[TA Deals] Need an endoscopic camera? This is one is just $17.50! (87% off)

You absolutely need an endoscopic camera. Don’t fight us on that. Your head is too big to fit everywhere, and your phone is too valuable to risk squeezing into tight spaces and dropping it.

On Talk Android Deals, there’s an endoscopic camera compatible with Android devices. All you do is connect one end to your phone or tablet to enable the display as a monitor and the camera on the other end is ready to see everything.

[TA Deals] Take 33% off this stand to charge your phone while it’s docked

Charging your phone is a pretty dull experience, but you can spruce it up by getting a dock. There’s a charging dock on Talk Android Deals that stands your device up for better visibility. All you do is connect your phone to the integrated USB-C connector and the stand keeps it upright. This is especially handy, too, if you have a phone that uses an ambient display for notifications. That way you see notifications at any angle without taking it off the stand.

[TA Deals] Get a lifetime of cloud storage (1TB) from Zoolz for $36! (99% off)

Cloud storage doesn’t come cheap, and any low prices you see are likely to include a low amount of space. There’s a special offer on Talk Android Deals, however, that knocks the price of a popular service down to $36. It’s the Zoolz Dual Cloud Storage (1TB) package. Aside from getting 500GB of instant cloud storage, you get 500GB of cold cold storage. This means you can store away things that always need to be accessible or put them into a virtual storage locker to look at way later on.

[TA Deals] Take 85% off a lifetime subscription to PureVPN

Using a virtual private network (or VPN) has its benefits. The most important of them is being able to browse the web privately and securely. Don’t care about privacy or security? A VPN can still be useful to you if you’re traveling to a location that blocks access to select services. On Talk Android Deals, we’re offering a lifetime subscription to PureVPN for hundreds of dollars less than its value.

[TA Deals] Pick up the Ultimate Android N Development Bundle for $40!

It’ll be difficult for you to just dive right into developing quality apps for Android. Why not learn the basics and work your way up? On Talk Android Deals, the Ultimate Android N Development Bundle is discounted by 90%. It’s a package of courses that teach you everything you need to know about building apps as a novice and then as an expert. So you’ll get to go from nothing to something on your own time and at your own pace.