Samsung Galaxy S II and LG Optimus 3D Already Receive ICS Port

Its only been a few days since the ICS ROM dropped and you can bet ROM builders have been awake ever since trying to successfully complete a port. Some dudes have already managed to port rather slick looking builds onto their Galaxy S II and Optimus 3D. That did not take long at all!

Now don’t go getting all excited thinking that you can already throw one of these builds onto either your SGSII or O3D. The crafty gentlemen have yet to release instructions and the SGSII doesn’t even have the radio, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth working properly. As you can see in the picture above, the SGSII still shows ICS’ software buttons but plans are in the works to have them removed. Jump past the split to check out the videos showing the devices in action and rest assured knowing this could be on your own device soon enough.

Root the Kindle Fire with SuperOneClick [Courtesy of XDA]

With the Kindle Fire’s release, developers at XDA are wasting no time in getting the device rooted. Given the ability to enable sideloading, rooting is inevitable. Over at XDA there is a quick walk-through in setting up ADB on the Fire. Of course this can only be done after one is done installing the Android SDK. Once ADB is set up root is obtainable through the SuperOneClick application.

As of right now there are no custom roms available for the Fire but when they do come out, and they will, you will be one step closer to flashing a new rom. Given the Fire’s specs it will be interesting to see how developers can push this device to its full potential. For those of you who have a Kindle Fire and are wanting to root it, download the SuperOneClick Application here and hit the break for instructions on how to do so courtesy of developer death2all110 over at XDA.  

CyanogenMod Team Wasting No Time After Ice Cream Sandwich’s Source Code Was Released

With the recent release of the precious Ice Cream Sandwich source code, the CyanogenMod team took off like dogs at the race once the gate’s are opened.  The team is hoping to get CyanogenMod9 up and running on some lucky Android device in about two months time.

..and we’re off. check back in 2 months :)  #cm9  #ics

The above quote was released on Cyanogen’s official Twitter account today and we can tell it sure got some folks speculating as to which device might be the first to get it and which are to follow.  Feel free to sound off in the comments below as to which device you’d like to see the OS gracefully hijack.  We’re looking forward to seeing what the team can do with this and which devices it can manage to pack the awesome OS into.  Stay tuned as you’ll be the first to know once they announce the “chosen one”.

[via Twitter]

Motorola Atrix 2 Gets Manual One Click Root Method [Courtesy of XDA]

Already got yourself the new Atrix 2? Feeling a little bit superuser-ish? Your in luck then! XDA forum member, jimmy273, has posted some instructions on how to root the new Motorola device. Jimmy273, being the modest man he is, doesn’t take full credit for this feat and passes some credentials on to p3droid for creating this method. All Jim did was use p3droid’s Bionic root method and tried it on his Atrix 2 and had success.

To see all the gritty details hit the source link below. There you will find full instructions and files needed to gain superuser status. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly and check out what other forum members had to say. Good luck and happy rooting!

[via XDA forums]

Nexus S Gets Unofficial Android 4.0 [Courtesy of XDA]

If you are anything like me you must be getting excited to see ICS first hand, not only in person, but on your very own device. Not every one is going to be able to run out and purchase the new Galaxy Nexus and some can hardly wait for the official ICS update to roll-out for scheduled devices.

The peeps over at XDA have taken the wait away for you brave Nexus S owners who are willing to port an early unofficial build. The build is pretty close to the real thing but it is definitely not official. This build is based on an earlier version of ICS and some of the new Android 4.0 features are missing. There have been reports of minor issues ones that by no means make the device unusable: a few of the new icons are missing, NFC is a bust, the camera might have some glitches, and this build is sans facial recognition.

If you have a rooted device and are familiar with flashing ROM’s you may want to give this a whirl, if not I suggest just waiting it out a couple more weeks until Google pushes out the official release. Reports are saying that for an unofficial port it is super stable so if you’ve got a brass set and want to give it a try, hit the link below. Remember, anything YOU do to YOUR phone is at YOUR own risk!

[via XDA]

Real Meaning of Motorola’s Misread Tweet Regarding ICS Update Plans

It seems that a tweet sent out earlier today by Motorola has gotten a little misunderstood and conclusions were made before the real meaning of the message would be deciphered. Motorola’s tweet read, ” We’ll be releasing devices for ICS 6 weeks after Google releases the final version of it”, and in turn, sent the rumor mill for a fill-in-in-the-blank  hay day.

