Android Heaven Is One Step Closer With Androidland Being Launched In Melbourne

Android paradise is now one step closer– at least for those in Melbourne, Austrailia.  Telstra has just launched their Android-themed store fittingly called “Androidland”, which is found inside on the 2nd level of the CBD store.  It is the first known dedicated Android retail presence of its kind in the world with representatives of many manufacturers (HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson & Samsung) as well as Telstra and reps from Google. Sadly, Androidland is intended to be open for only 6 months. If there’s positive feedback however, consumers can possibly see Androidland in the other stores as well.

The store of course has gadgets galore. Inside of the store are three sections of displays showing off just Android devices– tablets and phones. “Telstra said the idea of letting people have actual hands-on time with devices will increase satisfaction and then purchase of the product, with the help of their “expert” team”. Now that there is an Android haven available, wouldn’t it make sense for upcoming devices to be launched there? Telstra says of course! It believes Androidland would be the perfect place for devices to be announced, “especially considering the input Google has had in the creation of their retail presence”. Sounds mighty good to me. You can check out some shots of the store and video after the break. If you live in Melbourne or heck– even if you don’t– let us know what you think about the store in the Comments section. Read more

AT&T Teases With Hands-On Video Of Upcoming LG Nitro HD

Oh now what do we have here?? You remember when we mentioned the uber-sexy Nitro HD by LG? Well AT&T just couldn’t contain themselves again and decided to swoon us even further by releasing a hands-on video of the device. You can see that attractive 720p screen, the super-fluid dual-core 1.5Ghz processor and overall sleek design in action. Remember kids, the phone will be released on Sunday, December 4th for $249.99 on contract.

Don’t wait any longer and check out the video. Go on– you know you want to.!

Add Another Rumored Galaxy Nexus Release Date to the Board – December 11th

Stacy here, bringing you the latest in the Verizon Galaxy Nexus release date nonsense. So I guess some Best Buy screen shot showed up in the rumor mill today, showing an “in stock” date of December 11th (what’s this like the 36th one now?) . No this isn’t official and no I don’t recommend camping out in Best Buy’s parking lot the night before.

After talking with a local Best Buy manager I learned that while sometimes these dates actually end up yielding product, that doesn’t mean that they will begin sales on that day. Also, this is a screenshot for ONE store, meaning every Best Buy’s inventory screen throughout the country could potentially show different stock arrival dates. Besides, even if they did arrive on the 11th, deliveries don’t always happen in the morning, therefore the 12th could potentially be the release date. So until we get official word from Verizon themselves, I would hold off on making any real plans to buy this phone, and trust me, you will know when it’s official because we will post ‘confirmed’ in big block letters in our article’s tittle letting everyone know when it’s time to rejoice. Hopefully by then I will have a good head start and will be halfway to my local Verizon store to pick mine up before you do. :-D (I kid, I kid)

Until then, take this with a grain of salt cause it may in fact be a fake, possibly, but not probably. You see, the dimensions are a bit off from Google’s official specs that are posted on the US variant’s webpage, but of course we all know how Best Buy likes to make critical errors when entering device information, so who knows. Just thought we should pass these details along.

[via Engadget]

Verizon Announces Motorola Xoom Tablet HLK75F Update

Another “secret that wasn’t really a secret” has just been revealed. We just mentioned to you earlier today how the upcoming Motorola Xoom tablet update would be a minor update aimed at helping pay-as-you-go users. Now there’s a definitive confirmation from Verizon as it has announced the HLK75F update which you guessed it– includes an improved Google Setup Wizard to improve the reliability of the pay-as-you-go detection when you first power up the device. Oh and since we know you guys care, the update is approximately 8.9MB in size. Not exactly a major update, but hey– an update is an update.

[via Verizon Wireless]

Details About The Upcoming Motorola Xoom Update Surfaces– Motorola Says Don’t Hold Your Breath For Android 4.0… Yet

Remember when we told you about that one “project”? You know– that “project” Motorola was planning for the Motorola Xoom tablet? I am sad to report that it will simply be a minor update, not the one you’ve all been really wanting. The Verizon LTE version of the Xoom tablet will get improved support for pay-as-you-go customers. Here’s what the head honchos of the beta testing group outlined their explanation in an email:

“Hi again.

Thanks very much for signing up to give feedback about your Motorola Xoom on Verizon. You will be testing final software for your LTE Xoom. Despite the wild rumors about ICS, this is a very limited update providing improved support for pay-as-you-go customers on Verizon. It should be essentially “invisible” in terms of device operation.

Because of this, we will be looking for feedback on two primary questions:

  • Did you update successfully?
  • If yes, did the update alter your device in any unexpected way?

We feel this software is safe and ready, but your input will provide the data we need to make a go/no-go decision. Here are key points to know:


  • I will send out another email with a survey where you can provide your answers to these two questions.
  • It will come within a few hours of when the software begins to be pushed to your phones.
  • That push is expected around mid-day tomorrow.
  • Please do not post comments on public sites about this update; instead provide your input through the survey I will provide.
  • Please do respond to the survey by Friday morning. We expect to make our decision to release this update later that day

Do not send emails to this account or PM me unless I ask you to do so. General questions sent to either place will go unanswered — put your questions and comments in the survey please.

Thanks again for your confidentiality and participation. Your help with updates like this certainly counts in your favor when other test opportunities arise.


