Sidekick 4G Receiving Update For Bug Fixes, Still No Gingerbread In Sight

Well, we’ve got some good news and some bad news, which would you like first?  Ok then, bad it is.  Unfortunately, even though an update is now available for the ten of you that bought a Sidekick 4G however, it’s not the highly anticipated Gingerbread 2.3 update.  Good news is, the OTA will address a number of buggy issues occurring on the device at the moment.  The update, which began rolling out on July 21st, should be hitting your device soon enough.  If you’ve received it already, feel free to leave a comment or two as to whether or not it addressed those creepy crawling critters or not.

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Sync up your Microsoft Exchange notes to your Android device with Notes for Exchange

If your Android device is on your company Exchange server and you’re using the standard email app, chances are you’ve seen some glaring issues – namely, the inability to sync up your Exchange notes to your device. However, thanks to developer Hundera at XDA, the dreams of getting all those notes moved over have become a reality, thanks to Notes for Exchange.

According to the application thread:

Notes For Exchange is application to synchronize notes between Android and MS Exchange. This application will NOT store your Notes to some third-party server. It uses standard exchange synchronization of Appointments.
How it works?

“Notes for Exchange” has two parts:

* Outlook Add-in (, that will synchronized your notes with calendar appointments. It creates items at end of February 2048, so it will not collide with your standard events. Using standard Exchange synchronization, these are synchronized with your android phone.

* Android application (ExchangeNotes_x.apk), that displays these special “Appointment” as Notes. Also allows you to edit and delete them.

Android application can be used without Outlook add-in with any other calendar (e.g. gmail). In that case, it’s just simple notes application that stores notes into your calendar. During testing and usage of this application, no data were lost. But backup of Notes and Appointment is strongly recommended.

In other words, the application works by moving your notes over to your calendar and them storing them in a non-intrusive manner to your calendar. So, be sure to hit up the application thread to check it out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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App: Prox Lite lets you control your phone by waving your hand over it

Ever wanted to do something to show off just how much cooler your Android phone is than their __(Insert non-Android device here)__? Yea… of course you have! Today’s app, while probably not all that useful, does just that.

Prox Lite allows you to control your phone, using only the proximity sensor (hence the name). According to the application thread over at XDA, forum member and developer extraordinaire SemperGumbee states:

Prox makes use of the phone’s proximity sensor and accelerometer to initiate an action. Prox Lite has 4 actions:

*Flat – Emulate home button
*Toward – Expand and contract notification panel
*Left – Launch phone dialer
*Right – Launch browser (

All you have to do is turn on the service through the app and then tilt the phone in the direction you are trying to activate the action for and then pass your hand over the proximity sensor and it will activate the action for that direction.

You can amaze your friends, and feel like a Jedi. Imagine the look on your friend’s faces when you do things without even touching the phone itself.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the application thread here, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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Google seeks to beef up patent portfolio, shield from Apple lawsuits by acquiring InterDigital

We all know that Apple is out for blood when it comes to their patent war. In recent months, we’ve seen both Samsung and HTC attacked by Apple’s patent team, and they’re crying “infringement” like there’s no tomorrow; there have been almost 50 different Android related lawsuits since last year. Granted, a judge found HTC to be in violation of 2 Apple patents, but with infringement claims as broad as what Apple is whipping around, it’s entirely possible that my grandmother may even be at risk of hearing from Apple’s lawyers. Although Eric Schmidt is coming back and saying that, not only is Apple simply responding to a lack of innovation with legal slap-arounds, but that he’s not worried about the lawsuits, we all know that these types of legal matters can bring a company to its knees.

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God Mode brings unbelievable speeds to new custom Android ROMs

While there are a lot of people out there who will argue that benchmarks are ridiculous, the opposite argument always remains. Benchmarks are a great way to let you know how your Android device is performing overall, and also let you know just how much better your device is than your buddies. In the latest hack from XDA member and well known HTC Evo 4G ROM’er Virus, he has introduced what he is calling “God Mode”. What does it do, you ask? Check out the image above and see for yourself. The tweak has been inserted into the wildly popular Kingdom ROM for the Evo 4G, and has the device getting Quadrant score of up and over 1900 (insert “over 9000″ joke here).

