T-Mobile To Get a Doubleshot of HTC?

by Michael Murphy on
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Is it a phone, is it a tablet, does it exist at all? Honestly, we’re not sure. It’s rumored to be running Android version 2.3, which has us leaning toward the “phone” side of the spectrum. It’s expected that there will some sort of official announcement at CTIA, but we really won’t know anything concrete until AT LEAST then.

So here’s hoping we get a Doubleshot of HTC at CTIA. And kudos on the naming, HTC…doubleshots are always good.

[via TmoNews]

Paypal Offering $25,000 for Best Android App Integrating Paypal Service

by Michael Murphy on
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Calling all developers: Paypal is running a contest for Android devs, and giving away a nice chunk of change to the top 3 submitters. $50K is up for grabs to be given to the top 3 developers of Android apps who incorporate Paypal into their apps. The grand prize winner will get $25K, second place gets $15K, and third gets $10K. Any devs working on an app that features any kind of payment system should consider incorporating Paypal and submitting their program to the contest.

  • May 14 – Deadline to submit your application for approval
  • June 3rd – Deadline for making changes
  • June 7th – Application live in an Android Marketplace
  • June 29th – Winners announced

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Lookout Labs Sheds More Light on the DroidDream Malware

by Michael Murphy on
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Lookout Labs has been continually evaluating the DroidDream situation over the last few days. As you may recall, DroidDream is malware code that has found its way into over 50 apps in the Android market. We got an email from Lookout letting us know that they updated their blog last night with some new details about how it works.

·         DroidDream send the IMEI, IMSI, Device model and SDK version to a remote command and control server

·         To infect the device, DroidDream uses two known exploits, exploidand rageagainstthecage,to break out of the Android security container. Both of the vulnerabilities being exploited were patched by Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

·         Similar to previous instances of Android malware that have been found on alternative Android app markets, the authors of DroidDream hid the malware in seemingly legitimate applications to trick unsuspecting users into downloading the malware—a growing trend in mobile threats.

·         Once the phone is rooted, DroidDream is configured to searched for a specific package named com.android.providers.downloadsmanager. If the malware does not find this package on the device, it will silently install a second malicious application without the user’s knowledge.

Lookout is still investigating the situation, particularly with regard to who the expected target was. Play it safe, and download Lookout Mobile Security, and hit the source link to check out the rest of their findings at their blog.

[via Lookout Blog - Thanks Alicia for the heads-up!!]

ROMTools gives a command line interface on Android – oldschool

by Jesse Bauer on
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Love the speed of command lines, but hate to use them? Join the club as XDA Developer mmmark111 shows us that you don’t have to hate command lines to still use them effectively.

The app is called ROMTools, and you can get it at this thread. ROMTools will perform typical commands for you that you’d do manually through ADB (Android Debug Bridge). The most common commands have been entered in ROMTools, making the bottleneck NOT your weak typing skills. (kidding, i peck too.)

Here’s a list of the current commands available in ROMTools;

  • Flash ROM – Place a ROM in the ‘ROM’ folder renamed rom.zip. Hit enter and the zip will get flashed to your phone automatically
  • Flash Recovery – Will help you flash a recovery to your phone. For the Optimus V users, it will help you install all the needed drivers as well as obtain root privileges. Optimus T, S, and One phones will be able to flash a recovery.
  • Wipe dalvik-cache – Self explanatory .
  • Mount /system r/w – Allows read/write access to /system
  • Push ROM to SD card – Self explanatory (pushes to root of sd)
  • Push framework-res.apk – Pushes framework-res.apk to /framework, wipes dalvik-cache, and reboots the phone for you.
  • Push bootanimation.zip – Will remove boot animation and replace with one of your choice. (removes from /data/local as well as /system/media)
  • Reboot – Reboot
  • Reboot into Recovery – Obv.

If you grab this and have any issue with it, please make sure you report any issues here in the comments, or at the application thread here.

[via XDA-Developers]

Gameloft Developing Four Titles using the Unreal Engine 3 for Android

by Brian Rubin on
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According to the good folks at Android Central, major mobile gaming developer Gameloft has announced that it is partnering with long-time game developer Epic Games — known most recently for the controversial shooter Bulletstorm — to bring four games (which have not yet been specified) powered by the Unreal Engine 3 to the Android platform. The first two titles are due sometime this year and the other two are due in 2012, hopefully before the world ends.

The Unreal Engine 3 is a very popular and powerful game development platform, and it was recently shown running on Android hardware such as the LG Optimus 2X. It also powers some very popular games, such as the aforementioned Bulletstorm, the Gears of War series, DC Universe Online, the Mass Effect series and many more. It will be interesting to see which titles get ported to Android, or if Gameloft announces all-new titles. We’ll be keeping an eye on this partnership for more developments.

