ViewSonic’s Viewpad 7x Hits The FCC, On Track For October Release

The Viewpad 7x Android Honeycomb tablet that was announced by ViewSonic at the Berlin IFA conference back in early September has now made its way through the FCC, scoring wins with both its WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. Word is that you’ll see the device sold for $379 when it is made available later this month. Let’s give the specs a look:

  • Runs Android 3.2
  • Dual-core 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 processor
  • 7-inch 1024×600 resolution
  • Front 2MP camera/ 5MP rear cam
  • 8GB of internal storage

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The HTC Hero Gets Some Sense 3.5 Love [Courtesy of XDA]

One of my favorite things about the developer community, primarily the folks over at XDA, is the fact that thanks to their blood sweat and tears, devices rocking 2+ year old specs can easily be revitalized by porting current and up to date ROM’s to them.  The latest and greatest to receive the makeover is the HTC Hero.  Thanks to the new and upcoming budget friendly HTC Pico and some similar device specs, developer Flashinglights was able to port the Sense 3.5 interface over to the Hero with ease.  Similar specs such as a QVGA display and an ARMv6 CPU made the port possible to perform.  Thanks to the help of several other developers in the Hero section, a rebuilding of the ROM from scratch was successful and now available for the masses to enjoy.  So, if you still have your old HTC Hero,  now is the time to give it a makeover.

Keep in mind that the build is still in its initial phase so keep an eye for evident bugs and report them back to the dev team so as to improve the ROM for daily use.  And here’s certianly to the hopes that more of the older devices (cough cough G1) can start to receive some new ROM’n love, and I’m not talking about soup here.  If you’re ready to give this a go then head on over to the complete original thread here and initial thread here.  And don’t forget, you’re attempts at this are solely your own and TA is not responsible if you brick your Hero.  That being said, enjoy.

Team Heroc is composed of dastin1015 and flashinglights. We will be working alongside TeamSuicide whose members are tazzpatriot, condemndsoul, and macrodroid to give you guys the best sense 3.5 experience.

Explorer Sense is based of the leaked RUU of the HTC Pico, thanks to our chinese friend idogx whos build for the chinese version of the hero cdma helped a lot getting this thing off the ground.

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V10K Firmware Rolling Out For LG Optimus 3D UK Adding 3D Game Converter

Firmware version V10K is currently rolling out for the European version of the Optimus 3D. This version brings LG’s 3D Game Converter software that allows converting almost any standard game to 3D, provided the game uses OpenGL graphics. LG will also be providing a list of officially supported 3D convertible titles, but currently that link within the converter app is not working. To try an convert a current game you can hit menu and then customizable games though there is no promise that it will work. Compared to the previous V10D firmware, the Optimus is reported to run snappier though this version is still based on Android 2.2.2 (Froyo). This seems a little odd that a device touting 3D wouldn’t be up to date OS wise. You won’t be able to grab V10K over the air just yet, but if your part of the “Europe Open” region you should be able to update using LG’s PC utility. No work just yet when this will hit AT&T’s version, the LG Thrill. Let us know if you’re able to grab it.

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Google Chrome Gearing Up To Launch On Android

The first thing I asked myself when I started with Android was where is Chrome? I’m sure plenty of you asked yourselves the same question, or like me, just shrugged it off assuming the underlying core of the stock browser really was Chrome. The truth of the matter was Android and Chrome were separate teams entirely with really no interaction between the two. It seems Google now has a build target revision up meaning an actual Chrome browser for Android should be right around the corner. There’s mention on the Chromium revision log that Chrome for Android will include a lot of the features that you’re accustomed to on the desktop version. It will also have support for the open source Skia 2D graphics library. It’s unknown exactly how Google plans to position Chrome for Android and I wonder to what extent, if any, they will allow the desktop version to communicate with the mobile and if Chrome extensions will exist on mobile. Maybe the Nexus Prime will give us a taste of Chrome with ICS at the Unpacked event in Oct. Wishful thinking I know, but in either case we should be seeing some Chrome on Android love very soon. Hit us up with your thoughts right down there in the comments. How do you think Google will implement Chrome to Android and will it crush the current stock browser?

