Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet rooted, Bootloader remains locked [Courtesy of XDA]

It was only a matter of time right? Since the Amazon Kindle Fire is already rooted, has sideloading, and the full Android Market, how about some Nook Tablet love? XDA forum member, Indirect, has post everything you need to get permanent root and access to the Android Market. The bootloader remains locked, but I’m sure it won’t be for long. Hit the source link to get started.

[via xda forums]

Go Dev Team Helps Productivity Soar With “Go Keyboard” For Android


The Go Dev Team continues to innovate and this time they’re entering the virtual keyboard arena with their latest iteration, Go Keyboard.  At first glance, I almost dismissed it as just another keyboard, however, I believe the application brings quite a few new features to the game and just might be worth taking a look at.  The software aims to make you a quick, better and smarter typer using its accurate dictionary, smooth key strokes and multiple languages and layouts.  You can import contacts easily and there’s even support for fantasy text output and support for Emoji in any application that you can type in.  Switch from a number of themes and skins with ease so as to stay out of the ever too often visited stale department.

Further features like auto-memory and correction when typing, multi-touch support and slide input (Swype like) all assist in accurate and easy input.  And to top it all off, the Go Dev Team added gesture support to make things easier.  You can swipe left or right to activate a cube like effect to switch keyboard layouts and swiping down closes the keyboard entirely.  Hit the break to check out some more screen shots, snatch the QR code and to see all the languages supported in this release.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.  Does it compare to popular keyboards like Swype, Betterkeyboard and Thumb Keyboard?  We’ll let you be the judge.  
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Acer, Asus, and Dell to Stop Making Android Tablets?

Well it appears the PC Hardware vendors may drop out of the Android tablet market altogether. According to reports, Acer, Asustek and Dell may drop out due to fierce competition by Apple, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This is surprising news considering Asus is releasing the first Tegra 3 tablet in December and Acer has suggested their own release of tablets with Tegra 3 inside.  While this is purely speculative, an upstream hardware supply chain suggests that they should be seeing orders by now from these companies if they were planning to push tablet sales in the next year. This however, is not because PC vendors lack compelling hardware.

Given, that the three main competitors offer compelling content to compliment their hardware, PC vendors were hard pressed by offering stock OS flavors to theirs. Couple this with cheaper tablet prices by both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, PC vendors didn’t have a leg to stand on price wise. According to the report:

“With Amazon offering its Kindle Fire at US$199 and Barnes & Noble to provide its upcoming Nook Simple Touch at a price of US$99, the pure hardware players are unlikely to profit from the market through price competition.”

Like it was said before, this right now is speculative. However, we have seen PC vendors start to pull their tablets that may suggest that this move could happen. Some also suggest that these companies are holding off on their orders until Windows 8 is out. Although these vendors may see the same issues in that market as well. One thing is for sure, companies and vendors are now starting to see that in order to offer a compelling product they must do more than just offer compelling hardware.


[via Digitimes]

Looking for a tablet on Black Friday? Here’s the complete list of deals

Are you in the market for a brand new Android tablet this Black Friday? Well look no further because we’ve put together all the known deals. All of these deals are official since they’re from actual ad scans, except for the Amazon deal on the Transformer as it’s rumored at the moment. You will see tablets ranging from junk to high end models, and the better deals are in bold. If you know of any other deals besides these, please let everyone know in the comments.

Amazon – ASUS Transformer 10.1 32GB with Keyboard Dock $399.99 –  Rumored

Army & Air Force Exchange Service – Sylvania 8.4” Android 2.3 (w/ screen protector, stylus pen, and neoprene cover) $179.00

Best-Buy – Acer Iconia A100 with 8GB Memory $189.99
Best-Buy – Dell Streak 7″ Online only deal starting Thanksgiving TBA
Best-Buy – Toshiba Thrive 16GB $279.99
Best-Buy – ASUS Transformer 16GB $249.99

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Batteries Last 40% Longer With Tegra 3 and DIDIM Technology

The other day we brought to your attention a rumored HTC tablet that will have NVIDIA’s new Tegra 3 processor. Of course the Transformer Prime will be the first device with the quad-core chip. Well it appears that those of you waiting for a quad-core device will be treated to longer battery life. Even though the processor may consume less power, by roughly 60%, display technologies will always be the main source of battery consumption. During the UBS Global Technology and Services Conference, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang broke down in detail a new technology in Tegra 3. This technology is said to reduce backlight power by 40%, which in turn, translates into longer battery life; like and Android tablet with 14 hours of video playback. This technology is known as DIDIM and Jen-Hsun describes it as:

“It’s the ability to per pixel, per frame, per scene to modulate the backlight so quickly that we over a long period of time, reduce the amount of backlight intensity and backlight energy by nearly half. We save as much power in the backlight without changing the visual fidelity at all to save, essentially, the entire power used by our chip.”

