Motorola updating long list of apps


Motorola is in the process of updating a long list of apps for their devices. Most of the updated apps have not yet surfaced on Google Play, but APK files are available for download and install. Early feedback suggests users are having the most success installing the updates on Motorola Moto X 2014 devices, though some of them will install on other Motorola smartphones. Details are still sparse regarding the changes to the apps, but it looks like Motorola is prepping them for Android Lollipop including a dose of Material Design. Reports indicate some of these updated apps are included in some Lollipop soak tests that are underway.
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2nd gen Moto E and Moto G LTE revealed by UK e-retailer


Last week, we got a little idea about the 2nd generation Moto E through a FCC filing, but today a UK e-retailer has provided more clues.

Argos mistakenly posted the information, but thankfully it was spotted before they pulled it. The new Moto E will have a 4.3-inch qHD display. Don’t mistake that with a QHD display. A qHD display is a paltry resolution of 960 x 540. It will be powered by a quad-core CPU, likely a Snapdragon 210 or 410, 8 GB of internal storage, microSD slot for expanded storage, LTE, and a 5 MP rear camera. It will measure 129.9×66.8 and will be 12.3mm thick. Pricing is GBP 110 or $167.

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Marriott backtracks under pressure from FCC, Microsoft, Google


Marriott’s efforts to block its customers’ personal WiFi hotspots have ended, according to a statement from the company.

Last month, Microsoft and Google expressed concern over the issue, and Marriott is finally backtracking.

In an email to Inc., a Marriott spokesperson said, “Marriott International listens to its customers, and we will not block guests from using their personal Wi-Fi devices at any of our managed hotels,

The FCC had also filed a complaint against Marriott, so that was likely part of the decision to stop using cell jammers as well.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

No invite, but small window to be opened for OnePlus One orders this Tuesday


If you have been hoping to purchase the OnePlus One smartphone but have been unsuccessful in obtaining an invite, OnePlus is going to open a small window of time for you to place an order this Tuesday. Specifically, on Tuesday, January 20th, between the hours of 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Two versions of the OnePlus One will be available during this special sale. The 16 GB Silk White model and the 64 GB Sandstone Black model will be on sale for $299 and $349 respectively.

If you want to grab the OnePlus One without an invite, visit the source link and be sure to setup a reminder to do so Tuesday, between 7 and 9 pm EST.

source: OnePlus

Nexus 6 owners try to hold it together amidst new problem with devices


Reports are starting to trickle out onto the Internet about Nexus 6 devices that are falling apart. Owners are reporting the back covers are coming off of the units although the reason has not yet been identified. In some cases it appears to be a problem with the glue that Motorola used to affix the back covers. However, others are reporting their batteries are swelling to the point they cause the covers to pop off.
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Sprint Lease program adds Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G3


Bringing home a new device can be expensive. Whether it is paying the full retail price or even signing a contract, a fair amount of money is required. Fortunately, carriers are starting to do what they can to spread costs for customers. The Sprint Lease program provides customers with a new device without any money being paid upfront. Instead, the lease lasts for twenty-four months and customers have a choice to make at the end of it. They can extend the lease with the current device, purchase the current device outright, sign a new lease with a different device, or walk away from Sprint altogether.

Late last year, the program launched with two Samsung devices. Now, another Samsung device as well as one from LG are joining the Sprint Lease program. Leasing the Galaxy Note 4 will cost $25 per month and the LG G3 has a monthly charge of $15. Two devices with impressive specifications will relatively low monthly payments. Not too bad considering the benefits of the Sprint Lease program.

Hit the break for the full press release.

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User agent profile for Samsung Galaxy S 6 lists Quad HD display


More news has surfaced about the Samsung Galaxy S 6, possibly the next major flagship device to be announced this year. With so many people looking forward to seeing what Samsung does with the next version of their flagship Galaxy S device, we expect to see lots of leaks about specs and other device details like the news about the use of Samsung Exynos chip in the Galaxy S 6 or a touch-based fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S 6. One area sure to get a lot of attention is the type of screen that Samsung gives the devices. A new user agent profile file for the AT&T variant indicates the Galaxy S 6 will get a Quad HD display as expected.

We are seeing more and more manufacturers moving to Quad HD as the minimum resolution for a top-tier device, so it is really no surprise to see this confirmed for the Galaxy S 6. Unfortunately, the UAProf file does not reveal the size of the screen, only that it will be running at 2560 x 1440 resolution. There has been some suggestions that Samsung may bump up the screen size to something like 5.5-inches which would be on par with the LG G3. Going that large though may turn off some buyers who are not looking for such a large device. Whatever size the screen ends up being, it should be stunning with the 2K display capability.

source: Samsung
via: SamMobile