Taste Ice Cream Sandwich Early – unofficial launcher courtesy of XDA

I’m sure we’re all pretty excited about Ice Cream Sandwich, and of course the cunning devs over at XDA are no exception. To ease the painful wait, they have created an unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich launcher modeled off of the leaked photos from weeks ago. Right now the launcher is only alpha, but it already looks awesome. You can download the alpha apk here, but again this is alpha. Not everything is in working order yet. The dev team is requesting feedback on the forum post, so drop in if you want to help them out.

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LG Optimus 3D and HTC Desire S Get Sprinkled With Some CyanogenMOD Love

The CyanogenMOD team continues to remain hard at work with gracing every device possible with their popular hit ROM. The latest and greatest to join the ranks are the LG Optimus 3D and HTC Desire S aka the HTC Saga.  It’s clear the team won’t stop until they’ve made a world wide recognized brand, if they haven’t done so already, and we’ve got no complaints here.   You can hit up our previous posts to get an idea of the slew and variety of different devices they’ve been working on.  The LG Optimus 3D has been given a very early build of CM7 and we highly look forward to seeing a finished and stable release.  In addition, the HTC Saga/Desire S has made the list of CyanogenMOD nightlies.  If you’re feeling frisky and want to get in on the action, we won’t stop you.  Just be aware of the possible bugs you’ll experience until it’s stable.  If you’re still willing, then head on over to the CyanogenMOD page via the source link and be a part of the success.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Ice Cream Sandwich ‘confirmed’ release in Oct., OMAP first to bat

Recently Google’s Eric Schmidt outed the next version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), would be out in October or November. Now we have Rohab Shravan, CEO of Notion Ink, slipping out a similar time-frame from within a company blog post. It has been said that Notion Ink has plans in November to update and improve the graphics of the Adam tablet by way of ICS. The blog went further to say that Google will be releasing ICS in late October, and OMAP devices will be the first to receive the update with Tegra devices to follow.

Our friends at Phone Arena also confirmed with Shraven that manufacturers already have ICS in their greasy little fingers. Notion Ink will  be one of the first to get the source code during the roll out.

Let’s hope Shraven hasn’t been reading all the latest Android news here on TalkAndroid and simply isn’t just adding fuel to the fire. I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt because he has been right before, when he outed the release of Gingerbread days ahead of its official announcement. Let’s hope he’s right once again.

Have you been waiting for ICS to drop? Tell us below which device you would like to see receive a little flavor of Ice Cream Sandwich.

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HTC gets second chance in Apple patent dispute

With all of Apple’s latest lawsuits a-many, it could be hard to stay up to date with who and why Apple is suing. On July 15th an ITC judge determined that HTC infringed on two out of four patents that were in question. The patents found to infringe are, software that allows transmission of multiple types of data, and a system that identifies a phone number in an email allowing the receiver to direct dial the number simply by clicking on it.

Luckily for HTC, the U.S. Trade commission recently decided to review the judges findings and will ultimately decide the fate of HTC and its U.S. product line. HTC is happy about the decision for review, “and we are confident in our case,” said HTC spokesman, Adam Emery. If found guilty a ban may be placed on all of their Android based phones which equate to 36% of all U.S. Android based phones. Apple doing what they do best, countered the finding and said that if the commission opted to review the patents that were infringed, the agency also should consider the two that were found to not be infringed.

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Boeing Goes With Android For Their 787 Dreamliner’s Entertainment System

Boeing is going with Android to provide video, music, and airline specific apps in their new 787 Dreamliner. According to Mark Larson, a technical manager at Boeing, all Dreamliners in production are being outfitted with Android servers and touchscreens. Panasonic has built the first 787 Android touchscreen, but Larson adds “a lot of the larger screens (for business and first class) will be non-touch because you can’t reach them, although they’ve also got a prototype of gesturing”. The range of screen sizes go from 7-inches to 17-inches who Panasonic and Thales hold production on in the new 787s. The is some awesome news for Android and certainly to boast some advertising to who’s cool in the multimedia world (take that iPad). Hit up the break to check out some pictures of the hardware.

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Talk Android Weekly Recap, What You May Have Missed

Have a you had a busy week?  Allow us to summarize this week’s hottest topics for you.  Check out the buzz below on what’s hot with this crazy insane union we all call Android.  Hit the break to get all caught up and let us know what your favorite topic of the week is.

Sept 12th

Sept 13th

Quick Look At Today’s Free Amazon App: Greedy Spiders

Watch out with Amazon’s free app today because this game is HIGHLY addictive and challenging. Greedy Spiders is a great looking little puzzle game where you’ll have to save bugs trapped on a web from hungry spiders. When you first start the game, the only action you will have is to cut the web and try and interrupt the spiders path or directly free the bugs from the web. While easy at first, as the game starts to add multiple spiders and more intricate webs, you my find yourself with some great challenges on hand. There are also some new tools added later where you can burn the web, trick a spider with a dummy bug, and use some magical powers to free a bug. A cool feature, if you choose to use it from frustration, is a hints section to help you out in some of the harder levels. The game runs great and looks great too. If you notice any performance issues, you can also lower the graphics level if need be within the game. With 128 challenging levels and great graphics, this is sure to keep you addicted for a while.

This game will normally cost you a buck, so grab it while it’s free from the Amazon App Store. If not using the App Store, you can grab the download here by entering your email address or phone number in the upper right hand corner for a download link.  Be sure to have the “unknown sources” box checked off under Settings—>Applications on your Android device. Hit up the break to see the trailer for the game that includes some gameplay and let us know what you think.

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Diversion, A 3D Platformer For Android

Here’s a game a little different to check out. Diversion is a 3D linear platformer in a hovering world. As the game moves your character forward, you’ll have to jump, swim, climb, and hang your way through the levels and all its obstacles.  The game’s controls only let you tap on the screen to perform an action, so it’s pretty straight forward. To interact and climb ledges for example, you simply need to jump up or down to them. For the most part you’ll need to grab stars, gems, and gem multipliers that you can use to get upgrades in the game. Starting out, you may find the game a little too simple, but give it time as the challenge level will increase as you go along. The graphics look great and I didn’t find any performance issues running this game on my Droid X.

There are 4 worlds, 100 levels, and over 200 characters to play through. As you progress through the levels you’ll find more obstacles and challenges await to be unlocked, so don’t be fooled by the first few easy levels that get you started. This is also an XPERIA PLAY optimized game and it recommended to play this on a newer device as it’s graphics intensive. Check out some of the gameplay below and grab it for free via the QR code our source link to the android market. Thanks Johnny L.

YouTube Preview Image

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Droid X 4.5.605 Update Coming Soon

We all know how buggy the original Gingerbread update was for the Droid X. Those issues were slowly fixed with updates, but the one lasting issue was the buggy keyboard. Well Droid X fans, it appears you guys can finally say that all of your Gingerbread problems have been addressed. The latest fix comes in at a whopping 113 MB, but if it works, who’s complaining? The fix will start rolling out on the 19th.

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George Costanza Promoting Google Wallet (video)

It looks like Google is starting to promote Google Wallet a bit more with a little help from Seinfeld’s George Costanza. The video below shows George’s wallet about to burst as he tries to place a found Google Wallet add sheet inside. Devices with NFC are slowly trickling in, but we are going to need a whole lot more of them for this to really take off. Do you think people are willing to trust Google with their money and purchases?

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