Box App To Be Preloaded On Motorola Xoom

A new partnership with Motorola has secured a spot for’s cloud storage app as being preloaded on future Xoom Android tablets worldwide. The announcement was accompanied by news of additional partnerships with VMware, Ping Security and Salesforce Chatter also, however its mobile strategy seems to make perfect sense as Box’s service offers companies and individuals a cloud structure that keeps everyone connected with great ease from anywhere.

Box’s on-going relationship with HP, which made Box the only preloaded app on the TouchPad (with 50GB of free lifetime storage) looks to be going strong as well. HP’s Vice-President of Strategy and Operations announced this week that their business PCs will start shipping the Box app preloaded beginning with SMBs in North America with a future intent to go global.

Even if you haven’t had the opportunity to try Box’s services out yet, with the way they are expanding their market, chances are you’ll meet soon enough.

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Bladeslinger Headed To Android, Teaser Trailer Released

The sci-fi/western action game Bladeslinger was announced for Android by Luma Arcade at the Unity Conference Unite 11 yesterday. A teaser trailer was also released to correspond with the announcement, giving fans a peek into this 3rd-person shooter that combines both close and ranged combat as well as the ability to pause game-play and activate special attacks and abilities. Luma Arcade General Manager, Sam Williams calls the project a “pet passion” for their studio that now makes its way to Android (and iOS) “without compromising our vision for the game.”

Hit the break for the Bladeslinger teaser trailer and get aquatinted with the character William Glaston on his way home to Hammer’s Peak, an ill-fated town now overthrown by dreadful creatures.

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Two Minute Walk Through Of Ice Cream Sandwich Surfaces, Courtesy Of Lucky eBay Recipient (Video)

Say, you wouldn’t be interested in checking out a 2 min video showing a walk through of Android’s latest and greatest, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), would you?  Oh yeah, you would?  Great, because we’ve got a taste for you courtesy of our friends over at Engadget.  We’re not surprised that leaks would begin to surface, especially since the OS will most likely be available some time over the next couple of months.  However, this was a bit out of left field.  One lucky eBay member looking forward to receiving a Nexus S he purchased on the popular online auction received a little more than he thought he would.  After snatching this bad boy out of the box and noticing something a bit off.  He noticed the OS was slightly revamped, so naturally, he hightailed it to the “About Screen”.  To his amazement, he found the blissful words “IceCreamSandwich” for its OS version.  We know what you’re thinking.  “You lucky b!@#%*d”.  Well, don’t worry, as we can provide you with the next best thing.  How about a 2 min walk-through of the device running on an updated build, IRK48 and kernel 3.0.1?

Note in the video that there are some extremely noticeable hints of honeycomb on the device, such as the vertical multitasking menu found on tablets.  Short cut keys now include room for four icons instead of two.  In addition, Google has added a Google Apps icon which gives you instant access to all of your favorite Google products.  You’ll notice UI changes as well when it comes to the camera, several menus and the notification bar.  As the folks over at Engadget note, it’s possible that this could just be a slick ROM placed on the device, which is where Im personally leaning.  However, we have to admit it and give credit where credit is due.  Even for a ROM, it looks slick as hell.  Hit the break to check out the video courtesy of a tipster at Engadget and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.   Read more

Android Honeycomb 3.2.1 update available now for the Asus Transformer

Today Asus rolled out the Android Honeycomb 3.2.1 update for their Transformer tablet. Updates are always fun and are generally an improvement to your Android experience. If you are the proud owner of a Transformer and haven’t received the update yet, press menu>settings>about> and check for a system update. According to Asus’s Facebook page, the update will bring:

Android 3.2.1:

  • Security enhancement

New Feature:

  • Supernote


  • Added Farsi IME support
  • Czech IME improvement : support Qwerty & Qwertz
  • JP SKU fixed translation bug and Polaris office font
  • Added more language translation into ASUS App

APP Updates:

  • CN SKU 3rd party app bug fix
  • Polaris office & ASUS WebStorage update


  • Browser with Adobe Flash improvement; ex: YouTube
  • Browser force-close improvement
  • Improve Wi-Fi stability
  • Improve Chinese handwriting prediction : recognize character from each stroke

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HTC Rhyme ringtones, wallpapers, and boot animation available for download

The HTC Rhyme isn’t even for sale yet, but now you can already get a little taste of what’s to come. Ready to drop on Verizon this Thursday, the HTC Rhyme is a mid level device with the needs and wants of females in mind.

