HTC will unlock bootloaders for Sensation and EVO 3D by early September

by Robert Nazarian on
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Back in May, HTC announced that they would no longer lock bootloaders, but they could not ship the Sensation or the EVO 3D with the capability. It looks like HTC will officially unlock them staring in August with the global Sensation, followed by the Sensation 4G and the EVO 3D.

They are currently in the testing phase now, and they expect to be fully operational by early September for devices that have received the software updates. They also plan on rolling out the unlocking capability to other devices as part of maintenance updates and new shipments.

Kudos to HTC on fulfilling this promise and getting it done timely.

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EVO 3D and Sensation Get Overclocking Without Permanent Root

by Mitch Wright on
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You can’t keep a good dev down.

Despite having an encrypted bootloader, the EVO 3D has been getting a tremendous amount of dev attention, which has been leading to some rather impressive work like getting temporary root. Case in point, XDA forum member coolbho3000 has managed to wrangle processor overclocking and underclocking out of the device, as well as the Sensation apparently, using a pushed cooked kernel. The method takes a bit more effort than the traditional recovery flashing we’re all used to and thanks to the temporary root it works off of, everything goes back to default with a reboot. Still, given what the developer has to work with, we’re extremely impressed.

If you’re looking to do a bit of electronic finagling and you’ve been dying to start doing some serious modding on your new 3D, check out the video and hit up the source link after the break. Be sure to let us know how it goes in the comments! » Read the rest

CyanogenMod7 and MIUI land on the Droid Incredible 2

by Robert Nazarian on
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Recently, HTC changed their stance on locking bootloaders, but it was too late for the Incredible 2. Thankfully the development community managed to open it last month.

We knew it was a matter of time till we saw some custom ROMs. The two most popular, CM7 and MIUI have arrived and can be flashed. Head over to the links for more information.

[CyanogenMod Wiki]  [MIUI]

[via engadget]

Focus on Community: Customize Sense Launcher without Root

by Andrew Greenfield on
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It has long been the understanding that if you wanted to customize or mod your launcher on the Evo you would need to either root your phone to mod the Sense launcher or choose another launcher from the Market (ADW, LauncherPro, etc). What if you like Sense, you just want to change it a bit to fit you? 4×5 setup. Transparent app drawer. Nothing big, just small corrections. You know you need to root. Even worse, you’re stuck with the 4.24 OTA update for the Evo where an exploitable root hasn’t been found yet. Uh oh. Game over, right? Not exactly. Radical thinker and modder extraordinaire tommytomatoe has found a way to edit your Sense Rosie without needing root. “You can’t do that!!!” you might be thinking. Pfft. He just did that. » Read the rest

MultiBasebanFlasher And MultiRecoveryFlasher Now Available For Dell Streak

by Andrew Greenfield on
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The magic of RUU’s. When developers make custom ones the possibilities open up. And thanks to UKSheep, the infamous Dell Streak now has some more tools for root users. His new multi flasher can be used to flash not just ROMs, but basebands, and different recoveries. The dev made it in order to be able to flash the most used recoveries for the device, and he claims it does just that. If you are a Dell Streak and you’re a flashaholic this is the app you need. Go on over to his xda thread to check it out!

[via xda]

Evo 3D Already Rooted

by Michael Murphy on
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One thing’s for sure about the Android dev community: They move fast. Less than two weeks after the device’s launch, root access has been achieved for the Evo 3D — both the stock version, and the updated kernel that was released OTA right after launch. Android dev agrabren announced via Twitter just hours ago that he has managed to root not one, but two different Evo 3D devices, one which was updated and one which wasn’t. He doesn’t yet have a method of distributing this hack to the general public, but he has successfully gained access. We’ll keep you posted on progress of general distribution in the upcoming days.

[via twitter, by way of phandroid forums]

CyanogenMod 7.1 RC1 now available for download

by Robert Nazarian on
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CyanogenMod 7.1 RC1 is now available. This is first official release for the new CM 7.1 and it brings Android up to 2.3.4.

Many of you have been running nightly builds of CM7 so these changes are not new, but for those of you that like stable builds and want some nice improvements, you will want to flash this update.

Full changelog after the break

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Motorola Atrix bootloader now unlocked, No need to wait for Gingerbread

by Robert Nazarian on
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We reported yesterday that the leaked Gingerbread build for the Motorola Atrix could be unlocked. Using the files from the leaked build, Android tweakers have figured out a way to unlock everyone’s Atrix.

There are some that believe that Motorola never intended to unlock the bootloader with the Gingerbread release and there are others who say they have confirmation from Motorola that they will. We will find out for sure in the near future, but for now if you have an Atrix you can start loading custom ROM’s

Instructions after the break

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Can’t Get the EVO 3D? Spiff Up Your Current EVO 4G!

by Mitch Wright on
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As many of you know, the EVO 3D officially launches on Sprint, unless you’re one of those lucky Premier customers. That said, there’re going to be those people that simply can’t afford the $199 price tag (like myself) or aren’t eligible for their upgrade, in which case they can’t afford the $500+ price tag. Regardless of your reasoning, if you’re one of these people that won’t be picking up HTC’s latest hotness, you at least don’t have to be left out of the Sense 3.0 loop…if you’re rooted. Those wondrous chefs over at XDA have released some great Gingerbread Sense 3.0 ROMs, and we’ve done a bit of leg work to test a few out. Check in after the break to see our list of Sense 3.0 ROMs and be sure to leave comments if you decide to try one (or if you happen to have a ROM that we missed). » Read the rest

Motorola Atrix Gingerbread update brings unlocked bootloader? [Video]

by Robert Nazarian on
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Motorola has been promising unlocked bootloaders, but not until later in the year. We also never expected that they would unlock existing phones.

We reported that a leak of a Gingerbread update surfaced, but we just found out that it will allow users to unlock the bootloader using the traditional command: “fastboot oem unlock.” The update is expected in July and when users receive that update they will be able to boot their Atrix into Fastboot mode and unlock from there.

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