Looking for tablet apps? Look no further.

by Jim Farmer on
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Finding apps for your Android tablet isn’t as easy as it is for your phone. You want apps that take advantage of Honeycomb’s screen size and functionality; apps designed for tablets. Google started to help your search by adding the “Staff Picks For Tablets” section in your on-board market, as well as “Featured for Tablets” to the web-based market. For me, that wasn’t enough because I only got a small glimpse of the Honeycomb apps that are out there. I started searching the web and forums for a better way. Then, finally, I came across tablified.com, which was created by XDA member ayman07.  I’ve only known about the site for a few hours, but it’s helped me find and download 10 new apps today; apps I’ve never even seen in the “Featured for Tablets” section, although they should have been.

The fledgling Tablified.com is making a great effort to fulfill a need in the Honeycomb community, all the while performing a service to tablet app developers. If you’re a tablet owner, I highly encourage you to drop by the site. If you get the chance, leave a thank-you on the XDA post.

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Toshiba’s new tablet to be called the Excite

by David Laborde on
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We had heard that Toshiba had a new tablet in the works but we didn’t know what it would be named. That question seems to be answered as our friends at androidpolice are reporting that Toshiba’s new tablet will be named the Excite.

Toshiba appears to have been busy lately in dealings that revolve around the name Excite. Examples include:

  • U.S. Trademark Filings from Toshiba America Information Systems for “EXCITE” under the category “Tablet Computers.” (Above)
  • Domains like excitetablet.com, excitetablet.net, toshibaexcite.com, toshibaexcite.net, and thetoshibaexcite.com have all been registered by Toshiba and redirect to a Toshiba site. (Below)

While nothing is certain, this appears to be the only active tablet trademark for Toshiba aside from the Thrive.  Of course, if this isn’t the tablet that we have been hearing about,  it’s possible that it might not be an Android tablet at all.

What do you think?  Is this the new Toshiba Android tablet?  Let us know in the comments!

[via androidpolice]

AT&T’s 4G LTE network goes live in Chicago, appears to be in testing phase

by David Laborde on
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AT&T’s 4G LTE network went live this past weekend in Chicago even though AT&T has not officially announced the availability of LTE service in that market. Though likely to be available only intermittently until it is officially launched, initial tests performed on the network have shown the potential for impressive speeds.

Using an AT&T Elevate 4G LTE mobile hotspot to perform speed tests, a source at BGR reported download speeds topping out at around 13Mbps and upload speeds reaching just over 2Mbps. It should be noted that the test do not necessarily represent the speeds that will be seen by AT&T subscribers in the area when the 4G service goes live. In addition, the source stated the Elevate never had more than 3 bars of service during the test which is another indication that the network is only in a testing stage.

With Verizon’s 4G LTE service now covering over half of the country, AT&T is already a step behind in the race to be the first carrier to provide nationwide 4G service. The appearance of their 4G LTE network in Chicago should be seen as a positive sign not only for that area, but for all AT&T customers waiting for the 4G experience.

Hit the break for a few more pictures from the speed test!

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Fujitsu waterproof Arrows Tab F-01D LTE tablet can go to the beach without fear

by Robert Nazarian on
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When it rains are you afraid to take your tablet out? How about when you are at the beach? Fujitsu will take care of your fears with its new Arrows Tab F-01D tablet. It packs a 10.1-inch (1280 x 768) display, a TI IMAP4430 1GHz dual-core processor, a pair of CMOS cameras, 16GB storage, micro-USB, microSD card slot, and Android 3.2 Honeycomb. Most of all, it is in a waterproof housing.

It hasn’t officially been announced , but it expected to launch in Japan on NIT DoCoMo in September. It is rumored to have UMTS, HSPA, and LTE connectivity, along with GSM and GPRS for roaming abroad.

We have no idea on pricing but we will keep you posted. Hopefully there will be enough money leftover to book a trip to the Bahamas.

