HTC offers a look into the EVO 4G LTE Camera via Facebook photo gallery

HTC felt they needed to give  Sprint customers a taste of the great quality of the HTC EVO 4G LTE camera. They decided to go ahead and post a number of photos utilizing the HTC ImageSense tech to their Facebook page. I’m sure you all got a chance to check out the AT&T review of the HTC One X that our own Robert Nazarian did yesterday. If you didn’t you should be ashamed and check it out now. Don’t worry I’ll wait…………………….Done? Let’s continue.

That review of course was not the EVO 4G LTE, but it gives us insight into what we can expect from this soon to be released Sprint branded device. Although the EVO 4G LTE will have a microSD slot, larger battery and a kickstand to compliment. Pre-orders on the EVO 4G LTE start on Monday, May 7th. Right now choices are abounding on the Now Network. Possibly you should pick up the recently released Galaxy Nexus, maybe pre-order the HTC EVO 4G LTE on Monday, or wait until after today’s Samsung event at 2pm Eastern Standard Time and see what they can offer to keep your attention. Samsung Galaxy S III anyone? For now, hit the source and check out the photo’s HTC has posted over at Facebook and get a taste of what’s to come.

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HTC One S coming to Bell on May 17

Bell customers who want to get their hands on the HTC One S won’t have to wait much longer. The internal doc above shows us that it will be available on May 17 for $599.95. Of course that’s the off contract price. As for contract pricing, we don’t have any of them yet. We also expect to see the One S on SaskTel, Telus, and Virgin. In fact Virgin already has a registration page up. Be sure to check out our hands on and full review.

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Samsung Galaxy S III to feature only a 4.6-inch display and 8MP camera?

We’re a little over 5 hours away and the speculation is still rampant on what the Next Galaxy is going to be. Other than it being called a Galaxy S III, and even that’s not guaranteed, we’re expecting a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED Plus 720p HD display, an Exynos 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, and 12MP camera. Expansys, has a listing for the Galaxy S III in their latest email newsletter that show the major specs, and they’re a little lower than expectations. The quad-core is in place, but the display is shown as 4.6-inches and the camera is at 8MP.

Could it just be a placeholder? Seems strange that it would even be placed in the newsletter to begin with, placeholder or not. Even it was a placeholder, I would think Expansys wouldn’t put out information like that because they are a major tech retailer and not some fly by night operation. I guess we will know for sure in a few hours.

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T-Mobile Completes ICS Testing for the HTC Sensation, Update Coming ‘Very Soon’

You T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G users have had a rough patch lately, watching as other Sensation users around the world receive the Ice Cream Sandwich update before you. Looks like you won’t have to wait much longer, let alone until June 16th, as T-Mobile just announced on the device’s support page that ICS testing has been successfully completed and the official roll-out should begin “very soon.”

May 2 News: The Android 4.0 (ICS) update for the HTC Sensation 4G has completed its testing process and we expect it to be available very soon. Please stay tuned for an official communication from T-Mobile regarding how and when you’ll be able to receive the update.

I know the thought of an ICS update along with a fresh version of Sense sounds rather appealing, I should inform you that based on other HTC ICS updates, it looks as though you will receive Sense 3.6 (Sense 4 Lite) instead of Sense 4. Still better than nothing, no? Either way, keep an eye out for the new update to be hitting your device any day now. Let’s just hope T-Mobile’s version of “very soon” is same same as yours and mine!

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T-Mobile Officially Announces the $20 Huawei Prism, Available at Best Buy on May 6th

Yesterday we told you about a recent T-Mobile leak that outed the release date for the budget friendly Huawei Prism. We have been hearing about this device since early March and yesterday we finally learned that it should be released on May 6th. According to an official T-Mobile press release that was released today, the Prism will be hitting Best Buy stores on May 6th and wont be available in T-Mo retail locations until the 23rd. It seems Best Buy worked out a deal to be the exclusive seller for a few days because Walmart won’t begin selling the phone until May 9th.

As a reminder, the Huawei Prism is a 3.5-inch HVGA device with a 600MHz processor, a 3.2MP fixed-focus camera that will run Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The specs aren’t much to write home about but the price sure is. It will only cost $20 on contract after a $50 mail-in rebate and will only be $150 without any commitments. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, jump past the break to read the full press release.
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Samsung Reminds Us We’re Only One Day Away from the Next Galaxy

The end is nigh my friends. The Samsung Galaxy S III will finally be unveiled tomorrow during Samsung’s Mobile Unpacked Event in London and for those of you who want to see the unveiling for yourself, Samsung will be airing the event for your viewing pleasure. Not only are we going to see the highly anticipated GSIII (or the Next Galaxy phone, we still don’t know the official name), rumor has it Samsung could also be announcing a new Galaxy Tab and may even unleash their new cloud storage solution called S-cloud.

