Mysterious Samsung SGH-T699 for T-Mobile teased

What you’re looking at above is a leaked user agent string which, at a glance, appears like some dull lines of code. It’s what’s within that code that gets exciting. It looks like T-Mobile US is all set to bring a new phone to market, codenamed the SGH-T699. What we can also see from the code is that the device is set to sport a 720p display and an ARM11 processor in the engine room.

With all the speculation around the Exynos processor and its supposed absence from the US version of the Galaxy S III, could this be the model number for T-Mobile’s Galaxy S III variation? Whatever the T699 turns out to be, the good news is that a high end device looks to be on the way to T-Mobile. Keep tuned in to TalkAndroid and we’ll be sure to bring further news as soon as it breaks.


Source : TmoNews

Clove UK: Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX Set To Arrive On May 18th

Those of you in the UK will now have reason to celebrate. The breakthrough Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX will soon be available for your open arms and hands, courtesy of Clove UK. The smartphone will be available on May 18th for £359.00 and Clove is even throwing in free folding speakers worth £20. Yes friends, that means just one week from now, you’ll be able to enjoy the beefy 3300mAh battery which gives peace of mind and Gingerbready 2.3 goodness.

We know you’re interested in more details, so hit the source link to find additional info.

source: Clove UK

The HTC EVO 4G LTE Available May 18th from Sprint for $200

We’ve had some recent news concerning the HTC EVO 4G LTE. Such as a leaked ‘The Getting Started Guide’ which details use of the new Android 4.0 device. As well, we noted that pre-orders were opened up for customers on May 7th. Finally, today Sprint has announced that the HTC EVO 4G LTE will be available for purchase on May 18th for $199.99. That’s just next week! So if you’ve been one of the few that have been able to hold off on buying a new device such as the recently released Galaxy Nexus, I’m betting you could wait just a mere week to pick up this great new Android phone. For a refresher on this phone, check out the TalkAndroid Hands-on from last month.

Hit the break for all the details from the Sprint press release.

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Sprint Announces New Security Suite called Sprint Guardian

We all feel a little safer when we have some protection. Whether in our car, in our home, throughout our daily lives. Well Sprint has expanded that security that we all need. The Now network has announced that it is releasing a new security suite called Sprint Guardian. These mobile security solutions will bring together Sprint, Safely, and Lookout. Though this new suite parents will have peace of mind knowing they can keep track of their children and know that they are being safe with their mobile phone. Based on location tracking and limiting texting times a parent can know that their kids will not be texting while driving and also be able to check their location at any time. A few of these feature are known as, Sprint Mobile Controls, Sprint Drive First, and Sprint Family Locator.

I can tell you that my being a Sprint customer and the father of a 13 year old going on 20, this offering by Sprint is quite welcome. Although there is a pretty good chance my son will not be so fond of it. Tough luck kid! :) Want to see the whole press release and all the features and pricing of Sprint Guardian? Hit the jump.

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Walmart Offers The AT&T HTC One X Smartphone For Only $158.00, Groceries And Lawn Supplies Not Included

We just saw Amazon slash the price of the AT&T HTC One X smartphone, but now Walmart has decided to undercut AT&T as well by offering the smartphone at a meager $158 on-contract. That means those of you looking for a great smartphone have yet another reason to look at this puppy featuring a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8MP camera and Android 4.0 + Sense 4.0. Remember gang— this is currently the best smartphone available, so to find it at a lower price is always welcome news to our eyes and ears.

Your move AT&T?

source: Android Central

Kyocera Introduces The Hydro And Rise Smartphones


CTIA is officially here gang and handset maker Kyocera has wasted no time in introducing two interesting new budget-level handsets. The first is the Hydro smartphone which features a Snapdragon MSM8655 clocked at a reasonable 1GHz, 512MB of RAM, a 3.5-inch screen, a 3.2MP rear camera and a full scoop of what looks to be untainted ICS. The specs are modest I know— but the Hydro has one thing most other devices don’t have: official waterproof certification. The device is capable of being submerged underwater at 1 meter (3 feet) for up to 30 minutes. Kyocera’s reasoning for creating a waterproof device? It’s simple really— research shows many of us clumsy folk tend to destroy our phones with moisture being the sole cause. More importantly, Kyocera believes its customers are interested in having waterproof features in their next smartphones by citing “70 percent of consumers indicated they consider water resistance an important feature in their next phones”.

