Samsung might launch an LTE version of the Galaxy Grand 2


According to new reports, Samsung will soon launch an LTE version of the Galaxy Grand 2 which was announced last year and it will carry the model number SM-G7105, but the launch date hasn’t been specified yet. All Samsung devices that have a model number ending in 5 are usually the LTE version.

The User Manual and its Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Information have been uploaded on Samsung’s site.  The SAR Information displays two models of the Galaxy Grand 2, SM-G7105 and SM-G7105L. SM-G7105 is probably the LTE version of the device while the L model might be the carrier version.

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HTC’s M8 could ‘look strikingly like’ the HTC One


If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it. It would seem that if current rumors pan out, HTC is taking this to heart. According to the latest rumor from famous device leaker @evleaks, the M8 will look “strikingly like” the HTC M7, a.ka. the HTC One. With a solid aluminum design that received praise from nearly everyone, the HTC One showcased what a premium phone should look like. HTC looks to capitalize on that with its 2014 flagship. From a business perspective that would make sense. There is no point in changing something that’s working for the company.

So if this rumor is added to the others, the M8 looks to be an HTC One with updated specs and no capacitive buttions. It’s a safe bet that we’ll see the dual front-facing speakers in this next generation device as well. With everything, the device is shaping up to be an incremental refresh that some are dubbing the HTC One S. You know, if HTC hadn’t already used that name already. With a rumored launch pegged for next month, we’ll hopefully only have to wait a little longer to see what the HTC M8 actually has in store for us.

source: @evleaks

Could a Galaxy S4 Neo be in the works?



Samsung will not rest until the company floods the market with every variation of the Galaxy series it can. As we saw at the end of last week, the company announced the cheaper Neo variant of the Galaxy Note 3. Deemed “budget-friendly,” the Neo offers decent specs for a cheaper price. It looks like the Korean company isn’t stopping there. What could possibly be the Galaxy S4 Neo is floating around as a GT-I9515 has started showing up on a few different databases.

One thing to note about this variant is it comes with the exact same specs as the Galaxy S4. However, it will come with Android 4.4.2 right out of the gate. While it currently sports the GT moniker rather than an SM one, that could change as the device becomes finalized. It’s up in the air as  to where we’ll see this device launch but if the Note 3 Neo is any indication, it should be globally.

source: Nenamark 2
via: SamMobile

Nokia X (Normandy) to be released in India this March under Asha lineup


As we get closer to the release of Nokia X (Normandy), more information is getting leaked about the Android-based handset. A Senior Nokia Executive in India, who asked to remain anonymous, confirmed that Nokia X will be joining the Asha lineup in March, though the exact release date is not known yet.

Previous rumors about the Nokia X indicate that the device will be powered with a 4-inch WVGA screen, dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB of internal memory and a Dual-SIM option.

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HTC M8 could launch next month in New York City


We’ve recently been hearing a lot about the HTC M8, and we now might have a date we’ll actually be seeing the device. Our favorite leaker, @evleaks, has announced on Twitter that it’s looking like a late March launch for the M8 at an event in New York City.

There’s still a lot to learn about this device, including what HTC will be doing with the back camera and the screen resolution on the new flagship phone, but it will definitely be exciting to see the final device.

source: @evleaks


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo gets priced in Germany


Just yesterday, Samsung Poland announced two new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo models. Within 24 hours, a German online retailer posted the price for the Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE+ and Galaxy Note 3 Neo 3G and listed both models as available for pre-order but their shipping date is unknown.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE+ is priced at € 529.90 ($713.5) while the 3G model which is a little cheaper, is priced at € 499.00 ($673). Both the devices are unlocked and free from any carrier branding.

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HTC One 2 and One 2 Dual Sim listed on a French government website


HTC released the One model last year in February and this year, the company is expected to announce the HTC One successor at a press event in Barcelona. The phone is named HTC M8, but it appears that the company might announce it as HTC One 2 as it’s the successor of last year’s HTC One.

The HTC One 2 name was mentioned in a listing found on New Caledonia’s Office of Posts and Telecommunications website, The site lists an HTC One 2 along with an HTC One 2 Dual Sim, and both of them show 3G connectivity (900 / 2100 MHz).

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Android KitKat now available for Sprint’s HTC One [Updated]


Earlier this week, Jason Mackenzie, President of HTC America, announced that the Android KitKat version for the US Carrier-branded models of HTC One would be available within a week or two. Just yesterday, we saw HTC One updated to Android 4.4 KitKat on select Canadian carriers. However things may have changed as Sprint rolled out a notice on their community website that Android 4.4 KitKat is now available for Sprint’s HTC One via “customer initiated request”.

This means that everyone who wants to update their Sprint HTC One device to Android KitKat version can do so by manually updating from the Settings menu. To manually check for an update, just go to Settings/System Updates/HTC Software Update/Update Over Wi-Fi Only.

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HTC One now updated to Android 4.4 KitKat on select Canadian carriers

HTC One update

The day is finally here. At least it is if you have an HTC One and using Rogers, TELUS, Bell, Virgin, SaskTel, or WIND as your network provider…

The HTC One is now being updated to Android 4.4 KitKat on the networks listed above. This is all confirmed, straight from the mouth of HTC America’s President and onto this page. Get on your phone and hit Applications >>Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update.

If it’s not there yet, be patient— it’s coming!

Source: MobileSyrup

Press image of red Nexus 5 appears online, could launch Feb. 4 on Google Play

red nexus press

This could either be the biggest hoax in the history of smartphone rumors or it could be just a simple expansion of color options from a popular smartphone— either way, the red Nexus 5 rumors are going to keep coming.

@evleaks just tweeted out a press render of a red Nexus 5— it looks pretty legit, but there are also some pretty legit Photoshop experts out there as well. The new color may be available on Google Play on Feb. 4 (next week), so we’ll just have to wait and see for confirmation.

Source: @evleaks