HTC One successor on schedule for March release with larger screen and twin sensor camera


Today, Bloomberg is reporting stuff that we have already posted, but it’s nice to get further confirmation. The successor to the HTC One (codenamed the M8), which has been rumored to be called the One+ or the One Two, will be released in March, which is inline with last year’s release. They are also reporting that it will have a larger display, at least 5-inches, and it will have a twin-sensor rear camera. They also said the design of the device won’t be far off from the One.

A couple of weeks ago, we reported that the new One could sport two lenses, one dedicated for extreme low light situations. Then, last week, Toshiba unveiled their new dual sensor camera for smartphones. Can you put two and two together? Yup, it looks like this new Toshiba dual sensor camera is going to be in the new HTC One successor. It makes perfect sense since Toshiba’s dual sensors are both 5MP. Since HTC is expected to continue to use UltraPixel technology, it’s still unlikely they will be able to get much higher than 5MP. Remember, the HTC One’s sensor is 4MP.

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Grip Shells are Now Available Adding Even More Customization to the Moto G


One of the biggest selling points of the Moto X is ability to customize the device with Moto Maker. While the Moto G doesn’t benefit from it, that’s not stopping Motorola from allowing customers to customize the budget friendly device. Starting today, consumers can customize the Moto G with five different colored Grip Shells. They come in the following colors:

  • Chalk
  • Black
  • Royal Blue
  • Lemon Lime
  • Cherry

The shells cost $19.99 and feature a rubber bumper to protect the device. On top of that, the back is textured to allow for an easier grip. Even if the battery isn’t removable, the back is. This allows for an easier time swapping out colors. To purchase a Grip Shell for your Moto G you can hit the source link below. Enjoy!

source: Motorola

Flexing the LG G Flex too much could result in a serious case of the bumps


We had a chance to see the amazing self-healing abilities of the LG G Flex last week at CES, but something else is going on that doesn’t appear to be self-healing. Many users are complaining about small bumps on the display. How the hell do they get there? As you know, the G Flex is somewhat flexible, and these bumps appear as a result of this flexing.

Now the big question is if they are appearing because of too much flexing or something LG didn’t foresee would happen even with minimal flexing. LG seems to think it’s the former, and they are advising people to not flex the device frequently or with excessive force. Hit the break for the statement….

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LG G3 With QHD Display Set to Release in May


As 2014 gets into full swing we’re going to start seeing what OEMs have in store for us in regards to their next flagship devices. Both Samsung and HTC look to release their next generation smartphones roughly the same time as they did last year. However LG looks to shake up their release schedule by possibly releasing the next generation to the G2 as early as May.

If you remember, the G2 was released third quarter of last year. With Samsung and HTC releasing their devices in the first half of the year, they’ve had a jump on sales. According to Korean media sources, LG is hoping to capitalize by doing the same this year.

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Leaked screenshot from Nokia Normandy reveals freak-hybrid OS combination

Nokia Normandy

The Nokia Normandy has appeared in multiple leaks over the past few weeks, and today @evleaks showed us what the UI might look like.

Running a modified version of Android, the device also seems to sport a very similar Windows Phone-style interface as well. Of course none of this is confirmed, but this is all we have for now.

The handset will also supposedly support dual-SIM capability, and there will be options to significantly change the aspects of the home screen. Personally, I think it looks a bit too busy and crowded, but that’s just me.

Source: @evleaks

Sony confirms Android 4.3.3 coming for Xperia SP, T, TX and V in the next month


Sony confirmed today that their Xperia SP, T, TX, and V will be receiving Android 4.3.3 “from end Jan / early Feb.” This is a relief for owners who thought they might never get the update, after waiting for it since Sony said it was expected in December. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more precise release dates.

Source: Xperia Blog


First photos of Geeksphone Revolution leaked


The first photos of the Geeksphone Revolution, a smartphone that will dual-boot Android OS and Firefox OS, have leaked online by German site Mobile Geeks. The Revolution will come in black and white, and will be equipped with a 4.7-inch IPS qHD display, a 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor, and a 2000mAh battery.

There will be three capacitive buttons on the front of the slightly curved device, which will reportedly come at a budget-friendly price. The Revolution is just the latest in a wave of popular dual-booting devices, and it’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

Source: Mobile Geeks
Via: TechnoBuffalo



Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5.0 begins rolling out for HTC One X+



The HTC One X+ is receiving Android 4.2.2 as we post. This will be the last update the device will receive, as we reported earlier. This update includes a Sense 5.0 user interface overhall, which has most of the features from the HTC One besides camera features and BoomSound. This is probably going to be a slow rollout, but you can try manually updating.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Android Version: 4.2.2
  • HTC Sense: 5.0
  • NFC Fixes
  • AT&T Address Book Fixes

Source: HTC

Samsung, Apple dominance of U.S. smartphone market continues to grow in Q4 2013


The NPD Group and Connected Intelligence released their latest Connected Home Report today showing U.S. smartphone market penetration grew to 62% during the fourth quarter of 2013, up from 52% for the same period in 2012. The data also showed that Apple and Samsung were doing the best job at capitalizing on this growth as the two giants saw their share of the market grow from 57% to 68%. For Apple, the increase year to year was from 35% to 42% while Samsung grew from 22% to 26%. The only other manufacturer that saw positive growth in their share of the market was LG, although their share was still in the single digit range. Meanwhile, manufacturers like Motorola, HTC and Blackberry all saw their piece of the pie shrink relative to the others. Read more

Sprint comes out of the corner first with LG G Flex available on Jan. 31


Sprint announced today that they will make the LG G Flex, the world’s first curved smartphone, available on their network starting on January 31st for $299.99 with a new two-year contract. On that date, the device will be available through their Business Sales, Telesales, and web site. The LG G Flex will be available in retail stores starting on February 7th. A pre-order page has been setup on the Sprint web site and users who place an online pre-order will receive a free Quickwindow Folio case valued at $59.99. Users who wait to buy from a Sprint retail location will also have the option to purchase the device using Sprint’s Easy Pay with a down payment of $149.99 and 23 monthly payments of $20.84 and a final payment of $20.68. Read more