Surprise! Ice Cream Sandwich Hides Space Age App Launcher Screen-Saver

I’m not sure how many of you have been following all the buzz surrounding the Galaxy Nexus and ICS, or for that matter still following (the lack of a US launch is getting old), but from time to time some new and interesting tidbits pop up here and there. No, not to sound like a broken record, but, I have no information on the GN’s release date. I do however, have news of a little hidden ICS treat just waiting for you once Verizon decides to release its nasty death grip.

A new video has surfaced showing that Google’s Nyan Droid surprise is not the only secret addition to be found inside the phone. Apparently there is this Stars Wars-like screen-saver called, Android Dreams, that can be accessed through the Launcher Pro app that spews forth all your app icons as seen in the video below. By the looks of it, you can press once on your device’s screen to slow down the spew – allowing enough time for you to select (tap) which app you want to open. It was originally thought to be some kind of hidden launcher but in reality it’s an interactive live wallpaper of sorts. In order to activate said treat, one must download the Launcher Pro app from the market and use its “activity shortcut” to find such Google-ness. Here, just check out the video after the jump and you will see what I’m talking about, sometimes a video aid is the best way to explain these kinds of things.
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Droid Incredible 2 Now Has Beta Ice Cream Sandwich ROM Available!


Droid Incredible 2 owners are about to start salivating big time! That oh-so delectable new treat is available now for owners courtesy of ProTekk of beloved RootzWiki. While it is available everyone, keep in mind that this custom ROM/build of ICS is still in its infancy stage– so like any ROM in beta, it has its fair share of bugs and missing functions. Here’s a quick rundown of what works and what doesn’t work in this build of the beta:

What works:

Capacitive keys

What doesn’t work:

Headsets (logcat claims that the kernel doesn’t support it)
Live Wallpapers


The mere fact that most of the needed basic functions working correctly is nothing short of amazing. For those of you willing to brave it out and be ahead of the rest of us Android users, back up your files and give the ROM a try. I mean hey, rooting your Droid Incredible 2 is why you bought the device, right? Be sure to give your props to ProTekk at RootWiki and let us know if you plan on rooting your Droid Incredible 2 or how it works out for you if you’ve already jumped ship and rooted it.

[via RootzWiki]

Kindle Fire Gets Visit From CyanogenMod 7

If you are at all familiar with the rooting of Android devices and custom ROM’s, then I am sure you have heard of CyanogenMod and its CM line of custom ROM’s. CM7 has got to be one of the most popular Android custom ROM’s and can be found for both phones and tablets. The latest addition to devices seen running CM7 is the Amazon Kindle Fire. Although still in its early stages, XDA member, JackpotClavin, has posted a few images of his Fire running the CM7 ROM but it definitely needs more work before I can recommend that you try it out.

At the moment, a few things aren’t working properly like the touchscreen (rather important, no?) and the fact that you loose Amazon integration, preventing access to the Appstore and the like. On the up side though, Wi-Fi is working and if you don’t like the Amazon UI than this enhanced version of Android Gingerbread might just be up your alley. For more details about CM7 on the Kindle Fire, hit the source link below. Looks a bit rough to me so I recommend sitting on the sidelines until they get all the issues figured out, but I reckon that shouldn’t be too long from now anyway.

[via XDA]


Samsung Fascinate Gets “Alphalulz” Ice Cream Sandwich ROM

The race is on, that is, to see how many different devices can we port ICS to in the least amount of time.  Next to make the ICS port list is the seemingly forgotten Samsung Fascinate.  The device was recently graced with the “Alphalulz” ICS build courtesy of the folks over at RootzWiki, primarily dev JT1134.  Working features include 3G call quality, WiFi functionality and the camera.  The build is definitely being touted as good enough to be your daily driver.  Want to give it a try?  Remember that you’re doing this at your own risk.  That being said, you can hit the source link for all of the download instructions.  Good luck and have fun with this.

