HTC Desire C now available in the UK

A little later than originally advertised, HTC‘s low end Android phone the Desire C is finally available both sim-free and on select contracts.

The Desire C is a unique offering as it’s one of the very first entry level Android phones shipping with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The phone is powered by a single core 600 MHz processor with 512MB of RAM, and offers a 3.5″ HVGA display. The rest of the specifications are very reasonable for the price with Beats Audio, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, a 1,230 mAh battery and 5MP rear camera all on-board.

The device is available in black or white and Three UK are offering it up for free on a 2 year contract at £13 per month or on Pay-As-You-Go for £149.99. If you prefer your phone to be sim-free and unlocked then you can pick it up from Clove for £189.99.

If you’ve been looking for an affordable Android 4.0 device then the Desire C could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Hit the links below to find out more.


Three UK 

Sprint Stores Will Stock the HTC Evo 4G LTE this Saturday, June 2nd

For those of you folks who have been waiting to go into an actual brick and mortar Sprint store to pick up a new HTC Evo 4G LTE, well, you wait is almost over. Sprint has finally given us the go ahead to mention to everyone that they plan to be fully stocked in most retail locations across the nation beginning this Saturday, June 2nd. Just in case you live in a small town or in an area where stock might be limited, you may want to call ahead of time just to verify that your local store will have a device for you when you get there. Price on contract is $199 and if you still have any doubts about this kit be sure to check out our initial hands on video and full review. This is one sweet phone and I was definitely sad when we had to return the review unit. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


UK To Receive LG Optimus L7 For £234

The L7, LG’s top model of the new L-series slim devices to hit the market is going on sale in the UK with online retailer, Handtec.  Now’s your chance to snatch the ICS 4.0, 4.3″ IPS LCD displayed handset for a reasonable £233.99 ($367).  Recall that the monster handset also sports 4 GB of storage, a 5 meg camera, 170 mAh battery, a dual-core 1GHz CPU and an SD card slot for expanded memory.

source: Eurodroid

[Deal] Amazon Offering Hot Deals on Select Android Phones

We’re always looking for a good deal, right? I mean, who deoesn’t like buying a new Android device on the cheap! Well, cheaper than if you were to go purchase one directly from a wireless carrier, cheap. Either way, Amazon Wireless just listed some new sale prices on a few hot Android phones that you won’t find priced cheaper anywhere else. The deal started today and will only run for a limited time so you may want to check these out sooner rather than later:

Motorola DROID 4 4G (Verizon) - $0.01

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Sprint) - $49.99

HTC Rezound 4G (Verizon) - $49.99

Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX 4G (Verizon) - $149.99

As I mentioned above, the deal will only last for a limited time and while supplies last. As always, these prices reflect signing a new two-year agreement with the device’s respective carrier. Hit the links above for further details and to place an order.

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Amazon Officially Lists Quad-Core, Unlocked HSPA+ Version Of Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone As Available For Preorder… For A Princely Sum Of $800

Excited for the Samsung Galaxy S III, but don’t want to wait additional months before it arrives in the stores on American shores? Well you may want to visit Amazon ASAP. It has officially listed the 16GB pebble blue and white versions of the device as available for pre-order. That means if you want to be the cool kid on the block, you’ll have the opportunity to be among the first to own the quad-core-powered, unlocked HSPA+ beast once it’s shipped on June 1st.

Naturally you will have to pay a premium price in order to be the first to own this premium device. Interested parties will have to pay a measley $799.99 in order to own this puppy, so be prepared to spend a pretty penny. Or of course you can you know… wait for your carrier of choice to launch their version of the device.

source: Samsung Galaxy S III Pebble Blue | White

Sony Xperia U all set for Three UK

UK network Three looks set to bolster its entry level line-up by selling Sony’s Xperia U on both contract and Pay as You Go. The Xperia U was introduced to the world during the Mobile World Congress however it was quickly overshadowed by the more glamorous high-end phones on display.

In case you’re wondering, the Xperia U is an Android 2.3 device sporting a 3.5″ FWVGA reality display, a 1GHz dualcore processor and a 5MP camera capable of 720 HD video capture. Whilst these are modest specs, the phone will be available for a wallet-friendly £169.99 SIM-free or for £20 per month with no up front charge on a 2 year contract.

This solid, stylish handset is also expected to hit the shelves of O2, Orange and T-Mobile in the coming weeks. If Three’s deals float your boat then hit the source link to get your order in.


Source: Three UK

Samsung Galaxy Note Gets London Olympic Treatment

In some understandable excitement and pride for the upcoming Summer Olympics, Samsung has come up with a rather stylish special edition of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet. Samsung will commemorate the summer games with the upcoming special edition of the device by including an alternate UK flag-covered back in the box. Plus Sammy will even throw in a donation of £1 to an Olympic-funding charity each time it sells one of these custom Notes.

The Olympic-themed G-Note will be sold exclusively through O2 UK in a special bundle. The bundle will include the “win a Team Samsung experience” in with each phone, though you’ll need to act before Thursday, May 24th.

source: Samsung UK
via: Gizmodo UK

Telus Set To Drop The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Perhaps Looking Ahead To Galaxy S III’s Arrival

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is to this date one of the best Android phones available today. So it’s surprising that Canadian mobile carrier Telus has decided to prematurely retire the pure Android device. It’s reason for doing such a thing? Well— it’s not exactly certain, but there’s increasing speculation that the mobile carrier is clearing the path for a certain smartphone featuring S Voice. The move makes sense too as Telus pulled a similar move by pulling the Nexus S smartphone when the Galaxy S II arrived in the past. It is also presumed the Nexus line of smartphones have had a harder time being adopted by the mainstream, despite it being a true Google device. Perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S III will have more recognition and a bigger base for Telus customers. Still, you can’t help but feel surprised and/or sadden by the end of the run by the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

source: Mobile Syrup

Samsung Gets 9 Million Preorders For The Galaxy S III Smartphone Worldwide, Expects Big Things For Q2

Want to know excited the public is for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone’s release? Well according to Reuters, Samsung has gotten 9 million preorders for the device across 100 mobile carriers. In addition, Samsung plans on handling the high demand for the device by having its smartphone factory in South Korea run at full capacity— which should be able to produce up to 5 million units per month. Oh– and Sammy is expecting major gains from all the hoopla as well as the Galaxy S III is expected to “substantially contribute” to its Q2 earnings. Looks like Sammy is well-positioned to keep its claim of being one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer.

Talk about the Galaxy S III being bigger than we thought. Sheesh.

source: Reuters

Best Buy backtracks on EVO 4G LTE release date

Surprise surprise. I knew it the moment we posted it. It simply had “garbage news” written all over it. To recap, the U.S. Customs is preventing shipments of both the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE and the AT&T One X from arriving at their respective destinations. The result forced Sprint to cancel today’s anticipated launch with no timetable on when we can get our hands on the next EVO.

Supposedly Best Buy had the inside track with a “new and improved” release date of May 23. Folks, until you see news that the U.S. Customs has released the shipments, don’t believe any release dates. Sprint can’t schedule the release date until the product is released because they have no way of knowing how long this will take. We hope it will be sooner rather than later, but do you think Apple won’t try to drag this as long as they can? Anyways, Best Buy is now sending out the above email to customers, correcting their snafu.

source: androidcentral