American Red Cross releases ‘Pet First Aid’ app to Play Store

American Red Cross

The Red Cross’ ‘First Aid’ app made it to our list of “Best Android apps for medical emergencies, patient care, and First Aid information.” It shouldn’t come as a surprise that its new app, “Pet First Aid,” should be a handy tool for all you pet-loving Android owners out there.

In the app, you’ll get in-depth veterinary advise for both simple and complicated pet emergencies so that you’ll be prepared if something bad were to actually happen. You’ll get step-by-step advice, videos and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge.

This app really is full of information and all pet owners should consider buying the app— it’s only 99 cents, and it could end up saving your pet’s life.

Hit the break for a gallery of screenshots as well as a link to the app in the Play Store.

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Feedly introduces ‘speed reading’ feature on beta app for Android


When Google shut down its semi-popular ‘Reader’ RSS reader, it encouraged its users to use other popular readers such as Feedly.

Feedly certainly took advantage of the opportunity, as it quickly enhanced its offering and created many new features for users.

Today, Feedly continued the trend by adding a “speed reading” feature to the beta version of its  Android application. You’ll now be able to use a simple tap gesture to quickly move from one article to the next without waiting around for the page to load. If you’re part of the Feedly beta community, head on over to the Play Store and grab the update.

The new version also includes a few bug fixes (rendering on Android 4.1, an issue with the back button, login expiration, and more).

Hit the source link to see a GIF of the new feature in action. 

Source: Feedly Blog


Images leak of what could be Samsung’s new smartphone user interface


Early this morning, Twitter’s @evleaks leaked what could be an upcoming redesign of Samsung’s user interface for Android. Previously, the company used Nature UX; however, this looks comparable to their new UI being used with the Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO series tablets. Samsung calls it Magazine UI. The font is much lighter and everything seems flatter, albeit not on the same level as iOS. If Samsung does opt for this change, we will likely see it when the Galaxy S 5 is announced. The key to @evleaks‘ tweet is that Samsung is “exploring” this new user inferface.
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LG launches Lifeband Touch

LG Lifeband Touch

We’re seeing tons of new products at CES today, and that will continue throughout the next few days— LG isn’t coming short, either.

The company is launching its Lifeband Touch fitness tracker (seen above) which tracks calorie output, steps walked, as well as many other fitness statistics. The device is water-resistant as well. It connects via Bluetooth 4.0 and an LG application to both Android and iOS phones, letting users see phone notifications, check exercise goals, and play music from a smartwatch.

A release date is still unknown, but expect a formal announcement relatively soon.

Be sure to check out our complete CES coverage.

Source: Social.LGE

HTC One, One Max, and One Mini to get Android 4.4.2 by February

HTC_One_Max_Back_Slanted_02_TAOne of the best sources for Android news on Twitter, LlabTooFeR, has some news for HTC users. A tweet was sent out explaining that the HTC One, One Max and One Mini are expected to get their Android 4.4.2 KitKat updates later this month, or next month. In addition to the new OS, the update will also include the new HTC Sense 5.5 UI.

For the Butterfly S, LlabTooFeR says that the test phase for 4.4.2 just began, so the update might appear in March or April of this year.

Source: @LlabTooFeR

KitKat update for DROID Maxx/Ultra/Mini is reportedly bricking devices


Just two weeks ago, Verizon let us know that it was prepared to release the Android 4.4 KitKat update to its newest DROID line, including the Maxx, the Ultra, and the Mini. The company was true to its word, as many began receiving the update immediately. However, it seems as though the rollout has come to a halt, but some forum research reveals that nobody has received an update in the past few days.

It also appears as though the update has bricked many people’s devices. Although Moto hasn’t come out and said anything publicly regarding the matter just yet, the company is working within its Feedback Network to fix it all. It was certainly a good move to put things on hold for a bit, but as to the reason why this update got approved in the first place, we aren’t quite sure…

If you happened to get the KitKat update to one of your new DROID phones in the past few days, did it work out for you? Hit us up in the comments!

Source: Droid Life

Study reveals security flaws in Samsung’s Knox platform on Galaxy S4


Researcher Mordechai Guri at the Ben-Gurion University’s Cyber Security Lab in Israel recently discovered a major vulnerability in Samsung’s Knox security platform on the Galaxy S4. The flaw “could allow malicious software to track emails and record data communications.”

While Samsung is still investigating the claims, a Samsung spokesperson said that the allegations are not as serious as they might seem.

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