Motorola “Kore” Could be Manufacturer’s First Kal-El Quad-Core

Rumor has it that Motorola is working on an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-powered tablet with a 4:3 aspect ratio, similar to that of the iPad. Fusible was able to dig up some hidden info on this gem, and judging by Motorola’s recent purchase of the,,, and domains, we can guess that this device will be called the Motorala Kore. While it isn’t yet clear, speculation is that this may be one of the first tablets to ship with NVIDIA’s Kal-El Quad-Core processor, and that Moto will likely market around those “kores”. XOOM’s sales have been less than impressive, shipping just 250,000 unites in its first quarter, so we can understand why they might drop that moniker.

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HTC to Allow Future Devices to be Unlocked via the Web

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about HTC’s revisions to locked bootloader policy, so [impatiently] we’ve waited for more news. We’ve gotten an update, what an update it is.

Having listened to their customer’s concerns, and knowing that locking a phone is out of the question, HTC has devised the perfect compromise. Phones will continue to ship locked, however, users can register with HTC for access to a web tool use to unlock the device. The process is more complex than that, requiring that the Android SDK be installed and a couple of command-line lines to be run, but should make a welcome change from the norm. Certainly not needing to wait for developers to “hack” it should expedite ROM development initially.

I see no problem with HTC requiring registration. HTC should not need to deal with a bricked phone because of user error; you knew what you were doing when you got started, and if something goes wrong, you voided the warranty. It shouldn’t be HTC’s responsibility to fix your phone should you break it. That said, it isn’t clear if ACTUAL faultiness will still be covered after running the tool, and to what extent. I have no reason to believe HTC will screw this up, but if they do, rest assured you guys will know about it.

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CyanogenMod Comes to Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Neo, and Arc

CyanogenMod, the world’s most popular alternate ROM (and one of my own favorites, I might add), always manages to find a home on whatever new phones are coming out, and Sony’s stable of new phones is no exception. Coming up soon, the Xperia Play, Xperia Neo, and Xperia Arc will have the option of bursting with cyan Android style. The only thing holding up the process is some code that needs to be approved from CyanogenMod proper. Following this approval, some sweet, sweet cyan love can start hitting the phones of Sony users. If any of you folks rocking the Play, Neo, or Arc haven’t tried CyanogenMod, it’s definitely something worth a shot.

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Droid X2 Has Rooted Gingerbread

Well, sort of. Other than the Atrix, no Motorola device running Gingerbread has gotten its own permanent root. However, for those of you worried about rooting your Droid X2 after receiving the 2.3.3 update you need not worry.@P3droid over on twitter updated his phone and showed that it was still possible to SBF back to 2.2 and root your device. An unexpected move from Moto, who is often considered evil for their current stance on rooting, but a welcomed one nonetheless. The Droid X2 has been showing a sign of life in the developing world and Motorola should take notice. MyDroidWorld‘s instruction on how to root after the break. Read more

HTC’s Sensation And Evo 3D Get Some ClockworkMod Recovery Love

ClockworkMod, one of Android’s highly customized recovery options, has now been made available for the HTC Sensation and Evo 3D.  If you’re a hard core hacker and ROM’r, chances are, the ROM you’re using now or will be using in the near future already has ClockworkMod on board.  So, do the devs a favor and try it out.  Provide as much feedback as you possibly can, so as to assist in getting this recovery to work flawlessly on these devices.  ClockworkMod, via their official Twitter account, also announced that they’re looking for Motorola Atrix 4G users as well to test their popular recovery.  Let’s not disappoint!  Feel free to head back here in the comments when you’re done with the install and let us know how it’s working.  In addition, it might be worthwhile to check out our own Andrew Greenfield’s post on TeamWin’s custom recovery.  He’s sort of our ROM guru and subject-matter expert around here, don’t ya know?

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TeamWin Custom Recovery

Oh TeamWin, how we love you so. Fresh off the heels of, well, everything they do for us Android users, TeamWin has come up with something else for our flashing pleasure. Introducing twrp (TeamWin Recovery Project), hands down the most user friendly recovery of all time. No more awkward selection methods, no more boring/nerdy look (unless you want to), and several other goodies that us lazier people will immediately appreciate. More info after the break.

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CyanogenMod Nightlies come to the Samsung Fascinate

Tired of all the issues that seem to come along with the Samsung Fascinate?  Frustrated with the frequency of the updates? Well, rooters and modders rejoice, because CM7 is officially coming to the Fascinate. While custom ROMs have been on the device for awhile now, CM7 has been unsupported for a long time. Be sure to hit the source link to check it out for yourself, and let us know in the comments!

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Sensation and EVO 3D Plus Others Get S-Off Thanks to “Revolutionary”

We’ve mentioned before that, despite having a locked bootloader, development for the HTC Sensation and EVO 3D has progressed at a surprisingly rapid pace. That progression has reached a breakthrough. Through the culmination of efforts by developer groups unrEVOked and AlphaRev, S-OFF has been achieved for several newer HTC devices through a tool called Revolutionary. For those unfamiliar with S-OFF, it represents unlocking a device to enable modifications to elements in its system. In other words, for those looking to truly make your new HTC device your own, the moment is nigh. I say “nigh” simply because the Revolutionary tool is currently directed towards developers and Android users familiar with higher system functions. There’s still enough bugs and unknowns in the process to not release it to the general public. Still, the tool itself represents an impressive achievement and a big step in the development of some of our favorite phones. Click in after the break to see the group’s message, a full list of devices supported, and a link to the tool’s webpage. Here’s to the future! Read more

Original Droid Gets Android 2.3.5 Courtesy Of Peter Alfonso

Ahh, just because Motorola has forgotten about the original Droid, the one that kicked off fragmentation like no other, doesn’t mean our strong at will developer’s community did.  Remember Peter Alfonso?  He’s the guy that also brought the Droid 2.3.4 a couple of weeks ago.  Well, he’s still hard at work to keep the OG Droid up to date with recent devices.

Alfonso has announced today that 2.3.5 is now available for download which would instantly allow this device to leap frog over new devices who haven’t even received the new version yet.  Among some of the minor changes you’ll find are video capabilities with Gtalk, new Google Search features yet to even show up in the Market and a few others.  Hit the break to snag the download link and thrust your Droid into the near distant future.   Read more