Sprint’s Official-ish CTIA Announcements Leaked

Fellow Sprint subscribers who have been waiting with bated breath for Monday…breathe. Hopefully. Those beautiful people over at BGR have been given what is apparently the entire list of Sprint’s announcements on Monday. Some of this has already been previously rumored, but now we have a bit more clarification, as well as some new information. 4 words: socks will be blown. Off. Socks will be blown off. 5 words then. More after the break!

Sprint-branded Motorola XOOM image leaked

We have been hearing rumors that the Motorola XOOM would be coming to Sprint. It looks like Sprint Users forum member rofl has posted an image. Currently the only cellular version of the XOOM is available on Verizon. We expect that the Sprint version will have the same specs as the current model. The only item that is not clear is if the Sprint version will be WiMAX-enabled or WiMAX upgradeable. The Verizon version is only available as 3G and will be upgraded to 4G at no cost.

Apparently Rofl is pretty reliable. Late last year he leaked images of the Sprint’s MiFi 4082 and HTC’s EVO Shift 4G.

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Samsung Mob!le Unpacked Likely to Bring More Galaxy Tab News

Alright, I’ll admit it. I’m totally smitten with my Galaxy S phone, and I’m dying for a rockin’ Android tablet. So the Galaxy Tab seemed like the perfect fit, right? Well, too problems: It didn’t get the greatest reviews, and 7″ is smaller than I’d like my Android Tablet to be. I’ve sure got my eye on the Xoom, but it’s carrying a hefty price tag. But then, I see the video below, and I my interest in piqued. 7, 8, 9, 10? A 9- or 10-inch Android tablet could be intriguing, if it’s got the zest I’m looking for. Is Samsung trying to tell me something?

The Samsung Mob!le Unpacked event is coming up soon, and I suspect that they’ll be rolling out some big news. I, for one, am eager to get the news on any new Galaxy Tab devices they might be announcing. We’ve heard a lot of rumors, but it sounds like the next Galaxy Tab announcements might be coming very soon, officially. Check out the video below and judge for yourself, but we think Samsung might have some offerings ahead…and I think I’m very intrigued. Stick around, we’ll keep you posted.


Motorola Wi-Fi Xoom officially announced for U.S. – Will be in stores on March 27

It has been rumored for a while and now it is official. Motorola has announced the 32gb Wi-Fi only XOOM tablet for the United States. It will be available on March 27 at Best Buy, Amazon, Costco, Radio Shack, Staples, Walmart, and select Sam’s Clubs. The price will be $599. The $599 price was originally leaked from a  Staples Ad. About 2 weeks ago, it was also leaked that Sam’s Club will carry it for $539. It will be interesting to see if that price holds.

The $599 price matches with the 32gb version of the Wi-Fi only Ipad 2. I would still like to have seen it cheaper, but at least it is in the ball park. The XOOM does have a better screen and the SD card slot for expandability when it gets enabled.

For the full press release hit the source link below:

Intel looks to push into Android tablet PC market.

According to DigiTImes, Intel is working with 6 to 8 notebook manufacturers to push into the Android tablet PC market. Among them are 2 Taiwanese companies, Inventec and Compal Electronics. It is expected that they will show some of the new devices at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Beijing next Month. If R&D does not go well, they may hold off until later this year at the Computex Taipei.

It was also reported that Intel has been working with Google on the development of  notebooks and netbooks. During the second half of 2011 Intel/Chrome OS solutions will be released. Samsung, Acer, and Asustek will be launching related models.

[via DigiTimes by BGR]

Verizon Wireless waives $35 activation fees on Motorola XOOM and Galaxy Tab for month to month contracts

For those looking to purchase the 3G Motorola Xoom or the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Verizon Wireless will no longer be charging the $35 activation fee. This is effective as of March 1st and will be for month to month contracts. Upon purchase of your new tablet you will see the standard activation charge of $35 followed by a credit for the same amount on your Verizon Wireless bill.

As you can see in the image above this is supposed to be for a limited time. Lets hope it lasts a little longer then that.

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Galaxy Tab and a Rooted Nook Color Compared

We found this via Cnet. In a video posted on YouTube, David Cogen from The UnLockr put two Android tabets to the test. The 1GHz Galaxy Tab, which unsubsidized costs $500, and the 800MHz Barnes and Noble Nook rooted and running the latest version of Froyo made for the device, which costs around $250. Besides their processor speed, both tablets have nearly identical specs.

While the Galaxy Tab has two cameras as well as slightly smaller footprint, the Nook is slightly thinner and doesn’t require monthly data fees. The Galaxy Tab also has the traditional four Android buttons, while the Nook has one button and requires a software workaround for the rest of them.

Despite the Galaxy Tab’s faster processor and more stable version of the OS, the video shows that both tablets have similar performance in loading and using most apps. The Nook also surprisingly got a higher score in the Quadrant benchmarking software than the Galaxy Tab. That being said, David raises a good question…would you spend $500 for an unsubsidized Galaxy Tab, or $250 for a Nook that pretty much matches many of the Galaxy Tab’s capabilities? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

[via Cnet]

HTC, Toshiba, Dell, Acer to have Honeycomb tablets by June

A release schedule from a “major US retailer” has leaked and it shows an amazing lineup of Android tablets. If you are waiting to evaluate a number of tablets before making a decision, then it looks like you will be spending some money this summer. Here are some of the highlights:

March 17 – Motorola 10-inch tablet, $649. I expect this to be the WIFI version of the XOOM. It is pricey which may set it up for $599 sales. It will be interesting to see if this date holds up. We have no idea how old the schedule is.

