Apple’s Success On The Verge Of A Decline? Digital Chocolate’s Trip Hawkins Thinks So

It’s no surprise that Apple has changed the game from the beginning and brought us true innovation since the launch of the original iPhone.  For anyone to deny that the Apple iPhone is anything less than “good” is seriously in denial.  The success and popularity of the device along with the iPad was simply unprecedented.  That being said, founder of Digital Chocolate, Trip Hawkins, compares Apple to the Roman Empire in that as successful and dominant as it was, it was still bound to fall.  As far as I can tell, however, I don’t see any industry proof or evidence as to why there would be a decline in the works for Apple.  Hawkins seems to draw his conclusions simply on the analogy alone as he states the following:   Read more

The Reason Apple Is Becoming A Patent Troll: Calling Out Apple “Innovation” For What It Really Is


The end of what has become a rather odd three part series is upon us. You may recall that I originally went on a very angry rant about Apple suing HTC in an attempt to remove them from the market. After going through it I posted a followup article explaining (a little more calmly) the logic I had used to justify my outburst. Rather annoyingly, I’ve always been one of those people who don’t like oddities. I like knowing why things happen. Something doesn’t smell right with Apple’s new policy of suing every company that starts with a letter; it is very un-Apple of them. So I come here before you to explain why I think Apple is quickly becoming a patent troll rather than the prestigious company that I honestly looked up to a few years ago. Read more

The Apple vs Google Legal Battle: Part 2

Hello again fellow readers. About a week ago I went on a rather long tirade against the Apple lawsuits and how they’re trying to bring American innovation to its knees. I’m not sure why the HTC case seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back, but it was. After a couple of days of therapy and anger management I’ve decided to do a slightly calmer version of the rant that was created with the anger of a thousand women scorned.

Don’t worry. I still would like to meet a few patent lawyers in a back alley one day.

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What are you hoping for with Android Ice Cream Sandwich?

There is no doubt Google is working hard on their next release of Android, called Ice Cream Sandwich. What we do know is that Ice Cream Sandwich will probably be version 4.0, and it will end the need to have different versions of Android for tablets (Honeycomb) and phones (Gingerbread and below). Google execs said this would be Google’s “everywhere” OS for mobile phones, tablets, and other connected devices. The only other rumor we have heard is that phones will no longer need physical hardware buttons.

Is this all that we can expect? If the answer is yes, then it is going to be a boring release because Honeycomb is cool, but simply bringing that to the phone is not enough. I am pretty sure there is going to be a lot more UI enhancements and features.

There are two things I would like to see with the next version of Android, and that is the ability to log in with different accounts on each device and more cloud syncing.

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Another Rant: Apple Sues HTC, Google Backs HTC, and Why All of These Lawsuits are Bad for Consumers

Once again Apple has taken the low road and decided to sue another competitor with as many lawsuits as it can come up with in hopes one of them works. As a Macbook Pro lover and someone who has used various iOS devices almost as much as Android, it’s no secret that I do have a small love for Apple deep down inside. Yeah, I prefer Android, but I realize how important iOS is in the grand scheme of things and why so many people love it (it IS a great OS). However, Apple’s recent lawsuit against HTC is starting to make me seriously dislike what the company is becoming. Buckle down if you proceed. This Apple rant is about to get ugly. Very ugly. Read more

Smartphone legal battles are officially ridiculous, GetJar is the latest victim of Apple’s bullying [RANT]

It seem as though the smartphone wars have become a mess of legal battles, rather than who offers the best products. Unfortunately the wallets of attorneys’ will get fatter, while innovation suffers.

The latest case involves GetJar. Apple already went after Amazon for the use of the term “App Store,” and although they did not lose, their motion for a preliminary injunction to bar Amazon from using the term “App Store” was denied. The case won’t be decided until late 2012. Now Apple has decided to go after GetJar for the same thing and they have given them a Cease & Desist notice for using the term “App Store.” GetJar started distributing apps in 2005, which is before Apple’s app store was in existence.

GetJar’s response is “We are not going to take it.” GetJar does not feel this is about Apple vs GetJar because they are not competitors with Apple. No one can compete on iOS as it is a closed ecosystem. They re-direct Apple users to Apple’s App Store as a courtesy for free with nothing asked in return. GetJar traffic comes mainly from Android users, which is a hundred times larger. GetJar feels that they don’t discriminate against Apple users, but Apple discriminates against them.

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Are handset manufacturers abandoning tablet development?

According to a new report, manufacturers,who have recently invested money into the tablet segment, are now switching their focus back to the development of 4 to 5-inch high end smartphones. According to the report it is the poor sales of the Android-based tablets.

The report states that Samsung was able to grab a 10% share of the tablet segment, but sales from other vendors like Motorola, RIM, LG , and HTC have been flat so far.

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Why are we tablet crazy? Part II

A couple of months ago I wrote about my thoughts on the tablet craze and if I really need one. I mentioned at the end of that article that I would end up buying one, not because I need one, but more because I am a techie. About three weeks ago, I purchased the Asus Eee Pad Transformer.

The big question is if I feel any differently about tablets? I still do not feel the need for one, but I have changed my thoughts on who might benefit from one.

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Why are people so quick to shoot down Google Wallet?

Like everything in the mobile world, new ideas are often met with praise and jubilation by some, and criticism and detest from others. However, Google Wallet has taken tech sites by storm; way more than usual. In fact, the general idea about it is that it will fail. Sites are making claims such as “it won’t catch on,” “it’s horribly insecure,” and “it’s dead before it’s started.” As an author of a tech website, I’m flabbergasted. Since when was it our job to try to convince people NOT to try great new products? Every writer knows that by criticizing something you’ll get more page views. That’s all fine and dandy, but Google Wallet IS a good product. People should be excited about the possibilities, not afraid to get a phone with NFC because some tech blogs are calling it the devil. So I’m here to shoot down their claims and make my bold prediction. Google Wallet will not only succeed, it will take the world by storm. Crazy I know, but I have my reasons.

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