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HTC Desire S Android 2.3.5 Rolling Out With Sense 3.0

An OTA update taking the Desire S up to Android 2.3.5 is apparently rolling out right now in stages. Users in the U.K. are currently reporting to have received this update while being on the device’s stock ROM. With this new update comes Sense 3.0 as well. If you’ve gotten this update surprise on your device, hit us up down there in the comments and be sure to let us know where you’re from.

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Verizon Sends An “Official” Droid Bionic Bug List, Fixes To Come In November

If you’re thinking about buying a Droid Bionic, or already have one, you may want to pay close attention. Thanks to a reader over at DroidLife, an official bug list was received from Verizon and compiled into a nice list that I think will shock you. Note also that this is not the full list, but rather some important highlights. As you read through this list I want you to really ask yourself, how is it possible this device was really put through extensive testing for the length of time we waited for it? In this list you’ll see everything from 3G/4G connectivity problems, high pitch noises coming from the headset, MMS bugs, and the admitting of non-Verizon/Motorola USB cables not working. Another thing to point out is the Bionic is not able to support 8 devices in hotspot which was a touted selling factor of the device. Thanks DroidLife for putting this together, but all I can do is hang my head and ask how this is even possible for such a highly anticipated device. Put these phones out in the real world before releasing will you because this stuff gives Android a bad name. Hit the break for the full list broken down with a top 10 and be sure to share your comments with us. Fixes are supposed to be coming in November.

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OnTheFly For Android Updated Making It Easier To Plan Your Trip

OnTheFly, from ITA Software by Google, offers an easy way to shop for airfare on your Android device. While the app doesn’t allow booking, its ultra fast interface lets you quickly get a list of airline comparison prices for your future trip. One of the new features included is a flexible date search that lets you browse up to 35 days of potential departure dates combined with a price graph. You’ll also have access to a search history and the application will find local airports in your area to search from. I did notice Southwest seems to be missing from the list, so that may be a bit of a minus for some, but the app is free to see if it works for your needs. Hit up the break for a QR code and a link to the market to check it out for yourself.

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Android 2.3.5 Rolling Out To Samsung Galaxy S II Via KIES

Android 2.3.5 is currently being pushed via the Samsung Kies software for the Galaxy S II. The update seems to be the same KI3 leak from a few days ago and brings some performance improvements on an already blazing fast phone. One notable visual change is the bouncing effect is gone when scrolling to the end of a list and is now highlighted in color like many other Gingerbread versions. This change may be due to respecting Apple’s copyrights for scrolling effects. Keep your eyes peeled for the OTA soon and you can catch a shot of the over scroll glow after the break.

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HTC Wildfire S Coming to Virgin Mobile Oct 23rd

Virgin Mobile has officially announced that they will start carrying the HTC Wildfire S beginning October 23nd for $200 at such outlets as Best Buy and RadioShack. This latest offering gives consumers yet another option in carriers for this Android 2.3 device as U.S. Cellular made the same announcement for their own version of the HTC Wildfire S only few days ago. Let’s take a look at the specs, shall we?

  • Runs Gingerbread and HTC Sense
  • 3.2-inch HVGA touchscreen
  • 600MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 512MB of ROM
  • 3G and Wi-Fi
  • 5MP camera with flash
  • Bluetooth 3.0

Hit the break to read the full press release.

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Swiftkey X receives update: Heat map, blog learning, stats sharing, and more

For all you fans of keyboard replacements, today is a great day indeed. Swiftkey X has pushed out version 2.1, and with it brings some pretty awesome advancements. For those of you who haven’t tried it out yet, Swiftkey learns from your writing habits and develops its dictionary based on your personal word usage. If you frequently type a word like “triptychs” for example, Swiftkey will more than likely start predicting after typing the letters “tri”. It even goes as far as scanning verbiage in your Facebook, Gmail, sms, and Twitter accounts, compiling a sort of personal dictionary if you will. In the most recent update, Swiftkey can even learn from your personal RSS feed or blog posts, proving even more beneficial to writers like myself. I have long been a beta tester for Swiftkey (recently Swiftkey X) since its inception and haven’t looked back since. Although having tried many other keyboard apps. I always find myself coming home to Swiftkey X.

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