So, how is it done? According to XDA:

Leaving all the technical aspects aside (as they are not 100% clear to me), God Mode in essence is a new yaffs2+ext2 partition made in the rom, which drastically improves the I/O performance on a device.

A relatively simple explanation for a remarkably complicated and possibly game changing tweak. Any of our readers out there using Virus’ Kingdom ROM, be sure to let us know your scores in the comments. You can check out the ROM thread here.

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Keep up to date with all the latest soccer scores thanks to Football Score 3 for Android

Any soccer fanatics out there? If you raised your hand, then put it down… there’s no hands in soccer. Now that your hands are back in your pockets, be sure to whip out your Android phone out and check out this awesome new app to help you get all the soccer score addiction fixes you’ve been looking for, thanks to Football Score 3. According to the application thread on XDA:

”Football Score 3″ is an Android app provides soccer real time score for most of the soccer/football leagues worldwide. It is FREE to use.

Key Features:

  • PUSH update for goal alerts! Save your device’s battery
  • Many leagues included
  • Fast update
  • Multi-languages

That’s right, folks… push notifications of all the latest stats and scored. So what are you waiting for? Hit up the original application thread here, and be sure to let us know if you like it in the comments.

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TV Show Reccomendation App “Peel” Hits Android

Looking for some great TV shows to watch, but tired of all the same old stuff? Thanks to the new app for Android dubbed “Peel”, your entertainment thirst may be soon quenched. Originally for iOS, the app takes the shows you like, and – quite simply – tells you what else you might like. While the iOS version came complete with $99 IR blasting hardware to hook up to your television, we’re not seeing that on the Android side of things… yet. According to Peel:

The Peel fruit will support the Android app in the near future. FYI: The original iPhone app launched in September 2010, while the fruit launched this May. The large majority of Peel users utilize the app on its own. The Android app will be integrated much sooner though.

So stay on the straight and narrow, Peel lovers, and you’ll get that full-fledged experience you’ve been waiting for yet. Make sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Sprint Seeks to Abolish the Notion of Bloatware Completely

U.S. manufacturers, in all forms of the market (phones, notebooks, etc.), have long plagued us with bloatware that, put simply, we don’t want. The cell phone market has been the worst. Not only are the apps often buggy and slow, but you can’t even remove them (without root, anyway). The amount of users that actually complain about this has been relatively small, but they speak for the community. Sprint has listened, and responded by scaling back the amount of apps altogether, providing users with the option to remove what’s left if they should choose. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, as is usually the case when manufacturers listen to their users.

This comes as a welcome change in light of the other big three, which have been known to bundle their phones with Bing and even Yahoo!

In an interview with Engadget from last year, Sprint’s VP of Product Development Fared Adib put it simply, “Ben, we’ve got to get rid of these preloaded apps on our devices. A lot of customers don’t want this.” I couldn’t agree more.

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DROIDX2 ROM Available For Download With Performance Based Enhancements

Droid X2 users, your day has come.  The first ROM is now available and the developer touts that it offers several performance based enhancements for Motorola’s giant work horse.  Developer and XDA member c21johnson has created what appears to be a very sharp looking black theme to enhance the device’s UI and states that it’s good enough to be your daily driver despite being in beta.  The bug list is short and doesn’t appear to include anything significant which would effect the operation of the handset.  Ready to rock your DX2 with this ROM?  Check out the XDA thread here and definitely head back over to TA and let us know what you think of it.  In addition, make sure you provide the developer with as much feedback as possible, so as to improve the ROM and make the most out of your expensive investment.  Hit the break for the source link and to check out another screen shot of the ROM.  And remember, Talk Android is not responsible for any damages you cause to your device, do this solely at your own risk. 
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HTC Flyer, Desire Z, and Incredible S source code available for download

For all you developers out there looking for some tasty source code, HTC has delivered over the weekend.  The source code is now posted for three HTC Android devices. The Desire Z, Incredible S, and the Flyer, HTC’s tablet. If you head over to the Developer Center you can grab the AOSP files.

These released files are just what the developers need to bring us some new and exciting stuff. So keep watch here and your favorite developer forum for whats to come, based on these latest releases.

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