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Essential confirms that the Essential Phone will start shipping in next 7 days

It’s taken a while, but after announcing that an announcement would be made this week on when its début handset would finally be ready, it seems that the Essential Phone should start shipping out to customers in the next 7 days, at least that’s according to emails that the company has sent out. After its launch on May 30 where Andy Rubin initially claimed that the Essential Phone would be ready to ship in about 30 days, there has been an unexplained delay of around a month and a half. 

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Shopping for a new desktop? Maybe you don’t need powerhouse specifications. If that’s the case, get a pocket-sized PC. There’s one on Talk Android Deals today that costs less than $200. It’s from Ockel, who makes various devices in the same class. And they’re growing in popularity this year as people want to be able to take their computers everywhere without being weighed down.

With the Sirius B, you’re getting all of Windows 10 in a device the size of your phone.

As Best Buy listing goes up, the Essential Phone should ship very soon

Essential is nearing the release of its first device. It’s live on Best Buy’s site, but you still can’t actually purchase the Essential Phone for yourself. For now you can just sign up to be notified when the retailer starts taking orders. While vague, it’s a sign that Essential is moving forward and doesn’t plan to wait much longer to enter the mobile industry.

Motorola quietly drops Moto Z2 Force price to $720, says it was always meant to be so

The Moto Z2 Force launched last week, complete with Moto Mod compatibility and a plastic shatterproof display. Something else it launched with was a $800 price tag if you bought the handset directly from Motorola itself, which many of us thought was a tad high for the Moto Z2 Force. For whatever reason, the price has been dropped to $720 on the Motorola website without ceremony, representing a saving of $80. 

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