Toys ‘R’ Us set to release exclusive Tabeo 7″ kid-friendly tablet

by Sean Stewart on
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There is certainly no shortage of 7″ tablets these days, and now Toys “R” Us is getting in on the action with their own tablet, not surprisingly, with kids in mind.  The 7″ tablet, dubbed the Tabeo, isn’t the first tablet the toy giant has sold, however it does differ slightly from others in that it was designed using the input from kids and parents alike on what they expected to find in a tablet. As expected, online security will be paramount boasting “robust and flexible” options while offering customizable levels of Internet access for each member of the family. The tablet features a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, an 800×480 TFT LCD display, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal memory, and WiFi connectivity. It’ll also come preloaded with 50 apps and games which aim to educate and entertain the little ones. The most notable feature will be the inclusion of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, however the interface will look different as compared to other tablets running Android 4.0 since they want to make it as kid-friendly as possible.

The Tabeo is available for pre-order now and will be available beginning October 21st for $149.99 exclusively at Toys “R” Us. What are your thoughts on kid-friendly tablets? Are you inclined to purchase a tablet specifically designed for kids, or do you lean more towards a proper tablet since the prices are very comparable now? Hit the break for the full press release. » Read the rest

Anonymous Source Claims Samsung SCH-I605 Is Verizon’s Galaxy Note II, Also Claims Galaxy Note II Is Headed For U.S. Cellular

by Roy Alugbue on
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We know Samsung’s Galaxy Note II is headed to at least AT&T and Sprint, but now it looks like Verizon Wireless is all set to get in on the party too. Our friends at Brief Mobile got their hands on a screenshot that clearly highlights a Samsung device listed as model number SCH-I605, courtesy of their anonymous source. According to the source, this mysterious SCH-I605 smartphone will be Verizon’s variant of the Galaxy Note II and will feature a quad-core Exynos processor and 4G LTE service. In addition, the anonymous source claims Verizon’s version will be nearly identical to the international version, except the standard Verizon branding on the front and back of the device.

Brief Mobile doesn’t stop there as it also claims another major carrier will get the touted smartphone as well. It has confirmed that U.S. Cellular will get its own variant of the smartphone too for its ever-growing network as well. So all in all– the device is all but confirmed to launch on every major U.S. carrier. Of course, when the exact launch is for each carrier is anyone’s guess.

source: Brief Mobile

Reports Indicate Samsung Resales Are Taking Over The Marketplace Since Last Week’s Apple Verdict

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It looks as if Samsung hasn’t gotten the last laugh after all. After a recent study pointed out Samsung’s Galaxy S III smartphone gained in popularity since the landmark verdict last week, another study pointed out Samsung users are actually reselling their smartphones like the Galaxy S II in massive droves. According to online retailer Gazelle, there has been “a 50 percent increase in sold-in Samsung phones“, which caused a subsequent “10 percent drop in prices for these devices“. More importantly– the cost of the device is likely to drop even further, especially with more resells of the various Samsung devices and the impending arrival of Apple’s iPhone 5 in a matter of weeks. A random sample of the cost of the Galaxy S II as an example currently ranges between $80 – $116, depending on the Galaxy S II’s condition. Conversely, an Apple iPhone 4 averages $200, while the iPhone 4S averages $300.

Naturally this could be a classic case of one jumping the gun because after all— the Galaxy S II is still no doubt a good phone, but an aging phone at that. Perhaps the masses sold their Galaxy S II’s in anticipation for a better phone like the Galaxy Note II? Yeah… that sounds like a stronger argument to me.

source: CNet

Samsung Galaxy Note II headed to Vodafone with LTE, pricing revealed

by Colton Kaiser on
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Samsung didn’t offer any information regarding carrier availability for the Galaxy Note II during its keynote yesterday, but a new sign spotted on the show floor of IFA 2012 could give us some insight as to how much the phone might cost. According to the placard, when the superphone makes its way to Germany in the coming months, it will be priced at €639.90 on Vodafone, equal to about $803 in the United States. Keep in mind that’s the unsubsidized price, meaning customers wont be locked into a 2-year commitment. For comparison, AT&T’s original Galaxy Note costs $549 off-contract. Lets just hope Samsung can can collaborate with carriers to shed a few dollars before it brings the device to the North American market.