End of March – Dell 7-inch and Samsung 7-inch, both with Android 2.2, and priced $449 and $499 respectively.

April – Acer 7-inch for $499 with Android Gingerbread 2.3.

The biggest month is June which has 10-inch tablets from HTC (price to be determined), Toshiba ($499), Dell ($499), and Acer ($449). The Toshiba will definitely be Honeycomb as they have already announced that. The HTC has yet to be announced and will most likely have Honeycomb as well. Any thoughts on which tablet will be the best seller?

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Over One Million HTC Flyer Tablets Ordered in Initial Production Run

According to The Taiwan Economic News, the initial production order for the upcoming HTC Flyer Android-based tablet has exceeded one million units since its announcement at the Mobile World Congress last month. The seven-inch tablet has a 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of internal memory and 32GB of flash memory with an on-board SD card. It also features On-Live gaming support as well as HTC’s pre-installed video downloading software, HTC Watch.

The HTC Flyer is set to debut next month for a price of around $600, which is less expensive than Samsung’s popular Galaxy Tab but more expensive than the base model of the Apple iPad 2. This puts the HTC Flyer in a nice mid-range point pricewise, and HTC expects the tablet to be a strong seller at least through August, based on this initial order. This plus two more HTC tablets coming this year means a continuing competitiveness in the tablet market for many months to come.

[via Taiwan Economic News]

Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi model only $599 at Staples March 27th


The Motorola Xoom appears in this Staples flyer for the digestible price of $599 for the Wi-Fi model only. This puts the pricing a little more in line with the Apple iPad2, which went on sale last week. Many may wonder why Staples is offering such a device when we normally see the latest gadgets for sale at Best Buy, or online tech sites. Maybe Motorola wants to avoid putting this tablet beside the popular iPad2 to help boost its appeal, none the less, the Xoom Wi-Fi model is a decent price at $599.

It would be nice if Motorola actually put the price down another $200 and took a little less profit from it if they really want to compete with other, more dominant tablet devices. It worked for the PS3…just my opinion.

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Leaked Adobe Flash Player 10.2 runs on Froyo, Gingerbread, and Honeycomb

As reported yesterday, Adobe Flash Player 10.2 will be available for download in the Android Market on March 18. If you just can’t make it till then, there is already a leaked version available. There is no way to tell if this is the final build or not, but there are reports of it working on Google Honeycomb 3.0.1 with the Motorola Xoom, Gingerbread (via CyanogenMod 7) and an HTC Desire with Froyo. My guess is that it is not the final build because there is some stuttering. If 6 days seems like an eternity to you then hit the source link below to grab the apk file.

[via mydroidworld.com by androidcentral.com]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1inch hands on video


We first got word of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch tablet at MWC 2011, with a good look as well. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 had a fair amount of time to walk about France apparently, and got an 11 minute video shot of it in the process, along with a few nice HD shots of it in action, as well as some shots from the 8megapixel camera on the back too. Watch the video below, and hit the source link for some huge pics of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

[via AndroidHD]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7inch Wi-Fi $399 – shipping April 4th


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch will be coming out in a Wi-Fi only version on April 4th 2011 according to this flyer which was handed out at a recent trade show. The Wi-Fi only 7inch tablet will only cost $399, which is a pretty sweet deal if you’re looking for a decent tablet device, but don’t want to get locked into a carrier contract. This is likely to make this tablet more available in the wake of many other tablet launches coming, including Samsung’s own Galaxy tab 10.1, as well as the soon to be announced 8.9inch version at CTIA on March 22nd.

[via BGR]

Motorola Xoom hits the dashboard with custom dock

xoom dock4

It’s not just custom work and ROMs that we see Android lovers install and manipulate. It’s accessories too, plush dolls, toys, and here, a custom car dock for the Motorola Xoom tablet.

A little elbow grease, some mechanical knowhow, and some aluminum make this dock very special. This dock is wired right to the vehicle’s dashboard so it keeps charging from car power while docked. Pretty cool. Check out the pics below.

[via Android Central Forum]

Enable USB host mode on the Motorola XOOM

So you have a Motorola XOOM and you need more then the 32GB of on board storage. You could use the SD card slot, but that is not enabled yet. What do you do? If you have rooted your XOOM you can enable USB hosting which will give you the ability to hook up a flash drive or use a USB keyboard.

Your XOOM must be rooted If you have not rooted your XOOM yet, you can follow the directions here.

You will also need an OTG Cable.

Instructions as from the source:

Very similar to rooting the device. Extract the img file from the ZIP above, and place it in the same folder as your adb and fastboot binaries. Then, run this:

  • adb reboot bootloader – (reboots into the bootloader)
  • fastboot flash boot rootboot.usbdisk.img – (which loads the new boot.img onto the system)
  • fastboot reboot– (Reboots the device)

Lastly — using adb or root explorer, you need to alter your /etc/vold.fstab by adding this line to it: dev_mount usbdisk /mnt/usbdisk auto /devices/platform/tegra-ehci

This tells VOLD where to mount the device, when it’s plugged in. After the change, you need to reboot. The altered boot.img adds a folder called /usbdisk, so that way if you connect a USB thumb drive using the cable I linked to above, it will automount the thumb drive and you can access files. I tested this with an HP 125W FAT32 8GB thumb drive, and it worked without an issue. The only caveat I can think of is that YMMV on thumb drives – some might require more power than the Xoom can supply.

[via slatedroid.com by androidcentral.com]