– Matt
  Motorola Owners’ Forums
  Motorola Feedback Network”

So there you have it. This invisible update is intended specifically for pay-as-you-go users. As always, take great care and caution with updating your tab and make sure the update doesn’t have any unintended effects (i.e. bugs, crashes, etc.). Oh and don’t fret Xoom owners– you won’t be getting ICS now, but we can certainly expect it to arrive in the near-future.

Pictures of Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus 4G LTE Surface, Also Receives 4.0.2 Update

Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4GLTE

Photo Courtesy of Droid Life

It appears that photos of the Verizon branded Galaxy Nexus are popping up out in the wild. The folks over at Droid Life have said photos and have also received information regarding an update being pushed out to test devices. This update brings ICS to version 4.0.2. It’s not known as to what this update fixes, but with the recent bugs popping up it’s hopeful that this update fixes those. Although if it has, the GSM models of the phone have not received this update. There are also photos that show the 4G LTE version’s battery life. Which when you look at them, you’ll see it’s neither that great or that bad.

So with that being said, there is still no word on the supposed pre-order and launch information we saw yesterday. Although it looks like Verizon is pushing out updates even with the phone not being out yet. Hit the break below to check out the battery life photos.  Read more

Verizon Stores Returning All Remaining Stocks Of Red Droid Incredible 2’s

And just as quick as Black Friday came and gone, so too the limited edition red Droid Incredible 2 has been asked by Verizon to be returned.  Any leftover stock was ordered to be overnighted back to Vz’s warehouse.  Per a leaked document, the implication is that orders may have been over placed and there aren’t enough to go around.  We’re not sure what this means for the red Droid Inc 2 and its future sales, but we’re hopeful that we’ll still be able to grab one here or there.  If you want one between now and Dec 5th, we’re being told that you can snag one on Vz’s site for the meantime.  The limitation seems to be in store purchases.

[via Pocket Now]

New Verizon Map List Out: DROID Bionic $199 On-Contract

Verizon Map List

Photo Courtesy of Droid Life


With today’s fancy new phones on the market, i.e. the Razr and soon-to-be (here’s hoping) Galaxy Nexus, it’s only a matter of time before the “Phone to rule all phones” becomes seasoned and drops in price. Well it appears that this is the case and Verizon is dropping the price to the DROID Bionic to $199 on-contract or $100 dollars less than two months ago.

Other noteworthy items include the original Xoom on sale for the holiday price of $199.99. It may stay that way so that Verizon can unload original Xoom before the new Motorola tablet arrives. The Nexus appears to be going for the $299.99 price most new Verizon flagship phones go for.

[via Droid Life]

Rumor: Verizon Customer Service Confirms Both Pre-Order and Launch Dates for Galaxy Nexus, Remain Skeptical

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

What would Cyber Monday be without rumored technology releases? However, I must say that I am sick of these release date rumors for the Galaxy Nexus. My sentiment is that my Razr will see Ice Cream Sandwich before the Nexus sees its launch; at least at the rate we’re going right now. However, the folks over at Droid Life have found an article from ComputerWorld suggesting that the Galaxy Nexus will be seeing the rumored December 8th launch it’s supposed to have and confirms the December release time frame. Pre-orders should start tomorrow if this information is correct. To quote the article from ComputerWorld on the rant of someone who was fed up with the wait, Mike “micdawg” Peak:

Last week I sent an email to Verizon letting them know how disgusted I was with the way they have handled the launch of the galaxy nexus. After multiple emails back and forth…I got a text message saying “this is[name redacted] from Verizon wireless I will be calling in a couple minutes from a 678 area code number”.

When she called me I explained to her my issues. … She then said “Well Mr. Peak, I can assure you, it won’t be long.  Preorders are set to start Tuesday (November 29th). And the phone will be released Dec. 8th.” She also then said she was going to get ahold of my local store to make sure they called me as soon as they got one in, and held one for me to ensure I got one in the first Wave.  Which I thought sounded like ********. But low and behold, Saturday night around 6pm I got a call from the Verizon store 1 town over (she apparently didn’t Google the closest..) and they have my name down and are saving me a nexus, and will hold it for 2 days past release for me.”

I would remain skeptical at this point as this isn’t straight from the Verizon PR department itself. Some believe that the wait for a release is in part due to the volume rocker bug that folks in the UK are having. Like it was said before, Samsung is working on a fix. One thing is for certain; with the amount of time Verizon is taking to release this, most of the issues they are having with the phone should be corrected.

With that being said, I wouldn’t hold my breath until Verizon comes out and says one way or another. What about you guys? Tired of hearing the Galaxy Nexus release date rumors yet?

[via ComputerWorld by Droid Life]

AT&T Finally Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag, Announces The LG Nitro HD Smartphone

And there it is folks. We first gave you all a tease of a sexy, but unknown LG device. Then we told you about how LG was to hold an “exclusive launch event” on December 1st. Now AT&T couldn’t hold its excitement any longer and has formally unveiled the LG Nitro HD smartphone. Ma Bell has made it clear they want to highlight the phone’s oh-so attractive features. In the phone you’ll find a standout AH-IPS 4.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (720p resolution!), a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and of course will run on Ma Bell’s LTE network.  

In case you care– and I’m sure most of you do– the phone will be available on December 4th for $249.99 with a two-year contract. Hit the break to see the full presser from AT&T and do try to hold back from salivating. Read more