[TA Deals] Become an ethical hacker with this bundle for less than $50

There are hackers, and there are ethical hackers. We want you to be among the latter. So head over to Talk Android Deals to pick up the Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle. It’s a package of courses that teaches you everything there is to know about accessing information for a good cause. And, because you’ll learn how to hack into things, you’ll gain knowledge about maintaining a high level of security for yourself.

[Deal] Amazon slashes the Echo price to just $89 for Prime Day

Amazon’s Prime Day is technically tomorrow, but the 30 hours worth of deals actually start at 9PM ET, with 13 countries joining in the fun. It’s the third time that Amazon is holding its deals showcase, which in previous years has produced higher sales than the retailer’s Black Friday promotion. Join us after the break to check out a sneak-peek into the sort of deals you can expect to see.

[TA Deal] You can get Heimdal Pro for four computers for just $21

Maybe you’re thinking the antivirus software you have isn’t the best, so let’s get a reinforcement. Heimdal Pro works atop your existing antivirus software and works to block attacks and stop personal information from being shared. It operates silently in the background and maintains a high security level.

You can get Heimdal Pro for four computers while spending less than $25. The price is exclusive for Talk Android Deals.

[TA Deals] Get a lifetime of cloud storage (1TB) from Zoolz for $30! (99% off)

Cloud storage doesn’t come cheap, and any low prices you see are likely to include a low amount of space. There’s a special offer on Talk Android Deals, however, that knocks the price of a popular service down to $36. It’s the Zoolz Dual Cloud Storage (1TB) package. Aside from getting 500GB of instant cloud storage, you get 500GB of cold cold storage. This means you can store away things that always need to be accessible or put them into a virtual storage locker to look at way later on.