Samsung Says No on ICS “Value Pack” for Galaxy S and Original Galaxy Tab

Man, when the Galaxy Nexus was first debuted with Ice Cream Sandwich it looked amazing (still does). However you’re an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S or an original Galaxy Tab and your contract isn’t up for a while. Maybe it is, but you’re thinking to yourself that you love the Galaxy S hardware or you love that little tablet and that maybe if you hope really hard Samsung will grace your device with Ice Cream Sandwich. Well even with hope sometimes we don’t get what we want, as you well know, Samsung made it clear that the Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab wouldn’t be seeing the awesome, new Android 4.0 OS. Well, that was until they back pedaled and rumors were flying about that these devices would  see it or that they may receive a “value pack” that would give the best features of ICS without the need for a full update instead.

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Galaxy Nexus Gets Its Own 4G LTE Toggle Switch/Widget From Team BAMF

And the race to bring a 4G LTE toggle function to the Galaxy Nexus is well under way as Team BAMF emerges with the capability for the Galaxy Nexus device.  These are the same dev’s who brought you the toggle button for the HTC Thunderbolt.  Your device has to be rooted and it’s being touted that the function works well on most of the ROM’s available for the G-Nex.  Note that they’ve had some difficulties getting it to work properly on a stock rooted Nexus, so be cautious.  If you’re ready to check it out you can follow the simple instructions below.   Read more

Wi-Fi Only HTC Flyer Begins Receiving Honeycomb Update

It was a month ago that the European HTC Flyer was issued the well-deserved Honeycomb update and at that time HTC said the Wi-Fi version would receive the same treatment in the near future. Well the near future is hear my friends, as HTC began to push out the Android 3.2 update this morning. Users are reporting better overall improvements, smoother operation and no wallpaper lag. If you are the owner of a Wi-Fi Flyer be on the lookout for the update. Rollouts tend to take a period of time to reach all devices so be patient, you will get a notification when your device is next in line.

Now we can begin to wonder if and when the Flyer will receive Ice Cream Sandwich! Any guesses?

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ICS running on the Original DROID [Video]

The Cyanogen Team recently dropped a bomb on OG DROID owners by stating they would no longer support the device going forward. Since then, XDA member kfazz has been hard at work implementing Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 for the OG DROID, and while he isn’t finished yet he’s certainly ahead of the competition. I took his ROM for a spin and was pleasantly surprised by it’s performance on this now two year old device. It just goes to show that Android 4.0 is chock full of performance enhancements, and it also serves as reason to believe any Android phone could potentially be updated, either officially or through Android’s many popular “unofficial channels”. See it for yourself just past the break.

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Custom Controls and Themes Added to CyanogenMod 9’s Music Player

The other day we brought to you a preview of CM9’s brand new launcher, Trebuchet. Well today we bring you news regarding CyanogenMod’s take on the stock music player. While Ice Cream Sandwich‘s music player is no slouch, the Cyanogenmod team is slated to have a host of features on top of those already there. The folks over at The Verge, were able to wrangle out the details on the music player by one of CM9’s developers, Andrew Neal.

There is a whole slew of customizations and features that make the music player that much more awesome. There will be a custom shake action feature that you can set up to go to the next song or play/pause for example. They will work through out the OS and even while the screen is off. You will see custom  notification area controls with the ability to add or subtract controls to your heart’s content. There will be an ability to search the Android Market, set ringtones, and you will see swipe-gestures through out. It’s also planned for a full theme engine addition that will allow you to customize both the look and feel of the app.  Read more

Gingerbread 2.3.5 Fastboot 6.11.744 Files Released for the Verizon DROID RAZR

Yesterday we brought you the story about how the folks at brought us the bootstrap that allowed for booting into ClockWorkMod Recovery on the DROID RAZR. While this is completely awesome in itself, we didn’t have any fastboot files should we mess up a ROM or MOD. That is, until today; daywalker04 over at XDA was able to get and release the 6.11.744 fastboot files should we actually mess up. These files will return you back to stock Gingerbread 2.3.5 with the ability to download the OTA update bringing you to the current 6.11.748.

For those with slow internet or non-premium XDA memberships, you can download the files in two parts (or as one here if you have fast internet), and put them back together with this. Afterwards you can flash these files in RSD Lite 5.6 (see the link below). This safety net helps should you soft brick your RAZR and has been tested by members of both XDA and with positive results.

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HTC Rezound Gets Bootloader Unlocked Thanks To HTC Dev, Though Technically Not Listed

The list over at just keeps getting longer and longer doesn’t it?  Well, though technically the HTC Rezound hasn’t officially made the list yet, it’s being reported that the same method and tools work just the same to unlock the Rezound’s bootloader.  You’ll be left with “S-ON” afterwards, but it appears to most that this is how it’s left anyway after normally unlocking it with these tools.  As stated above, the Rezound is not listed yet on the site, but if you follow the instructions to a “T”, you should be golden.  Enjoy and hit the source link to get started.

