Google Rolls Out Android 4.0.4 to Multiple Devices, Verizon Galaxy Nexus Not Included

It’s a big day for Android fans as Jean-Baptiste Queru (JBQ) has recently announced that Android 4.0.4 is currently being pushed to the Android Open Source Project. According to JBQ, this newest version of Android is full of many goodies, with “a few hundred changes over 4.0.3” and is the same update that was pushed to the Motorola XOOM tablet recently. One thing to keep in mind, though, as mentioned in Google’s previous statement regarding CDMA devices, “files related to CDMA devices have not been tested in the context of AOSP.” Yes this means that your Verizon Galaxy Nexus won’t see the update as soon as some of the other vanilla Android devices. As JBQ puts it, “I do not know the schedule for deployment to consumer devices, especially in situations that involve additional per-operator customizations done by the device manufacturers and/or in situations that require operator approval prior to deployment”. This could end up being that 4.0.5 update tipper for early April and the VZW Galaxy Nexus could skip 4.0.4 altogether. Read more

Android 4.0.4 IMM76 Now Available for Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi [Download]

Last night we broke news about the Android 4.0.4 soak test beginning for the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi. One of our faithful readers informed us of all the goodies included in the 14.6MB IMM76 update which includes:

Quicker screen rotation
A new setting to choose whether the power button immediately locks the device or not
Microsoft Exchange improvements with additional EAS policies
Better phone number recognition
Camera and image quality improvements
Improved stability
Overall speed boost
Bug fixes 

We also just learned that this update is available for anyone who is willing to put forth a little effort as XDA member solarnz has the update all ready for you to download. There are a few things you must know first before trying to snag the update. You must be on a stock ROM (Android 4.0.3) and running the stock recovery. You will also need a USB stick and a microUSB adapter cable to transfer the data from your computer to your device. If you meet these few requirements and are ready to get to work, you can grab the download below. Next, throw it on to your USB drive, boot into recovery, then update with the .zip file that you just downloaded. Now simply reboot and enjoy a little 4.0.4 action! If you have any questions you can always reference the XDA thread through the source link below.

4.0.4 Update:

Thanks Andy!

source: XDA



Transformer Prime ‘awesome new features’ update to include face unlock and Ethernet support

Yesterday we told you how ASUS touted that the upcoming update for the Transformer Prime will have some “awesome new features.” Well I am not sure how awesome they are, but ASUS Italy just shared the details. First of all, the update ( should hit Prime owners in Italy by tomorrow, which means everyone else should see it by the weekend. It will include the Ice Cream Sandwich face unlock feature, Ethernet networking through an optional Ethernet to USB converter, the ability to select HDMI output to either landscape or portrait mode, and support for ad-hoc wireless networks.

So what do you guys think? Awesome or boring?

source: facebook

“Awesome New Features” Coming To ASUS Transformer Prime

ASUS sure seems excited about an upcoming update to their flagship tablet, the Transformer Prime. So much so that they posted the following teaser on their Facebook:

“Awesome new features coming in the next Transformer Prime firmware update. Stay tuned!”

Yeah, not much to go on, so we can only speculate that it will be awesome. No clue on timing or anything else, but stay tuned!

source: asus facebook page
via:  androidpolice

Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi Soak Test Underway

Well, we told you about an upcoming soak test for the Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi, and various sources are now telling us it has begun. Apparently, this 14.6MB update will bring the device up to Android 4.0.4. According to reports, it’s a big speed improvement and contains many fixes and features.

Quicker screen rotation
A new setting to choose whether the power button immediately locks the device or not
Microsoft Exchange improvements with additional EAS policies
Better phone number recognition
Camera and image quality improvements
Improved stability

A few anonymous sources sent over some screenshots. Check them out after the break!

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Court Rules No Similarity, Use or Function Between Hasbro and Asus’s Products

In what seems like a never ending onslaught of legal battle after legal battle for the mobile industry, a recent court ruling regarding the lawsuit between Hasbro and Asus has been finalized.  Hasbro has pushed for a ban on Transformer Prime tablet sales due to what it states could cause confusion for customers who may mistake the tablet to be a Hasbro product.  The company used existing merchandise and noted the fact that Asus’s logo has been plastered on quite a number of other items such as USB drives and other related computer hardware.  In a statement from the ruling judge, it seems like the argument was anything but convincing:

“There is nothing gimmicky about the Eee Pad Transformer or the Eee Pad Transformer Prime, nor can it be said that there is any similarity in the use or function between Hasbro and Asus’s products.”

The judge took it one step further to state how he thought it actually strengthened Asus’s argument in that using the word Transformer couldn’t have been a more accurate description, as it obviously “transforms” into a laptop computer once docked into the qwerty keyboard.  In addition to the debacle, Asus revealed stats on the sales as far as pre-orders and actual fulfillment goes.

“…as of February 24, 2012, it had received over 2,000 pre-orders … and that retailer fulfillment orders for the next two months total approximately 80,000 tablet computers.”

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Snapdragon Processors Presents: The One Charge Challenge (Video)

Qualcomm is making thing extra interesting with their new chips in the form of a contest, The One Charge Challenge.  The company is offering the chance to win phones and tablets featuring Snapdragon chips in them by submitting a photo or a video showing off what you can do on a single charge.  Check out the videos below of the Bug Circus and a device being shipped around the world, traveling 36,000 miles on a single charge filming individuals shooting funny videos of optical illusions.  It’s pretty neat.  The device supposedly touched Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai, Moscow, Dubai, Paris, London, Rio, Mumbai and Istanbul all within 20 days.  That’s pretty fascinating if you ask us.  If you’ve got a quirky idea of your own, whether it be a photo or a video, check out the source link for more details and to enter.  Good luck.  Feel free to share your photos and videos in the comments as well.

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Archos Arnova A9G3 tablet passes through the FCC with few details

French consumer electronics company Archos has turned a lot of heads in the last three years with their Android phones and tablets. The FCC has just cleared another Archos Android offering, this time another tablet. Details on the Archos Arnova A9G3 are still pretty meager, but what we can make out from this FCC photo is that there seems to be some sort of dual-speaker design on the back of this slab. The A9G3 is also rumored to come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and sport a 9.7 inch display. It’s certainly not the whole picture but it looks to be headed down the right path so far. Feel free to peruse the FCC filing in the source link below.

source: FCC

Galaxy Tab 11.6 Outed On Samsung’s Own Site?

We already know Samsung announced Angry Birds Space and not the Galaxy Tab 11.6 at SXSW. So where is this mystery tablet? Apparently, it’s hiding right on Samsung’s own site. Or at least something that looks like it could be an 11.6-inch Galaxy Tab. The image appears inside a PDF document on a page about the Exynos 5250 processor, which is the same 2 GHz Exynos 5250 that is rumored to be powering an upcoming Galaxy Tab.

This tablet looks similar to the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, with some minor tweaks. Of course, this image could simply be a generic prototype or mockup used for the Exynos brochure. You be the judge. Full high resolution image after the break.

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