New performance update comes to Verizon’s LG G3


When the Android 5.0 Lollipop update came to Verizon’s variant of the LG G3 in late March it brought an enhanced experience with a plethora of new features and Material Design. Along with that came a lot of problems such as bugs, frequent battery drain and a loss in performance. Ever since then, Verizon’s G3 owners have been posting away in the carrier’s forums pleading for an update to fix these bugs. Now it’s July, and Verizon has finally pushed out an update to help resolve these issues and add some new useful tools.

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Developer preview of Android M gets its first update

android M

We are getting closer and closer to Android M reaching the market with every update and today is the first update for the developer preview. The update includes the latest platform code, and near-final API’s for you to validate your app. They have also refined the Nexus system images and emulator system images with the Android platform updates. Plus it has Google Play services 7.6.

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BBC giving away mini computers to help students learn programming


In the United Kingdom, the British Broadcasting Channel (BBC) is giving away tiny micro:bit computers to children in year 7 (I assume similar to grade 7 here in North America) across all of the UK. The computers are similar to how a Raspberry Pi would work and function. The idea is if they give the computers out to students it will encourage them to get into programming and teach them the basics of hardware design.

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Google Maps for Android update will allow you to hide interface elements and share saved maps


A new Google Maps for Android update that will soon be released will bring a new “full-screen view” feature that will let you hide away all unnecessary user interface distractions while navigating a map. With a single tap, Maps will automatically hide away all distractions such as the search bar that can cover map content to give you a full-screen view of your map.  Read more

Infographic: How to use Samsung’s S Health app to achieve your fitness goals

SHealth_Infographic (3)

If you’ve ever let yourself get out of shape and then attempted to reverse the process, you’ll know that it’s hard work. Results take time, and sometimes you can lose heart when you don’t see solid evidence that your effort is rewarded with sculpted muscles. Of course, if you have a Samsung smartphone, you can make use of the Korean tech company’s S Health fitness app to both track your progress and to measure just how much exercise you are actually doing, as shown in the infographic below.

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