CyanogenMod lists the first devices to receive CM13 (Marshmallow) nightlies


In recent times, most Cyanogen related news has been about which new handset will sport the alternative Android operating system, but today the Cyanogen team has announced the availability of CM13 nightlies for a selection of devices. As you might already know, CM13 is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and the term ‘nightlies’ is basically a euphemism for betas.  Read more

Oppo will be maintaining an AOSP ROM for several of its devices


Oppo prides itself on its ColorOS, which is based on Google’s own Android operating system, but they’ve started to realize that many customers want Android without the OEM overlay.

The company has announced that they’ll be building and maintaining a stock AOSP ROM for many of its devices that will allow users to get an almost completely untouched stock Android experience, just how Google intended. For better or worse, Oppo will be keeping just a few features from ColorOS in, including the camera software, screen off gestures, and MaxxAudio for certain phones. Read more

Sony releases Android Marshmallow, adds Xperia Z5 to Open Device program


Sony has been one of the more open companies when it comes to providing resources for ROM developers who want to build for Sony devices and that trend is continuing with the release of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Sony announced they have added device configuration, software binaries and build guides to their Open Device program for AOSP Marshmallow.

According to Sony, the files and resources now available can be used to build Marshmallow based releases for all Qualcomm based Sony Xperia devices from 2014 and forward. That includes the Xperia Z5 which is being added to the program with this latest release. Developers can use these materials not only for custom ROMs, but to learn, build and test new features in Android. Sony encourages developers to contribute back to the community by submitting their work back upstream via their GitHub.

source: Sony

ParanoidAndroid goes on hiatus, unclear whether it is permanent

Paranoid Android 3

One of the developers for the custom ROM ParanoidAndroid recently posted on his Google+ page “ParandoidAndroid is dead.” This seemingly confirmed what many users had started to suspect after OnePlus hired away many of the ParanoidAndroid developers earlier this year to work on their OxygenOS ROM. Despite the indication that the project is dead, there is still a faint glimmer of hope that some users are hanging on to. Read more

Android Pay confirmed to not work with rooted devices


As Google wraps up rolling out updates to their Google Wallet application to transition to their new Android Pay platform, some power users are discovering an unpleasant surprise. Android Pay does not work with devices that have been rooted. This means users who have installed custom ROMs or perhaps other apps that required root access cannot make use of the mobile payment service. In response to comments that users who root their devices are some of the most ardent Android fans and could help build momentum for Android Pay, a Google staff member took to the XDA forums to discuss the security model and why Android Pay will only work on non-rooted devices. Read more