The friendly developer Legion, has already gained access to the files and has made them available to download via MultiUpload. Although the phone may not be a device that appeals to very many men, I suggest everyone at least look at the  zip file because the wallpapers were done extremely well. I am not a girl (although I may have a girl’s name) I’m rocking one of those wallpapers right now! Check it out for yourself and poke the link below.

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Samsung and Microsoft Reach Licensing Agreement Over Smartphones and Tablets

Samsung announced Wednesday that they’ve reached a licensing agreement with Microsoft over the sale of their many tablets and smartphones.  Samsung has agreed to pay Microsoft royalties for all devices running the Android operating system.  How much exactly will remain a mystery for the time being.  Is it me or does anyone else find it’s odd that Microsoft makes more money from license agreements and patent infringement deals off of Android than they do actually selling their own Windows Phone devices?

REDMOND, Wash — Sept. 28, 2011 — Microsoft announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., to cross-license the patent portfolios of both companies, providing broad coverage for each company’s products. Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will receive royalties for Samsung’s mobile phones and tablets running the Android mobile platform. In addition, the companies agreed to cooperate in the development and marketing of Windows Phone.

“Microsoft and Samsung see the opportunity for dramatic growth in Windows Phone and we’re investing to make that a reality,” said Andy Lees, president, Windows Phone Division, Microsoft. “Microsoft believes in a model where all our partners can grow and profit based on our platform.”

“Through the cross-licensing of our respective patent portfolios, Samsung and Microsoft can continue to bring the latest innovations to the mobile industry,” said Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, executive vice president of global product strategy at Samsung’s mobile communication division. “We are pleased to build upon our long history of working together to open a new chapter of collaboration beginning with our Windows Phone “Mango” launch this fall.”

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

And if you’ll recall, Samsung wasn’t the only company to enter the cross-hairs of Microsoft’s scope.  They also have an agreement underway with Acer and Viewsonic for other Android violations.  I would really love to have been a fly on the wall in the corporate offices of Microsoft when they rolled out Plan B, should Windows Phone not do well, and that is to sue everyone and rake in as much as possible from the innovation of others.

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Silk Browser On The Kindle Fire Explained (VIDEO)

We’ve gotten some great news on the Amazon Kindle Fire today including its Silk browser. What is it exactly you ask? Well basically, the browser will share a web page’s loading workload between the Kindle device itself and servers out in the cloud. Sounds pretty cool right? Check out the video above for full details on how this works. At $199 launching on Nov. 15th, the Kindle Fire is a sure holiday season winner that’s for sure. Hit us up with your thoughts.

YouTube Preview Image

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HTC Thunderbolt Update Available Now

Today is your day HTC Thunderbolt owners. The long awaited Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread OTA update for your device is now available! Just follow these instructions if you haven’t yet been prompted:

Settings > Software Update > Check New.

Some enhancements and features from the changelog include:

  • Download Manager App
  • New Desktop User Interface
  • New widgets, icons and screens with refreshed colors
  • Improved audio quality while using Bluetooth
  • V CAST Tones pre-loaded
  • New Google Books app

Control Your Memory With The New SanDisk Memory Zone App

The newly released SanDisk Memory Zone app offers its users the ability to take greater control over their memory and offers management functionality with an “intuitive, graphical user interface” that encompasses your phone, microSD card and cloud storage services. I find the app to be super easy to use, it’s nice-looking and quick too. Oh and did I mention, it’s free?

No need to take my word for it though; hop past the break to watch a video on the SanDisk Memory Zone app or grab the Android Market Link / QR code if it tickles your fancy.

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Sprint Will Launch New Direct Connect Push-To-Talk Services October 2nd

Sprint has announced that they will launch their new push-to-talk service Direct Connect on October 2nd. Direct Connect will use Sprint’s 3G network, as opposed to the old iDEN network that made the (Sprint-owned) Nextel push-to-talk devices so popular. The rollout will be tempered, though is expected provide as much as triple the coverage of iDEN by 2012.

In addition to the instant, one-to-one push-to-talk calling you would expect, other features will include:

  • Call Alert with Text – Send an audio alert with an optional text message to let another Direct Connect subscriber know you are trying to reach them and why.
  • Group Connect – Communicate with up to 20 other Sprint Direct Connect subscribers all at once – nationwide, at the push of one button.
  • NextMail– Send a recorded message to any email worldwide or mobile handset via text message by using the Direct Connect button.

Sprint mentions both the Kyocera DuraMax and DuraCore as compatible upcoming Direct Connect devices, noticeably omitting the officially unannounced Motorola Admiral that showed up last week by mistake in a YouTube video from the company. Once they get their act together on that one, it is also likely to be announced that it will feature the Direct Connect features too.

Hit the break to read Sprint’s press release.

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