[TA Deals] Get the Microsoft Excel Specialist Certification Bundle for $19

Almost every job relating to business involves Microsoft’s productivity suite, and Excel could be the most popular of anything offered. You should know everything about creating, updating, and managing spreadsheets. On Talk Android Deals, the Microsoft Excel Specialist Certification Bundle is available at a discount.

It’s a 99% off deal you won’t find anywhere else on two training packages that have you knowing the ins and outs of Excel at your own pace.

[TA Deals] This Bluetooth water-resistant speaker is a steal at $10

The next Bluetooth speaker you purchase should be able to handle moisture, so we’ve hand-picked this one for our featured deal of the day. It’s a water-resistant device that’s priced at just $10 on Talk Android Deals with free shipping. We’re not aiming to take your money and run. Our goal is to simply give you simple products for less than you’d expect to pay.

The OnePlus 5 survives bends, scratches, and burns

The OnePlus 5 launched yesterday with most of the requisite flagship components that we would expect to see in a high-end smartphone including a Snapdragon 835 SoC, 6/8GB RAM and a dual-camera setup. If you are thinking of buying a OnePlus 5 (via the early drop code), you may be curious how the handset stands up to being scratched, burned and bent. Thankfully, JerryRigEverything is on the case and has already subjected the phone to his particular brand of torture. Check how the OnePlus fares in the embedded video below.

[TA Deals] Save big on lifetime access to uTalk Language Education (90% off)

It’s never easy learning a new language later in life, but you should familiarize yourself with the languages of the places you go. Mingling with locals in their native language is quite the experience; therefore, we’re encouraging you to take a look at uTalk Language Education. Right now there’s a sweet deal on Talk Android Deals for the package that can teach you various languages at your own pace and without a monthly subscription.

[Deal] Go buy the Nextbit Robin for $117 on Amazon

Though Nextbit still exists, the Robin is a discontinued product. Razer purchased the company six months ago and restructured it into an independent division. We haven’t seen what either is working on for the mobile industry, but last year’s phone just received its biggest discount yet.

All retailers are trying to dump any inventory left as the Robin continues aging, and the current price on Amazon is just $117.

[TA Deals] Snatch this 2-year subscription to Private Access VPN for $60

Your data is valuable, and it’s not just valuable to you. Companies, hackers, and law enforcement all want to get their hands on information about who you are, where you’re from, and what you own. These days it’s wise to have a virtual private network (VPN) service masking your behavior online.

Now you can get two years of access to Private Internet Access VPN for less than you’ll find anywhere else. It’s our featured deal of the day on Talk Android Deals, the official online store for Talk Android.