Xiaomi wants to tackle the US market “in the near future”


We might finally see Xiaomi take a legitimate stab at the US market, according to Hugo Barra. He’s talked about the US smartphone market before, citing that subsidized flagship phones make it very difficult for a mid-range brand like Xiaomi to compete. It’s a sensible reason, but with the rise of device payment plans and the death of two-year contracts, things might have shifted in Xiaomi’s favor. Read more

Samsung reported to begin selling refurbished smartphones in 2017


Samsung makes a lot of profit from its mobile division selling its high-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones, as well as a confusing smörgåsbord of lesser devices, which has led to the company being criticized over its scatter-gun approach to developing handsets. So how does the Korean electronics giant come up with a new stream of revenue that won’t saturate the market even further? One way is to have an official refurbishment program which could be officially unveiled in 2017. Read more