Android 4.4 KitKat website has JavaScript file with code for countdown clock

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Countdown Code

The official Android 4.4 KitKat and Nexus 5 announcements will most likely come hand in hand, and it won’t be long before they’re outed to the public. While we don’t know for sure when it will happen, (although October 28th has been pointed to quite a few times) we do know that Google will have a countdown timer on the KitKat website to let us know when all the magic is going to happen.

The KitKat website references a JavaScript file named kitkat.min.js— in that file, you can find code for a countdown timer. The code doesn’t have any specific date in it yet, but we’re sure Google will add it in when the time is right to get the countdown started.

Be patient, friends. The chocolaty goodness will come soon enough.

Via: PhoneArena
Source: KitKat Site Code / KitKat Site

Moto X on Verizon finally receiving camera update, soak test invites begin

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Moto X

Verizon has been getting plenty of negative feedback because it has been taking them so long to get the Moto X’s most recent update out to customers. Heck, even US Cellular was able to push it out last week.

Today, we have information suggesting that Verizon may finally be sending out soak test invitations for the new update, which will enhance a few features, fix some bugs, and improve the camera enormously. If this is the big one everyone’s been talking about, they’ll join AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular as the carriers that have pushed out the update.

If you are a Moto X customer on Verizon and a member of the Moto Feedback Network, you should be receiving an invitation relatively soon. Let us know when you get it and if it’s the update we all have been waiting for.

Source: Android Central


Google “Mobile Meter” app will allegedly reward users for allowing usage tracking

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mobile_meterGoogle is the king of finding out information about you, right? Well, it might start paying off. Engadget has learned that Google is preparing a project, known internally as “Mobile Meter,” that “compensates users if they allow their mobile behavior to be monitored.” This is a good way for Google to get the data they want, while providing an incentive for users to give away their information. The program will be completely voluntary, and participants will be required to give their consent before joining.

We’ll keep providing you information on Mobile Meter as more is learned.

Source: Engadget

“Final” I9505XXUEMJ3 build of Android 4.3 for Samsung Galaxy S 4 leaked

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Today, SamMobile has yet another Android 4.3 leak for us. This time, for the Samsung Galaxy S 4, we have a final build of 4.3, named I9505XXUEMJ3. Being final means that future versions will not have anything big added or removed, besides maybe a few bug fixes and improvements. According to SamMobile, the official update should begin rolling out within one to two weeks.

You can head to the source link to download the leaked build for yourself.

Source: SamMobile

HTC America’s President claims T-Mobile’s One will receive Android 4.3 this week

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Have no worries, owners of an HTC One on T-Mobile! According to HTC America President Jason Mackenzie, the Android 4.3 update is heading your way by the middle of this week “barring some last second issue.” As you may already know, the AT&T version started to receive the update last week. Mackenzie is an avid tweeter and has been relatively accurate with when to expect these updates. And if you’re on Verizon, well, we’ve got nothing for you at the moment.

Source: @JasonMacHTC

AnTuTu releases Benchmark X Edition, promises to be manufacturer-manipulation free, fight “score fraud”

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There has been a lot of suspicion surrounding Samsung and their alleged juicing of benchmark scores for their top-tier phones. It looks like we won’t have to worry about falsely-enhanced benchmarks anymore, as AnTuTu just released Benchmark X Edition, which will fight “score fraud.”

Not to point at Samsung solely, because pretty much every manufacturer is guilty of making their devices look better than they really are— that’s just how marketing works. But with this new version of AnTuTu, they certainly have the consumers’ minds at heart, wanting to keep the numbers as straightforward and simple to analyze as possible.

Here’s what an AnTuTu dev had to say about the changes:

We know every phone-maker hopes to adopt a Benchmark which is good for him, even to develop a Benchmark by themselves. But, AnTuTu Benchmark is not the advertising media of phone makers, we only do service for the users. Therefore, in order to give users a more current and real performance feedback, AnTuTu Labs will release a new X-version named AnTuTu X Benchmark.

Source: AndroidGuys

AT&T’s Moto X receiving camera and Touchless Control update

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Early last week the Moto X began receiving its first update on Sprint and T-Mobile. Motorola’s flagship device’s first update brought enhancements to the camera which was one of the few gripes with the device. Touchless Control was also given a touch-up to be more easily triggered along with better accuracy. AT&T’s changelog also includes the stability improvements to Motorola Migrate and Moto Care that we saw hit other variants. Hit the break for the full changelog from AT&T. » Read the rest

Verizon approves minor DROID DNA update, doesn’t include Sense 5 or Android 4.2.2

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Lock_Screen_HTC_DROID_DNA_TAWhile we heard last month that Sense 5 and Android 4.2.2 or 4.3 would indeed be coming to the DROID DNA, we’re going to have to keep waiting. Verizon finally approved an update for the DROID DNA, but it doesn’t include Sense 5, or a new version of Android. Instead, users will receive a 33MB update to software version 2.07.605.1 710RD, which just adds support for TalkBack.

Source: Verizon Support

Google Search updated to include redesigned results and notifications for people

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Google Chrome isn’t the only app being updated today. Right on the heels of a previous update, Google Search is being updated with interesting new features. The most notable is  a new hotword for Google Now to be brought up. When the user says “OK Google,” they receive the same kind of assistance that the Moto X can provide. Just head over to the voice settings of the app and from there you should be able to download the language pack update.

The UI of a search has also been given more depth. When you perform a search, you are now greeted with various categories to find further information. And if you are searching for a particular person, you have the option to tap on a star to follow that person. Then you’ll receive updates when available. Hit the break for the full changelog and download links. » Read the rest

Early Android 4.3 test firmware for Samsung Galaxy Note II leaked

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Samsung_Galaxy Note II_press_shotYesterday, Android 4.3 test firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 managed to leak, and today we have 4.3 test software for the Galaxy Note II. Posted on the XDA forums, firmware N7100XXUEMI6 is still extremely premature, as Samsung just began testing it a week ago.  With 4.3, the Note II gets core UI elements to look more like Galaxy S4/Note 3′s interface, including the tabbed settings. In addition, Samsung Knox and Wallet are present in 4.3.

There are probably going to be a few bugs being so early, so if you’re planning on trying it, download at your own risk. Head to the source link for instructions.

source: XDA Forum
via: SamMobile