CyanogenMOD 7.2 Released to Dozens of Devices

The CyanogenMOD team has released a statement regarding their latest Gingerbread builds being released to the masses. The build number is 7.2 and should be ready to download through their website if your phone is supported. This new build should include numerous ICS features being back-ported to your GB device, as well as numerous fixes and enhancements. Also, this could very well be the last CM7 build for certain devices as the team will start moving some devices to CM9 (ICS) in the near future, which is certainly not a bad thing.

We’ve all enjoyed the quality and feature filled ROM that is CyanogenMOD, thus I expect nothing but wonderful things with this new update. Hit up their site to see if your device is supported with this new build! Also, keep note that they are still updating the device compatibility list. So if you don’t see your device in the supported list as of now, that could very well change in the next couple of days as the team is rolling out the update.

CyanogenMOD 7.2

First CyanogenMod 9 Nightly Builds Now Ready for the International Galaxy S III and Transformer Pad 300

It appears the CyanogenMod team have been busy as usual and have a couple nightly builds ready for some of today’s newest devices. Right now you can download a nightly build for both the Transformer Pad 300 and the International version of the Galaxy S III. Since these builds are very early in production you can expect a few quirks along they way but overall response has been fairly positive. All the important things like data, WiFi, and Bluetooth are working so if you’ve been waiting to trick out your new i9300 or TF300T, I’d say give it a go. Head to the source link for further details and download links. Happy hacking!

source: CyanogenMod (TF300T) (GSIII)

CyanogenMod 9 Official Release Candidate Just Around the Corner, CM Code Freeze in Effect

If  you are at all familiar with the CyanogenMod team then you have some sort of idea how much time and effort goes into building their custom ROM’s. When ICS came out it posed to be a large task to incorporate all the Android 4.0 goodness on top of adding the CM features and injected butter we all have come to enjoy. CM9 is the teams latest build and has been in the nightly stage for some time now but the team just announced that they are gearing up to release an official RC1 (release candidate). Since the team is ready to build something final, they have recently issued a code freeze. That means although they still plan to release nightly builds, they wont be accepting any new code other than bug fixes and additional device support. What features and extras you see now is what you get, and RC1 will be a polished version of the most recent nightly builds.

As usual, the initial release will support a small number of devices, but more devices will be added in the future. We still don’t know exactly what devices will receive support at launch but you can imagine they are hard at work to release versions for most of the popular devices. Stay tuned for CM9 RC1 because it is just around the corner. Head to the source link for more details.

source: CM blog



Linaro Is An Android 4.0 Build That Doubles Performance – Submitted To CM9

What do you get when you take stock Android 4.0.4 and double its performance? You get Linaro. Linaro is a build of Android that has many performance enhancements and optimizations, making the OS visibly snappier. In some cases, Linaro manages to double performance over stock Android 4.0, which is impressive since stock Android 4.0 is already fairly snappy over older versions of Android.

The good news is that Linaro’s code has been submitted to CM9, now awaiting approval. Once rolled into CM9’s code, all supported devices will get a great speed boost.

Bernhard Rosenkränzer, an engineer working on Linaro, showcased Linaro speed tests at Linaro Connect Q2.2012 in Hong Kong using two pandaboards, one running stock Android 4.0.4 (AOSP), and the other running the Linaro build of Android 4.0.4. Check out the video of Rosenkränzer describing Linaro and showing the tests after the break.

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Galaxy S III Gets Awesome Camera Mod, Adds 30Mbit Upgrade In Superfine Mode


Just when you thought you couldn’t beef up that Galaxy S III camera any more, think again.  Thanks to the camera modders out there, specifically hyperX, you can now obtain even greater video quality than before.  hyperX has released a brand new mod for the GSIII that will boost the 1080p Full HD video recording to 30 Mbit in superfine mode, fully with 192 kbit audio.  Stick with me here as this is going to be nerdy as hell but nevertheless cool.  There will also be a 24 Mbit fine mode and 19 Mbit normal 1080p mode in addition to 19 Mbit superfine 720p mode.  Furthermore, 15 Mbit fine and 10 Mbit normal modes will also be present while all utilizing 192 kbit audio recording.  The dev is also attempting to add in 60fps capture to all resolutions, though it’s presenting to be quite a challenge at this time.  Further tweaks include the ability to launch the camera during a live phone call in addition to the ability to snap photos during video recording with the volume up and down buttons.  As of now, the GSIII will not allow the camera app to load if the battery is under 15%, however, the dev is closely working on that.  Just make sure your device is rooted if you’re interested in applying this hack and remember that you do so at your own risk.  Big thanks goes out to hyperX for the awesome mod and we hope you guys all have fun with it. Feel free to leave a comment or two below with what you think of the mod.  Instructions and download links have been provided after the break courtesy of HX Customs Roms   Read more

