Rumor: Verizon Customer Service Confirms Both Pre-Order and Launch Dates for Galaxy Nexus, Remain Skeptical

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

What would Cyber Monday be without rumored technology releases? However, I must say that I am sick of these release date rumors for the Galaxy Nexus. My sentiment is that my Razr will see Ice Cream Sandwich before the Nexus sees its launch; at least at the rate we’re going right now. However, the folks over at Droid Life have found an article from ComputerWorld suggesting that the Galaxy Nexus will be seeing the rumored December 8th launch it’s supposed to have and confirms the December release time frame. Pre-orders should start tomorrow if this information is correct. To quote the article from ComputerWorld on the rant of someone who was fed up with the wait, Mike “micdawg” Peak:

Last week I sent an email to Verizon letting them know how disgusted I was with the way they have handled the launch of the galaxy nexus. After multiple emails back and forth…I got a text message saying “this is[name redacted] from Verizon wireless I will be calling in a couple minutes from a 678 area code number”.

When she called me I explained to her my issues. … She then said “Well Mr. Peak, I can assure you, it won’t be long.  Preorders are set to start Tuesday (November 29th). And the phone will be released Dec. 8th.” She also then said she was going to get ahold of my local store to make sure they called me as soon as they got one in, and held one for me to ensure I got one in the first Wave.  Which I thought sounded like ********. But low and behold, Saturday night around 6pm I got a call from the Verizon store 1 town over (she apparently didn’t Google the closest..) and they have my name down and are saving me a nexus, and will hold it for 2 days past release for me.”

I would remain skeptical at this point as this isn’t straight from the Verizon PR department itself. Some believe that the wait for a release is in part due to the volume rocker bug that folks in the UK are having. Like it was said before, Samsung is working on a fix. One thing is for certain; with the amount of time Verizon is taking to release this, most of the issues they are having with the phone should be corrected.

With that being said, I wouldn’t hold my breath until Verizon comes out and says one way or another. What about you guys? Tired of hearing the Galaxy Nexus release date rumors yet?

[via ComputerWorld by Droid Life]

AT&T Finally Lets The Cat Out Of The Bag, Announces The LG Nitro HD Smartphone

And there it is folks. We first gave you all a tease of a sexy, but unknown LG device. Then we told you about how LG was to hold an “exclusive launch event” on December 1st. Now AT&T couldn’t hold its excitement any longer and has formally unveiled the LG Nitro HD smartphone. Ma Bell has made it clear they want to highlight the phone’s oh-so attractive features. In the phone you’ll find a standout AH-IPS 4.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (720p resolution!), a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and of course will run on Ma Bell’s LTE network.  

In case you care– and I’m sure most of you do– the phone will be available on December 4th for $249.99 with a two-year contract. Hit the break to see the full presser from AT&T and do try to hold back from salivating. Read more

Droid 4 Accessories Include Two LapDocks, Two HD LapDocks and a Wireless Keyboard With Trackpad

Droid 4 accessories

Photo Courtesy of Droid Life

The Droid 4 isn’t even out yet and it looks like it will be receiving some accessories support. The Droid 3 as you may remember did not receive this treatment, so it’s nice to see the Droid 4 getting some accessories love. It appears that the device will get multiple LapDocks and a wireless keyboard with trackpad. This is different from a bluetooth version so it will be interesting to see how this compares.

This phone follows the same form factor as the Razr, and is dubbed the “Razr with a keyboard”. Given the specs, I would say this is pretty close to being accurate. Given it’s slated launch of December 8th, the phone is coming quick. What do you think? Will you be getting one, if so, will you be getting some of it’s fancy accessories?

[via Droid Life]

Best Buy Clears Up ‘Nexus Prime’ SNAFU

It looks like Best Buy is ready to man-up and take the blame for printing the wrong name for the Galaxy Nexus in their upcoming December Buyer’s Guide. Although many reported that Best Buy was in fact correct and that Verizon changed the US variant to ‘Nexus Prime’, we stuck to our guns and knew it was still to be named the Galaxy Nexus. This just goes to show that you can’t believe everything you read and some sites are more reputable than others. :-D

Now if Best Buy would only correct their online product page!

