Foursquare Has Been Updated to 3.0 with New Features

by Adam Johnson on
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Looks like Foursquare is coming out with some new updates! These updates are being applied to Android as well as iOS. See whats new:

  • New Explore tab added for recommendations
  • New Leaderboard
  • New user detail pages
  • New specials 2.0

Personally, I use Foursquare pretty often: I push my check-ins to Facebook and Twitter. There are a few things that motivate me to check-in. Becoming mayor is not as cool as it once was, unless i’m competing for it with a friend, then its on! I like to go out to eat a lot, so i’ll definitely check-in at restaurants, looking for possible specials (Chili’s Grill and Bar gives you free chips/salsa if you check-in). Also, now that the majority of my close friends have Android devices, we are able to check-in at the same time at the same places, earning us point toward perks such as discounts, samples, or even free items. With the addition of this new Explore tab, I can check out more detailed info, tips, who’s been where, and what specials are available – all without having to search for a venue and review.

Hit the break to check out some screenshots:

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Adobe Flash Player 10.3 Enters Beta, on Mobile Soon

by Michael Murphy on
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Adobe is launching the beta of their Flash Player 10.3 for PC/Mac/Linux, and promise that a mobile beta will be available soon. If you’re like me, your first thought is “10.3 beta available soon? I still haven’t seen 10.2!” And you’re not alone — they haven’t officially released 10.2 yet, but are likely to do so SLIGHTLY before the 10.3 beta hits. Current desktop beta is aimed at developers, and brings the following features to the table:

  • Media Measurement
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Integration with browser privacy control for local storage
  • Native Control Panel
  • Auto-Update Notification for Mac OS

Developers or adventurous, tech-savvy users are welcome to hit the desktop beta now, but as for those of us in the Android world, we’ll have to wait just a bit longer to see the beta hit our phones.  Full details and download available at Adobe’s site.

[via Adobe, by way of Engadget]

Developer Promises Full Version of AirAttack Coming March 11

by Michael Murphy on
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AirAttack HD Lite hit the market a few days ago, but it’s just a sneak peek. Right now, only two levels are available for play — and the second one was appended via an update. Thankfully, the developer has promised a full version will be hitting the market on March 11th, according to our friends over at Android Central.

If you haven’t checked out the version currently available, I recommend it. It’s a fun little time-killer, and, as the name might suggest, it’s gorgeous. You can choose whether to control via touch or tilt (I recommend tilt, but make sure you have your screen set to stay on), and either way it gives a very satisfying experience.

Thanks to developers like these, gaming on Android is becoming more and more fulfilling. Grab the game from the market if you don’t already have it, and here in a few days we’ll see the full version.

[via Android Central]

N64oid Brings Nintendo64 Awesomeness to Android

by Mitch Wright on
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If you’re an Android-using Nintendo fan, you’re probably aware that Mario has been leaping through the generational hoops on Android smartphones. His latest iteration? None other than N64oid, a Nintendo64 emulator. Wa-hoo!

The N64 emulator comes from veteran Android developer, yongzh, the very same developer who has brought us what are arguably the best emulators on the Market: Snesoid (a personal favorite) and Nesoid among many others. Unsurprisingly, N64oid has reached the 10,000 to 50,000 bracket of downloads already, surely bringing some coins to the pockets of yongzh.

N64oid is available for $5.99 in the Android Market, though the ROMs themselves will have to be found and downloaded separately. Which games are you going to look for first? Sound off in the comments!

[via Android Market]

Navigation: Google Maps runs Real-time Traffic Rerouting

by Adam Johnson on
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GPS navigation became available to the masses back in 1996, when the current President issued a policy directive. Just a little bit of history.

Google Maps has taken another step forward in competing with the traditional in-car GPS companies out there, adding real-time traffic rerouting. Although still in beta (as many of Google’s projects seem be) it looks to be very proficient, using multiple sources to calculate traffic loads and find the best route. I personally really love that they are moving forward with Google maps features involving navigation. I always use it when I take trips, whether I need it or not. So obviously this real-time traffic rerouting will just make thing easier.

