CyanogenMod 7 Boots Up On The Droid3 [VIDEO]

Hey Droid 3 owners, get ready for some CM7 love coming your way soon. As you’ll see in the video, CM7 is booting up on the Droid 3 so it shouldn’t be long before you’ll be able to enjoy a stable release for yourselves. While there are a lot of things that still aren’t working, this is always a work in progress, but things are close. Hit up the break to check it out.

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Android Platform Version Numbers Are Up And Still Not Impressive, Gingerbread Is On 39% Of Devices

The Android Developers site has posted the latest data on devices running a given version of the Android OS, so let’s take a look at the last four months shall we? Ending on July 5th of this year Gingerbread was sitting at about 19%. In August, Gingerbread stepped up to about 24% and in September jumped up a bit more to 31%. Today Gingerbread is sitting at roughly 39% and though that’s almost a 10% increase from last month this needs to be higher. With Gingerbread out for almost a year now the carriers still are just not getting updates out as they should be, though it continues to get better. With Ice Cream Sandwich and the Nexus Prime right around the corner, that will be your best bet to make sure you’ll be on the most current version of Android from the start. It’s still a bit scary to think that the phone you buy may not see any Android OS updates for quite some time after a new OS is released. Hit up the break to see how all the versions stack up and don’t forget to hit us up in the comments. Do the masses really even care what Android OS version they are on or know which version they have?

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Travel Through Time In “The Silent Age”, A 2D Minimalistic Game Coming To Android

The Silent Age is a new game being developed by House on Fire where you will be time traveling to sole puzzles. Your character in the game is named Joe and he has a time travel device that allows him to time travel between the present and forty years in the past. Joe will time travel in the same location meaning the surroundings will have changed when he travels. Most of the puzzle solving involves using items in one point in time to the other. The gameplay is being described as a minimalistic 2D point and click game where your adventure takes you back and froth between the year 1972 and 2012. The developer said the game should be out in yearly 2012 and will cost you $0.99. This sounds and looks really interesting so hit up the break to catch some screenshots and a teaser video. Unfortunately, there is no gameplay in the video, but it will at least give you a good idea what the vibe of the game will be like. Let us know what you think.

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ASUS Unfazed By Kindle Fire; No Delay For Transformer 2

In contrast to many manufacturers such as RIM and HTC, who have answered the successful introduction of Amazon’s Kindle Fire by reducing the price of their tablet PCs to remain competitive, ASUS appears to remain unfazed. CEO Jerry Shen says there will be no price change for their current Eee Pad Transformer, nor will there be any delay in the Transformer 2 (which will pack that sweet NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor).  Shen also adds that the upcoming PC tab will sell for $499, a hundred bucks more than its predecessor.

ASUS’ confidence is quite understandable if you consider its 2011 shipment forecast, which projects the sale of 1.5-2 million tablet PCs and of which one million units have already been moved in just the first three quarters of the year. The Transformer 2 would undoubtly put them on track to meet or exceed their projections.

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More Connectivity Problems Reported On Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch

Epic 4G Touch owners on the Sprint network are reporting connectivity problems such as an abundance of dropped calls and slow-crawling data speeds. This comes just weeks after reports of unexpected force-closes with its calendar app and the inability to keep 4G hotspot connections while taking phone calls. The exact cause for these newest problems is unknown, though whether it be hardware, software or some “ware” in between, both Samsung and Sprint confirm they are working on a solution and may be able to provide a fix in as little as a couple weeks.

Have you experienced any of these or other connectivity problems with your Epic 4G Touch? Leave us a comment below.

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HTC To Provide Security Patch For Recent Sense Vulnerability Scare

HTC has provided an official response and states an update will be provided in regards to a recent security vulnerability which could possibly expose user data on devices running Sense UI.

“HTC takes claims related to the security of our products very seriously. In our ongoing investigation into this recent claim, we have concluded that while this HTC software itself does no harm to customers’ data, there is a vulnerability that could potentially be exploited by a malicious third-party application. A third party malware app exploiting this or any other vulnerability would potentially be acting in violation of civil and criminal laws. So far, we have not learned of any customers being affected in this way and would like to prevent it by making sure all customers are aware of this potential vulnerability.”

The company is focused on providing a patch for the issue and hopes to get out it to carrier partners for testing before releasing it to customers.  Once all of the bugs are ironed out Sense users should receive an OTA update plugging the security issue for good.  HTC states it would be wise to download the update as soon as it’s available for download.  And in the meantime, be extremely cautious and cognizant of what third party content you download onto your device.

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Adobe Flash 11 And AIR 3 Available In The Market Right Now

Flash 11 and Air 3 had been in beta for quite a while touting that the new versions would be 1,000 times faster than Flash Player 10 and AIR 2. The major improvements to come boasts hardware accelerated 2D and 3D graphics rendering through Stage 3D, which won’t be included for Android until a later release. For now though you can enjoy a much faster Flash experience as Flash 11 and Air 3 are available in the market right now. Hit up the break for links to the market as well as a video on how Flash 11 and Stage 3D will be quite revolutionary.

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Simple Sound Profile Widget Gives You Quick And Easy Access to Change Your Sound Profiles

Once upon a time in the Froyo OS, which some of you still may be on, there was an option to volume down to select silent and vibrate sound profiles separately. For whatever reason, Google decided to ditch this nice little feature in Gingerbread and it has been sorely missed. Thankfully there are plenty of apps out there to help handle this problem and Simple Sound Profile Widget is one of them. This is an ultra simple to use sound profile widget that lets you switch between four different sound profiles at the tap of the widget. There is nothing fancy here other than an easy to use sound profile app that you’ll be able to set up in no time and has a simple but cool looking widget to go along with it. If you chose to leave the feature on, you’ll also have a notification icon to show you which profile you’re currently using. The app is free in the market, so hit up the break for links to the market and some screenshots to check out. It really doesn’t get any more simple than this.

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Internet Calling App VoX Mobile Released On The Android Market

VoX communications has released a mobile VoIP app to the Android Market. Being there is a monthly charge for this app, I would expect nothing less than for it to function flawlessly for calls. The plans start at $4.95 per month which charges you $0.05 per minute. There is also a 500 minute plan at $9.95 and unlimited calling for $29.95. I’m not sure this is anything to get jazzed up about since there are apps like GrooVe IP that work directly with Google Voice’s servers and let you make data calls for free. The app itself is very well done and snappy, but I didn’t notice anywhere to try it out for free and test its call quality. I think if they really want this to take off they’ll need to implement some sort of trial period. Hit up the break to check out VoX Mobile’s feature list followed by the full press release and market links.

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Honeycomb 3.2 rolling out for Dell Streak 7

It has been exactly a month since we reported that Dell was going to push out the Honeycomb 3.2 update to the Dell Streak 7 tablet. Today, it was reported that some UK Streak 7 owners have already successfully received the software update. As with all major Android updates, Honeycomb for the Streak 7 will surely roll out in stages to keep any unsuspected glitches to a minimum. As long as users are reporting a trouble free HC experience, all devices should see the upgrade soon. Keep your eyes open for an over-the-air update notification and be sure to let us know when you get it. Happy Honeycombing!

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