[Deal] Amazon Wireless Offering the Galaxy Nexus for $50 on a New Two-Year Contract, $150 for an Upgrade

by Stacy Bruce on
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Are you still holding out for the awesome Samsung Galaxy Nexus for some reason, or maybe just waiting for Sprint to finally release this bad boy? If telling you that Verizon has the faster network of the two carriers isn’t enough, then how about if I told you that you could scoop up the VZW branded device for a mere $50 with a new two-year contract? Already have a Verizon account? Well you can still get your hands on one for the upgrade price of $150 which isn’t a bad deal either.

Right now Amazon Wireless is offering the best price we’ve seen yet for this years most popular phone. Like I just mentioned, folks signing up with Verizon for the first time can buy the G Nex for only $50 and current customers can upgrade for only $150. If this is just enough to finally push you over the edge, hit up the source link below to get in on the action. You wont regret it! Well, that is unless VZW magically pulls a Galaxy S III out of their… hat.. in the next couple months.

source: Amazon Wireless


ASUS Transformer Pad 300 Tablet Surfaces On Amazon Website, Comes With April 22nd Arrival Date

by Roy Alugbue on
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Well what do we have here gang? We’d just reported how the upcoming ASUS Transformer Pad 300 is due to arrive in Europe by next month, but we here in the States are about to have an early Christmas. Apparently the tablet is set to arrive on April 22nd— this Sunday. How sure are we of this? Well, there’s been no concrete statement or confirmation from ASUS directly, but Amazon went ahead and let the cat out of the bag by listing the tablet on its website and clearly highlights the item “will be released on April 22, 2012″ for $489.99— less than the expected price for the European version which should cost $525.

In case you’ve forgotten, there’s quite a potent punch in the tablet. Those of you who splurge on the device will get a sweet Tegra 3 processor powering a 10.1-inch screen, 32GB of hard drive space and a heavy dose of Ice Cream Sandwich. Hit the source link below for more details.

source: Amazon

Wirefly offers the Verizon Galaxy Nexus for $49.99

by Adam Johnson on
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Wirefly is one of the top online cell phone retailers and always offering great prices on top Android devices. Today we can see more proof of that. If you’ve been drooling over the latest VZW device but that original price gave you a case of the sticker shock, you’re in luck. The Galaxy Nexus is on sale now for the low, low price of $49.99 with a new contract. That is a far cry from the price of $299 when it first appeared on Big Red. This is definitely a great choice for anyone looking to switch to Verizon Wireless and longing for a new device. Now from the looks of it, if you chose to upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus, you’ll have to dig a little deeper in those pockets and fork over $149.99. Still that’s not a bad deal for a device that sports Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich, 4.65” display, 32Gb built-in storage, LTE, NFC and more.

So head on over to Wirefly and take a look and see if this offer is for you.

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Daily Steals Offering Unlocked HTC One X For $630.00 Again, This Time On eBay (Video)

by Joe Sirianni on
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A couple of days ago the folks over at Daily Steals, a Woot-like venture, put an HTC One X on the site for $630 bucks and drove the world to madness because of how cheap the device was.  Well, like a shark catching the scent of blood a mile away, the online retailer is tossing up another device for the same price. Only this time, they’ve listed the monster quad-core handset on eBay.  If you think the price is right, head on over to the popular online auction’s site and buy it now til your hearts content.  Enjoy.  Hit the break for a quick video demo and to check out the specs of the device.   » Read the rest

Daily Steals Offering Unlocked HTC One X For $630.00

by Roy Alugbue on
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So you live in the States and want in on the quad-core HTC One X before everyone else? You may want to head on out to Daily Steals as soon as possible. Right now, they have the unlocked One X for sale for a mere $630. That means you have a chance to be the cool kid in class or in the office by owning one of the first quad-core devices. Keep in mind that this device is not the LTE version (the LTE version features a Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor) and while it could work on AT&T & T-Mobile bands, it’s likely not going to be optimized, so you may see slower than normal 3G and/or HSPA+ speeds. But hey, all we really care about on the device is the Tegra 3 and Beats Audio anyways.