[via RootzWiki]



Nexus S and Galaxy S Receive Early Build Of CyanogenMod 9

We didn’t think it would take too long before the creators of CyanogenMod got………creative.  Since the Android 4.0 source code release, the team has been hard at work and now we’re seeing the blood sweat and tears begin to manifest into fruition. Early alpha builds of CyanogenMod9 for the Samsung Galaxy S and the Nexus S are surfacing and certainly showing some promise.  The build is doing well so far per Koushik Dutta, CM9’s initial developer.  He also states that as the build is performing well, it’s stable enough to become a “daily driver-type ROM”.  Video playback and MMS are experiencing some issues but otherwise it’s still a good build for Nexus S.

In regards to the Galaxy S, a beta version of CM9 made its way to the folks over at XDA and you can download it now to try.  The ROM is being touted as “functional” with the exception of some minor but important issues.  For instance, the Galaxy S version has been known to completely wipe users’ SD cards.  So keep in mind you’re attempting this at your own risk.  If you’re still interested in giving it a go, you can head on over to XDA via the source thread and try your luck.  Good luck and don’t forget to report back on how well the builds are working on your respective devices.

[via XDA 12]






Lg Confirms 4 Optimus Phones to Receive Android 4.0 Update

LG took to the social media platform this morning and announced which devices will officially receive the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. According to LG’s Facebook page, a few of their top tier Optimus phones will most definitely get a taste of Google’s latest treat:

  • Optimus 2X
  • Optimus Black
  • Optimus 3D
  • Optimus LTE

Now, if your LG device is not on that list there is no need to worry just yet. LG says that additional devices my also receive the update, it just depends on whether “it is compatible with the functionality, features and performance of other LG smartphones”, and I am pretty sure LG will include the US variants for those listed above. If you have one of these Optimus phones, you can expect to see the update roll-out over the next couple of months with details of the roll-out issued sometime in December.

Speaking of December… Let’s hope that whatever mysterious phone (Nitro HD :-D) is to be revealed during LG’s “exclusive launch” on December 1st, launches with ICS pre-loaded!

[via Facebook]


Verizon Confirms DROID Charge Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update to Begin Rolling Out November 29

So remember yesterday and how I said I would keep you updated on the status of Verizon’s Android 2.3 update for the DROID Charge? Well it’s only a day later and I have official confirmation from Big Red stating that the Gingerbread update will begin to roll out next Tuesday, November 29. Join me after the break for a full change log of expected features and improvements, there’s some really great stuff on the way!

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HTC G1 Gets Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Port [Courtesy of XDA]

It seems that some crafty developer has set out to prove Google and HTC wrong by showing them that it is possible to run ICS on devices that have “incompatible hardware”. Some fella going by the name jcarrz1 over at XDA has posted a video showing the oldschool HTC G1 of all devices, running a build of the latest Android 4.0 software.

As you will notice in the video below, the G1 seems to be struggling fairly bad at completing rather menial tasks such as swapping from screen to screen and opening smaller apps. I am not sure you could call this port usable and I don’t foresee many people dying to get their hands on it. Regardless, this is a huge feat and I don’t mean to downplay the success because I was truly impressed to see what jcarrz1 and team have accomplished. Great work guys, I am curious to see what’s next!

Jump past the break to check out the video for yourself and be sure to let us know what you think.
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Verizon Announces Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update for DROID Charge

Just yesterday, Verizon announced that the official Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the Droid Charge was ready and will be pushed out sometime in the near future. Although Big Red made the announcement, they failed to include a changelog to give us an idea what to expect, until today. Verizon posted the full changelog this morning and it looks like the Gingerbread update will do the Charge some good.

The update should improve the device immensely and a few noticeable differences will be a couple of UI tweaks and improved speed and stability. The changelog says that improvements have been made to the GPS so I am hoping the device will not take 5 minutes anymore to lock on to a signal. A new download manager, “running apps” tab, and visual voicemail has also been added as well as improvements to the phones camera and sound output. Overall, if you have been having issues with your DROID Charge, I think this update will suit you well.

The new build is number EP4 and according to the rumor you can look for the update beginning November 29th. I have a feeling this will roll out over a short period of time so be patient, I too have a DROID Charge so I will be keeping a close eye on this one and will let you know as soon as the update rolls out.

Go here for more official details and you can check out the full changelog after the cut.

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