Google Introduces Google Docs App for Android

Those of you who have been wanting an actual app to manage your Google Docs from your phone, your wait is over! Google has released Google Docs app for Android today to give you full control from the palm of your hand. Open and edit your documents on the fly with the built-in editor, and uploading content from the phone and sharing with your contacts all became even easier. It even includes OCR so you can snap a picture and have Docs create a text document within the app. You can also add widgets onto your homescreen to snap a pic, create a new doc, or jump to “starred” documents.  Scan the QR code below or hit the market to download.

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Updated: Titanium Backup 3.7.7


Do you own a rooted Android device? Do you want to root you Android device? Have you heard the words “rooted Android device”? Do you have a friend that’s an Android fanatic? I know all my friends have a friend like that.

If you’ve answered yes to any of those question, you’ve probably heard of Titanium Backup. This would be the number one app for all your rooting needs.  Including backups, restore, Dalvik cleaner and Dropbox syncing.

So all you Android nuts out there who used this app on a daily basis, hit the market and update now. See the cropped screenie below for the recent changes.

P.S. – This app is for rooted Android devices only.  Just incase that wasn’t made clear earlier on. :)


Android 2.3 Gingerbread coming soon to T-Mobile LG G2x

I find it interesting that there are phones being released with Android 2.2 Froyo instead of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread. I wouldn’t buy a new phone in which the manufacturer does not make their plans known about where they stand with Gingerbread. For those that agree, and are a little nervous about getting the new T-Mobile LG G2x, you can rest easy.

T-Mobile announced via Twitter that Gingerbread is coming soon to the G2x and that you will not have to wait long. This is obviously good news, and I would like to think that they really mean that “you won’t have to wait long” because the G2x is a vanilla Android phone. In my opinion this phone should have been released with Gingerbread, but I will give them credit if they can get it done within the next few weeks.

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Motorola Xoom Real World Testing to the Max


Is that a guy, with a helmet on no less, on a boat, traveling at a high rate of speed in open water, holding a Xoom? Yea it is! Well guess we can’t really call it ‘normal’ real world testing. But it’s definitely to the max! The guys from the UK store, Carphone Warehouse have put together a video giving us a montage of Extreme Moto Xooming. From motorcycle to airplane, to offroad Segway and more. Hit the break for the video, placing the image above into context. Enjoy!

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The HTC Evo 4G gets a bigger display by way of your Desktop PC

I’ve rooted my Sprint Evo 4G, and currently running CyanogenMod 7. So you can understand how I could think this is pretty awesome. Anyone of us with an HTC Evo can attest to it it being a great phone. But also that could just be my opinion..who knows. Well, what you’re about to see in the video after the break is user Lokifish controlling his Evo 4G with his desktop pc. He demonstrates visiting a webpage, running radio, sending a text message, and even making and answering a call via his PC, all using mapped keys on his computers keyboard.

So hit the break and watch the video and tell us what you think about this demo…

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Skyfire Updated to 4.0, Brings Scrollable, Customizable Skybar

Skyfire has been one of the most popular browsers on the Android platform for a long time now. By using a proxy server to convert Flash videos, they were able to bring a very complete web-surfing experience before Flash was standard Android fare. And even now, they are working hard to continue to bring more features to the table.  We told you last month that an update was coming, and today they launch version 4.0.  Skyfire users are familiar with the “Skybar” — the menu bar at the bottom of the browser that gives access to various functions — and will be pleased to know that it’s now scrollable and customizable. Also, it now has the capability to add 8 new buttons that will integrate Twitter, Groupon, and Google Reader, as well as a “Share” button, sports news and finance feeds, and a “settings” button to allow you to tailor the browser to your liking. The video-streaming through their servers, however, will now be a “premium” feature for a one-time charge of $2.99, but existing users will be grandfathered in, and Verizon customers will have a short time to pick this feature up for free as well. Full press release and screenshots after the break.

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It is time for one manufacturer to commit to stock Android

The explosion of Android occurred because many manufacturers adopted the platform. These manufacturers have been fighting to differentiate themselves by creating custom user interfaces (UI) on top of the Android software. Examples of this is HTC’s Sense, Motorola’s Blur, and Samsung’s Touchwiz.

I understand why these companies are doing this, but lets be honest, the average consumer has no clue about any of these UI’s. The average consumer is buying a device based on brand, recommendations, and more importantly, what their chosen carrier offers. Since just about everyone has abandoned the concept of stock Android, it seems like a perfect time for one manufacturer to commit to producing only (or mostly) stock Android devices. There are some advantages that are worthwhile to both the manufacturer and consumer.

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CNN brings its news to your Android phones

The recently released application for Android phones will bring CNN news to the mobile masses. You don’t like CNN? Don’t agree with its news reporting? Tough, it’ll be out there in the Android Market anyway incase you change your mind.. :)

This app will flood your mind by way of your eyes and ears with enormous amounts of breaking news, live videos, and CNN Radio. Check out the video after the break…

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Flying Solo at the Bar? The Wingman App Has Your Back, Bro.

Android Dev PeacedOut has brought us a great, very fun app called Wingman. As the name suggests, its goal is to give you a buddy for when you’re out at the bar flying solo.  It has various functions, ranging from amusing to quite useful.  Toss in a great price on the app, and this makes it a great companion those nights out when your bros had to bail.

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