Unlock With Wifi App Brings New Update, Better Battery Savings [Courtesy of XDA]

XDA Developer Ben74 has brought us a nice update to the “Unlock With Wifi” app that he originally released several months ago. With this app, one has the ability to disable the lockscreen on their phone by simply being connected to a safe, or “trusted”, network, such as at home or work.

The biggest update from the original version of this app is the Device Admin mode, that allows one to put some security back onto the device, while simultaneously saving more battery life. If you’d like to give it a try, you find find the link to the thread below. Let us know what you think.

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AT&T: Samsung Infuse 4G to get Gingerbread 2.3 this month

According to AT&T via their official Twitter account, the Samsung Infuse 4G will be receiving the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update at some point this month.

AT&T announced in July that all of its phones that were released in 2011 will be receiving an update to 2.3.x.  The Samsung Infuse 4G will join the HTC Inspire 4G, LG Phoenix, Motorola ATRIX, Pantech Crossover and the Samsung Captivate as the AT&T models that have already received, or will soon be receiving, the Android OS update.

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Renting and Rooting Together At Last, Google Videos with Root Check Disabled

Back in May Google released a Video app allowing Android users the ability to rent movies on their devices,  some of us that is. It was quickly discovered that those of us with rooted devices were prevented from using the service, receiving only an obscure error shown here. When we covered this shocking news in May, we were sure that Android’s ingenious developer community would have a workaround for the rest of us soon. Fast forward to mid-August.  Ften of SDX Developers has successfully modified the Videos apk to bypass the root and tamper checks. What’s more is that the fix will patch both the standalone videos app as well as the market’s newly integrated video section.

Ften stresses that:

“This bypass doesn’t affect the actual DRM licensing, it will still generate a proper license key, you will still be limited to the normal viewing times, you will still have to pay to rent movies, etc. Don’t ask, because it’s not happening. It just bypasses/disabled the root check.”

Great job by Ften in that regard! Google and the MPAA need to know that “root” doesn’t equal “pirate.”

The apk has been specifically tested on both 2.2 and 2.3 devices including Moment, Optimus, Droid Incredible, Thunderbolt, Xoom, Transform, Nook (CM7), & G1 (CM7). It should work on any rooted device however.

Ften elaborates in detail just how the fix was produced so if you’re interested be sure to check out the source link.

Otherwise here are the download mirrors



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Get The Official Gingerbread 2.3.4 Update For Your G2, Courtesy of XDA

Last week we brought you news that T-Mobile would update your G2 or MyTouch 4G to Gingerbread 2.3.4 in stores starting August 6th. While I’m sure many of you have taken advantage of that already, if you are out this weekend and decide to stop by T-Mobile for the update, be sure to check out our previous post for a rundown of what to expect. Or on the other hand, now you can do it yourself, thanks to XDA member atlp99. Atlp99 was able to copy the official update from the SD cards being sent out to T-Mobile stores. But wait, maybe you are kicking yourself right now for installing that leaked 2.3.3 update from a while back. No worries! This update should still apply just fine. The official instructions from the T-Mobile support forums are as follows.   Read more

Malware strain Nickispy.C is exploiting the rise of Google+

The newest strain of the Nickispy trojan virus (the first two variations we named Nickispy.A and Nickispy.B respectively) is taking advantage of the rise of Google+ to attack phones, Trend Micro discovered Friday.

While the three variants of Nickispy use many of the same services,  the new “C” version calls itself Google++ and uses the social network’s icon for virtually all of its services to take advantage of less experienced users.  Once it becomes active, it can scrape call logs, text messages, GPS positioning, and even record calls from the infected device and send it to a remote site.   Read more

AT&T Enters Mobile Security Space, Announces Partnership With Juniper Networks (Video)

It appears that AT&T is looking to claim its corner in the Mobile Security arena with a recent announcement of a partnership with Juniper Networks.  With several episodes of malware entering the mobile market, it’s no wonder Norton has recently recognized the need as well as Sprint who recently announced a partnership with McAfee to ensure their devices are secured.  The partnership will offer protective services via an application due out some time later this year and will address key concerns with both corporate and main stream consumer use.

The AT&T Mobile Security application will help:

  • Businesses and Organizations
    • Maintain compliance with government regulations
    • Enforce security policies
    • Manage personal or enterprise-owned devices
    • Enable anti-virus, anti-malware, and application monitoring and control
  • Consumers
    • Protect mobile devices with anti-virus, anti-malware, and application monitoring and control

Check out the quick video of AT&T’s Chief Security Officer, Ed Amoroso, explaining the company’s approach to the growing threat of malware on mobile devices.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Foursquare For Android Update available on the Android Market

An update for the popular application Foursquare is now available for download from the Android Market. According to Foursquare, the new update (version 2011.08.11) includes the following:

  • New redesign for titlebars and tabs, check in button added to titlebar.
  • Explore redesigned with specials and more.
  • Added support for managing Facebook and Twitter sharing from Settings page.
  • Venue photos gallery redesign.
  • Share photo with venue when checking in.
  • Added option to save photos to SD card from Settings page.

At the time of this writing, Foursquare has been downloaded from the market over 1,000,000 times and there are over 69K reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars. A quick look showed that 219 reviews were added today with an average star rating of 3.65. Hit the source link to download or hit our apps database for the QR code.

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Android 3.2 Honeycomb Update For Acer Iconia Tab A500 Delayed Until August 25th

According to Acer’s Malaysian Facebook page, Acer Iconia Tab A500 owners will receive an Android 3.2 OTA update on August 25th due to a delay from Google regarding “poicy changes”. Even with the delay, this new update will be less than two months after the tablet’s Android 3.1 release.

Acer posted this to it’s wall:

“Dear Fans, due to some policy changes from Google where Acer has to comply, the A500 Honeycomb 3.2 OTA update will be postponed to 25th August, we apologize for the disappointments and upsets but we will be bringing the final and stable update to all of our A500 fans asap! Please be patient guys”

Any Acer Iconia Tab A500 users out there chomping at the bit for some Honeycomb? Leave us a comment below!

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Voice Chat From Anywhere With New TeamSpeak App

The voice chat client TeamSpeak, well-known for its proprietary Voice over IP software, is now available through the Android Market. The service has been most popular with online gamers who have made up its primary market base since its inception, but it has grown to include many small business owners seeking convenient conference calling also.

With the new release of their TeamSpeak app, they hope to expand even further by enticing on-the-move users with a desire to shoot the breeze with family and friends or quickly communicate with coworkers and customers just as they would at home or in the office with their computers.  Hit the break for the full line of features and to check out a video demo of how TeamSpeak works.   Read more

[Leak] First pictures of Android Ice Cream Sandwich surface

The above is a screenshot of Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) running on a Nexus S. We know that once ICS gets released, it will come to the Nexus S shortly after, so testing it on the Nexus S seems plausible.

The build number for this leaked version is IRK36B. The notification bar has been totally revamped and the UI is blue themed. The camera will have a built in panorama mode, Google Shopper will be included, NFC will be supported, and Gmail will be re-themed. The Google search bar will be embedded at the top just like Honeycomb, and the apps/widget launcher will continue the Honeycomb tradition.

You can expect that ICS will launch with the Nexus Prime, but will become available to the Nexus S shortly after. We are told that these pictures are at the early stages so don’t expect ICS anytime soon. The real question is when were these images actually taken? There have already been rumors that we may see an October release, but that is highly questionable.

More pics after the break

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