[via XDA & RootzWiki]

Sorry Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, Officially NO ICS For You. How About a ‘Value Pack’ Instead?

Talk about a bumpy and emotional ride for you Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S owners! First we thought the devices would get the Android 4.0 upgrade then we heard it wasn’t going to be possible because of hardware limitations. After an outcry from ICS demanding owners, Samsung changed their tune and said they were looking into the “viability of the upgrading those two devices in response to strong customer demand”. Well, apparently the units aren’t ‘viable’ because today, Sammy announced that the upgrade was in fact NOT possible and instead they will issue a “value pack” to the Galaxy S to try and make up for this embarrassing blunder.

What in the hell is a “value pack”, you ask? According to reports, while the phone will remain on Android 2.3, it will receive some enhanced features such as improved web browsing, improved camera, multi-tasking, and new widgets to elevate the experience to somewhat resemble Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. We are still waiting for Samsung to confirm the details. Read more

[Updated] Clockwork Recovery Now Graces the DROID RAZR, Custom ROM Lovers Rejoice [Courtesy of]

Back when I first had my DROID RAZR I was a bit sad that there were no official recovery options should we botch a mod or ROM install. I mean there was nitroglycerin33’s bootstrap recovery, but there was no way to reboot into recovery should you not be able to access the bootstrap. This was causing a lot of folks issues as they were making attempts at flashing various ROMS only to soft-brick their phones. It was safe to say that without the ability to boot into a custom recovery the RAZR development community was stifled greatly.

While I returned my RAZR for my much loved Galaxy Nexus, I am glad to say that the development community has stubbornly pushed through and brought Koush’s famous ClockworkMod Recovery to the DROID RAZR. In order for this to work though, you must be rooted, and have nitro’s bootstrap apk file installed. As far as we know, this works for all current models of the RAZR and when I had the Razr I tested it with positive results.

For those of you that are interested in the process and getting CWM onto your RAZR you can hit the break below to check out the downloads and quick instructions on getting this installed. For the detail oriented, there is also a link to the detailed instructions on how to do this and you can get there by following the link below.

So get your custom recovery on with these files and instructions and give a big thanks to the folks over at for this. Of course you need to be rooted and you can do so by going here. Owners of the RAZR, does this help you breath a sigh of relief?

 **Updated: As you folks know, we here at TalkAndroid strive to provide accurate and correct information to our readers but we ourselves are also human and make mistakes. While I gave credit to j.y.daddy over at XDA and linked to his bootstrap recovery files, it really was nitroglycerine33 and the folks/devs over at that brought the bootstrap recovery and the ability to flash roms. I mentioned nitro’s bootstrap in passing in the beginning of my post but really he and that program deserve the credit, as well as for providing the files.

big apology for incorrectly giving credit where it wasn’t due. Also a big thank you is in order for the patience of the folks at and nitroglycerin33 until we could get this sorted out. So with that, check out the instructions below on installing the bootstrap and getting your modding on. I do have to say, Motorola has yet to release to the fastboot files needed to recover from a botched mod, so please, and I can’t stress this enough, flash mods with caution. Otherwise you may end up with a bricked phone. If that doesn’t deter you, follow the easy instructions below, courtesy of nitroglycerin33 himself.

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No Ice Cream Sandwich for The Galaxy S or The Galaxy Tab.

For those of you out there that have a Samsung Galaxy S or a Samsung Galaxy Tab, this is probably not the news you wanted to hear just before Christmas. After all this is the most depressing time of the year, and Samsung isn’t making it any better. We have just heard the news that Samsung doesn’t plan on upgrading either the S or the Tab to ICS. Not because of age or hardware, but rather because of TouchWiz.

That’s right, Samsung wont be bringing ICS to these devices because of their TouchWiz skin. They say there isn’t enough Ram or Rom to run both the ICS OS as well as all of Samsung’s “experience-enhancing” software, aka bloatware. Don’t get me wrong, TouchWiz is one of the better skins to be laid over The Android OS, but I bet we can all agree, that we can live without it. Right? I mean I would chose TouchWiz any day over Sense, however I would also choose pure Android over both. (Or any skin for that matter.)

This for me, and I’m sure for others out there, isn’t that big of a deal. We all have the option to get new phones, provided our bank account has the funds, or it’s time for an upgrade. However there are a few of you that neither one of these options are attainable. To you we give our condolences and hope that one day soon we don’t find ourselves in the same boat. If you do find yourself in this dilemma, please let us know your frustration in the comments section below.

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