The next smartphone is the Rise smartphone, which is identical to the Hydro— except it features a full QWERTY keyboard. So inside, you’ll still find the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.5-inch screen and Android 4.0. Kyocera believes that there is a niche and need for the Rise because the:

 “Kyocera Rise is the ideal device for those underserved consumers for whom a touchscreen isn’t enough and who demand the familiar tactile feedback of a keypad. With both Hydro and Rise, people have spoken loud and clear about what they want, and we’ve listened”.

Each device features an CDMA/EV-DO radio, it’s likely the device will operate on Sprint— especially considering Sprint and Kyocera seem to have a history of releasing budget-minded devices. Want more details about the device? Make sure you hit the break to see the full presser.

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Amazon is Offering the Sprint Galaxy Nexus for $149.99 Plus a $50 Google Wallet Credit

When looking for the best price on a new smartphone, heading directly to Amazon Wireless is becoming more and more the best option you have. They have managed to beat retail and sale price’s on many of the top-tier Android phones and now they are at it once again. For those of you who may have been holding out to grab the new Sprint Galaxy Nexus, now may be your chance to score a pretty good deal. It isn’t one of Amazon’s Penny Sale’s, but they will beat the contract price by 50 bucks and will give you a $50 Google wallet credit as well. On top of that, Amazon will also include free two-day shipping so your wait time will only be minimal (they know how much we pine for a new Android device!). To get in on the deal, simply click through the source link below and be sure to come back and let us know if you placed an order! We like to know when our readers make good decisions. :-)

source: Amazon


Sprint Gearing Up For EVO 4G LTE Arrival By Leaking Out The Getting Started Guide & Implies A May 18th Formal Release Date


It looks like Sprint is seriously gearing up for its anticipated launch of the HTC EVO 4G LTE smartphone. How do we know this? Well, it looks like Sprint has quietly made its Getting Started Guide for the EVO 4G LTE officially available, which details the basics of how to use the smartphone and its various aspects such as Android 4.0 + Sense 4.0 software or its much-acclaimed camera software.

Additionally, we just told you earlier about Sprint taking pre-orders for the smartphone– and now additional information is beginning to trickle out for our eyes to see. Well it looks like those lucky group of individuals who pre-ordered the device were greeted with a message from Sprint this morning highlighting the EVO 4G LTE would be shipped on May 15th, with the delivery making its final destination within 1 to 3 business days. Generally speaking, pre-orders tend to land in consumer’s hands a few days before the device lands in stores— so naturally it’s expected the device will arrive in Sprint stores on or around May 18th.

The wait will soon be over for Sprint owners folks! If you feel like giving the EVO 4G LTE a thorough one-over, why not check out the Getting Started Guide by checking out the link below?

HTC Evo 4G LTE Getting Started Guide

Thanks Jake!

Is Verizon Secretly Working On A Blue Version Of The Motorola DROID RAZR?

Feeling a little blue? Well we may have just the item to help cheer you up— a blue Motorola DROID RAZR possibly in the works by Verizon. Our friends at Android Central got a tip from an anonymous individual that Verizon may have its eyes set on marketing and selling the blue variant of the smartphone, according to a leaked inventory screenshot. If all goes well, this smartphone could possibly be launched next Wednesday, May 17th. While it looks like the 16GB model will be the one getting the blue treatment, there’s no word on how much the blue DROID RAZR will cost or whether the DROID RAZR MAXX variant will get some blue treatment as well.

While the DROID RAZR looks like it will likely don a shade of blue, we’ll have to treat this as a rumor until Big Red says its official— which should be too long from now.

source: AC

Amazon Wireless Offers New And Existing Customers The AT&T HTC One X For $150

Want another reason to grab that attractive new AT&T toy from HTC? Amazon is offering the One X smartphone for a cool $150 for both new and existing customers. Amazon’s listed price cuts AT&T’s offering by a full $50. What’s even better is Amazon is not only offering the familiar white version, but it will indeed be offering the sleek gray version as well.

Remember folks, we’ve told you before the One X is the best phone hands down. That means if you’re in the market for a new phone, you need to jump on this deal… today. Hit the source links for more details.

source: Amazon AT&T HTC One X White | Gray