Picasa Tool Pro, Uploader for Picasa Web


Picasa Tool Pro is an application I came across in the Android Market. I just recently needed this app. I never was a huge Picasa user, I love the Google product, just didn’t need it much. I would occasionally add photos here and there via my laptop, but that was it. Well, not to delve to deep into my personal life, my wife and I had a baby girl a week ago this past Sunday, so I’m sure you can understand as an excited father I’d want to share with family and friends this beautiful event.

So I installed Picasa Tool Pro. This application brings much to the table as an uploader for Picasa. Initially I noticed that when you first start to upload photos, it automatically creates a folder called ‘Dropbox’ (another one of my favorite apps). I wanted a dedicated folder for the ton of photos I would be uploading. So, easy enough I was able to go to ‘My Picasa Web Albums’ and hit the menu button > ‘create album’, name the album and even choose whether I wanted it private or public.
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Google Maps Navigation vs. A Dedicated GPS Device (and Why I Think Google Maps Nav is Better)

A few weeks ago, I was driving my girlfriend and a friend of mine to Hollywood to meet some friends for dinner. While I knew the way there, I loaded up Google Maps Navigation on my HTC EVO 4G and put it in my little car mount so I would get an idea as to how long it would take to get there. As I was driving, my friend in the back seat commented, “Wow, I like how good your GPS looks, and how it pans and turns as you drive. I have a great dedicated unit and it doesn’t even do that.” My girlfriend, who also has a dedicated GPS unit, said how cool that was. This got me to thinking about the differences between the Google Maps Navigation app on my phone and dedicated GPS units, and how I ultimately decided that I think Google’s app is better.

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Bing Maps SDK comes to Android [video]

Over at a company called InKnowledge, developers have come up with a native SDK for Bing Maps by Microsoft… for Android. The SDK is said to bring a plethora of map control options to the table, so if Google Maps (for whatever reason) isn’t your thing, then maybe you should check this out.

No javascript programming knowledge is required, as the SDK itself is in pure Java form. Interested in checking it out for yourself? You can download the SDK here, and be sure to hit the break for a video demo. Let us know if you like it in the comments!

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Mass lawsuit targets Google, RIM, Apple, HTC and 28 others

We’ve seen sweeping patents before, but this may be the first one of this magnitude. According to the patent being defended:

A software platform in an Internet Protocol (IP) phone having the ability to be used with different communication infrastructures such as broadband, wireless communication and Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) service. Further, the software platform in the IP phone has the ability to be used with different applications operating on the IP phone. Further, the IP phone has the ability to perform additional functionality than traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) phones, such as searches and advertising, given its ability to converge voice and data within a single terminal.

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Updated: Slacker Radio, Streaming Music


There are a few decent streaming music apps out there. All of which offer their own unique way of delivering its media. I’m pretty fickle when it comes to how I stream my music. I can go from Pandora to Last.fm to Slacker Radio. And sometimes I’ll use Radiotime for my local flavor.
Just as a quick note to all the fans of Slacker Radio, it’s been updated! See below for the list of recent changes.

What’s in this version:

1. This build includes numerous fixes including:
2. Caching stations over 4G/LTE 3. Station selections after automatic refresh
4. App launching on some 1.5 OS phones.
5. EVO USERS: If you experience errors, please contact Sprint Technical Support at 1-888-211-4727 and ask the Rep to apply the work around listed as: ‘HTC EVO 4G (A9292) – UPDATED 2-1-2011: Streaming multimedia applications receiving errors on software version 3.70.651.1′ in Sprint’s device portal


FuzeBox Brings Multi-Party Video Conferencing to Android

Video chat is all the rage these days, and FuzeBox is upping the ante.  Fuze Meeting software brings multi-party HD video conferencing to the Android world.  Froyo-powered smartphones and tablets running Honeycomb will be able to download the video confrencing software and use it via 3G or wifi, with full access to 720P HD videos.  The interface has been streamlined from the earlier version of their video chat software to allow for a cleaner view, while still allowing the mutli-user view.  This software will be made available to enterprise customers, so interested parties should contact them at sales@fuzebox.com.

[Thanks for the tip, Bob!]

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Samsung Galaxy S II TouchWiz 4.0 has motion-zoom capabilities – will we use it?

galaxy s2

The new Samsung Galaxy S II has an updated UI with TouchWiz 4.0, and one of the greatest, possibly craziest, features is the ‘motion-zoom’ functionality. Essentially, rather than pinch-zooming a webpage, you would place 2 finger tips somewhere on the screen and move the device physically away or towards you and the accelerometer will interpret that movement and either zoom in or out where your fingers were placed. The idea is actually genius, but whether we will use it is another story.

We are so used to pinch-zoom now, that this feature, although very cool and easy to grasp, may go unused by the masses. It’s sort of like when vehicle manufacturers began putting stereo controls on the steering wheels…I still reach for the actual stereo buttons on the dash. Have a look at the video below.

[via engadget]

Sony Ericsson Allowing The Bootloader To Be Unlocked On Xperia Lineup

Looks like Sony Ericsson is going a route that other manufacturers tend to avoid and occasionally flat out deny access to.  The folks over at SE have announced that they will provide users a legal and secure way to gain full access to the bootloader on all up and coming Xperia devices like the Arc, Pro, Play and Neo.  What’s the catch you say?  No catch, the only gimmick is that you need to make sure you purchase a device that is not SIM locked to any one carrier.  However, there is still a slight caveat, in that warranties could still be voided if you tinker with certain aspects of the software on board.  But hey, it’s nice to know you have the handset maker’s blessing, right?  So, let us know if you happen to unlock the bootloader successfully.  Feel free to send us a video too.  Also, feel free to fire away in the comments about how this makes you feel if you’ve had an Xperia device in mind.

[via engadget]

Cloud Drive Online Storage Solution Launched by Amazon

Amazon today announced its updated (not really new, since they have Amazon S3 already) cloud-based storage product called, ironically enough, Cloud Drive. With Cloud Drive, each Amazon customer gets five gigabytes of space right off the bat and can upgrade to twenty gigs of space if they buy an MP3 album from their store. While Amazon is claiming you can store nearly anything on your cloud drive, they really seem to be focusing on the music aspect of their new service, of which Android is a central part, due to their Cloud Player being available currently only for web browsers and Android phones and tablets.

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