When the Tegra 3 processor is in full active mode, it consumes 1-2 watts, while a typical display will consume 3-6 watts depending on brightness. Basically, DIDIM technology will allow Tegra 3 processors to save more power than they consume.

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Verizon/Motorola DROID XYBOARD 8.2 Image Surfaces

Here is another sign that Verizon’s new oddly named Motorola tablets are due to launch in the coming weeks (or at least will officially be announced). The above image recently surfaced showing the Xoom tablets’ new moniker, Xyboard, which is very Droid like and seems to veer far far away from its predecessors branding. It looks like Big Red is hoping that the Droid name and its relative marketing success will help to improve sales on Moto’s second tablet go-around. How crazy do you think the commercials are going to be for these bad boys?

[via PocketNow]

Archos Debuts The Arnova 9 G2

Remember back in July when Archos debuted the G9 series? Yeah I barely did too. I had to refresh on them myself. (Head slumped with shame)  Check this out, maybe it will help you too. Well this isn’t a G9 it’s a G2, and even thought there is no pricing with this announcement. We can assume this will priced around the level as all other mid-range tablets. The Arnova 9 G2 is 12.5mm thick and is sporting a 5 point multi-touchscreen at 9.7 inches, 1GHz processor, and is running Android 2.3.Gingerbread. Not a high-end device, but not everyone needs a high-end device. Check out the source for all the details. Keep an eye on us as well. As soon as we hear about prices we will be sure to let you know about it.

Would you be in the market for one of these? Tell us if this is a right make for you, in the comment section.

[Source Arnova]

Tablified Brings Tablet Specific App Search to Your Tablet

As we told you back in August, a web site by the name of Tablified was created to bring you a database of tablet specific apps. I have been using this web site daily since its creation and have found numerous tablet built apps from it. Well Tablified announced the other day that they are looking to bring the Tablet app experience to you with the release of its Android Tablified App.

I downloaded the app the other day and have to say that I am impressed. At times, the load time is slow but as the disclaimer in the App description states this is something they are working on fixing. However, this application does a great job in bringing the links and descriptions of over 1,100-tablet-apps straight to your tablet. Searching for apps is a breeze and those who are familiar with both the Android Market and will be satisfied.

While load times may be too slow for some, I will put up with it because aside from that, this app is what everyone with an Android Tablet needs. Follow the link below to get your taste of a good search application for Tablet apps.

Android Market Link

SwiftKey 2.2 Brings Improved Predictions in 35 Languages to Phones and Tablets Alike

Ever since I bought my first Android phone I had one major issue with the OS; the keyboard. For some reason it never felt as responsive or fluid as I had hoped it to be. However, a quick Market search brought me to TouchType’s keyboard, SwiftKey. While I have used it and replaced it with other keyboards, I have found myself coming back to it after its most recent update. Learning from the way you type through texts, emails, blogs and so on, SwiftKey touted that it was quite accurate and could predict the next word you were going to type, making your typing more efficient.

TouchType hasn’t stopped there and has pushed out yet another major update for the keyboard. This update brings SwiftKey to 35 languages. This version promises updates to both accuracy and predictably while also bringing support for Ice Cream Sandwich. Along with UI refinements, SwiftKey promises users the ability to predict typing even when typing inaccurately. For those who enjoy different keyboard layouts SwiftKey incorporates both Dvorak and Colemak layouts.

SwiftKey is a good choice for those looking for alternatives to the native keyboard. I am currently using this update on both my Xoom and my Razr and am thoroughly impressed. For those that are wanting to give it a whirl or read the press release hit the break below.

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HTC Entices Us With Rumored Quad-Core Tablet: HTC Quattro

Courtesy of Pocket Now

As we have seen recently, HTC isn’t wasting any time in enticing us with rumored quad-core devices. It was only yesterday they revealed another quad-core phone. Well it appears that HTC is upping the ante and is  now showing off what is rumored to be a very feature rich tablet.

This Tegra 3 quad-core tablet will feature a 10.1 inch screen at a 1280 x 768 resolution and Beats audio. It will also have 1GB of RAM, 16GB internal storage with a microSD slot, a 2MP HD rear facing camera, 720p capable 1.3MP front facing camera. As with most tablets it will have the full array of sensors and will include both bluetooth 4.0 and 5GHz Wi-Fi capabilities. This tablet will most likely have enhanced features like an HD movie store, Dropbox functionality for more storage and heavy integration of HTC’s scribe pen technology.

While there isn’t an exact time as to when this will be out, it sounds like HTC is shooting for early 2012. Although there aren’t any prices as of yet, the tablet should ship with both 3G and Wi-Fi only models. This in turn, will lead to different pricing models. With that being said, it will be interesting to see how HTC’s rumored devices will spur others to develop their own quad-core devices to keep up.

[via PocketNow]