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ARCHOS 1.5GHZ G9 Turbo Tablets with ICS Now Available in the U.S. Archos Webstore

Last week we mentioned that the ARCHOS G9 series tablets received a nice “Turbo” upgrade, bringing their OMAP 4 processors up to 1.5Ghz and ICS straight from the factory. At the time I wrote that article, both the 80 G9 and 101 G9 had limited availability and could only be ordered from the European ARCHOS website. Well today the folks from Archos dropped us a line to let us know that they finally have both slates in stock here in the U.S. and if you order soon they will include free ground shipping as well. The 80 G9 starts at $269.99 and the 101 G9 begins at $329.99. Both tablets are Google Play certified and are capable of full HD 1080p resolution. Hit up the source links for more details.

Archos 80 G9
Archos 101 G9


Olivetti Unveils Two New Android 4.0 Tablets

While most of us really haven’t heard much in regards to European technology companies that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be paying attention to them. Olivetti, an Italian computer manufacturer, unveiled two tablets that should at least entice European folks. While newer to the tablet game, they started making them last year, they may have found their stride with the OliPad Graphos and OliPad Tegra 3 tablets.

The OliPad Tegra 3 will feature, as you probably guessed it, an Nvidia quad-core Tegra 3 processor and 10-inch IPS (1280 x 800 resolution) display. It will have NFC built in and an option for 3G connectivity. WiFi connectivity will also be built in but details about RAM, on-board storage or any other technical detail is still under wraps. It’s cousin, The OliPad Graphos will have an 8-inch screen (1024 x 768 resolution)  and will come with stylus support. Which will be quite helpful in playing those rounds of Draw Something. It will weigh in at 1.32 pounds (600 grams) and sport a Tegra SoC 2 processor.  Read more

Get The Official T-Mobile Bobsled Calling App For Tablets, Available On The Google Play Store (Video)

T-Mobile and Vivox have extended their popular Bobsled calling app for smartphones and has now made it available for Tablets on the Play Store.  The application is completely free and offers you the opportunity to dial a friend on your big screened tablet at no cost.  The application allows you to log into your Facebook account and connect with family or your buddies with the simple tap of a button.  You can call, chat or leave a voice message to anyone in the US, Canada and even Puerto Rico.  One can also call a land line and talk up to 75 min per call.  And any calls made from Bobsled-to-Bobsled uses high-definition audio during your conversation.  If you’re ready to try it out on your tablet you can hit the break for the download links and qr code.  Don’t forget to check out the pics and video of the app in action as well and let us know what you think in the comments below.   Read more

Call of Duty ELITE Tablet App Coming

Call of Duty ELITE is a premium service for players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Activision launched a mobile app for ELITE members on iOS and Android, and it has been installed over 2 million times. With the success of the smartphone app, Activision is now working on a tablet version for both platforms.

According to Activision Product Director Noah Heller, they are “working on the tablet app right now, I can’t tell you much about it but what I can tell you is that it will be a truly native, customized application for the tablet, it’s not just a simple port.

Optimized for a tablet’s larger screen, the app will most likely feature all the features of the smartphone app, and Heller didn’t deny the possibility of having live Heat Maps on the tablet while playing the game on your console or PC.  You’ll need an ELITE account and a copy of Modern Warfare 3 on your console or computer to use the app. No other information is currently available, but we’ll be sure to post any news as we hear it.

Any ELITE members with tablets looking forward to this? Leave a comment!

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Rumor: Google Nexus Tablet gets a refresh on its spec sheet

If you are among the many Android users who are patiently holding off on buying a tablet now, yet anxiously waiting for the latest on the Google “Nexus Tablet”, then here is a juicy piece of rumor. An anonymous source has come forward and stated that the “Nexus Tablet” is indeed on its way and that there have been some modifications to the previously purported spec sheet. According to the undercover source, not only is Asus manufacturing the “Nexus Tablet”, but they have decided to scrap their plans for the upcoming Asus MeMo 370T that was previewed at CES 2012, in place for the shiny new Nexus. If you remember from our previous article on the MeMo 370T, it was reported to have Ice Cream Sandwich, the new Tegra 3 quad-core CPU, to sell at an incredible price point of $250, and to be the first 7-inch tab with an IPS display. The source goes on to say that the price will now drop to $149, the Tegra 3 is no longer in the picture and only the 7 inch display is a definite go at this point in time. Perhaps Asus and Google decided to use the basic blueprints of the MeMo 370T and install cheaper hardware to allow for lower, more competitive pricing. With the Kindle Fire still selling well at $199, I can understand the motivation. Of course this is still a big fat rumor, but perhaps we will see this new tablet revealed at the CTIA Wireless show in mid-May.

source: Android and Me

Kainy Allows Users To Stream Gaming Content From PC To Phones Or Tablets Using WiFi, 3G Or 4G Connection

We have yet another method to display PC content on our tablets everyone. After previously seeing an option for gaming on Tegra 3-based tablets, developer Jean-Sebastien Royer saw that option wasn’t enough and decided to do something different— in a better way of course— by developing the Kainy app for both tablets and smartphones. The app basically allows users to stream gaming content from their PC to their tablets over a WiFi, 3G or 4G connection. Sounds great and all, but I’m sure you’re all wondering what the special thing about the app is, right? Well, Kainy allows users to create specific and custom layouts of the controls for all games. In addition, the app provides Bluetooth support and 128-bit data encryption. Very nice indeed.

The app is available for all Android 2.2+ devices for a not-too-shabby price of $5.04. Hit the break to see a video demonstrating the app in action and to find the Play Store download link.

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Google Flight Search Updated To Let Users Find Flights To Destinations Worldwide

One of Google’s more useful products has gotten a sweet update. Google Flight Search has been updated to include international landing spots— on the condition you’re starting from an American airport of course. Through its blog, Google announced it has added support for 500 airports outside of the United States. Guess you now have another reason to look for that long-desired trip to Melbourne, Austrailia now that you have Google’s backing, right? If you happen to be in the process for booking an international flight in the near-future, why not give Google Flight Search a whirl? It awaits you today.

source: Google Inside Search Blog
via: Android Central 

Archos G9 Turbo Tablets Now Ship With ICS Preloaded and Suped-Up Processors

Thumbs up to Archos. Not only were they fairly prompt (considering other manufacturers timeline) to issue the ICS update their G9 series of tablets, they are now shipping the slates with ICS preloaded. But wait, the good news doesn’t stop there! Not only did both the 8-inch 80 G9 Turbo and the 10.1-inch 101 G9 Turbo get a fresh injection of Android 4.0, they also got a booster shot to their processors, too. The 80 G9 Turbo now runs at 1.2GHz and the 101 G9 Turbo reaches the 1.5Ghz mark, taking full advantage of their Texas Instruments OMAP 4 chipset. Good on ya Archos.

You can now purchase the suped up tablets online through the Archos’ European website, as it seems the U.S. has yet to receive stock. The 80 G9 Turbo ICS starts at £199.98 ($261) while the 101 G9 Turbo ICS starts at £249.98 ($326).

source: Eurodroid