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Retailer FAIL: Best Buy Accidentally Lists Galaxy Nexus As Nexus Prime On Website

Well this must be embarrassing for Best Buy. Someone must not care about the most anticipated Android of the year and carelessly gave it some other name. As you can clearly see, Best Buy has the Samsung Nexus Prime for sale for the great price of $299.99. That’s great and all, but we all know about the whole wrong name issue that’s happened before. Let’s see how long it takes before this slight snafu is cleared up.

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Verizon Shouts To The World They Are Selling The Galaxy Nexus With “No Customization”

A comparison chart has recently been released and it certainly will give you a chuckle or two. In the chart, there are five new or upcoming phones and their feature sets. If you look carefully at the User Interface section, you’ll notice the type of customizations for each phone. Under the Galaxy Nexus column, you’ll find there’s “No OEM Customization”. Well, duh. If there was some sort of TouchWiz customization, you can bet every Android fanatic would let their voices be heard about a pure Android phone having a custom UI courtesy of Big Red. This is certainly unusual for a mobile carrier to differentiate between whether there’s a custom skin or not in the UI. Moreover, this points out how few pure Android models there are in Big Red’s lineup. Still, you just can’t get enough of seeing those sweet, sweet features for that phone, right? We’re only days away gang. Mere days…

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Samsung “Flashing” Galaxy Nexus to Fix Volume Issue, Distribution to Resume Next Week

Remember that nasty volume software bug the affected the Galaxy Nexus while operating in 2G and 900MHz bands? Well Google and Samsung had promised a fix in the near future and it looks like we finally get to see how the issue will be resolved.

According to the retailer Handtec, “Samsung Distribution is stating that units are currently being “flashed” to fix any issues – deliveries should commence in the week commencing 28th November.” The plan is to first fix all the devices that remain in stock so that retailers can continue to sell the device sometime next week. While this is all fine and dandy for the folks who have yet to pick up their new Galaxy Nexus; my only concern is when will the over-the-air update be pushed out to customers who already paid good money for the phone?

Are you one of the people who purchased a buggy Galaxy Nexus? Sound off in the comments below.

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Motorola to Pump Out White DROID Razr?

Verizon DROID Razr listing

(Photo Courtesy of Droid Life)

In its time, the original Razr was quite popular and came in a few different color varieties. Well the DROID Razr is looking to follow in it’s ancestor’s footsteps with the addition of another color. If the image above is any indication, it appears that the next color to come to the Razr family is white. For those of you that are living under a rock, Motorola boasts that this 4G LTE phone is thinnest 4G phone out there. It has a very sleek design and if you are interested, check out the full review.

While most other smartphone companies have played with different color variations, like the HTC DROID Incredible 2 or the Samsung Galaxy SII, Motorola has stuck with its tried-and-true dark theme; except for in special cases. So it’s nice to see Motorola breaking out of its shell just a little bit and is experimenting with new colors. For those interested in what it could look like, a Droid Life reader theShuke made one mock render up.

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Best Buy and CompUSA Jump on the Transformer Prime Pre-Order Bandwagon

It’s true that many of you have passed up on holiday tablet sales just to save your hard earned cash for the next best thing. I am willing to go out on a limb to say that device could only be non other than the ASUS Transformer Prime.

The quad-core Tegra 3 driven beast has already been promised a future ICS upgrade and we’ve even seen it running in action. Amazon and Gamestop were the first to start taking pre-orders but now Best Buy and CompUSA wants a piece of the action as well. Both colors of the Transformer Prime can be pre-ordered right now through Best Buys website for $499.99, as they are only offering the 32GB versions at this time. CompUSA has both colors and variations with the 32GB and 64GB models going for $499.99 and $599.99 respectively. Hit either of the source links below to place your pre-order or for further details.

Rumors still point at a December 9th release date but we have yet to obtain any official confirmation other than “sometime in December”.

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Sweden’s Three Now Offers Galaxy S II Pink

A couple weeks ago we mentioned that Samsung had announced a special edition pink Galaxy SII that until now, was only available in South Korea. It appears that folks in Sweden now have a chance to grab the funky new colored GSII and can be ordered through Three at this very moment. The phone is offered for free on a new 2-year agreement and details can be found through the link above.

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