New mascot,Cid, from CyanogenMod is officially their new boot animation


The CyanogenMod crew has been making a lot of noise in the Android world lately. Within the last couple of months alone CM has hit 2 million installs which is an awesome achievement for the developer community and has also created a new mascot to signature their work going forward. Now CM has decided that the next step would be to refresh their start-up animation while at the same time officially bringing Cid into the fold. Check out the video below to see Cid in action. The 8-bit tune in the background sounds sweet if you ask me, though I’m not sure that will play along with the actual boot animation. Welcome Cid and may your incorporation be a sign of great things to come!

source: CyanogenMod

Say Goodbye To Game Lag On The HTC One X

Owners of the HTC One X have been complaining about occasional lag during game play on a device that shouldn’t be lagging at all (despite previous issues with Sense lag). What’s causing it? XDA contributor hamdir has put together a tutorial to not only explain why this is happening, but also how to fix it.

First, the reason it lags. It has to do with the number of cores in use and how some apps don’t get access to all the cores. Additionally, the cores that are being accessed are not always running at the highest clock speed. hamdir puts it like this:

The stock CPU governor on the One X keeps ramping up and down the clocks during games which is the main cause of bad frame rate

The fix for this is simple, but requires a rooted phone. If you’re rooted and running stock, simply download an app called System Tuner from the Play Store and do the following:

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AT&T HTC One X Bootloader Unlocked!

Many AT&T customers picked up a new HTC One X in hopes that someday HTC and AT&T would unlock the device’s bootloader. Time went by and the situation hadn’t changed and HTC even went as far as citing “restrictions” (see AT&T) that prevent them from unlocking the One X. As you can imagine people weren’t pleased with this situation and ultimately the Android dev community geared up for work. After a few weeks of hacking one crafty XDA member reached the triumphant goal before anyone else. Thanks to grankin01 we now have a round-about way of unlocking the “restriction” ridden bootloader of the AT&T’s One X.

The way in which this process works is by tricking HTC’s unlock tool into thinking the AT&T version of the One X is actually a Canadian One XL. A simple swap of the hex value now disguises the One X as a Rogers One XL and will now be granted full access to the unlock tool. The process is rather lengthy but is actually quite simple in theory so if you are familiar with adb and a hex editor you may want to give it a go. You must be rooted and if you have already manually upgraded your device to the recent OTA leak this will not work for you. If all this sounds like gibberish then I highly recommend waiting for an easier solution. A more user friendly option is bound to pop up sooner or later now that this method has been established.

Jump past the break for full instructions and be sure to head over to XDA to thank grankin01 for this method.  Read more

ASUS Releases Bootloader Unlock Tool for the Transformer Pad 300

Oh ASUS, how we love you so. Not only are you giving us cutting edge hardware and lightly bloated software, you also give us the ability to unlock your devices so that we can do as we please. Sure it comes at the price of voiding our warranties, but that is a risk and a responsibility us crack-flashers are willing to deal with.

Like they did shortly after the Transformer Prime was released, ASUS today released the Unlock Tool for the Transformer Pad 300 and allows users the ability to unlock the device’s bootlader. Not only does this make a growing population of the Android community happy, it hopefully sets a precedent for other manufacturers to do the same. The process is rather easy and is only a matter of installing a third party app and pressing a couple of buttons. One thing is for certain, though. If you don’t know what you are getting into, it is highly recommended that you educate yourself on the risks of altering your device’s software. This process WILL void your warranty and ASUS actually keeps tabs on the serial numbers that have been unlocked. So if you are the owner of a new Transformer Pad 300 and want to gain full control over your device, hit up the source link below for details on how to unlock your tablet’s bootloader. Kuddos ASUS, kuddos.

source: ASUS



HTC One S Faster GPS Fix Available Now, Speeds Up GPS Lock

Have you recently picked up a shiny new HTC One S and have noticed that the GPS seems to lock-on rather slow? This isn’t a largely widespread complaint but when something can be improved the Android dev community will never shy from a challenge. Thanks to senior XDA member, MacroHD,  we now have a flashable fix for you rooted users and has been proven to speed up the phone’s GPS lock.  Simply download the file that pertains to the country you have service in and flash that zip through your custom recovery. One thing should be mentioned, though. MacroHD says that the fix will not be instantaneous because your device needs to redownload new A-GPS data. You can either flash the fix while you have a data connection and be patient for the device to update itself, or you can simply download the new A-GPS data yourself. To do this you will just need to grab the GPS Status app from the Play Store and use that to manually install the A-GPS data yourself. Easy enough!

Hit the source link for your appropriate download and further details. As always, it is safest to make a backup before you flash anything to your device! Good Luck and let us know how it goes!

source: XDA