Android distribution numbers show Jelly Bean, KitKat rise as Gingerbread slowly fades


Compared to last month’s numbers, Android’s distribution has not changed too much. Android 4.4 KitKat is slowly rising while 4.1.x Jelly Bean has almost reached 60%. Ice Cream Sandwich, which was Android’s last major redesign, has dropped a few ticks. But the real annoyance comes from Gingerbread. It is still lingering around. It dropped about 3% since last month — nothing too amazing. It’s just good to see the numbers shift towards Jelly Bean and KitKat.

Source: Android Developers

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 could include head-tracking gesture controls

Samsung Galaxy S5

Smart Stay and Smart Pause are just two of Samsung’s interesting and unique features that are included on many of their devices, but the functionality of these tools have sometime been questioned. Although the concepts are great, they sometimes do not work as well as advertised…

Either way, the addition of these features have proven to be successful for Samsung, especially in the marketing department, and the company is showing no signs of slowing these additions down. According to a recent patent application filed by Samsung, the Galaxy S5 will reportedly include head-tracking gesture controls. The device will be able to carry out functions determined by a wink or nod of the head. SamMobile offered an example: the phone could be able to go to the last webpage in a browser if the phone detects a head movement to the left, or the browser could go to the next page after a move of the head to the right side.

It all seems a bit silly, and I’d have to guess that people would look a bit ridiculous jerking their heads around and winking at their phones to control their devices. The idea is cool, but is it practical? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: SamMobile

Android 4.4.2 test firmware for Galaxy S 4 leaked

Samsung_Galaxy_S_4_Back_Bottom_GS4_Logo_TAMotorola devices began getting Android 4.4.2 a few days ago, but Samsung users were still waiting. Lucky for S4 users, SamMobile has gotten their hands on an exclusive Android 4.4.2 test firmware – I9505XXUFNA1 – for the Galaxy S 4. The firmware is expected to officially launch in February or March, but thanks to SamMobile, you can test it out now.

4.4.2 has minor UI changes, with the most noticeable being that all of the status bar icons are now white, instead of the old Ginerbread green. There’s also a little bump in performance and benchmark scores. A few other fixes include better landscape keyboard performance, and a camera shortcut on the lockscreen. Click through the source link to get instructions on how to try it out yourself.

Source: SamMobile

WWE to launch streaming subscription service for devices in February, announced at CES


Are you a WWE fan? You’re in luck.

Last night at CES, WWE chairman Vince McMahon announced that the company would be bringing a subscription streaming service to devices for $9.99/month.

Utilizing the same technology as the MLB At Bat application, users will be able to access content 24/7, and get all 12 monthly pay-per-view specials and a massive library of wrestling content. The service goes live on February 24.

On top of new content, you’ll get access to all previous PPV events from WWE, WCW and ECW. You’ll be able to view it from computers, Android/iOS devices, the Xbox 360/One, the PS3/4, and Roku.

This low-cost option is certainly something to look into for all wrestling fans, as the PPV specials used to cost $44.95 as opposed to the new price of $9.99. WWE will certainly lose some short-term revenue, but where it loses money it hopes to make up with new subscribers.

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Source: The Verge


Motorola’s original DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX update is official, brings data enhancements


Remember the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX’s soak test that went out on Monday? We now have the details on what it brings. Unfortunately, not much. To be exact, it adds just two enhancements. The first is a data bug that was occuring while roaming in Canada on Telus GSM and UMTS networks. And the other was yet another data bug that occurred when connected to an extended network in places like Alaska. A warning would appear; however, that has now been fixed. The update is named 98.72.165.XT912.Verizon.en.US in case you were wondering. Nothing else to see here, folks.

Source: Motorola

American Red Cross releases ‘Pet First Aid’ app to Play Store

American Red Cross

The Red Cross’ ‘First Aid’ app made it to our list of “Best Android apps for medical emergencies, patient care, and First Aid information.” It shouldn’t come as a surprise that its new app, “Pet First Aid,” should be a handy tool for all you pet-loving Android owners out there.

In the app, you’ll get in-depth veterinary advise for both simple and complicated pet emergencies so that you’ll be prepared if something bad were to actually happen. You’ll get step-by-step advice, videos and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge.

This app really is full of information and all pet owners should consider buying the app— it’s only 99 cents, and it could end up saving your pet’s life.

Hit the break for a gallery of screenshots as well as a link to the app in the Play Store.

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Feedly introduces ‘speed reading’ feature on beta app for Android


When Google shut down its semi-popular ‘Reader’ RSS reader, it encouraged its users to use other popular readers such as Feedly.

Feedly certainly took advantage of the opportunity, as it quickly enhanced its offering and created many new features for users.

Today, Feedly continued the trend by adding a “speed reading” feature to the beta version of its  Android application. You’ll now be able to use a simple tap gesture to quickly move from one article to the next without waiting around for the page to load. If you’re part of the Feedly beta community, head on over to the Play Store and grab the update.

The new version also includes a few bug fixes (rendering on Android 4.1, an issue with the back button, login expiration, and more).

Hit the source link to see a GIF of the new feature in action. 

Source: Feedly Blog


Images leak of what could be Samsung’s new smartphone user interface


Early this morning, Twitter’s @evleaks leaked what could be an upcoming redesign of Samsung’s user interface for Android. Previously, the company used Nature UX; however, this looks comparable to their new UI being used with the Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO series tablets. Samsung calls it Magazine UI. The font is much lighter and everything seems flatter, albeit not on the same level as iOS. If Samsung does opt for this change, we will likely see it when the Galaxy S 5 is announced. The key to @evleaks‘ tweet is that Samsung is “exploring” this new user inferface.
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LG launches Lifeband Touch

LG Lifeband Touch

We’re seeing tons of new products at CES today, and that will continue throughout the next few days— LG isn’t coming short, either.

The company is launching its Lifeband Touch fitness tracker (seen above) which tracks calorie output, steps walked, as well as many other fitness statistics. The device is water-resistant as well. It connects via Bluetooth 4.0 and an LG application to both Android and iOS phones, letting users see phone notifications, check exercise goals, and play music from a smartwatch.

A release date is still unknown, but expect a formal announcement relatively soon.

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HTC One, One Max, and One Mini to get Android 4.4.2 by February

HTC_One_Max_Back_Slanted_02_TAOne of the best sources for Android news on Twitter, LlabTooFeR, has some news for HTC users. A tweet was sent out explaining that the HTC One, One Max and One Mini are expected to get their Android 4.4.2 KitKat updates later this month, or next month. In addition to the new OS, the update will also include the new HTC Sense 5.5 UI.

For the Butterfly S, LlabTooFeR says that the test phase for 4.4.2 just began, so the update might appear in March or April of this year.

Source: @LlabTooFeR