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[Deal] Grab a Nexus 6 from Amazon from only $350

Nexus 6

Google may have grabbed our attention in the middle of IFA 2015 with its announcement that it will unveil both the LG and Huawei Nexus smartphones on September 29th, but what about last year’s model, the Motorola-made Nexus 6? If you have been on the fence, now’s the time to jump off, because Amazon has decided to discount its stock of unlocked Nexus 6 handsets, more details after the break.

Beta program for Samsung Pay begins rolling out in the US


It seems that everyone is developing a mobile payments system these days, Apple has the imaginatively named Apple Pay, Google is hopefully bringing Android Pay to market before the end of 2015, and we have Samsung with its own take, also imaginatively called Samsung Pay. You’ve probably read about Samsung Pay undergoing a trial in Samsung’s native South Korea, where it was well-received. Today, we have news that a beta-program for Samsung Pay is rolling out in the US ahead of its official September 28th launch.

OtterBox reveals its range of cases for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+

So, you watched Samsung’s Unpacked event yesterday and decided to pre-order a Galaxy Note 5 (not in Europe of course) or the Galaxy S6 Edge+. What about when you get your hands on it, how will you protect the metal and glass constructed smartphones from life’s everyday knocks and scratches? Luckily, OtterBox has some options for you to choose from.

Clove UK launches petition to pressure Samsung into bringing the Note 5 to Europe


Galaxy note fans in Europe were dismayed to find out yesterday that Samsung isn’t bringing the Note 5 to the region in 2015. Instead, the Korean handset maker is only giving them the option to buy the Galaxy S6 Edge+, a jumped up version of the Galaxy S6 Edge that was announced back in March. The UK retailer, Clove Technology, isn’t happy about this, and has launched a petition in a bid to show Samsung it has made a mistake.

Amazon selects Staples as the Echo’s exclusive third-party retailer (with a catch)


Finally, Amazon’s Echo digital assistant is being offered through a third-party retailer. Amazon selected Staples to sell the Echo exclusively. The only catch is that Staples’ thousands of stores will not be selling the device, preventing anyone interested from entering their local Staples store and walking out with the Echo. Prospective buyers will have to stay online and go to the retailer’s site in order to make a purchase.

Only non-Prime members should be taking a look at purchasing the Echo through Staples. Otherwise, take advantage of Amazon’s membership services and receive free two-day shipping.

Source: Staples [Staples]

Let’s talk about the OnePlus 2’s missing features


It would be easy to write this and beat OnePlus with its #NeverSettle hashtag, perhaps throwing in ‘And isn’t it ironic…Don’t you think?’ while I’m at it. But I won’t. Instead, let me say, that the OnePlus 2 boasts some high-end components, from the Snapdragon 810 processor, the  3GB/4GB of RAM, the super-quick camera to the 3,300mAh battery. That’s notwithstanding the amazing price of $329 for the 16GB and $389 for the 64GB variants. Fantastic prices, really. But, in reaching those price-points, what features did OnePlus leave out?

When and where to watch the OnePlus 2 Live Stream launch


As you’re probably well aware, OnePlus will be live streaming the launch of its new flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 2, later today (July 27th). As one would expect with OnePlus though, the launch isn’t exactly conventional. OnePlus gave away a bunch of VR cardboard glasses a few weeks ago, in preparation for streaming the OnePlus 2 launch in 3D. But when and where can you catch the live stream event?