To see the event on your mobile device you are going to want to visit the ‘The Next Galaxy’ website, and from a desktop you can either go there or the Samsung Mobile Facebook page. If you are unable to watch as it happens live, have no fear because our own Chris Stewart will be there to relay all the gritty details. We will even have a hands on demo shortly after the event wraps up! So even if you do watch the video you will want to be sure to tune in shortly after the event to see this bad boy in action. We are so close now.

The show will begin at 7PM sharp UK time (2PM EST) at either of the source links below.

Samsung Mobile Facebook

Samsung Galaxy S III to be dressed in both white and blue

In today’s not so major news, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S III will be available in both blue and white. This is far from shocking, but news is news. GSM Arena got a tip that the Carphone Warehouse inventory system has it listed in both of these colors. This of course confirms what we reported a couple of weeks ago. There was no listing for a black version, which is quite interesting. Will anyone miss black?

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Google Patent Reveals Android Beam Meant To Do More?


Google and Oracle are still going at it pretty strong and even though Page, Schmidt, Ruben and Google in general have been handing Oracle’s rear to them on a platter, quite a number of tidbits have been revealed over the course of the trail.  All sorts of factoids have been coming out about the Android OS, which I’m sure Google isn’t ultimately pleased about. However, from a tech journalist’s perspective, it’s flat out juicy news.  The latest to be revealed from the trial is a Google patent revealing NFC functionality between Android handsets.  The only question here is, could this be referring to Android Beam or something else?

Android has had Beam since at least October of 2011 which isn’t new news, however, the patent revealed other aspects of the technology dubbed “sharing application states”, to work with apps and functions like messaging, phone call status and playback positions for video and audio.  So, now that we’ve seen how Android Beam has come into play, could there be something else up Google’s sleeve with the function?  We sure hope so.  Stay tuned as we dig a little deeper to find out exactly how Google intends to use Beam in any other way other than just transferring items between devices.

source: USPTO 



Is This Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III? A User Agent Profile Suggests, Yes It Is

As we get closer to the big day tomorrow, we are beginning to get more and more details leaked regarding the anticipated Galaxy S III. While we expect the Galaxy S III to feature an LTE chip to be used on Verizon’s network later this year, it was uncertain whether this Galaxy S III variant would carry the Sammy-built quad-core screamer or an alternative processor such as the Snapdragon line of chips. Well it looks like we have the answer folks. According to a leaked user agent profile obtained by our pals at pocketnow, a Verizon “SCH-I535″ smartphone will feature a Snapdragon MSM8960 processor— aka a Snapdragon S4 chip. While there’s no concrete evidence this “SCH-I535″ smartphone is indeed the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S III, some features of the device hints that this is the Verizon version of the smartphone on the way. For example, there is a heavy scoop of Android 4.0 and a 1280 x 720 (most likely HD) display. Oh and the “SCH-I535″ matches up with other premium Samsung devices sold by Verizon (see SCH-I515 – Galaxy Nexus as example).

This potential strategy of including Snapdragon-based chips by Samsung should come as no surprise really. Samsung previously made it clear that not all of its Galaxy S III variants would feature their in-house chip because simply put— the Exynos processor may not quite be ready to implement LTE technology just yet. So it makes sense for Sammy to include cost-effective alternatives like the Snapdragon which would allow the devices to operate on LTE (think of what HTC did with its One XL smartphone). While we do know the Exynos processor is in a class of its own compared to the competition— the Snapdragon-based chips more than holds its own against other competition. Just ask the AT&T HTC One X smartphone.

source: pocketnow

Screen protector confirms Samsung Galaxy S III screen size and shape

We are little over 24 hours away from what could be the biggest mobile announcement of the year, but that won’t stop rumors and leaks. Today we have a screen protector from Colorant, a South Korean company. They are releasing a new product called USG (Ultimate Screen Guard) and of course it will be for the Galaxy S III.

Although Samsung is doing a great job in keeping things a secret, unfortunately they still need to share details with manufacturers such as these so they can design protectors, cases, and other accessories. They can’t wait until the official unveiling. In this situation, the packaging states that it was made in Japan, but finished in Korea. Obviously that’s because they had to test them on demo units provided by Samsung.

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