Verizon hit with $1.35 million wrist slap from FCC for supercookie tracking

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You might some commotion about a year ago over Verizon’s tracking cookies for phones on their network. Big Red was tracking usage habits about users on the network, without alerting users or giving them a way to opt out of the tracking, but apparently they didn’t do a good enough job in giving customers control over everything, as the FCC has slapped with a fine over the ordeal. Read more

Skycure reveals clickjacking malware that could affect over half a billion Android devices


Proving the old adage that no good deed goes unpunished, mobile security company Skycure revealed a proof of concept malware at the RSA cyber security conference this week that attacks Android devices via a technique called “accessibility clickjacking.” The attack has been shown to work on versions of Android up through KitKat placing over half a billion Android devices at risk. Read more

Enpass upgrades to version 5 with full-time fingerprint support and autofill


With security in the headlines the past couple days, users may once again be considering methods and apps to help secure their logins. Password managers are increasingly getting attention from consumers, especially as they continue to add features making them easier to use and more functional. One of the apps that made our list of the best password managers this year, Enpass, has announced a major upgrade to their platform to version 5.0 that brings two key improvements. Read more

Sundar Pichai sides with Tim Cook’s encryption stance on Twitter


In case you haven’t seen it yet, Tim Cook publicly released a letter against the FBI’s request for Apple to create software that would allow a backdoor into iPhones for national security reasons. Needless to say, that letter has sparked a ton of conversation around the encryption debate, and it’s bringing some other big names into the mix. Read more

Qualcomm just announced new fingerprint authentication support for WeChat mobile payments


Each and every day, pins and passwords are becoming more and more a relic of the past thanks to new biometric authentication processes such as our fingerprints. It looks like Tencent’s WeChat mobile payment services will be the latest to join the biometric security revolution thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor series.

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