Prospective buyers will want to hurry as they only have until tonight to get in on the deal.

source: Daily Steals

Will the 7-Inch Galaxy Tab 2 be Priced at $310? QVC Seems to Think So

by Stacy Bruce on
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For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0), I imagine you are interested to know its retail price, too. Lucky for us, an eagle-eyed Phone Arena reader spotted a QVC ad for the device before it was quickly removed from their website. According to the attached QVC screenshot, the new 7-inch Galaxy Tab will run $309.96, at least through QVC as long as details don’t change before it officially goes on sale. This price was listed for the most basic 8GB version of the device with no cellular capabilities so expect that as the base price for the 7-inch tab.

Since this info was outed by mistake one could easily think the new Samsung slates are just around the corner, but lets not forget about the most recent news of a delayed launch due to software issues. In reality, we are probably not going to see the new Sammy tabs until late April if not early March and the UK is the first country said to receive the devices. Lets hope the issues get ironed out sooner rather than later and the $310 price tag actually becomes a reality.

source: Phone Arena

AT&T is getting close to launching the Galaxy Nexus

by Spencer McClendon on
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Andro Rev is reporting they have a source close to the situation and AT&T will be getting a Galaxy Nexus. They also report that an unconfirmed amount of standard AT&T SIM Cards are going out for testing. These are not Like Verizon’s micro SIM’s, which helps the rumor of it being 4G LTE. They have updated their post, to say that this is confirmed with this statement, Our tipster just added that the SKU for these SIM cards is 73057 and that they do seem to be 4G LTE enabled!!!!

There you have it folks, all the information we have at this time, but we will keep an eye on this as it develops. So stay locked right here with us, and leave a comment if you are ready for some G-Nex love on AT&T.

Source: Andro Rev
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Motorola brings the XOOM 2 and XOOM 2 media edition tablets to the UK

by Robert Nazarian on
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Motorola announced they are finally bringing the XOOM 2 and XOOM 2 Family Edition to the UK via the Carphone Warehouse. These are the same tablets as the DROID XYBOARD 10.1 and XYBOARD 8.2 that are available now in the U.S. Starting today, Carphone Warehouse will have 3G and WIFI variants starting at just £299.99 ($475).

Both the XOOM 2 and XOOM 2 Media Edition feature a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 10.1-inch (XOOM 2) or 8.2-inch (Media Edition) (1280 x 800) display, 1GB of RAM, 5MP rear camera, 1.3 front camera, 16GB of internal storage, Gorilla Glass, splashguard coating, and Android 3.2.

Full press release after the break:

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Best Buy is offering an extra $50 on top of the normal trade-in program on select Motorola smartphones starting April 8

by Robert Nazarian on
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If you’re in the market for a Motorola Atrix 2, Photon 4G, or the DROID RAZR you might want to consider Best Buy’s latest deal. As you might already know, they have a trade-in program in which you could receive up to $200 in the form of a Best Buy gift card for the value of your old mobile phone. To top it off, starting April 8 they’re also offering an additional $50 discount off the smartphones listed above as long as you trade in any mobile phone. So it’s basically a double dipping sale, Grab $50 off the purchase price plus get a Best Buy gift card for whatever the value is of your old phone that you’re trading in. The deal ends on May 5.

They also have another deal in which they’re giving $50 off of any Sprint smartphone, plus an additional $50 for trading in an HTC EVO 4G. This might be a good deal, but I would only trade my EVO 4G for the new EVO 4G LTE that was just announced yesterday. Unfortunately pre-orders for that one don’t start till May 7, and it’s unknown if they would honor it or when this particular deal ends.

Full press release after the break

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Sprint Fires Up the Pre-Order Reminder Page for the HTC EVO 4G LTE

by Stacy Bruce on
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Hot on the heels of the exciting announcement of the new HTC EVO 4G LTE, Sprint wasted no time adding the device to their website’s “Shop” page. For those of you who are looking forward to snatching up this sweet device, May 7th is the date you are going to want to remember. That is the day Sprint begins presales and luckily the price is only a mere $199.99 on conract. In case some of you have a bad memory or don’t like using calandars, you can jump to Sprint’s EVO 4G LTE sign-up page through the link below. There you can sign up to recieve an email reminder when preorders begin. So what are you waiting for? Go sign up before you forget!

source: Sprint