I suggest getting it HERE or just update your Google maps in the Android market. Check it out, give it a try, and let us know what you think!

[via Engadget]

T-Mobile To Get a Doubleshot of HTC?

by Michael Murphy on
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Is it a phone, is it a tablet, does it exist at all? Honestly, we’re not sure. It’s rumored to be running Android version 2.3, which has us leaning toward the “phone” side of the spectrum. It’s expected that there will some sort of official announcement at CTIA, but we really won’t know anything concrete until AT LEAST then.

So here’s hoping we get a Doubleshot of HTC at CTIA. And kudos on the naming, HTC…doubleshots are always good.

[via TmoNews]

Paypal Offering $25,000 for Best Android App Integrating Paypal Service

by Michael Murphy on
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Calling all developers: Paypal is running a contest for Android devs, and giving away a nice chunk of change to the top 3 submitters. $50K is up for grabs to be given to the top 3 developers of Android apps who incorporate Paypal into their apps. The grand prize winner will get $25K, second place gets $15K, and third gets $10K. Any devs working on an app that features any kind of payment system should consider incorporating Paypal and submitting their program to the contest.

  • May 14 – Deadline to submit your application for approval
  • June 3rd – Deadline for making changes
  • June 7th – Application live in an Android Marketplace
  • June 29th – Winners announced

[via Paypal]

Lookout Labs Sheds More Light on the DroidDream Malware

by Michael Murphy on
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Lookout Labs has been continually evaluating the DroidDream situation over the last few days. As you may recall, DroidDream is malware code that has found its way into over 50 apps in the Android market. We got an email from Lookout letting us know that they updated their blog last night with some new details about how it works.

·         DroidDream send the IMEI, IMSI, Device model and SDK version to a remote command and control server

·         To infect the device, DroidDream uses two known exploits, exploidand rageagainstthecage,to break out of the Android security container. Both of the vulnerabilities being exploited were patched by Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

·         Similar to previous instances of Android malware that have been found on alternative Android app markets, the authors of DroidDream hid the malware in seemingly legitimate applications to trick unsuspecting users into downloading the malware—a growing trend in mobile threats.

·         Once the phone is rooted, DroidDream is configured to searched for a specific package named If the malware does not find this package on the device, it will silently install a second malicious application without the user’s knowledge.

Lookout is still investigating the situation, particularly with regard to who the expected target was. Play it safe, and download Lookout Mobile Security, and hit the source link to check out the rest of their findings at their blog.

[via Lookout Blog - Thanks Alicia for the heads-up!!]

ROMTools gives a command line interface on Android – oldschool

by Jesse Bauer on
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Love the speed of command lines, but hate to use them? Join the club as XDA Developer mmmark111 shows us that you don’t have to hate command lines to still use them effectively.

The app is called ROMTools, and you can get it at this thread. ROMTools will perform typical commands for you that you’d do manually through ADB (Android Debug Bridge). The most common commands have been entered in ROMTools, making the bottleneck NOT your weak typing skills. (kidding, i peck too.)

Here’s a list of the current commands available in ROMTools;

  • Flash ROM – Place a ROM in the ‘ROM’ folder renamed Hit enter and the zip will get flashed to your phone automatically
  • Flash Recovery – Will help you flash a recovery to your phone. For the Optimus V users, it will help you install all the needed drivers as well as obtain root privileges. Optimus T, S, and One phones will be able to flash a recovery.
  • Wipe dalvik-cache – Self explanatory .
  • Mount /system r/w – Allows read/write access to /system
  • Push ROM to SD card – Self explanatory (pushes to root of sd)
  • Push framework-res.apk – Pushes framework-res.apk to /framework, wipes dalvik-cache, and reboots the phone for you.
  • Push – Will remove boot animation and replace with one of your choice. (removes from /data/local as well as /system/media)
  • Reboot – Reboot
  • Reboot into Recovery – Obv.

If you grab this and have any issue with it, please make sure you report any issues here in the comments, or at the application thread here.

[via XDA-Developers]