Source: Engadget

Apple’s Recent Victory Is A Blessing In Disguise For Samsung: Research Shows Increased Galaxy S III Sales Since Verdict

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Samsung may have a recent $1 billion verdict against itself, but it looks like the recent dogfight it had against Apple has had a rather profound benefit: increased Galaxy S III sales. According to Trip Chowdhry who is the managing director of equity research at Global Equities Research, customers “rushed” to buy the Galaxy S III smartphone after the verdict was announced. In terms of specifics— Chowdhry used a sample of three Costco stores and found two of three Costco stores were completely sold out of the AT&T version of the smartphone. In addition, Chowdhry found that out of a sample of 5 AT&T stores, every store experienced “significant sales” of the smartphone and more importantly— outsold the Apple iPhone 4S.

Talk about the recent ruling backfiring against Apple, sheesh. Samsung has yet another reason to smile on top of its existing millions upon millions of sales and maybe consumers aren’t so blind after all.

source: Forbes

Samsung Announces 4 New Colors For The Galaxy S III Smartphone

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Samsung has announced four new colors for the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. While we already knew Sammy would have a “Sapphire Black” and “Titanium Gray” version of the smartphone on the way, it has also announced the “Amber Brown” and “Garnet Red” colors as well. Each color is inspired by nature and showcases elegance, intelligence and style. In addition, every color of the phone adopts a pure and clear material called Hyperglaze on the back cover casing which helps to elevate the phone’s aesthetic look.

As exciting as the new colors are, Sammy does stress the availability of the colors will indeed depend on the country and retailer and carrier. Here’s hoping the color of your choice will indeed be available for those of you interested in grabbing the popular smartphone.

source: Samsung Tomorrow

Samsung SCH-I200 (aka Jasper) for Verizon gets official name outed through Best Buy product page: Samsung Galaxy Stellar

by Sean Stewart on
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If you recall recently, we finally saw a glimpse of the mysterious entry-level Samsung SCH-I200 (aka “Jasper”) smartphone shortly after passing through the FCC. Thanks to Best Buy jumping the gun, the official name of the phone has been outed, courtesy of a leaked product page. According to the Best Buy product page for the device, we now have proof that the Samsung SCH-I200 will hit retail stores as the Samsung Galaxy Stellar. Although no specifics are mentioned on Best Buy’s site regarding the device’s storage or type of CPU, we do know it’ll run $99 with a 2-year contract and will sport the following specs:

  • Android 4.0 (ICS)
  • 1.2GHz dual-core CPU
  • LTE
  • 4″ 800×480 display
  • 3.2MP rear shooter, 1.3MP front
  • Bluetooth
  • TouchWiz UI » Read the rest

Samsung Galaxy Stellar Headed to Verizon, Pre-loaded with Amazon Appstore?

by Dominick DeVito on
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We now have news of a new mid-range Samsung phone called the Galaxy Stellar that is headed to Verizon’s 4G LTE network. According to a leaked screenshot from Droid Life, the phone will cost $99 and include a few noteworthy features. For starters it’s listed as having a “Starter Mode”, which could be tied to the new Basic and Easy home screen modes in the Jelly Bean Galaxy SIII update. The more intriguing part is that this could be the first Android smartphone pre-loaded with the Amazon Appstore rather than the Play Store.

What do you think about all this? Are you intrigued as much as we are? Hit up the comments and let us know what you think.

Source: Droid-Life

New Samsung Experience Store Opens in Australia

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While the tech world has its sights set on the most talked about trial in tech history, Samsung just opened a new Samsung Experience store in Sydney, Australia.

Samsung’s being accused (by Apple) of being a copycat, but that is yet to be decided on by the jury. If there’s one way Samsung could, and should, copy Apple it would be in designing retail stores. After all Apple does have the most profitable retail business in the world, so that begs the question: why not copy them in this case?

Whatever you do Sammy, just don’t copy their TV ads!

Source: Samsung

Google Play gift cards now official, arriving in the coming weeks

by Colton Kaiser on
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After being first spotted in the latest Play Store update, Google finally confirmed our suspicions. Google Play gift cards are officially launching in several retail stores across the United States. Initial locations include Target, RadioShack and GameStop. The official page suggests you’ll be able to redeem your codes for apps, music, books, TV shows and movies. However, cards cannot be used for purchases of hardware, in-app subscriptions or accessories. Gift cards will be available in $10, $15, $25 and $50 denominations.

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