Besides Android, Gameloft will also be developing titles for the iOS and the Playstation Network as well.

[Via Android Central and Epic Games]

Malware Apps Find Their Way Into Android Market

by Michael Murphy on
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Over the course of the day yesterday, over 50 malicious apps found their way into the Android market. To circulate the trojan DroidDream, a developer going by the moniker of “Myournet” (also seen as “Kingmall2010″ and “we20090202″) uploaded a whole slew of apps, many of which appear as pirated free versions of paid apps. Our friends at Android Central are reporting that anyone running version 2.2.2 is probably safe, as the vulnerability that is being exploited here was fixed the newest Froyo build, but anyone else was potentially at risk. We understand that Google has now pulled all offending apps that were discovered, but it’s best to be on your guard anyway. Over at their blog, Lookout Labs has a full list of every app that was known to be infected, and they’ve let us know that their security package has been updated to protect against this threat and, if necessary, remove it. If you have any concerns at all, be sure you go have a look.

[Thanks to Alicia for the heads-up!]

Tegra 2 CPU Brings More Games to Android Through Tegra Zone

by Michael Murphy on
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nVidia’s Tegra 2 dual-core processors bring gaming on Android into a whole new world from anything we’ve seen thus far. In addition to having all the advantages of a dual-core CPU, nVidia is also focusing heavily on the graphics side of things, allowing for what promises to be some truly impressive games. To better facilitate the distribution of these games, nVidia is launching the Tegra Zone, which will highlight games and apps that are developed specifically to take advantage of the extra power the Tegra 2 offers. nVidia has been talking about it for a while, but it has finally gone live and can be downloaded from the Android market on any Tegra 2-powered Android device. The games available at launch are as follows:

  • Fruit Ninja
  • Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Deluxe
  • Samurai II: Vengeance
  • Galaxy on Fire 2
  • Backbreaker
  • Vendetta Online
  • Monster Madness
  • Hardwood Solitaire IV

These games, along with all future Tegra Zone games, will be available from the Android market as well, designated as “THD” games — the Tegra Zone just serves as an easier way to highlight these games. If you have, or will soon have, one of the few Tegra 2 devices on the market, check it out and let us know what you think! Full press release below.
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MegaVideo App Allows Android Users to Upload Directly From Their Phones

by Michael Murphy on
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Anyone who has used MegaUpload as a file sharing service knows how simple and yet robust it is.  Servers are snappy, download times are good, and its simplicity is definitely to be appreciated.  Well, MegaUpload has a sister service, MegaVideo, that takes that concept and focuses on video uploading. And to go one step better, they have an Android app in beta available in the market right now, to offer instant uploading (and playing of uploaded videos) from your phone, anytime, anywhere. It will also allow you to download videos from the hosting site. Other features currently in development:

  • Tablet support
  • HD videos
  • Link auto-grabbing
  • Multiple link
  • Send-link-to option
  • Download speed widget
  • Search feature

If this sounds like an app that would help you out, head over the Android market to download the beta, at a budget-friendly cost of “free.”

[via Android market, by way of Phandroid]

Missing Your Gmail? Google Broke It.

by Michael Murphy on
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If you’re one of the unlucky 150,000 affected, you may have woken up this morning and grabbed your phone to check your Gmail, only to find your mailbox completely, and totally empty. While this is undoubtedly panic-inducing, the only small consolation we can offer is that it’s not your phone’s fault. .08% of Google’s email subscribers wound up getting their account reset. In the meantime, Google has deactivated the mailboxes and is working hard to get them recovered. No guarantees can be made at this time, but it’s likely they have adequate backups and will get the mailboxes restored relatively quickly. Stay tuned.

[via cnet]

Test Release of CyanogenMod 7 for the Vibrant

by Michael Murphy on
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CyanogenMod is one of the most popular custom-built ROMs out there, and with version 7 they are bringing Gingerbread to more and more phones.  The T-Mobile Vibrant just got an official Froyo release recently, but the CyanogenMod team has got the beginnings of ROM for the Vibrant that, when finished and stable, will bring it Gingerbread in the near future, without waiting for the official Gingerbread release from Samsung.  It’s only a test build right now, so there’s still some work to be done, but this is an awesome team with a lot of experience at building these ROMs, so it’s safe to assume that it won’t be too long before they’ve got a solid build for you.  As always, we’ll keep you posted.

[via CyanogenMod Forum]