Two of the most reported rumors were: 1, Motorola was planning on updating current capable devices to Android 4.0; and 2, new devices would be revealed 6 weeks after the final version of ICS was released. Both of these turned out to be false and some clarification was later issued by Motorola to the folks at Android and Me putting all hear-say to rest.

Motorola support Forums claim Xoom tablet will receive Android 4.0

It was only earlier today that I had mentioned that we were on the path to seeing a whole bunch of announcements claiming that certain devices will see ICS in the near future. Only hours after Google and Samsung had their Galaxy Nexus/ICS event did the ICS SDK become available, and manufacturers are eating it up. Motorola recently made an announcement adding another device to the ICS upgrade list, this time in tablet form.

Some moderator over at the Motorola support forums has confirmed that the Xoom tablet will be seeing an upgrade just like the Droid Razr. If this is true, and it happens before the Asus Padfone drops, it would become the first Android tablet to run Android 4.0. We can most likely trust the Moto support forums’ source, a moderator usually knows more details than the average joe.

[via phandroid]

[Video] Android 4.0 ported onto the Nexus One

There has been much speculation about which devices will see Android 4.0 in the future. We have already heard about plans for various devices to receive an official ICS update, like the Droid Razr,  but what about those who are willing to port via the SDK method?

Some dude going by dr1337md, recently posted a video on YouTube showing a glitchy SDK ICS port to the Nexus One. If you look at the video you will notice that there are definitely some issues, ones that dr1337md claims to be working on. The overall experience looks a bit laggy, audio and video decoding are not working but at least it’s a solid starting point. Maybe with a little bit of tweaking and optimization on Google’s end, the Nexus One, like many other devices, may actually have some ICS goodness in their future. We are stoked at least to see someone trying! You can check out the video for yourself right after the break.

Sony’s Kaz Hirai Says The Company is ‘in discussions with non-Sony companies’ Regarding Use Of PlayStation Suite

SCE Chairman Kaz Hirai at AsiaD made it clear recently that the company’s Android framework is still open for the taking for manufacturers interested in utilizing it.  The SDK will not officially be available until next month sometime, but it should be interesting to see who decides to make a move and jump on the PlayStation Suite.  Hirai also states for the record that it “isn’t an ecosystem” reminding folks that he’s not interested in keeping it all in the Sony family.  He also confirmed that the company is currently “in discussions with non-Sony companies to bring them onboard“.  There’s still no official word on when this might take place but Sony states that we’ll know “when it’s time to go public with it.”  As of now, Sony offers a trio of Android devices with the PlayStation Suite onboard, such as the Xperia Play, which is also in-line to receive some ICS love, along with the Tablet S and Tablet P.  Your thoughts?

[via Engadget]

Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code Will Be Released Soon

Android developer Dan Morrill posted in the Android Building group stating “We plan to release the source for the recently-announced Ice Cream Sandwich soon, once it’s available on devices.” While the ROM community may not be the majority out there, this is still awesome news for those of us asking “Got Root?”. While the SDK has been released for ICS, it’s still unknown exactly when the source code will be available. In either case, we know we’ll get to giggle soon enough when devs start pushing ICS ROMs to devices well before the manufactures do.

[via androidandme]

How to Test Drive Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Hey Android fans! As you all know, Ice Cream Sandwich was officially unveiled yesterday evening. In case you missed it, Google also announced that the 4.0 SDK (Source Developer Kit) is available as of right now. To most, the SDK is strictly for development purposes, but did you know, you can use it to give yourself a tour of new Android releases? The SDK has a built in Android Emulator that can be used use to simply boot up 4.0 and start poking around. So, perhaps you’re eager to know how it’s done.

Hit the break for full instructions. The following assumes you’ve never touched the SDK before.

Ice Cream Sandwich will feature native screenshot capability

I am sure you are still giddy with excitement after we just showed you an actual image of the Galaxy Nexus. We thought you might want to keep the ball rolling and get a little ICS goodness as well.

It appears that the highly anticipated Ice Cream Sandwich OS will include native screenshot capabilities. This time around we won’t need to be rooted or need to have any add-ons to be able to to capture a screenshot image, with the Galaxy Nexus you just hit volume down and power to save the image. This may not seem like a very nifty feature to some of you but once you get your new Galaxy Nexus I am sure you are going to want to brag to your friends about how cool ICS really is.