[via engadget]

Photos of the Galaxy Tab 7.7

by Jim Farmer on
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Last week we reported on three Samsung products to be announced at the IFA trade show September 1st. They included the Samsung Wave 3, Samsung  Note, and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Now, some suspicious photos have leaked of a purported 7.7” Tab. Notice this device utilizes the same 30 pin connector from the 10.1” Tab. However, this connector is on the shorter side of the device. It’s hard to tell the exact size of this Tab, but it’s definitely smaller than the 8.9” version. Unfortunately, the second picture clearly shows, soft keys, in other words, no Honeycomb for this device. That’s a shame since Honeycomb 3.2 added compatibility to run on 7” screens. Not much else is known about the tablet as of yet. In any case September 1st will be upon us quickly.

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Acer Iconia A500 3.2 update now moved to September 10th

by Jim Farmer on
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A friend of mine has the Iconia A500 and loves it. As a Xoom owner, I have to say that the larger bezel and full size usb of the Iconia are functional attractors, but he’s always had to look on enviously at my up to date Honeycomb. Acer told us the Iconia would receive Honeycomb 3.2 by August 25th, but they only pushed out a GPS fix. Buddy if you’re reading this perhaps you feel a bit downtrodden right now. Well I have news for you! Look forward to September 10th. Acer posted this on their Malaysia Facebook page:

Dear fans, we sincerely apologize for the delayed release of the 3.2 update for Acer Iconia Tab A500. We’ve just received news today that there have been some issues with the GPS settings therefore the 3.2 update will be rescheduled to 10th of September. We will update again if earlier, we hope to provide all our end users a stable and problem-free OS. Thanks for your continuous support and understanding.

There you have it. At least Acer is committed to a release without bugs.

[via facebook]

New Sony Android Tablet Details, “S1″ = Sony Tablet S, “S2″ = Sony Tablet P

by David Laborde on
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It looks as though Sony’s dual 5.5-inch clamshell tablet that was previously known as the S2 will be launched as the Sony Tablet P. Joining the Tablet P is the more conventional looking 9.4-inch slate tablet codenamed S1 that will be launched with the simpler sounding name of the Sony Tablet S.

The Tablet P brings the previously mentioned dual 5.5-inch clamshell design, a weight of 370 grams, 512Mb RAM, 4GB of storage, 2GB SD card, and 4G/WiFi connectivity. The Tablet S weighs in at 600g, has 1GB of RAM, will be available in 16GB or 32GB versions, and will be WiFi only. Both Tablets will share NVIDIA Tegra 2 Processors and 0.3MP (not 3.0MP) front cameras.

The Tablet P and the Tablet S are expected to launch next month.

Additional information, photos, and videos of Sony’s Tablet P and Tablet S can be found here, here, here, and here!

[via engadget]

Samsung Confirms Galaxy S II LTE with Upgraded Specs, Galaxy Tab 8.9 to get LTE

by Harold Williams on
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Samsung will be showing off a new Galaxy S II next week in Berlin at the IFA trade show. The upgraded SII will be packing LTE and will be earth’s first LTE/WCDMA/GSM multi-mode phone. This new SII will also be coming with a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, NFC, an 8MP camera, and a 1850mAh battery on the inside. It’s unknown if this version will hit the US.

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 will also be seeing an LTE variant. The LTE version is packing Android 3.2, a 1.5GHz dual-core, 3MP camera, and a 8.9inch WXGA (1280×800) screen. We may get more on the Tab on this Tuesday at the Samsung NYC event.

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ViewSonic ViewPad 7x will debut in late September for €349

by Robert Nazarian on
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The ViewSonic ViewPad 7x was shown back in May at computex, and it looks like it will finally make its debut in late September for €349 which equates to £310 based on today’s exchange rate.

It will come with Android 3.2, a 7-inch (1024 x 600) screen, dual cameras, and include the full version of the LogMeIn Ignition remote desktop app. ViewSonic is making a big deal on the fact that they are using “injection moulding” for extra durability.

What are your thoughts? A lot of people are digging the 7-inch form factor so this one could be popular.

[via eurodroid]