continued growth for those types of devices.

[via Pew Research by Electronista]

HTC Customer Service Claims ICS Will Hit the HTC Flyer in Q1 of This Year

Beginning in December, HTC started rolling out the Android 2.3 update to the HTC Flyer, but unfortunately the end result has made some users a bit unhappy. Although the update brings a new and improved UI and access to tablet specific apps, a select group of folks dislike the new UI and the fact that they lost the use of physical capacitive buttons which have been replaced with virtual on-screen ones. Some have even stated that HTC  Sense doesn’t play well with Honeycomb either.

What does HTC have to day about this? HTC-Hub reached out to HTC for a resolution and apparently a customer service rep claims you can send your device back to HTC to have the original Gingerbread OS reinstalled, or simply wait for the ICS update to roll out this quarter. Wait, what? ICS for the Flyer? That’s news to me! Check out this excerpt from HTC-hub’s conversation with HTC:

HTC: or wait for the update to ice cream sandwich.
Bruno: When is the update expected?
HTC: the first quarter of this year.

So there you have it folks. Although this came from the horses mouth, I’m not sure you could classify this as official just yet. You never know how customer service reps get their info and whether or not it’s 100% truth. BUT.. if this does indeed hold any truth, we should be seeing the ICS update within the next 9 weeks. For now, we have our eyes and ears open and hopefully we will get an official statement from HTC sometime soon. Stay tuned.

[via HTC-Hub through Android & Me]


FCC Gives Go Ahead For AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note

Well, following the quick look at the AT&T branded Samsung Galaxy Note at CES 2012, it looks like the FCC is wasting no time at all in assisting to push the monster handset on to its final destination.  The AT&T branded device should hit the ground running as model SGH-i717 sporting bands for UMTS & HSPA+ up to 21Mbps.  In addition, there will be support for GSM/EDGE global radios as well as bands 4 and 17 on AT&T’s LTE network.  Stay tuned to Talk Android as we attempt to scour the web for a release date and pricing.

[via Engadget]

Notion Ink Formally Announces Adam II Tablet, Features OMAP 4400-Series Processor

Notion Ink continues to generate some interesting buzz. We recently told you about how it teased us with a mysterious Adam Android tablet, but Notion Ink has finally let the cat of of the bag by introducing its newest tablet, the Adam II. It comes boasting impressive features too. The Adam II tablet believes there’s no better way to take advantage of Android 4.0 than to feature a TI OMAP 4400-series dual-core processor powering the device. Oh and what’s more is the tablet is featuring a PowerVR SGX500-series core.

The tablet will feature an additional interesting feature. It will feature a slight variation of the Android OS. No it’s not a custom skin as most of us loathe, but rather the OS would have a new structure called the Modular Based Software Architecture, which would let users customize apps through a drag-and-drop system. Basically this allows users to access “every single hardware feature”, according to Norton Ink.

No word on when we can expect the device, but we anticipate it will be here sooner than later. But Notion Ink has stressed it plans to design many more of the parts in-house rather than outsource them to prevent any type of problems caused by outsourcing. Boy this mysterious tablet can’t come soon enough.

[via Electronica through Phandroid]

Tablets in the Schools: Motorola Believes the XOOM is the Best Way to Empower Students [Video]

We saw the introduction of  iBooks 2 for schools the other day, but Motorola has already been working with schools on a program of their own. Recently, they gave XOOM tablets to one San Diego high school to use as they wish. The administrators chose to utilize the tablets in math and science classes for students that were identified with learning challenges. What did they find? The students became more excited and eager to learn through hands-on activities, educational games, and digital books.

“San Dieguito Union High School District has been working to redesign our schools to represent 21st century classrooms, and bringing tablet technology to our students was one of the first projects we initiated in order to meet that mandate,”  said Bruce Cochrane, Executive Director of Pupil Services for the San Dieguito Union High School District.  But why the Motorola XOOM? “Motorola XOOM tablets were the most logical choice not only due to their highly usable design, but also due to the tight integration of the hardware with the Honeycomb OS; our district is moving to Android and applications such as Google Docs, so the Motorola XOOM was an ideal platform to be able to share capabilities across all devices for teachers and students alike.”

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NBC Releases Its Own Android App, Full Episodes Coming Soon

The National Broadcasting Company or NBC for short has recently launched its own Android app that allows personalization and customization for regular viewers. The app will feature a whole slew of features that include video galleries, reviews, previews, and trivia games among other features. It even offers local listing support in its schedule line up so you won’t miss that episode of The Office you’ve been dying to see.

The NBC app will offer more personalized experiences for subscribed users as they can tailor make their NBC feeds and TV episodes. If you haven’t subscribed there is a handy feature built in that will allow you to do so in the app. As of right now, you cannot watch full episodes but NBC promises that you will be able to soon.

So with that hit the break below for the links and QR codes to obtain a copy of this app. Enjoy! Read more