Our pals over at Android Police stumbled upon a couple of binaries within ICS proving that a couple apps (screenshot and screencap) are in charge of the native screenshot feature. Yes, these are also found in Honeycomb as well but in ICS you won’t need root in order for them to work!

usage: screenshot [-s soundfile] filename.png
-s: play a sound effect to signal success
-i: autoincrement to avoid overwriting filename.png


[-hp] [FILENAME]
-h: this message
-p: save the file as a png.
If FILENAME ends with .png it will be saved as a png.
If FILENAME is not given, the results will be printed to stdout.

See you all later in the proverbial YouTube theater!

[via android police]

Complain App, for those who really want their voice heard

If you are anything like me, I am sure there has been a time when you have been so unsatisfied with a product or service that you felt the need to register your grievance with the offending company. Most of the time complaints go unheard, unanswered, and unresolved usually because the company is too large to have to worry about one little complaint from one single customer. Complain App is here to help! One of the finalists in the App competition at CTIA, they have designed an app that works on both Android and iOS that helps the little consumer to get their voice heard in a way that was never available before. There is even a nifty web based complaint form.

By using social networks, the free Complain App attacks all fronts and uses the power of the masses to make sure companies are going to listen. By using a public forum the app announces your complaint to other users and allows for them to back your cause. Search or enter the company name that you want to complain about, enter your complaint, and hit send. The app will then submit your complaint to the offenders Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Google accounts. No doubt a flurry of complaints to the companies social networking accounts will get the point across.

Jump past the break for a screen shot, download links, and a full Complain App rundown.

Does your Android device lack a notification light? Try the NoLed app

With all the advancements in mobile technology it still comes as a huge surprise when a smartphone manufacturer neglects to add a notification light to their device. There are not a whole bunch of phones that are plagued with this dilema but for the ones that are, it’s known to be a pain in the arse.

For some reason Samsung has decided to crank out a few popular mobile devices and at my dismay, they are sans notification LED. I , like many others, own a Samsung device and hate not knowing that I have a message waiting for me unless I activate the screen and check for myself. Sounds like an easy task but when you find yourself checking for messages all day long it gets old real fast.

XDA member, MADMACK, has come up with a solution by using the phone’s display as a notification light. When you receive a message (or anything that you want a notification for) your screen will activate flashing different color dots or icons based on the type of message received. The dots/icons are customizable allowing the user to create different notifications for each type of reminder making it easy, for example, to differentiate between email and text messages. There are many ways to tweak this app from battery conservation to delayed notification, NoLed  gives more options than most factory notification lights.

With over 10,000 downloads from the Android Market and an average rating of 4.4 stars, MADMACK seems to have come up with an acceptable solution for not having a notification light. I have been using it since I got the Samsung Charge and I highly recommend checking it out for yourself.

Join us after the break for more screenshots, download links, and a NoLed explanation from the creator himself.

Tokidoki edition Huawei M835 heading to MetroPCS

Today, during the final hours of CTIA 2011, I was treated to a glimpse at the upcoming revamped Huawei (pronounced wow-wey) M835. The M835 for MetroPCS is a special-edition Android device designed by Los Angeles-based cult apparel brand tokidoki. Heading to MetroPCS in the “coming weeks”, this stylized phone is available in both men’s and women’s flavors and is designed to fit discreetly in your pocket.

The Huawei M835 Sanctioned by tokidoki includes two interchangeable battery covers and is pre-loaded with a full content suite including a brand new tokidoki application, static and live wallpapers featuring tokidoki’s recognizable pop iconography, four original tokidoki ringtones and more. The casing of the handset has been redesigned to white with metallic cyan blue accents. The slick white coupled with the bold tokidoki iconography that adorns the inter-changeable backs offers both the MetroPCS and tokidoki communities the chance to collect a piece of mobile art.

The Huawei Tokidoki M835 is available exclusively through MetroPcs and has service plans beginning at $50 and $60 including tax and fees. Both plans include unlimited talk, text, and data throughout Metro USA’s nationwide coverage areas. While this may not be the device for you tech junkies, it is sure to be a hit among the young ones featuring a 2.8” QVGA display, 3.2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Android 2.2 Froyo.

Full press release after the break.