Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 sports a 5.5-inch Full HD display, 4,000mAh battery and rear fingerprint sensor from just $140

Xiaomi_Redmi_Note_3 (5)

While some manufacturers compromise battery life in their efforts to produce the thinnest handset, it seems that Xiaomi didn’t receive that particular memo. Instead, the Chinese manufacturer has managed to cram a 4,000mAh battery into it’s latest smartphone that is just 8.65mm at its thickest point. The handset in question is the newly announced Redmi Note 3 which is available in 2 variants. Join us after the break for the specifications and price(s). Read more

CyanogenMod lists the first devices to receive CM13 (Marshmallow) nightlies


In recent times, most Cyanogen related news has been about which new handset will sport the alternative Android operating system, but today the Cyanogen team has announced the availability of CM13 nightlies for a selection of devices. As you might already know, CM13 is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and the term ‘nightlies’ is basically a euphemism for betas.  Read more

Will the microSD card slot return for Samsung’s Galaxy S7?


In 2015, Samsung’s flagship experienced a lot changes. The company ditched plastic, faux leather, and other funky materials for premium metal and glass. The design of the Galaxy S6 is unlike anything Samsung has ever released, especially considering it lacks a microSD card slot. Samsung instead told consumers that they’d have to either play within the limits of their device’s internal storage or look to the cloud for help. Even the most loyal consumers were disheartened by Samsung’s decision and forced themselves to either keep their current device or search for an alternative. To those people, there is now good news.

Samsung is reportedly considering bringing back the microSD card slot for the Galaxy S7.

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Awaken your Light or Dark side as Google plays Jedi mind tricks with your favourite apps

Choose_You_Side_The_Force_AwakensSo. Star Wars. The new film (The Force Awakens) is being released next month, and the excitement is ramping up quite nicely. As I was never a fan of George Lucas’s sequel prequels, I can’t wait to see the old (and I do mean old) gang back together. There’s tons of merchandising available already, along with games on all sorts of platforms (check out Brad’s review of Star Wars: Uprising here), and now Google is getting in on the act allowing fans to choose the light, or go over to the dark side. Read more