Verizon to update Pixel phones at same time as Google


For better or for worse, Google struck a deal with Verizon for the carrier to be the “exclusive” carrier for new Pixel phones. As many have noted, besides the confusion the Verizon marketing is creating, the potential for delayed system updates is a concern for some potential buyers. After an initial statement from Verizon indicating they were going to handle system updates for Pixels sold through the carrier, Verizon has clarified that this will not cause any delays for system updates on their carrier sold devices. Read more

Samsung has no idea why the Galaxy Note 7 is exploding


If you’ve missed all the commotion, Samsung is discontinuing its Galaxy Note 7. Due to a design flaw, the phone had a tendency to explode, but even after switching battery suppliers, the same defect continued to happen. So, Samsung’s nixing it altogether, but a new report from The New York Times indicated that Samsung actually has no idea why the Galaxy Note 7 is exploding.

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Samsung is sending customers an explosive-proof box to return their Galaxy Note 7 in


After Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 replacement devices begun exploding, Samsung has decided to discontinue the product and require all consumers to return the device for a full refund. Unfortunately, online orders are a little more difficult, considering that you can’t just go into the store and return the device, but put it in a box and ship it back.

Having devices explode on shipping trucks is a no-go, and that’s why Samsung is sending some customers (presumably online orders only) a way to safely ship a device back.

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It’s official: The Galaxy Note 7 has been permanently discontinued by Samsung


So, in the two months since launching to rave reviews, the Galaxy Note 7 has moved from being the hottest phone on the planet, to well, literally being the hottest phone on the planet and getting a pink slip. It would be a vast understatement to say that it’s been quite a wild ride for the latest (last?) edition of the Galaxy Note series, culminating with Samsung bowing to pressure to cancel the Galaxy Note 7 once and for all from carriers, regulatory groups, and the fear of lasting damage to its brand. After a recall and replacement program still couldn’t fix the issue of the handset burning up, the Korean electronics giant really had no other choice but to cancel the Galaxy Note 7 in its entirety. If you are in possession of a Galaxy Note 7, you are advised to return the handset to where you purchased it from so you can receive a full refund or a different handset. Join us after the break for a timeline of how the Galaxy Note 7 went from hero to zero. Read more